Cars Names And Brands That Start With L

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You might have heard about many top brands and cars that start with L as well.

At the same time, some are not in production anymore but were praised by many consumers during their lifetime.

If you are a car lover who wants to learn about all of the cars that start with the letter L, you have come to the perfect article.

Here, you will know more in-depth about car brands and their originality. This will also help you make an accurate decision if you plan on purchasing from any of the brands on this list.

So without any delay, here are all the cars starting with the letter L:

  1. Lexus
  2. Lotus
  3. Lamborghini
  4. Lagonda
  5. Lancia
  6. Lister
  7. Lincoln
  8. Laboratoria
  9. Land Rover
  10. Lanchester
  11. Laurin & Klement
  12. Lobini
  13. Locus
  14. LTI
  15. Lister
  16. LaSalle
  17. Laraki
  18. Lea Francis
  19. Lola
  20. Lloyd
  21. Lightning
  22. Leblanc
  23. Lucid
  24. Luxgen
  25. Lida Buses Neman
  26. Ligier
  27. Libyan Rocket
  28. LeRoy
  29. Local Motors
  30. Lohner – Porsche
  31. Lorraine Dietrich
  32. Lykan
  33. Le Zebre
  34. Luxgen
  35. Lotec
  36. LIAZ
  37. Land Fighter
  38. Loremo
  39. Locomobile
  40. La Fayette
  41. Lada
  42. Licorne
  43. Li Auto
  44. Leon Bollée
  45. Lynk & Co
  46. Leap Motor
  47. Leyland
  48. London Motors
  49. Leidart
  50. Lucalia Clubman
  51. Lifan
  52. Land Wind
  53. La Buire
  54. Libelle
  55. Lammas Graham
  56. LDS
  57. LEDL
  58. Lexington
  59. Litex Motors
  60. LMX Sirex
  61. Lombard
  62. Lozier
  63. LuAZ
  64. Lutzmann

Now let’s get into each brand’s history and functionality so you can have detailed information.

Full List – What Cars Start With The Letter “L”?

Let's see how many automotive manufacturers that begin with the letter l

In this list, you will find some brands you have heard of before because of their popularity and some that you’ll be hearing for the first time because they are not in production anymore.

It is always fun to learn something new, so without further ado, here is the list of cars with the letter L.

#1: Lexus

Lexus is a brand that was founded in 1989 in Nagoya, Japan. It is said to be owned by Toyota Motor Corporation.

This brand is currently marketed in more than 70 countries. It is one of the best-selling brands in Japan.

#2: Lotus

Lotus is an automotive corporation founded in 1948 that manufactures cars and racing cars that are light weighted and have excellent handling.

This brand is located in Hethel, Norfolk, England.

#3: Lamborghini

One of the most well-known and top-class brands is Lamborghini. It was an Italian brand founded in 1963 and mastered in the production of luxury sports cars and SUVs.

Volkswagen Group owns it, and its subsidiary is Audi.

#4: Lagonda

Lagonda is a brand founded in 1906 that Aston Martin owns. It is said to be the manufacturer of luxury vehicles.

They lasted only until the 80s and worked as a low volume maker for most of the 20th century.

#5: Lancia

Lancia is an Italian brand founded by an Italian racer, Vincenzo Lancia, and his partner, Claudia Foggolin, in 1906.

This brand gained popularity throughout its lifetime because of its unique innovation and leadership style.

#6: Lister

Lister was established in the 1950s by Brian Lister in Cambridge, England. He then started making similar vehicles like the Jaguar XJS.

They were recognized for their sporting accomplishments. Later the company was bought by Laurence Pearce.

#7: Lincoln

This brand is an American automobile corporation which is said to be a subsidiary of the company Ford.

They are quite famous for making premium cars that include many executive models. They now focus on the production of luxury crossover and sedans.

#8: Laboratoria

Class Müller founded Laboratoria in the early 2000s to produce sports cars in Stockholm, Sweden.

The model he developed called Quercianella was said to be one of the newest sports cars produced ever.

Its body was made out of carbon fiber which could reduce the car’s weight by using the V8 engine.

#9: Land Rover

This is one of the most famous brands amongst British automotive brands. They are known for the production of crossovers, SUVs, and all-terrain vehicles.

It is said to be owned by various international manufacturing companies but has stayed united with the brand Jaguar.

#10: Lanchester

Lanchester was a British automaker company that was active in the 19th century. It is said that this company is still active to this date but hasn’t released any new models.

