What Minivans Have Stow And Go Seating And How Does It Work?

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Did you know the Stow N Go is a patented design for seating?

This patent restricts manufacturers, except for Chrysler and Dodge, from using it in their vehicles.

Are you wondering what minivans have stow and go seating then you can find it on only three vehicles on the market.

These are the Chrysler Pacifica, Chrysler Voyager, and Dodge Grand Caravan.

You will not be able to find this seat anywhere else. As of 2021, only the Chrysler Pacifica is the only one left that still uses this feature.

Stow N Go seating is simply amazing. It allows you to create a lot of space, which helps in making carrying bulkier and larger items much easier.

In layman terms, the seats can be stowed away, creating enough headroom for large items.

Some common applications include storing camping equipment. You will be able to find out much more about this feature in this article.

What Exactly Are Stow ‘N Go Seats?

How do stow and go seats work? Why do some people love these features

Let’s get into the details of this patented feature. Stow N Go seats are commonly found in Chrysler minivans.

These seats, typically present in the second and the third row of the vehicle, can be folded down to create a large space.

This extra space can store any type of equipment, as long as it can fit inside the vehicle.

In the description, you may have read that Chrysler designed this system. They patented it to ensure that it was exclusive to their vehicles only.

If I were them, I wouldn’t have wanted such a well-thought design to be misused by others either.

Which Vehicles Offer This Feature?

The Stow N Go seating system is offered in:

  1. Chrysler Pacifica: It is found in all models of the minivan. It is also available in the eight-passenger variation of the vehicle.
  2. Chrysler Voyager: This vehicle started shipping this feature with the 2020 models and newer ones. The LXi variant, to be exact, is the one that offers this.
  3. Dodge Caravan: The Dodge Caravan started offering this feature in 2005. It can be seen that it was pretty popular because it is still a standard feature in all vehicle variations.

Advantages Of Stow N Go Seating

Stow N Go Seating has many advantages, which allow for better family interactions and an overall better driving experience.

As the system is patented, the performance you get is consistent, regardless of your vehicle.

One Touch Front Seat Adjustment

Are you one of those people that try to handle everything by yourself?

Well, then you are going to love this feature. You may get out of the grocery store with as many items as possible to save time.

A single button press will allow the front seats to move, so you can place the groceries easily—no need to put all the items back down and then adjust each seat manually.

This feature is also beneficial for people carrying their babies and cannot put them down.

The single press of a button will make space for your child to settle down. The process is smooth, easy, and simple.

An Even Surface For Cargo

Whenever a person is transporting cargo, they must aim to make the surface as level as possible. This means safe transport to your destination.

Let me give you an example to clarify the importance:

If you transport anything that spans across an entire row of seats, there is a great chance of damage if there is no Stow N Go system.

Shocks and vibrations cannot be easily distributed, proving to be dangerous.

A leveled surface, on the other hand, which is possible, thanks to this patented system, prevents that from happening completely.

Although the chances of damage are still there, they are significantly reduced. Plus, there is also no risk of them toppling over.

As these stowaway seats lie flat on the floor, you will not have to worry about the view from the rear-view mirror being affected.

If it is a box with items such as bottles and glasses, you will not have to worry about them breaking.

Customizable Seat Options

Not every family is the same. There is no doubt about that. There can be a different number of kids and adults, and the cargo can be completely different.

In a Stow N Go system, you can either take one seat down or the entire row. It completely depends on you.

This means that you will be able to allocate space properly, making sure that everyone has been properly accommodated.

The fully customizable design means that you will never have space constraints. This goes for everyone who will be present in the minivan too.

This patented system truly works wonders for any number of people.

Can Stow ‘N Go Seats Recline?

With the seat being having a feature that allows it to be stowed, no one could expect it to have a reclining function built-in.

Well, the Stow N Go achieves that too. This means that the comfort of the passengers will not be compromised when the seat is in use.

Although I was not that much familiar with the design of this seat, at the start of the article, even I was compelled to buy a vehicle that has them.

Before you ask, yes, they can recline all the way. You can settle down in a lying position, which means that the passengers will be able to fall asleep without any issues.

This feature can also be used by drivers that need to stop for a break. Just change the orientation of the chair, and you will be good to go.

Can Stow ‘N Go Seats Be Removed?

Yes, they absolutely can! Chrysler really outdid itself with this offering. The seats can be removed if you want extra space.

The removal means that you will not have constrained space. All of the seats can be removed within half an hour.

