Yusuke Kohara

My name is Yusuke Kohara, and I am a passionate SEO expert. I am also the founder of TaxiHack alongside my business partner, Tahir Azam. Our journey began in late 2020 after I escaped the clutches of a despised job in Osaka. Determined to excel, I became a full-time web publisher and directed all my attention toward the growth and development of our site. At TaxiHack, our primary objective is to establish ourselves as the most esteemed automotive media platform, acknowledged by enthusiasts worldwide. We strive to surpass competitors by delivering exceptional content that goes above and beyond. But our mission extends beyond personal success. Recognizing the dominance of large car dealerships, insurance agencies, and rental companies in the online automotive space, we became advocates for smaller businesses and independent automotive web publishers. We firmly believe that with a strategic approach, even modest companies like ours can generate substantial traffic while maintaining a sustainable livelihood. Learn more about Yusuke.