Their last vehicle was launched in 1954. Their vehicles were mostly designed based on other brands, and they mainly produced passenger cars and luxury cars.

#11: Laurin & Klement

Laurin & Klement is a brand from the Czech Republic, one of the oldest automakers that started its journey in 1895.

They mainly produced bicycles, motorcycles, and luxury vehicles during their lifetime.

#12: Lobini

Lobini was a Brazilian automaker generated in 1999 by José Orlando Lobo and Fàbio Birolini.

Their main goal was to develop vehicles that used the latest technology at the time. They then present the well-known cars such as the 2005 Lobini and H1 sport model.

#13: Locus

Locus Technologies is founded by Luc Chartrand and mainly focuses on developing supercars in the market.

The founder started by repairing composite bodies of bigger brands cars like Lamborghini and Ferrari. But now, the attention is diverted towards making advanced vehicles.

#14: LTI

A British company started in 1919. LTI is known as the London Taxi Company. They mainly produced and designed taxis, hire cars, and commercial cars. They were active until 2012.

#15: Lister

Lister was founded in Britain in the 50s. They first started their journey by making racing cars.

They are still active in the market making racing cars but mostly focused on making bigger F1 vehicles.

#16: LaSalle

LaSalle was a well-established brand that produced luxury cars, and it was active between the 1920s and 1940s.

It is a subsidiary of the brand Cadillac, which was also the subsidiary of General Motors. They mainly made bigger executive cars as well as touring models.

#17: Laraki

Laraki Motors was founded in 1999, and the headquarters was in Casablanca, Morocco.

It was established by an entrepreneur as well as a designer Abdesslam Laraki. He presented his car design at the 2002 Geneva Motor Show.

#18: Lea Francis

According to reports, Lea Francis was originally a British automotive manufacturer that stopped production of the vehicles in the 1990s.

The company started by making bicycles and then slowly moved into making cars. In the 1940s, they were known for making high-performing automobiles.

#19: Lola

Lola was a company founded by Eric Broadley in 1961. It was located in the Netherlands. The company has developed so much and currently operates in Huntington in Britain.

They now focus on the design and manufacturing of sports and racing cars that also participate in various racing series.

#20: Lloyd

This small British car company was majorly known for its components. This company was established in 1936 by Roland Lloyd.

They developed two models during their lifetime, one before and one after World War II. It is declared that this company was discontinued in 1951.

#21: Lightning

Lighting was founded in 2007, and it is known to be a British automotive industry.

They worked on the vehicle called Lightning GT, which is an electric car that is well recognized in the market.

#22: Leblanc

This is a well-established vehicle manufacturing company that originated in Switzerland. It is said that they primarily made models of sports and racing cars based on other brand models.

#23: Lucid

Lucid Motors started its journey in 2007 by introducing its electric executive automobiles which are quite luxuries.

It is an American-based luxury vehicles producer that gained a lot of popularity after the launch of its model.

#24: Luxgen

Luxgen Motors is said to be a subsidiary of Yulon Motors.

This is a Taiwanese automotive maker that was founded in 2008. It was established to generate licenses for Nissan as well as Mitsubishi vehicles.

It is said that this company produced various components for these brands. They then launched the Luxgen 7 SUV, one of the most popular vehicles in Taiwan.

#25: Lida Buses Neman

Lida Buses Neman is a Belarusian automobile manufacturing company that started its journey in the 1980s.

They mainly focused on the production of buses as well as trucks. Most of their chassis used examples from foreign brands, especially Iveco.

#26: Ligier

Ligier is another notable brand that has an incredible product line. It is a French automobile corporation that was founded in the 1960s.

They mainly produced racing cars for two decades straight, participating in Formula 1.

After some time, they started manufacturing small vehicles like microcars and portable electric buses.

#27: Libyan Rocket

The Libyan Rocket was a sports car introduced in 1999 as it was a Libyan Project at that time.

It was a sports car with an exaggerated shape. This sports car was manufactured by Muammar Gaddafi, which is why this car gained so much popularity.

#28: LeRoy

LeRoy was a vehicle generated until 1904 and was explained to be a Canadian model.

This vehicle was primarily built using American components, especially by General Motors. It was a simple open carriage design.

#29: Local Motors

Local Motors was established in 2007 by John B. Rogers in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

They mainly concentrate on small-scale production, and their most known product includes Rally Fighter, which is the coordination of two models; Strati and Swim.

