Cars Names And Brands That Start With A

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While many prominent brands are known for creating and releasing dozens of lineups and various models or for manufacturing sports cars and luxury vehicles, there are many brands that are only able to create one or two models before falling into irrelevancy or even dissolving entirely.

Here is a list of various prominent cars that start with A which includes all manner of brands, cars, and companies.

  1. Abarth
  2. Acura
  3. AC Cars
  4. AC Propulsion
  5. Acadian
  6. Alfa Romeo
  7. Audi
  8. AMG
  9. AAC
  10. Abadal
  11. Aero
  12. Aeon
  13. Aberdonia
  14. Aston Martin
  15. Aero Mobile
  16. Adler
  17. ABC
  18. AAD
  19. Adam (Motors)
  20. Agrale
  21. Albion
  22. Alesbury
  23. Ales
  24. Alldays
  25. Ajs
  26. Alfgang
  27. Alan-Mann
  28. Alatac
  29. Alma
  30. Allard
  31. Ajax
  32. Alba
  33. Aixam Mega
  34. Al Araba
  35. AIL
  36. Alpine
  37. Alta
  38. Alvis
  39. Alpina
  40. Ateliers Germain
  41. Alpha Sports
  42. Ambssador
  43. Almac
  44. Alternative Cars
  45. Amherst
  46. Anadol
  47. Amuza
  48. Anteros Coachworks
  49. AMC
  50. Apal
  51. Anasagasti
  52. Anziel Nova
  53. American Underslung
  54. Andino
  55. Amphicar
  56. Ansaldo
  57. American
  58. Andre
  59. Amilcar
  60. Apperson
  61. Arab American Vehicles
  62. Arco
  63. Arash
  64. Arishta
  65. Aprilla
  66. Ariel
  67. Argyll
  68. Armstrong Siddeley
  69. Arab
  70. Appolo
  71. Artega
  72. Asahi
  73. Arnolt
  74. Aspa
  75. Arola
  76. Aster
  77. ASA
  78. ASC
  79. Arrinera
  80. Aspark Owl
  81. Arden
  82. Asma
  83. Arrol Johnson
  84. Astra
  85. Ascari Cars
  86. Aro
  87. Auburn
  88. ATS
  89. Aurica Motors
  90. Attica
  91. Autech
  92. Atton Impulse
  93. Australian Motor Industries
  94. Asuna
  95. Austin
  96. Aurus
  97. Authi
  98. Auverland
  99. AutokinitoviomihaniaEllados
  100. Avanti
  101. Autobleu
  102. AWZ
  103. Automeccanica
  104. Autovia
  105. Auto Union
  106. AZLK
  107. Autocars Co
  108. ARK
  109. Arcfox
  110. Autobianchi
  111. AvtoVaz
  112. ABT
  113. Avia
  114. Australian Six

These are just some of the cars and brands I was able to find when researching for this article.

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Full List – What Cars Start With The Letter “A”?

Finding out how many cars that begin with a

Now that I have established just a fraction of the brands which start with A, here are some tidbits of information on the brands that will help you get to know them.

#1: Abarth

Founded in 1949, the brand is a deep-rooted subsidiary of Fiat and is instantly recognizable with its yellow and red scorpion logo.

#2: Acura

A subsidiary of Honda and created in 1986, this Japanese brand is well known for its high-class SUVs and sports cars.

#3: AC Cars

Formed in 1901, this brand is most popular for its creation of the AC Cobra, which is an iconic global sports car.

#4: AC Propulsion

This American manufacturer is known for making electric cars and has been doing so since the early 90s

#5: Acadian

A brand under General Motors, this brand was created specifically to capture the Canadian market in the middle of the 60s

#6: Alfa Romeo

This Italian Luxury Brand is a giant in the industry and is known for making high-class, luxury, and prominent sports cars.

#7: Audi

This is probably the most well-known brand that starts with the letter A and is a versatile manufacturer making all kinds of vehicles.

#8: AMG

This is a company owned by Mercedes and takes their already created formula and makes the cars faster and stronger.

#9: AAC

Auto Avio Construzioni is a brand that surfaced in 1939 and would retain its name before changing it to Ferrari.

#10: Abadal

Preferred by rich Europeans, this Spanish car brand lasted for ten years before falling out of favor with its audience.

#11: Aero

This Czechoslovak brand was inspired by French automobiles and produced airplanes as well. It ceased existence in 1947.

#12: Aeon

This British manufacturer is known for its high-performance vehicles, most notably the GT3 Kit car, Hailing from southern England.

#13: Aberdonia

An older British Brand, this one manufactured luxury vehicles and released them several different variations.

