Cars Names And Brands That Start With P

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There are various types of cars that start with P in the market. Some were discontinued long ago, while some are still available for purchase.

One of the wonderful things about these car brands is that they are extremely highly rated worldwide.

If you were considering buying from any of the brands, then going over this article will be beneficial for you.

So with that, here are all the cars starting with the letter P:

  1. Panoz
  2. Pontiac
  3. Panhard
  4. Pierce – Arrow
  5. PPI
  6. Packard
  7. Paterson
  8. Phantom
  9. Porsche
  10. Piper
  11. Premier
  12. Pagani
  13. Peel
  14. Panther
  15. Plymouth
  16. Playboy
  17. Peugeot
  18. Parradine
  19. Pininfarina
  20. Peerless
  21. Prince
  22. Proton
  23. Pilbeam
  24. Pegaso
  25. Prodrive
  26. Perana
  27. Pescarolo
  28. Piontek
  29. Praga
  30. Pratt & Miller
  31. Polarsun Automobile
  32. Picchio
  33. PSI
  34. Perrin
  35. Portaro
  36. Peterbilt
  37. Puma
  38. Python
  39. Purvis Eureka
  40. Puch
  41. Proto Motors
  42. PRB
  43. Polestar
  44. Polaris
  45. Pirin
  46. Perry
  47. Pinguin
  48. Piaggio
  49. PGO
  50. Pender Hertel
  51. Paramount
  52. Pan Car
  53. Paige
  54. PAG
  55. Pyeonghwa Motors
  56. Puli

With that being said, make sure you read the complete list to have clarified information regarding all the letter P cars.

Full List – What Cars Start With The Letter “P”?

Finding out what popular and famous automotive companies and models begin with the letter p

All of the cars mentioned in this list will help you better understand them.

Going through vehicles in alphabetical order makes it simple for people to browse through and is said to be more effective to learn.

So with that being said, here are all the cars starting with the letter P.

#1: Panoz

Panoz is well known for manufacturing luxury sports cars, and it is popular among various American automakers. This brand was established in 1989 by Dan Panoz.

He was the son of a popular pharmacist and the owner of the motorsport teams.

Panoz Roadster, AIV Roadster, and Panoz Esperante are the most famous models produced by this brand.

#2: Pontiac

Pontiac is a brand founded by Albert G. North and Harry G. Hamilton in 1899.

They started by making carriages, and then in 1905. They started making cars. In 1909, General Motors bought this company’s shares.

The most well-known cars from this brand have to be Pontiac 6-27, Pontiac GT, Grand Am, Piranha Concept 2000, and Ventura.

#3: Panhard

Panhard is a French automobile manufacturing company founded by two people named René Panhard and Émile Levassorthat in the year 1887 in Marolles-en-Urepois, France.

They are recognized for the production of light-weighted civil and military vehicles.

They gained popularity because they were the first brand to sell cars. It also introduced racing cars, private cars, sports cars, limousines, etc.

#4: Pierce – Arrow

This company was originally founded in Buffalo, New York, in the United States by George N. Pierce in 1901.

This company started making luxury cars in 1904, which was the Great Arrow for wealthy customers.

This brand became popular because of its 1930 model, Pierce-Arrow Model B, and 1935 model called the Pierce-Arrow 845 V12 Silver Arrow Coupe.

It closed down in 1938, and before closing, it produced several models of commercial trucks and fire trucks.

#5: PPI

This is a German tuner that mainly specializes in vehicle tuning. PPI stands for Precision Performance Individuality, and they mainly modify Audis.

#6: Packard

This automobile manufacturing company was founded in1899 by James Ward Packard in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

The brand focused on manufacturing expensive hand-built models that gained a lot of popularity at that time. It is said this company produced various passenger cars until 1954.

#7: Paterson

Paterson was active in the 1910s and was well recognized as an American car manufacturing company.

They mainly produced basic car designs, but many of the cars had the qualities of roadsters. They made various touring cars as well.

#8: Phantom

Phantom Corsair was a vehicle prototype formulated in the USA in the 1930s. This was said to be a large sedan car with a long and sleek body type.

#9: Porsche

One of the most famous and top brands has to be Porsche which Ferdinand Porsche founded in 1931.

The first car the brand introduced was the 1939 Porsche 64. It is said that this company also produced military vehicles and tanks during the war.

The most popular and demanding models are the Porsche 986 Boxster, Carrera GT, and 996 GT3. Other than that, the 2019 Cayenne Coupe and Turbo Coupe are also quite popular.

