Cars Names And Brands That Start With F

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Regardless of the letter you choose, there are a lot of vehicles and brands that start with it.

There are people out there who would like to know all of them to better understand all types out there.

This article will be focusing on those cars that start with f. This list will be pretty long, and I will try my best to list all of the vehicles that start with this letter.

Let’s list all of them down before we get into the details:

  1. Ford
  2. Fiat
  3. F.R.P
  4. Fab Design
  5. Facel Vega
  6. Facetti
  7. Factory Five Racing
  8. Flajole
  9. Faralli & Mazzanti
  10. 9FF
  11. ForceFed
  12. Fifteen52
  13. Fuore
  14. Ferrari
  15. FSWerks
  16. Farboud
  17. Frazer Nash
  18. Fioravanti
  19. Fisker
  20. Fenomenon
  21. Faraday Future
  22. Foose
  23. Farbio
  24. Fenix
  25. Farman

This article will be talking about all of these brands. There is also a section covering frequently asked questions at the end of the article.

So, without any further ado, let’s get straight into it!

Full List – What Cars Start With The Letter “F”?

Finding out how many vehicles that are beginning with f in my guide

As promised, this article will now discuss all of the brands that were mentioned above.

The list is quite long, so you should strap in for the ride.

#1: Ford

The most famous brand on this list also deserves to be recognized. The brand is international and makes vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

It is one of the most renowned brands and has been around since 1919, which is more than 100 years old! It comes in number five compared to all vehicle brands in the world.

Many vehicles start with the letter F, which are made by Ford, including the popular F-Series of trucks and the Ford Fiesta.

Ford also manufacturers vehicle parts, which aftermarket repair shops and garages use.

#2: Fiat

Fiat is known for making high-quality vehicles that can last through thick and thin. This manufacturer is one that people have heard of and is the largest vehicle manufacturer in Italy.

Its vehicles are dependable and can give a decent competition other brands, that don’t start with an f. The Fiat 500 is one of the most popular vehicles produced.

The vehicle has had stunning reviews and is one of the best small vehicles to grace the market and get into the hands of consumers.

When you write down the model of the vehicle in words, it starts with an F!

#3: F.R.P

F.R.P is also known as Finley Robertson Porter. After leaving Mercer, a highly regarded brand, this company was introduced during the 1910s.

One of the most famous vehicles produced by the company was the F.R.P Series B, which was named in honor of its owner.

Porter created some amazing vehicles when he was under Mercer too. He introduced the Mercer Type 35, one of the best supercars of the early 1900s.

He probably realized his potential and decided to open up his own company, which was a great move. It allowed him to innovate like never before.

#4: Fab Design

Fab Design is a company that 99% of you may not know about.

This is because it is not a vehicle company but a tuning one. The brand is known to tune vehicles such as McLaren’s and more.

Another thing that you may not have noticed is that Fab is short for fabulous. The company knows what it can do, and it does not hide it.

Fab Design has been in the market since 1997 and has a dedicated engineering team that helps it accomplish wonders.

Its work can be seen in the latest and greatest Range Rover Vogue vehicles.

#5: Facel Vega

Facel Vega is one of the more unusual manufacturers on this list. Although it is an old brand, with it being founded in 1939, Facel Vega manufactured vehicle components made of steel.

Later on, they realized that they could do more by making their vehicles. They already had the parts! That is exactly what the manufacturer did.

Although Facel Vega was not around for long, with it seizing to exist in 1964, it did manufacture some iconic vehicles, with a collectible one being the 1958 FV4 Typhoon.

Its first and only decade of vehicle production was truly phenomenal.

#6: Facetti

The brand was named after Carlo Giovanni Facetti, a racecar driver. He had many successful touring races. The racer decided to create his own company, which was a great decision.

If you want to know about a brand with a proper history, then Facetti is the one to go for. The vehicles created by the manufacturer were based on the infamous 308 GTB from Ferrari.

The Facetti 208 Carma FF was the most popular vehicle out of all it produced.

It set the record for the fastest lap in the 24 Hours of Daytona, which was carried out in 1981. That is an impressive feat.