#14: Aston Martin

Another British Luxury brand, most vehicles this brand produces are race cars which are some of the best in the industry.

#15: Aero Mobile

Ultra-high-end vehicles which run so smooth you think you’re flying. What more could you ask from a brand?

#16: Adler

While this brand primarily makes bikes, it has made prominent cars that stand out due to German Engineering.

#17: ABC

This English brand made parts for airplanes but transitioned to vehicle manufacturing before entering obscurity.

#18: AAD

Only active from 1995 to 2010, this South African brand sold to the locals and only had a few models

#19: Adam

Adam Motors is a Pakistani brand and is a prominent passenger car maker which exports mostly to Asian countries.

#20: Agrale

This Brazilian manufacturer is well known for its agricultural vehicles and trucks and has been making them since 1962.

#21: Albion

Yet another British brand, this one made busses and lorries and was then later absorbed into another brand.

#22: Alesbury

Founded in the Irish country of Offaly, development started in 1097 and lasted for a year before being abandoned.

#23: Ales

Developed by the Japanese, this brand offered high-performance prototype cars but was unable to deliver and failed.

#24: Alldays

This English brand operated for 20 years from 1898 and is responsible for creating various busses and motorcycles.

#25: Ajs

This brand is more related to motorcycles but has manufactured several successful vehicles in its later years.

#26: Alfgang

This Danish Brand was rising in the market, but the war broke out, and the brand halted its production before being discontinued.

#27: Alan Mann

Named after the head of a British racing team, this brand is known for modifying various cars, including the Ford GT40.

#28: Alatac

Developed in Belgium, this brand was also discontinued due to war, but it was able to create the first Belgian luxury vehicle.

#29: Alma

This French Brand has a basic design and utilizes a 6-cylinder engine. It was produced in 1926 and continued for three years.

#30: Allard

This brand was responsible for creating various high-performance vehicles and sports cars between 1946 to 1958.

#31: Ajax

This American brand was highly regarded for its vehicles which displayed performance and power but had little success.

#32: Alba

This Portuguese brand only lasted for about a decade but created vehicles which one local competition from 1950 to 1960.

#33: Aixam Mega

Founded in 1983, this French manufacturer made various vans and trucks and is now part of the Polaris brand.

#34: Al Araba

This Saudi Arabian brand had success in creating its models and modifying cars from other brands.

#35: AIL

Automotive Industries Limited is an Israeli brand and has been an active manufacturer since its creation in 1965.

#36: Alpine

This well-known French Brand is prominent for its various sports cars and compact vehicles and would be bought by another brand.

#37: Alta

This brand had a short life of only two years, starting from 1950, making cars that rode on high-level tracks and courses.

#38: Alvis

Mainly operating from 1919 to 1967, this British brand is responsible for making passenger and racing cars.

#39: Alpina

A Bavarian brand, it mostly modifies BMWs and gives them a substantial performance boost, working closely with the company.

#40: Ateliers Germain

Another Belgium brand, this manufacturer, did not make any of its vehicles but did so for other prominent brands.

#41: Alpha Sports

Beginning production in 1963, this Australian brand based its initial vehicles off of British Locus cars before becoming original.

#42: Ambssador

Developed by Hindustan Motors, the brand has been discontinued since 2014, but its vehicles are common throughout the UK.

#43: Almac

This brand originated from New Zealand and is known for its kit supercars and other Mazda & Ford parts products.

#44: Alternative Cars

Another New Zealand brand based its vehicles on older cars which were prominent from the 1930s to the 1950s.

#45: Amherst

This brand is responsible for producing one of the first-ever Canadian cars and had a vehicle that could convert to a truck.

#46: Anadol

This Turkish brand is very popular and is highly regarded by the locals, being one of the bigger brands of the country.

#47: Amuza

Active only from 1996 to 2003, this Australian brand created high-performance limousines with several variations.

#48: Anteros Coachworks

This American brand took a Corvette C6 and gave it a supercharged engine. It saw success in 2005 and onwards.

#49: AMC

American Motors Company existed for about 34 years and made a myriad of different vehicle types before going out of commission.

#50: Apal

This Belgian brand started in 1961 before moving to Germany 27 years later but stayed the same in its philosophy.

#51: Anasagasti

This is an Argentine brand that was famous from its inception in 1912 but only for two years before being discontinued.

#52: Anziel Nova

Yet another New Zealand brand created prototype cars but could start a lineup and ended up handing off their concepts.

#53: American Underslung

AMC’s flagman was active from 1900 to 1910 and made high-class vehicles that were very expensive.

#54: Andino

This brand was based in Argentina and designed a lot of sports coupe from 1967 before halting production in 1978.

