Is Premium Gas Worth It For Your Cars? [ Find Out Here ]

Is Premium Gas Worth It

Premium gas is also known as gasoline and is becoming more and more popular with its non-destructing properties to the environment. So what is this gas? What different properties does it holds to the regular gas people use? Can it be profitable in a long run? Will it be “The energy” for your vehicle? All […]

I Accidentally Put Premium Gas in My Car (What Will Happen)

putting wrong gas type

With how busy life has become it is very easy to forget to check certain things. There are so many things to remember, and sometimes we just don’t pay close attention. Recently I was out getting gas for my car and I accidentally put the premium fuel in the tank instead of regular. This is […]

Traction Control Light Won’t Turn Off (Reasons it Stays On)

traction control light staying on

Traction control systems are designed to prevent loss of traction of the driven road wheels in certain circumstances. They work by controlling engine power delivered to the drive wheels, reducing it if they begin spinning faster than the tires can make adequate contact with the underlying surface. The traction control system can reduce power in […]

Car Jerks when Slowing Down [Most Common Causes]

car jerking when driving at lower speeds

Car Jerks when slowing down is one of the most common things that occur to most drivers at some point is experiencing a car jerk when slowing down. If you’ve been experiencing this for the past few days, weeks or months then you came to the right place. This article describes some of the possible […]

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Lost Found

Recent Lost & Found Comments Email Emailer #797003 lost my blackberry in yellow cab 12-17-2010 around 7:00pm . medallion 3K89. “REWARD” 10 months ago about Taxi 3K89 Email Emailer #796998 Medallion Number 2V50 Lost Cell Phone 12/10/10 I was picked up from East Houston Street and Broadway, Gonzalez and Gonzalez Restaurant at 11:15 pm and […]

Queens Neighborhoods

Queens Neighborhoods Queens – All Car Services 18th Avenue Private Car Service (Car Service) 37 08 100th St Corona, NY 11214 718-232-2223 7 Ocean Express (Car Service) 10 85 Beach 21st St Far Rockaway, NY 11235 718-266-3333 910 Car Service (Car Service) 62 16 Metropolitan Ave Maspeth, NY 11207 718-922-1500 A Kings Hwy Car Service […]