Frequently Asked Questions

The questions below are the most asked questions by our readers since 2020. We answered all the questions based on our experienced and our honesty. Please let us know if you would like to learn more about us, we are happy to answer for you!

Q1: Who Is The Owner Of TaxiHack?

The founder of TaxiHack is Yusuke Kohara. Alongside Yusuke, Tahir Azam serves as a business partner in this venture. Together, they started this journey and launched TaxiHack in late 2020.

With Yusuke’s expertise and Tahir’s passion for all things related to cars, they joined forces to create a platform that provides valuable content to car enthusiasts and followers of the industry.

Q2: What Is The Mission Or Goal Of TaxiHack?

The mission of TaxiHack is to provide its readers with the highest-quality information in the industry.

We strive to one-up our competitors by delivering comprehensive, up-to-date content that helps our readers make informed decisions and stay in the loop.

With a focus on expanding our presence, we aim to reach and assist all car enthusiasts and consumers worldwide.

Q3: What Kind Of Content Can I Expect To Find From TaxiHack?

At TaxiHack, you can expect a diverse range of high-quality content catering to various aspects of cars and the industry itself.

We provide comprehensive car reviews, offering detailed insights into the performance and features along with the overall driving experience of different cars.

Our product reviews cover a wide range of automotive accessories and equipment and are aimed at helping our readers make informed decisions about their purchases.

In addition, whether it is maintenance tips or troubleshooting common issues, we aim to keep our readers informed and well-equipped.

Q4: Are The Articles On The Site Written By Experts In The Automotive Industry?

At TaxiHack, we value honesty and integrity. This is why we feel no shame in saying that we are not experts when it comes to this field. We are just two men trying our best to write.

While we are not automotive industry experts, we are passionate and dedicated learners in the field. We stay up to date with the latest developments in the automotive industry.

It is important to note that we are not afraid to admit when we do not have all the answers. If there is a topic or question that falls outside our expertise, we are honest and transparent with our readers. In most cases, you are recommended to follow the advice of trained experts!

Q5: Can I Request Specific Topics Or Suggest Ideas For Future Site Posts?

Absolutely! We value the input and suggestions of our readers and always encourage people to request specific topics or suggest ideas for future posts. We are always eager to hear from our audience and cater to their interests and needs.

If there is a particular automotive-related topic you would like us to cover, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact us through our website or use the provided contact information to submit your suggestions.

Q6: Can I Contact The Site’s Author Or Editorial Team With Questions Or Feedback?

Yes, you can easily go ahead and contact the author with any questions or concerns you may have.

We take responsibility for the content that we produce, and if you feel that a particular post requires revision or improvement, do reach out to us directly!

Q7: How Frequently Is The Site Updated With New Content?

At TaxiHack, we strive to provide our readers with regular updates. The frequency of updates depends on the type of content.

For car reviews, we update our content whenever a new car model is released by the respective brands. Regarding articles related to car accessories/products, we make updates as necessary.

Q8: Are There Any Membership Or Subscription Options For Exclusive Content Or Benefits?

No, we do not offer any membership or subscription options. All the content on TaxiHack is free to consume and accessible to everyone!

Q9: How Does TaxiHack Make Money?

TaxiHack generates its revenue through two primary sources:

  1. Advertising: We display ads on our pages, and we receive compensation from advertisers for displaying their advertisements. Ads are in plentiful amounts so that we may be able to generate a good amount of revenue.
  2. Affiliate Commissions: We participate in affiliate marketing programs, primarily with Amazon. When you click on a link on our pages and make a purchase on the respective platform, we earn a small commission, and this comes at no extra price to you.

These revenue sources allow us to sustain the operations of TaxiHack, compensate our team, and continue delivering high-quality content to our readers free of charge.

Q10: Are There Any Social Media Channels Where I Can Follow TaxiHack?

While we do have a huge array of social media outlets, such as Facebook and YouTube, our focus is on the content that we provide here.

This means that you can still opt to follow us on these platforms, but we will not be as active there, at least for the moment!