#55: Amphicar

This German brand sought to create a car that could both drive on water and land & succeeded in doing so.

#56: Ansaldo

Known for going from making passenger cars to military vehicles, this Italian brand was active until 1993 before shutting down.

#57: American

This brand is responsible for creating many different car models until the 1920s, when it only had major success in one model.

#58: Andre

This brand created only a few high-performance vehicles in the early 1930s in England, but the brand didn’t go anywhere.

#59: Amilcar

This French Brand lasted for only 18 years, from 1921 until the war started, and made a series of cars with sports variants.

#60: Apperson

An old American brand that was prominent for creating various touring cars, it offered vehicles of high luxury.

#61: Arab American Vehicles

An Egyptian engineering company, it built Jeeps and Humvees for Egypt and would later acquire licenses from Germany & America.

#62: Arco

This is an older name of a company established in the 60s and produced various passenger and sports variation vehicles.

#63: Arash

Established in 1999, this British brand has only produced four models as of 2021, collector’s motorsports vehicles.

#64: Arista

This is a French brand that started in 1956 and produced a touring cabriolet which sold a couple of hundred models.

#65: Aprilla

While this Italian brand is more known for making motorcycles and bicycles, it did work on some cars here and there.

#66: Ariel

Well-known for making supercars and motorcycles, this brand was established in 1991 and frequently participates in motorsports.

#67: Argyll

This Scottish brand initially had its run last from 1899 to 1932 but was later revived in the 1970s and has seen moderate success since.

#68: Armstrong Siddeley

Producing military vehicles &aircrafts and luxury coupe cars, this British brand was active from 1919 to 1960.

#69: Arab

This is a British brand that provided high-performance vehicles for a generally approachable price despite the name.

#70: Appolo

Established in 2004, this German brand was previously known as Gumpert and made sports cars for urban terrains.

#71: Artega

This German Sports cars brand was established in 2006 and produced many electric cars, 4 of which are supercars.

#72: Asahi

Responsible for creating a light passenger vehicle, the Japanese brand did not see any success with the car, which only lasted two years.

#73: Arnolt

Based in Chicago, this American brand produced a mere handful of high-class vehicles, which were modified versions of other brands.

#74: Aspa

A Czechoslovakian brand, active from 1924 to 1929 and is known for making three different car models.

#75: Arola

This is a brand of microcars produced from 1975 to 1983 and were both extremely lightweight and compact.

#76: Aster

Being produced for only eight years, this British brand created a vehicle with several variations and had moderate success.

#77: ASA

This Italian brand did not last long and is best known for making a compact passenger vehicle that got the most success.

#78: ASC

American Specialty Cars were more prominent for their roof systems on vehicles. Unfortunately, it shut down in 2017.

#79: Arrinera

Having created a racing vehicle, this Polish car manufacturer has put itself on the map since 2008 and produced various prototypes.

#80: Aspark Owl

Entering the market in 2017, this Japanese brand claims to have produced the fastest electric supercar currently available.

#81: Arden

This British car manufacturer created a vehicle that operated on a 4-cylinder engine that wasn’t viable and shut down after four years.

#82: Asma

This car brand did not produce any vehicles but is responsible for various body styles on prominent brands such as Mercedes.

#83: Arrol Johnson

Responsible for creating the first drivable British vehicle, this Scottish brand started in 1895 and ended in 1931.

#84: Astra

Known for making trucks and heavy utility vehicles, the Italian manufacturer was established in 1946 and has been active since.

#85: Ascari Cars

Established in 1994, this British brand produced several sports and racing cars before breaking apart in 2010.

#86: Aro

Auto Romania is, obviously, a Romanian manufacturer which produced several off-roaders and SUVs before dissolving in 2006.

#87: Auburn

Before falling into the great depression, this American brand made several luxury cars between 1900 to 1937.

#88: ATS

Automobil Turismo eSports is another Italian brand on this list that was active between 1962 to 1965 before its revival in 2012.

#89: Aurica Motors

Yet another brand that does not put out vehicles, this firm would rather produce drivetrains for companies such as Tesla.

#90: Attica

Establishing several compact car projects, which ultimately went nowhere, this Greek manufacturer could only make one prominent vehicle.

#91: Autech

This Japanese company was established In 1986 and is known for modifying and upgrading various versions of Nissan vehicles.

#92: Aton Impulse

This Russian Brand is known for creating an amphibious SUV that was very effective on rough terrain and very expensive.

#93: Australian Motor Industries

This major Australian manufacturer was known for assembling British and German vehicles from 1926 to 1987.

#94: Asuna

This brand had a short period from 1992 to 1994 and operated by buying ready-made vehicles and selling them under their brand.

