Audi TT Window Problems: How to Fix Them

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Your Audi TT is most likely fitted with an automatic power window feature that lets you easily open and close the car’s windows with the touch of a button.

Some owners of the Audi TT models might face issues with opening and closing the car’s windows.

These problems are usually about the windows stopping midway during the opening/closing operation or refusing to budge.

A likely cause of this is a bad fuse or faulty window motor. It could also be that the power window’s 12-volt battery needs changing or was recently changed.

A quick reset or a fuse/motor replacement might fix these problems. Before troubleshooting this issue, ensure you are operating your Audi TT’s power windows correctly.

How To Correctly Operate The Audi TT Auto Power Windows

How to solve the issues of Audi TT windows when they won't go all the way up and down

It’s important to note that you do not need to hold the window switch up or down for the opening/closing mechanism to work.

  • Pull up the switch to the top level to close your windows with the one-touch function.
  • To open the windows with the one-touch function, briefly press the switch to the second level.
  • To disable the one-touch function during the opening/closing operation, press/pull the window switch again.

If you are certain that you operate your car’s window function correctly, you can start troubleshooting the window problem.

Troubleshooting Audi TT’s Window Issues

Your Audi TT’s windows might be working inefficiently for a few reasons. Some causes might be easy to fix, while others require professional help.

This section explores some likely causes of this issue and how to solve them. In any case, you should try resetting the windows first.

1. Blown Fuse

The most likely cause of your car’s windows problems is a blown fuse. This is most likely the case if your windows have not shown any signs of struggling before.

So, to begin troubleshooting, you might want to start by checking the fuses. If the problem affects all your windows, the issue is most likely with the fuse or the window relay.

How To Fix

To fix this, you would need to access the fuse box. Depending on the model, you will find the fuse box/block near the steering wheel on the front left side of the cockpit.

It is easy to tell if your fuse is bad. You can either do a visual inspection or use a test light.

Use the test light to test each fuse and ensure they have power. Place the test light at one end of the fuse and the opposite end. That fuse is good if the light works up on both ends.

Continue checking all the fuses in the same manner until you see a fuse that only lights up at one end. Such a fuse is bad and needs replacement. You can quickly replace the fuse.

Note that a fuse with no power on both ends is probably not faulty. It might just be a circuit powered by a function (like the headlights) currently not in use.

If your fuses continue to blow after frequent replacement, something else is shorting out your wiring harness.

2. Window Switch/Motor

The window switch on your car door can become faulty for one reason or another.

It is often exposed and might develop faults.

For the window closing and opening mechanism to work, your switch sends a volt signal to the power window motor.

A fault with the switch can thus lead to window problems in your Audi TT.

If one window seems to be closing and opening slower than the other, the fault is most likely with the motor for that particular window.

How To Fix

You will need a voltmeter to detect if there is any voltage in it. To do this, ensure your car ignition is on and attach a voltmeter to the switch.

Your voltmeter should record a reading of about 12 volts. If you’re getting this reading and it still doesn’t work, you might need to replace the window motor.

You could also try to reset the window to see if it works.

Replacing the motor involves taking off the door panel. It’s quite tedious, and you should consider getting professional help.

If the window function has slowly deteriorated until it stops working, the motor would be the probable cause.

3. Window Guide

The window guide is the hardware that guides the window on its way up or down the car door.

A fault in this can make your window stuck. Also, your Audi TT has a protection feature to prevent the window from pinching you while closing.

Thus, if your window seems to bounce back without closing completely, there might be something causing resistance in your window frame.

How To Fix

Applying water-resistant silicone lubricant along the window frame might help remove the obstacle that your car’s protection feature detects.

Resetting Audi TT Windows

A reset will likely fix an issue with the switch or motor. Before anything else, try resetting your windows with these procedures.

  1. Turn on your car’s ignition.
  2. Ensure that the windows and doors are locked.
  3. Press and hold the window control switch to open the window. Even after the window fully opens, keep your finger on the switch for a few more seconds.
  4. Lift and hold the button to close the window. When the window fully closes, keep your finger on the switch.

If the window still does not automatically open/close with a touch of the switch, reset it again. If it still doesn’t work, reset it with the ignition on and the engine off.


Window problems in an Audi TT are fairly common. Ensure to read your car’s manual to ensure you are operating the window switch properly.

If you are experiencing a window problem with your Audi TT, you might be able to diagnose and fix the problem without professional assistance.

Changing the fuse and fixing other window issues can be done with no or with minimal tools. Doing a reset fixes your car’s windows in many cases.

However, go through our troubleshooting guide to get your auto window functionality in perfect condition. Sometimes, you might need a professional to run a proper diagnostic scan.