#30: Lohner – Porsche

Lohner – Porsche was an automobile developed in the 1900s. It was one of the most famous cars and gained attention at the 1900 Paris World Fair.

#31: Lorraine Dietrich

This company was active between the years 1896 and 1935.

This was said to be a French company that mainly concentrated on the manufacturing of aircraft engines and the designing and development of automobiles.

They mainly produced racing cars and luxury cars at that time with no roof and glass screens.

#32: Lykan

Lykan is said to be a supercar marquee that was developed by an Arab and Lebanese hypercar corporation called W Motors.

It is worth mentioning that the Lykan Hypersport was the first model produced under the marque.

#33: Le Zebre

This was a French car manufacturing company that only survived until the 1930s.

They started by making touring cars and small vehicles in the 1910s. They did not get sufficient production and had to shut down early.

#34: Luxgen

This company was founded in 2009 and is a Taiwanese automobile company. They mainly made crossovers and minivans that were low-cost passenger cars.

#35: Lotec

Lotec is a German-based brand that Kurt Lotterschmid founded in 1962. It is one of the most well-established brands in the industry.

The company started by making racing cars in 1969. It also started modifying Porsche models in 1975 and enhanced the aerodynamics of Mercedes Benz and Ferrari in 1983.

#36: LIAZ

LIAZ was a Czech Republic automobile manufacturing corporation that was said to be canceled in 2003.

They worked on various vehicle types but majorly produced buses and trucks. Mainly their vehicles were Skoda models that were created under license.

#37: Land Fighter

The Dutch brand Land Fighter is the producer of all-terrain vehicles. They also make big quad bikes and snow Mike’s along with other vehicle variants.

They only regulate in small countries in Western Europe.

#38: Loremo

Loremo is a German-based automobile manufacturing company founded in 2000 that was recognized for prototypes that were established on completing models with low weight, low fuel consumption as well as least resistance to airflow.

It gained its popularity in 2006.

#39: Locomobile

Locomobile was an American automobile manufacturing company that was founded in 1899. It was used to generate self-stimulated cars with stream friction.

It is said this company originally started in Watertown, Massachusetts, and later moved their business to Bridgeport, Connecticut, in the 1900s.

#40: La Fayette

La Fayette was an American Automotive corporation that was active between the 1910s and 1920s. It is said they mainly focused on the production of four-door sedan passenger vehicles.

Their most popular vehicle has to be the La Fayette Coupe.

#41: Lada

This is a brand launched in Russia which is said to be extremely popular.

Their vehicles started their journey in the 70s and were produced by AvtoVAZ. They majorly produce small yet affordable vehicles for consumers.

#42: Licorne

Licorne is described to be a series of vehicles that were manufactured until the late 1940s.

It is worth noting that these vehicles were the highest performing vehicles since launch and some of these fall into the luxury vehicle category.

#43: Li Auto

This company was founded in 2015 by Li Xiang, and it is located in Beijing, China.

The main focus of the company is to produce plug-in hybrid vehicles that can be powered by using gasoline or electricity.

#44: Leon Bollée

Leon Bollee was an engineer in France who mainly built vehicles in the late 19th century as well as early 20th century.

He mainly produced steam cars as well as tricycles and later moved to make bigger touring vehicles.

#45: Lynk & Co

This company was founded in 2016, and it is a Chinese Swedish automotive corporation that mainly focuses on internet connectivity and creative purchasing prototypes in markets.

#46: Leap Motor

This is a Chinese automaker company located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, and was founded in 2015 by Zhu Jiangming.

They are known for specializing in the development of electric vehicles.

#47: Leyland

It is a British manufacturing company that was developed in 1896, and they were mainly known for the development of lorries, trolleybuses as well as buses.

#48: London Motors

This was a Canadian Company which was located in London, Ontario.

It was founded in the 1920s and was known for the production of roadsters, touring vehicles, sedans as well as various components for those cars.

Their most popular invention was the London Six.

#49: Leidart

This was a British car manufacturing corporation that was active in the 1930s.

It is asserted that they only made a single high-performance vehicle throughout its lifetime. It was said to be an aged sports car because of the V8 engine installed in it.

#50: Lucalia Clubman

Lucalia Clubman is a sports vehicle from Australia that was developed between 1979 and 1982.

Do keep in mind this vehicle was only used for racing. It is known to be a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive roadster car.

#51: Lifan

This is a small Chinese automakers company that was established in the 1990s. They are known for making compact cars as well as motorcycles.

