Complaints Policy

Welcome to TaxiHack, where we go above and beyond to deliver exceptional customer service. Although we constantly strive to exceed your expectations, we acknowledge that occasional mishaps and oversights may occur. When these situations arise, rest assured that we are fully committed to rectifying them promptly and effectively.

This comprehensive document outlines our unique and meticulous approach to handling any concerns or complaints you may have, solidifying our steadfast dedication to providing unparalleled customer service.

Guidelines For Addressing Your Concerns

A complaint, as defined by us, encompasses any expression of discontent, whether oral or written, regardless of its validity.

We assure you that we take each complaint seriously, and our dedicated team will spare no effort in promptly addressing and resolving the issue at hand.

To assist us in expediting the handling of your complaint, we kindly request that you furnish us with as much information as possible regarding the specific automotive service or product involved at the earliest possible stage.

We provide multiple channels through which you can notify us of your complaint:

Name: TaxiHack
Address: 2 Chome-1-27 Oji Kyara Garden Square #312, Kusatsu, Shiga, Japan 525-0032
Phone: (+81) 90-2046-1986
Email: [email protected]

While we attempt to resolve complaints swiftly, there may be instances where additional investigations are required, leading to a longer outcome period.

Upon receiving your complaint, we will rapidly acknowledge its receiving and maintain consistent communication with you throughout the investigation process. We understand the importance of keeping you informed and reassured during this time.

Within 56 days of receiving your initial complaint, the assigned handler will provide you with a comprehensive and final response. We believe in thoroughness, and our aim is to address your concerns completely, ensuring that all aspects of your complaint are appropriately considered.

During The Complaint Investigation Period

We want you to feel heard and valued throughout the entire complaint investigation process. As such, we will keep you informed at every step along the way, ensuring transparency and a sense of collaboration.

Once we receive your complaint, we will promptly send you a written confirmation, assuring you that your concerns have been received and are being addressed with utmost priority. This acknowledgment demonstrates our commitment to open communication and sets the foundation for a thorough and diligent investigation.

Throughout the investigation period, we will maintain regular and consistent communication with you, providing updates on the progress being made. Our goal is to ensure that you remain well-informed and have complete visibility into the steps being taken to resolve your complaint.

Upon completion of the investigation, our Complaint Handler will compile a thorough and definitive response, addressing each aspect of your complaint in a clear and concise manner. This response will provide you with a detailed explanation of the findings, the actions taken, and any resolutions offered.

Our Commitment To Continuous Improvement

At TaxiHack, we strive for excellence in every aspect of our operations, and complaints provide valuable opportunities for growth and improvement. Your feedback is crucial to our continuous enhancement of products, services, and customer experiences.

To that end, we encourage you to share your honest feedback and suggestions. We value your insights and will use them to refine our processes and better serve you and future customers.


TaxiHack’s exceptional complaint resolution process is a testament to our firm dedication to your satisfaction. We take every complaint seriously and diligently work towards resolving them promptly and efficiently. Our goal is to provide you with an exceptional customer experience, even in challenging situations.

Should you have any concerns or complaints, we are here to listen, understand, and take appropriate action. Reach out to us through any of the provided channels, and rest assured that your feedback will be handled with the utmost care and attention.

Thank you for choosing TaxiHack. We value your trust and remain committed to your complete satisfaction.