#7: Factory Five Racing

One of the more recent brands on this list is Factory Five Racing. It was founded in 1995, with it being a bit over 30 years old, as of writing this article.

Like any great company, this one started in a garage and grew up to be one of the go-to companies if you are looking to buy vehicle kits.

The manufacturer sells all types of kits. They can include body parts, chassis components, and much more.

These parts are not only there to improve the performance but are also present to enhance the looks of your vehicle.

Its products have been tested through thick and thin, and they have never disappointed.

#8: Flajole

The Flajole-Kehrig company, which goes by the name of Flajole, is one that many people have not heard about.

This is because it is a pretty old brand and only people who knew it back then remember it now.

The manufacturer would make vehicles, but it would mostly design them for brands such as Chrysler, Ford, and GM.

That said, a few vehicles from the company still were truly excellent. The Forerunner was a concept car showcased by the company in 1955.

Bill Flajole thought this vehicle would represent the future, and he came pretty close!

#9: Faralli & Mazzanti

This Italian company avoids the headlines but takes on the biggest names on the market.

Faralli & Mazanti, which is commonly known as Mazanti Automobiles, not only restores vehicles but designs and produces them too.

The brand is one of the newer ones on this list, with it being founded in 2002. As of writing this article, it is exactly two decades old.

Most vehicles from the company include the Antas V8 GT and the Evantra, which were unveiled to the public in 2013.

They were genuine showstoppers and paid respect to older supercars of forgotten eras.

#10: 9FF

When you look at it from a technical standpoint, the name of the brand, 9FF, does begin with the letter F.

This is the second tuning company on this list and has worked exclusively with Porsche to make sure those vehicles are ready to last through thick and thin.

The main work of 9FF is to tune vehicles to make them street legal.

As many sports cars out there don’t meet legal requirements, 9FF’s job is to make sure that those vehicles can roam the streets without any issue.

It also created a vehicle, the GT9, which was one of the first vehicles to break the 400 km/h barrier.

#11: ForceFed

Now, you might be thinking that the naming is not right. Well, the brand chose to represent itself using the name ForceFed.

The company aims to improve the performance of any vehicle as long as they have an electronic fuel injection system.

Now, you might think these guys specialize in turbo or superchargers only.

The fact of the matter is they can completely overhaul your vehicle to make it an outstanding beast on the road.

They also guarantee that no low-quality or Chinese parts will be used. With your eyes closed, you can go to this company, and rest assured that your vehicle will have a complete makeover.

#12: Fifteen52

Looking for wheels that will allow you to take on the toughest terrains? You should consider buying from Fifteen52; another F named brand that can do wonders.

The manufacturer designed wheels for off-roading trucks to performance-oriented vehicles to ensure that drivers can get maximum control, traction, and overall handling of their vehicles.

You will never regret buying from this company with an unmistakable design language. Its decade of experience is better than some veterans on the market.

The brand aims to stand apart from the rest of the world, and if they keep making such wheels and innovate, they will achieve that.

#13: Fuore

Looking for a brand that is associated with games? Well, Fuore is the one you are searching for. The company itself is based in Barcelona.

Unlike other manufacturers on this list, it specializes in making vehicles equipped for Formula 1 racing.

Some of its vehicles have been featured in gaming franchises, such as Grand Theft Auto.

The brand can also modify your existing vehicle to make it sports-like. It claims on its page that you can use either a Toyota 1.6L engine or even a bike.

Its job is to make the engine work with your vehicle, and it will do so. Either way, you will be getting an amazing experience working with them.

#14: Ferrari

Perhaps the most sought out vehicles in the world are in Ferrari’s catalog. The manufacturer knows how to make amazing vehicles, and there is no denying that.

Ferrari vehicles are always pushing the limits, and they are one of the most premium vehicles you can get for your money.

Ferrari has been around for a long time. It came into being in the 1940s, with it innovating ever since.

Whatever period you pick, Ferrari automobiles were one of the top ones of their time.

You cannot go wrong with this brand. Even if you choose a decade-old model, chances are you will not want to sell it ever.