That’s not all! They also manufactured some crossovers, vans, and some small cars as well.

#52: Land Wind

It is a brand owned by a Chinese automaker called Jiangling Motor Holding. It was founded in 2002 and is a well-known automotive marquee in the industry.

#53: La Buire

La Buire was founded in the year 1899 and lasted until the 1930s. This is a manufacturing company originally located in France.

They started by making small carriage-like vehicles and later moved to make big passenger vehicles.

#54: Libelle

Libelle was a car, specifically a microcar, that was generated in the 1950s by Austrians. It is said that this was one of the most successful creations by them.

The uniqueness of this car is that it was a three-wheeled vehicle with an engine that was placed in the outstanding extension behind the vehicle.

#55: Lammas Graham

Lamas Graham was a brand active in the 1930s but only lived for a short period.

They did not make a lot of models during their production years. However, they made high-performing semi-premium models.

#56: LDS

LDS is originally from South Africa. They started making a series of racing cars in the 1960s. Most of their race cars used Alfa Romeo engine systems.

It’s is said that the chassis was original but progressed based on various British racing car models.

#57: LEDL

This company was mainly active between the 1970s and 1980s. It was said to be an Austrian automotive car manufacturer.

According to history, they majorly focused on making high-performance vehicles along with duplicates of vintage roadsters from Italian as well as German automakers.

#58: Lexington

Now coming to Lexington, this was an American touring vehicle model that was built in the 1910s and lasted until the 1920s.

It is said that this vehicle had various variations along with some sports variations as well. It had a powerful engine with a very basic design.

#59: Litex Motors

Litex is an automotive company that is originally from Sofia, Bulgaria, and was founded in 2008.

One of the good things about this company is that they produce low-cost, compact vehicles in their country.

They are also known for assembling vehicles for a Chinese company, Great Wall Motors.

#60: LMX Sirex

This was a sports car line that was developed by an Italian manufacturer called Linea Moderna Executive.

They started making cars in the 1960s and the 1970s. The LMC Sirex was said to be the most famous sports car produced in the LMX lineup.

#61: Lombard

Lombard was a vehicle manufacturing company from France which was known to be active between the years 1927 and 1929.

Although they lasted for a short period, they were known for designing and producing racing cars as well as various parts for those cars as well.

#62: Lozier

Lozier was a company based in Detroit and was an American manufacturer.

From 1900 until 1915, they were known for making high-performing luxury vehicles like limousines, touring cars, landaulets, and roadsters.

#63: LuAZ

LuAZ is a factory called Lutsk Automobile that was developed in 1955 in Ukraine.

It is known for making various parts for different car types, mainly for Russian manufacturers, truck body types.

They are also known for making cars for the Red and Ukrainian armies.

#64: Lutzmann

It is said that this was the first-ever car built in the 19th century by a German manufacturer called Opel.

This vehicle describes that it was a two-seat, without a roof as well as no glass screen vehicle.

It was also designed with wood and steel wheels, where the rear wheels were bigger than the front ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Expensive Cars Start With L?

Here is the list of top expensive cars starting with the letter L:

  • Lamborghini
  • Lancia
  • Lincoln
  • Limousines
  • Lexus

Q2. What Old Cars Start With L?

Various old yet popular cars start with the letter L, and they are as follows:

  • La Salle Straight 8
  • Lamas 3 ½ Litre
  • Lagonda 16-80
  • Lamborghini 350 GT
  • Lanchester Eighteen
  • Land Rover SIIA and SIII
  • Lotus Europa Series
  • Lada 1200/1300
  • Lincoln Continental
  • LeSabre
  • Lorraine Dietrich 15 CV
  • Light Six Chevrolet

Q3. What Car Parts Start With L?

There aren’t many car parts that start with the letter L, but here are some that you will be familiar with:

  • License plate
  • LEV
  • Linguatronic
  • Lights
  • LDW – Lane departure warning system
  • Lock
  • Live axle
  • Low beam headlights
  • Lug bolt
  • Leaf Spring
  • Lugnut
  • Ladder frame
  • Liquid-cooled engine


There you go, now you know everything you need to know about all the cars that start with L.

I made sure to cover all the car’s brands and names with L, so you do not have to keep on searching on the internet.

You probably have heard most of the brands listed here for the first time, and surprisingly most of them are still producing unique and high-quality vehicles in the market.

This list is also beneficial for you as it will encourage you to choose the right brand and model.