DRB-Hicom Sells Lotus Cars

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DRB-Hicom is one of the leading corporations in Malaysia that is involved in automotive manufacturing, assembling, and distribution.

In addition, the company owns several motorcycle companies like Proton and Modenas.

In 2015 DRB-Hicom and Lotus Group International Limited made a joint venture with a China car manufacturer.

As a result, DRB-Hicom sells Lotus cars together with the joint in China’s largest car market, which was the primary goal.

Lotus cars were founded in 1948 and are best known for innovative engineering and top-notch designs.

The joint venture company formed was Goldstar Lotus Automobile, producing and selling Lotus cars, including Lotus Evija and Lotus Eletre, among other types and their components.

In this article, I’ll delve into Lotus cars by DRB-Hicom and their unique features.

A Brief History Of Lotus Car Limited

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Lotus Car Limited is an international car developer, manufacturer, and car market founded in 1952 by Chapman.

In 1957 Lotus launched its first ever car, Lotus Elite.

Since then, Lotus has launched different types of vehicles worldwide until 2015, when it formed a joint with DRB-Hicom company.

Type Of Lotus Cars You Can Buy From DRB-Hicom

The following are different types of Lotus cars sold by DRB-Hicom.

Lotus Evija

Lotus Evija is among the iconic cars manufactured by the Lotus car group. The car has the following significant features:

  • Comfortable Interior: Lotus Evija has two comfortable seats and a stable pair of dihedral doors. The doors can do without handles to keep the car clean.
    In addition, this car has electrical front seats that are easily adjustable and features a shell made of carbon fiber.
    Besides, the seats feature a thick microfiber pad and two bespoke storage spaces that are put close to the occupant’s hip points seat.
    Moreover, it has three-point seatbelts and four-point harnesses as optional equipment.
  • Infotainment And Connectivity: All Lotus Evija models have tech features like bluetooth connectivity and a reliable infotainment system.
    At the steering wheel, a digital display provides the owner with pertinent information such as battery charge and the remaining range.
    In addition, this car has Apple Carplay and Android Auto capability. Moreover, it has a smartphone app that allows the driver to monitor the car from anywhere.
  • Good Motor And Performance: Lotus Evija has up to four electric motors that generate an output of 1972 horsepower and a torque of 1254lb-ft.
    The car weighs over 3700 pounds making it the lightest hypercar. Further, Lotus Evija can reach a speed of 200mph.

Lotus Eletre

This latest Lotus car model has all you may be looking for in a sports car as it is the most radical car among all other Lotus cars. It has the following features:

  • Excellent Exterior Style: Lotus Eletre has an aggressive front with a full-width black section. This feature hides the headlights and the vents.
    Below that, there is a grille that contains triangular panels. The features provide enough air into the electric motors and cool the front brakes.
  • Good Performance: The ability to perform well is yet another significant feature of the Lotus Eletre car.
    This is because the car has two electric motors, which combine to generate 600 horsepower. Further, it has 21-inch wheels that provide a terrific ride.
  • Charging And Battery Life: Most cars require you to wait several minutes for the battery to charge fully.
    However, the Lotus Eletre car model is entirely different. This is because it has modern technology, which makes battery charging quick.
    Moreover, the car takes utmost eighteen minutes to charge fully and can travel for about 250 miles between its charges.

Lotus Emira

DRB-Hicom sells Lotus Emira globally; thus, you can order from anywhere. The good thing is that this car is one of the latest Lotus cars with unique and modern features, including:

  • Driver-Assistance Features: Unlike other cars, Lotus Emira has driver assistance features like automated emergency braking, flexible cruise control, and lane-departure warning.
    All these features are meant to help the driver when driving.
  • Connectivity And Infotainment: This car features a 10.2-inch touchscreen on the dashboard that assists the driver on the road.
    Moreover, Lotus Emira has USB charging ports, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto smartphone functionalities.
  • Comfortable Interior: Lotus Emira has minimalistic and excellent interior features like a digital gauge cluster. The automaker attempts to make this car comfortable to get in and out without struggling.
    Therefore, the door sills are narrow and have large door openings. Moreover, it has cup holders, and its storage bins accommodate half a liter bottles. Lastly, Lotus Emira has five cubes of storage behind its engine.

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Final Thoughts

DRB-Hicom’s partnership with Lotus car limited has led to the distribution of modern cars.

For instance, Lotus cars are among the best in the market due to their unique, amazing, and modern features.

Interestingly, DRB- Hicom sells Lotus cars of varying types, such as Lotus Eletre, Lotus Evija, and Lotus Emira.

Therefore, if the Lotus car has been your dream, DRB Hicom is making your dream come true. Visit the shop now and get the modest and stylish Lotus car at pocket-friendly prices.