#95: Austin

Tasked with making aircraft parts in WW2, this British firm was more in the market of affordable passenger vehicles.

#96: Aurus

Selling premium brands since 2018, this fairly new Russian brand sold vehicles best suited for officials and businessmen.

#97: Authi

With their main operations in the early 60s to 70s, this Spanish Brand created various copies of different British cars for the locals.

#98: Auverland

This French has mostly made military vehicles since being established in 1980 but has also indulged in making various SUVs.

#99: Autokinitoviomihania Ellados

This hard to pronounce brand is based in Greece and only created a compact car in its 9 years run between 1975 to 1984.

#100: Avanti

Created by DC Design, the Avanti brand is an Indian supercar that was only manufactured from 2012 to 2016.

#101: Autobleu

This French brand is prominently known for manufacturing high-performance vehicles during the 1950s to 1970s.

#102: AWZ

AWZ Zwickau is a compact car brand built in East Germany and was produced for several years before being replaced.

#103: Automeccanica

Another difficult to spell Greek Brand, this one was renowned for its Zebra model and modified versions of Soviet-era vehicles.

#104: Autovia

This British Brand made only a handful of expensive yet premium cars in its short year run from 1935 to 1938

#105: Auto Union

Before transitioning to the popular company Audi, Auto Union existed and had a collection of 4 German carmakers.

#106: AZLK

This Russian car is better known as the Moskvitch and is famous for its line of small sedans, which are quite expensive.

#107: Autocars

This Israeli company made only seven compact car models in its 13 years based its models on successful companies like Ford.

#108: ARK

Developing many successful projects over the years, ARK Performance is an American brand known for its high-performance car parts.

#109: Arcfox

Proud developers of microcars, this Chinese brand was recently created in 2017 and had quite a few models on its roster.

#110: Autobianchi

With an active period of 40 years, this Italian brand could only build around a dozen cars which had a varied amount of success.

#111: AvtoVaz

You can expect a lot of cheap yet massively produced and popular cars from this Russian brand active since 1966.

#112: ABT

Catering mainly to Audi, this Sports line manufacturer is an auto-tuning company and has produced some notable cars.

#113: Avia

During WW2, this Czech company made planes. It makes an assortment of trucks, vans, and utility vehicles.

#114: Australian Six

One of the earlier Australian cars developers, this brand was only active for ten years, from 1915 until its business died out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Sports Car Starts With A?

Among the various brands that have been listed above, there have been a plethora of sports cars themselves which start with the letter A.

Agile, fast and great in handling, these cars are top tier and put on a great show on the track.

Made under various well known and luxurious brands, these cars include:

  • Aceca – AC Cars
  • Ace – AC Cars
  • AC Propulsion Tzero – AC Propulsion
  • A310 – Alpine
  • Arrow – Apollo
  • Atom 500 V8 – Ariel
  • A10 – Ascari
  • AF8 – Arash
  • Atlantic – Austin
  • Avanti – Avanti
  • Allante – Cadillac
  • Agera One – Koenigsegg

Q2. What Expensive Cars Start With A?

While money and costs are subjective, various vehicles are, or once were available in the market that, for the average person, is just expensive.

These luxury vehicles are known for their high-quality comfort, dominating performance, and most notably, the brand attached to them, which is usually another reason why the prices are high.

From luxury cars to sports cars, expensive cars which start with A include:

  • A 40 – Austin
  • A110 – Alpine
  • A170 – Mercedes
  • A8 – Audi
  • Accord – Honda
  • Accent – Hyundai
  • Alfetta Alfa Romeo
  • Altima – Nissan
  • AMG GT – Mercedes Benz

Q3. What SUV Starts With A?

A sports utility vehicle is a common sight and comes in many different sizes, from compacts to crossovers to minis.

Whether it be a luxury SUV or something much more family-friendly and cargo-oriented, you can be sure that it will provide you with a very different from any other car.

Here are a few Sports utility vehicles which start with the letter A:

  • AX7 – Aeolus
  • Acadia – GMC
  • Across – Suzuki
  • Almax – Wuling
  • Alcazar – Hyundai
  • Armada – Nissan
  • Arona – SEAT
  • Ascent – Subaru
  • ASX – Mitsubishi
  • Aviator – Lincoln
  • Avancier – Honda
  • Ativa – Perodua
  • Atlas – Volkswagen


There have been a lot of different brands over the years, and while not all of them may be successful, they have left their marks in history by creating a variety of solid and great performing vehicles.

While the title or starting letter does not affect the car or brand itself, it does help itself be more identifiable and create its own identity.

The brands and cars that start with A are no different; however, this list should make it easier to know which brand you are looking for and give you insight into many other brands.