#10: Piper

This car manufacturer is originally from Britain and was founded in 1967 in Hayes.

It was said to be a subsidiary of the eponymous engine components manufacturer. The company later moved to South Willingham, Lincolnshire, in 1973.

The company was recognized for developing the Piper GT, and later the modification of this model was called the Piper GTT.

#11: Premier

Premier is a motor manufacturing corporation that is the oldest American automobile brand.

This company was founded by George A. Widely and Harold O. Smith in 1903, and the headquarters was originally located in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

This manufacturing was the first at that time to produce cars with the air-cooled engine system, which are the Four Cylinder Premier 1904 and Premier 1905.

#12: Pagani

Horacio Pagani was the founder of this automobile corporation in 1992. It was founded in San Cesario Sul Panaro, close to Modena, Italy.

The first-ever prototype hypercar called the Fangio F1, which later became Zonda C12, was quite popular.

The model released in 2007, the Pagani Zonda F Club sport, was also quite famous.

#13: Peel

Peel is an automobile company founded in Great Britain and is said to be a niche company.

They are famous for introducing the smallest car ever in mass production, which is called the Peel P50.

This vehicle is only for one person, and it is said that it can also be transported by hand. They also make various other types of microcars as well as prototypes.

#14: Panther

Panther is quite famous for the production of luxury sports cars. It was founded in Surrey, the United Kingdom, by Robert Jankel in 1972.

It is said that the founder produced retro-style cars with the help of off-the-shelf components. The first model produced was the Panther Lima which was popular for its uniqueness.

#15: Plymouth

This is said to be a car brand of Chrysler instead of a car manufacturing company. It was introduced in 1928 to make a lineup of cars at a low cost.

They made concepts, trucks, and cars at the lowest price. It is worth noting that this was a leading brand and made various best-selling models until the early 1990s.

#16: Playboy

This brand was an American car manufacturer founded in the 50s. They produced one model: the small convertible two-door and a V4 engine.

#17: Peugeot

Peugeot is said to be the most famous automaker company in France. It started its journey in 1840 by making hand mills and coffee grinders.

Later the first car they introduced was the three-wheeled and steam-powered, manufactured in 1889.

In the mid-70s, this company bought Citroën, ending in 2007. It also bought the European division of Chrysler in 1978.

#18: Parradine

This British automobile company started in 1987 and lasted only until 1991. They only produced Parradine Pegasus V12, based on the AC Cobra.

#19: Pininfarina

This is an Italian car corporation that is known for making car designs.

They mainly make coaches and exterior appearances for vehicles all over Europe and include companies from Italy and France.

#20: Peerless

The Peerless automobile company is said to be an American vehicles manufacturer founded in 1900 in Cleveland, Ohio, The United States.

They mainly focused on the production of high-quality luxury vehicles.

Their first achievement is said to be the advancement of drum brakes and closed body models of the first series.

This brand was closed in 1931, but before closing, it produced famous models like Peerless Type 8 Style K 1904, 1912 Six Model 38 Berline Limousine, Six Model 32 Roadster 1911, and Master Eight Sedan 1931, along with various others.

#21: Prince

Prince was a Japanese company that started its journey as a Ki – Tachikawa Aircraft Company.

This company later started its journey in the automobile industry in 1946 and produced the Tama electric car.

The most famous cars produced by them are the Skyline and Gloria. It also merged with Nissan in 1966, and they are called the Infiniti M and Infiniti G models.

#22: Proton

Proton Edar SDR Holding was developed in Shah Alam, Selangor.

It is a Malaysian-based company founded in 1985. It was developed with the help of the Malaysian Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad.

The main reason why this company was created was to sell licensed Mitsubishi. To sell the Proton Saga, which was based on the Mitsubishi Lancer 1983.

#23: Pilbeam

Pilbeam is, also known as Pilbeam Racing Designers, was a British company founded in 1975 in Lincolnshire town of Bourne, the United Kingdom, by Mike Pilbeam.

It was one of the leading brands for racing cars in the 1980s and 1990s. The racing cars they produced were well known for performing efficiently for hill climbing.

They produced various touring models for Honda and Vauxhall.

#24: Pegaso

This brand is said to be the representative of the Spanish Automaker Industry, which was based on the company called Enasa and started its journey in 1946.

It is known for the manufacturing of various car variants such as trucks, sports cars, buses, armored vehicles, and industrial vehicles.