#15: FSWerks

Looking for upgrades for the Ford Focus and Fiesta?

Well, you should consider contacting FSWerks. Never have I ever seen a company with such a small catalog for servicing. It does not work on vehicles other than the ones mentioned above.

The manufacturer always designs and creates new parts that allow Ford Focus and Fiesta owners to push the limits.

Their dynamometer allows them to stress test their creations to the limit to make sure they can survive a beating.

The company has a branch called Euro Sports Accessories, which works on Volkswagen vehicles. They are experienced and will make sure that your vehicle is drastically improved.

#16: Farboud

Looking for an exotic vehicle manufacturer in the United Kingdom? Farboud is a brand you should consider.

Although the company is not known, it has not stopped it from innovating since 2004. It is owned by a person that cares about vehicles and is a car producer and designer too!

Although the outline of the logo closely resembles that of a company that does not begin with an F, it does have a completely different logo inside.

The marquee of the brand is an archer, who is called Arash. They have represented his bow on the black background.

#17: Frazer Nash

One of the oldest brands on this list is called Frazer Nash. This one was established in 1922, a century ago.

It specialized in making sports cars but could not sustain its business for too long. It failed and emerged as AFN Limited in 1927. The company gave control to someone else.

Well, AFN did create vehicles until the Second World War. They did not produce them in huge numbers so that they could ensure that their creations were of the highest quality.

AFN was famous for its multichain transmission system, which was not found in other vehicles of the time.

#18: Fiorovanti

This American brand is yet another one that is pretty much off the grid. It has been around for quite some time, since 1985.

Fiorovanti Distributors deals in Dodge, Ford, GMC, and Chevrolet vehicles. They deal in trucks, luxury vehicles, muscle cars, and even electric ones too.

Fiorovanti is great because it offers financial services to consumers who want to purchase a vehicle but don’t want to spend too much at the same time.

They also have great customer support, which is present to help you out in all possible ways. They also offer a warranty, which can be quite useful.

#19: Fisker

If you are in the market for electric vehicles, Fisker is a company you should consider. In a world dominated by Tesla, trying out other brands cannot bring too much harm.

This company aims to make the world an eco-friendlier place. Although they play a small role, it is without any doubt an important one.

The Fisker Ocean, a vehicle that is due to be launched in 2022, is one luxury-packed automobile. It is practical too.

The roof has solar panels built-in, which allow it to generate energy on the go. Although it looks like an SUV, the handling and control are like a sports car.

#20: Fenomenon

Another UK-based vehicle manufacturer on this list is known as Fenomenon.

Although it’s been around for some time, the most popular vehicle produced by the company was the Fenomenon Stratos, which was released in 2005.

It was a true sports car, and at the time, it was nothing like people had ever seen.

The thing about the Stratos was that although it looked like it would be fine for city driving, the manufacturer aimed to introduce it to countries where the roads have not been developed properly.

Regardless, this was a prototype and was not functional. Excited fans did not get to see it on the road.

#21: Faraday Future

Now, this is a name that some of you might be familiar with. It is a recent one, with it being established in 2014 only.

It already has a flagship vehicle, which is called the FF 91. It is an electric vehicle and has been designed for maximum performance.

The brand is technology-focused, which means it tries to use cutting-edge technology as soon as possible.

They use a whole load of safety features, and their vehicles provide a user experience that is simply unparalleled.

Upcoming vehicles will also include autonomous driving and increased range, which is something electric vehicle owners are on the lookout for.

#22: Foose

Foose Design is a company that was established in 1984. It had a great history, and the owner, Chip, had a lot of experience under his belt, thanks to working with his father.

So, what does Foose exactly do? Well, their catalog of servicing is quite extensive, with them even constructing full vehicles from scratch.

Chip is also known to restore vehicles. It has had a television series, which was called Overhaulin.

The show is still in production, with the latest set of episodes being introduced in 2019! Now, that is dedication.

#23: Farbio

Farbio was founded in 2004, with it introducing only one model during its lifetime. It was the GTS, and this sports car was a stunning one.

It had a V6 engine under the hood and was well received by the public. The project was taken over by Ginetta, which renamed it the F 400.

Farbio underwent many leadership changes over the years. It was established by Christopher George Marsh, but he lost control to a secretary in 2006.

There were three other directors before the company actually started vehicle production.

#24: Fenix

Fenix Automotive is another very recent company, with it coming into existence in 2009.

It was created by Lee Noble, who already had a company called Noble Automotive but tried to redo things.

Although no vehicle from the company hit the market, they did come quite close.

There was no name involved, but Fenix planned to introduce a vehicle that had a V8 engine under the hood and would cost $75000.

Even prototype pictures were revealed, but the vehicle itself never saw the light of day.

#25: Farman

The final company on this list is known as Farman. This brand made luxury vehicles and did so in the early 1900s.

Its vehicles competed directly with the likes of Rolls Royce. The manufacturer was so ahead of its time that it introduced a 200 HP vehicle at that time.

The slogan of the company was: “A car rolls, a Farman glides.”. That alone tells you how luxurious its vehicles would have been.

Farman also introduced prototypes of vehicles that were way ahead of their time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Ford Cars Start With F?

Ford is a company that makes dozens of different models. Its vehicles have undoubtedly been excellent.

If you are wondering about which of its vehicles starting with the letter F, this is the list:

  • Ford F-Series
  • Ford Fairlane (Americas)
  • Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt
  • Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner
  • Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria Skyliner
  • Ford Fairmont
  • Ford Falcon
  • Ford Falcon (Argentina)
  • Ford Falcon (North America)
  • Ford Festiva
  • Ford Figo
  • Ford Five Hundred
  • Ford FK 1000
  • Ford Flex
  • Ford Focus (fourth generation)
  • Ford Focus (third generation)
  • Ford C11ADF
  • Ford Mk V Armored Car
  • Ford Freda
  • Frontenac (marque)
  • Ford Fusion (Americas)
  • Ford Fusion Hybrid

You are unmistakably talking about the F High-Performance lineup that was introduced by Lexus in 2007.

It was a stylized F that indicated that the vehicle was a sporty one. Lexus also trademarked the feature, which means it cannot be seen in any other vehicle other than its own.

Q3. What Classic Cars Start With F?

If you are in search of classic vehicles that start with the letter F, well, this question is perfect for you.

Let me list them down:

  • Facel Vega Excellence
  • Facel Vega Facel ii
  • Facel Vega Facel iii
  • Facel Vega Facellia
  • Facel Vega FV
  • Facel Vega HK500
  • Facel Vega Excellence
  • Facel Vega Facel ii
  • Facel Vega Facel iii
  • Facel Vega Facellia
  • Facel Vega FV
  • Ford Fairlane 500
  • Ford Falcon/Fairmont
  • Ford Falcon/Futura/Fairmont
  • Frazer Nash Falcon
  • Frazer Nash Falcon ii
  • Frazer Nash Fast Tourer/Mille Miglia
  • Frazer Nash Fixed Head Coupe

Q4. What Sports Cars Start With F?

Although there are many vehicle brands that start with the letter F, there are few sports ones that start with the same letter too. The ones that do follow that convention are:

  • Ferrari
  • Ford Mustang
  • Fiat 124 Spider

These are the only brands that make sports vehicles and start with the letter F.

Q5. What Girl Car Names Beginning With F?

As vehicles tend to have a more aggressive naming scheme, there are very little vehicles that have a girl name, especially those that start with the letter F.

After a lot of research, I came up with two names:

  • Fabia
  • Felicia

Fabia belongs to Skoda, while Felicia belongs to the same brand too. It looks like Skoda is the only brand that considered using girl car names.


If you were in the search for cars that start with f, then I can assure you that you will not find a more detailed article elsewhere.

I have covered all brands and vehicles that come under this category. From Ford to Ferrari, there is no company that I have left behind.

So, you can rest assured that every F named brand in the world has been covered.

There is even a buying guide section that will help in further categorizing these brands. I hope this article helped you and I hope you can use this knowledge of F named cars.