The most recognized models were the Pegaso II truck in 1951, the fastest car is known as the Z-102 sports car, and the trolleybus Z-501.

#25: Prodrive

Prodrive is a British brand that is popular for the manufacturing of sports cars and racing cars.

They make unique racing cars. The company is located in Banbury, Oxfordshire, England.

This brand was founded by Jan Parry and David Richards in 1984. They also participated in manufacturing supercars for famous brands like Ferrari and Aston Martin.

#26: Perana

Perana Performance Group is a South African brand established in 2007 in Port Elizabeth.

They are famous for the manufacturing of various cars, such as the most famous Perana Z-One model, which was said to be manufactured based on the chassis of the Chevrolet Corvette C6 in 2009.

They also became the main partners for AC Cars and Zagato.

#27: Pescarolo

This was a motorsport team and the manufacturer of racing cars located in Le Mans, France. They competed in 24 Hours of Le Mans and Le Mans Series races.

#28: Piontek

Dave Piontek is the founder of Pinotek, an automobile manufacturing company and was said to have been developed in 1993 in Auburn, the United States.

The company’s main goal was to design, develop, and manufacture racing cars and high-performance cars for street practice.

Their most popular model has to be the Piontek Sportech model, which was developed in 1989.

#29: Praga

This Czech car maker company was founded in 1907. They mainly focused on the making of passenger cars as well as trucks.

#30: Pratt & Miller

The full name of this company is Pratt & Miller Engineering and Fabrication sports team. This is said to be a division of General Motors in 1999.

This company was developed in 1989 by Gary Pratt and Jim Miller, hence how the name was given.

They developed over time and were the leading designer and manufacturer of various race car models that were quite successful.

#31: Polarsun Automobile

This was a Chinese car manufacturer that mainly focused on the production of vans and crossovers. The company shut down in 2018, but before that, it made a lot of models.

#32: Picchio

Picchio is said to be an Italian car manufacturing company that made models of racing cars and sports cars. This company was developed in Ancarano, Teramo, Italy.

It was founded in 1989 by Giotto Bizazarrini, who wanted to make the most efficient racing cars in the world.

#33: PSI

This is a Belgian-based tuner company specializing in the modification and customization of Porsche cars. They have been doing that since 1998.

#34: Perrin

Perrin makes aftermarket performance products for Subaru cars. They make packages for Subaru cars that include engines, suspensions, etc.

#35: Portaro

This is a brand name that is joined by Portuguese and Romanians. Most of the cars were made in the 70s, and they made a lot of versions of these cars at that time.

#36: Peterbilt

Peterbilt is an American car manufacturing company that was developed in the 30s.

They mainly focused on the production of trucks and now only make long haulers and medium-duty trucks.

#37: Puma

Puma is said to be the representative of the Brazilian-based car corporation.

This company was founded in 1963 by a community. It is said that their initials were used to give the brand name Lumimari Automobile Societ.

It is also worth mentioning that the company is currently located in Botucatu, São Paulo, Brazil. This company was known for the manufacturing of cars and trucks.

This company now has new models, which are called the Puma P-052 racing car and Puma GT Lumimari.

#38: Python

This was a car constructed by Ford in the mid-60s. They mainly made this to replace the British competing cars, and it was said to be a sports car.

#39: Purvis Eureka

This was an Australian sports car that was developed in the 70s until the 90s. It was made out of high-weighted material and had a coupe-like body structure with a powerful engine.

#40: Puch

This is an engineering company founded in Austria. This has existed in the market since 1899 and mainly makes vehicles like compact cars, racing cars as well as trucks.

#41: Proto Motors

This was a South Korean company that started its journey in 1997 and then was defunct in 2017.

They were known for making convertible cars, limousines, sports cars, and their parts and coaches for vehicles.

#42: PRB

This is the name of an Australian automobile company that mainly concentrated on the manufacturing of sports cars and racing cars.

Most of their cars look like older Lotus cars, and they have been developing such cars since the 70s.

#43: Polestar

This brand is a Swedish company and is half-owned by Volvo. This is a project that mainly focuses on the development of hybrid and electric vehicles.

#44: Polaris

This is a company for America that manufactures a wide variety of vehicles, motorcycles, quads, off-road vehicles as well as snowmobiles.

#45: Pirin

This was a Bulgarian automobile company that was started in 1967 but lasted only for a couple of years. They mainly produced car designs for Fiat and mainly were compact cars.

#46: Perry

This was a British-based manufacturer that was developed in the 1910s.

They only made two models where the cyclecar was an open-wheel car and a proper passenger car, and both of these were high-performing cars.

#47: Pinguin

This was a German car manufacturer brand that was used for the prototypes between the years 1953 and 1954 by Ruhrfahrzeugbau R. Müthing.

#48: Piaggio

Piaggio is an Italian automobile manufacturing company that mainly focuses on the creation of scooters as well as motorcycles. They started in the 19th century and are active ever since.

#49: PGO

This is a French automobile company that mainly produces premium cars.

Most of the cars they built are said to be small luxury sports cars that are built by hand and customized for consumers.

#50: Pender Hertel

This is one of the oldest car manufacturing companies created in Australia. Do keep in mind that it was similar to a lot of companies that were developed in the 19th century.

Since it was an early automobile company, it mainly focused on the production of carriages that could only carry two people at the time.

This company did not have a badge or logo but only written history.

#51: Paramount

Paramount was a small UK cars brand that was founded in the 50s. They produced one model that was said to be a roofless roadster which was called the Paramount 1-1/2″.

However, the model did not do well in the market, and production was minimized. Nowadays, this car is said to be a collector’s prize.

#52: Pan Car

Pan car were active in the 70s and until the 90s. It was said to be a Greek car manufacturing company.

The brand’s main focus was the production of smaller vehicles that had unique designs.

In 1977, this brand introduced the car called beach buggy, which was most popular. They later started the production of buggies as well as crossovers.

#53: Paige

Paige was known to be an American automobile brand that was in the market until the 1920s. They mainly developed premium cars that were known for their high performance.

Most of the models they produced were roadsters as well as speedsters which are explained to be old sports cars.

#54: PAG

PAG was said to be an automaker that was founded in Brazil and said to be active between the years 1988 and 1991, which was for a short period only.

They were known for the production of various compact cars, and some were mainly based on the cars that Volkswagen produced for Brazil.

It is worth noting that PAG Nick was the most famous model produced by this company. This model was based on the model called Volkswagen Gol, which was an exclusive Brazilian car.

#55: Pyeonghwa Motors

This is a North Korean automobile company.

They are known for the production of compact cars, buses as well as trucks, and much more. They used Chinese and Vietnamese components.

#56: Puli

This was a microcar that was developed in the 80 and the 90s in Hungary.

Do keep in mind that this car was built with the help of foreign components and was equipped with a diesel or electric engine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What SUV Starts With P?

Here are some SUVs starting with the letter P:

  • Panda 4×4 Fiat Automobiles
  • Pulse Fiat Automobile
  • Puma (Crossover)
  • Pilot Honda
  • Pathfinder Nissan
  • Patrol Y62 Nissan
  • Peugeot 3008, 4008, 5008
  • Porsche Macan
  • Premier Rio
  • Proton X50

Q2. What Sports Car Starts With P?

Here is the list of sports cars with P:

  • Porsche Taycan Turbo
  • PPI R8 Razor
  • Panther De Ville
  • Perrin Impreza WRX H6
  • Pegaso Z-102B
  • Perana Z-One
  • Parradine 525S 2000
  • Peerless GT Coupe 1959
  • Peugeot 905 1990

Q3. What Expensive Cars Start With P?

The most expensive cars that start with the letter P are as follows:

  • Packard Pacific
  • Packard Panther
  • Packard Caribbean
  • Pagani Zonda
  • Porsche Panamera
  • Pontiac Grand Prix

Q4. What Old Cars Start With P?

These are the most classic cars with the letter P:

  • Pierce-Arrow Eight Series A, B, and C
  • Paramount Ten 1-1/2″ Liter
  • Pegaso Z102
  • Packard 120
  • Peugeot 104
  • Panther Deville

Q5. What Ford Cars Start With P?

Here is the complete list of ford cars with the letter P:

  • P100
  • Pronto
  • Puma Crossover and Sport Compact
  • Pinto
  • Pampa
  • Probe
  • Park Lane
  • Pygmy


I hope the list of all the cars that start with P helped you broaden your knowledge of various types of cars and brands models.

If you haven’t noticed, then you must know that most of the brands in this list were in the sports cars category. However, there is no exact explanation as to why that is.

Now, if you are someone who was planning to purchase a certain model from a certain brand starting with P, then this article might have assisted you in identifying the best car models from them.