The process is simple and quick. I must say, this feature means that there will be an even better and open space for your luggage.

No matter how heavy it is, you will not have to worry about putting too much pressure on the seats.

That is not all! If you do choose to remove all of the seats, then you can place your luggage any way you want. This way, you can use the empty space in the best way possible.

I must remind you that although the process is easy, some may find it tedious.

There have been reports of people injuring themselves during the removal process. You could also break the seat if too much pressure is applied.

So, if you are not confident enough in your abilities to perform the job properly, it would be better to let an expert handle it.

The best place to go is a Chrysler dealership. The people over there will have the right amount of training to get the job done without breaking anything.

Another great option is to use YouTube. Nothing beats visual representation. Although user manuals have depicted pictures to help users, people always run into complications.

So, instead of relying on them, it is better to check videos. They will guide you, in a step-by-step fashion, how to perform the removal process.

It will be much easier to perform and understand.

How Is The Stow N Go Better Than The Others?

This is a question that many of you may be wondering about. We have all heard about seats that can be stowed for better storage space.

But what makes these patented ones better than all the other alternatives on the market?

Well, the first reason is the unmatched comfort. The seats found in some vehicles, although they get the job done, they are not comfortable at all.

In layman terms, the manufacturers have sacrificed comfort in order to make the feature practical.

This means that the seats will not be suitable for long use. Passengers may complain about back pains and general discomfort in them.

Reclining Function

The next main thing is the reclining function. As was discussed before, the Stow N Go has a reclining feature. It is excellent and allows the passenger to relax fully.

The feature works just like a proper reclining seat, which means that it can go all the way until it is at a 180-degree angle.

Well, market alternatives cannot recline at all. This is the case with most of them anyway.

Even if they can, then they won’t be able to go the full way or may not provide the level of comfort that is possible with the Stow N Go.

There are options on the market that don’t offer customizability at all. This means that users will not be able to choose a single seat to stow it.

Instead, they need to do it for the whole row. This is extremely inconvenient and also forces a loss in seats.

This may not be ideal for families, where they don’t have a lot of luggage, but they do need to take down one seat. Well, they certainly will not be happy without a Stow N Go.


Another thing to keep in mind when talking about customizability is that there are almost no manufacturers out there that allow users to stow the second row.

Well, Chrysler did that, and it basically doubles the storage room.

The second row and its operations are similar to the third one. More space means that you can pack up more gear than ever.

I have heard of people who transported their treadmills with the help of the Stow N Go seats. This may give you a rough idea of how much space is present over there.

Patented Design

Finally, the thing that makes the Stow N Go the best seat out there is the fact that it has a patented design.

This means that although other similarly designed seats may have one or two functions similar to this one; they can never have all of them.

This makes it completely unique and different than all other offerings from different vehicle manufacturers.

Put The Underfloor To Use

This may not come into the minds of many Chrysler owners, but the space below the seats can be used for storage too.

From small boxes to unessential luggage, they can be safely stored without the risk of anyone stepping on them.

This way, you will have more space, which will allow you to store larger luggage in a much better fashion.

The underfloor is perfect for storing extra pairs of shoes, bags with clothing items, and even camping gear.

You may use it or not but utilizing this space will allow your vehicle to manage space. You may even be able to store more luggages.

Can It Replace A Truck?

Now, this is a very interesting question, one that is asked only by people that need to use their vehicles for work purposes.

At first, a truck might seem like the best idea. With plenty of space at the back, you will be able to fit basically anything and everything in there.

Do it with a tonneau cover, and not only will the truck look cool, but it will protect your cargo from nature’s elements.

If you think about a van with Stow N Go seats, the alternative seems pretty compelling too.

With a full customization option that allows you to create a large storage space, you will have no issues transporting anything you want.

As an added bonus, you will not have to buy something to protect your luggage from rain or dust because it is already covered.

It is an excellent alternative and sometimes more practical than owning a truck.

So, which one should a person choose?

Well, it solely depends on your use. If you have a small family, then a truck will be a better idea.

A dedicated storage space that requires no modifications will be perfect for you. If you have a family of, let’s say, six people, then you may need to reconsider getting a minivan.

Chrysler’s options with stow-away seats are perfect.

You will be able to accommodate your family while also shifting to a practical scenario when needed. This is something that is not possible with a truck.


Stow and go seating is an excellent feature that allows minivans to be utilized in order to store large amounts of luggage.

As can be seen from this article, it can come in handy when going on family trips or if you need to transport something large.

This patented product from Chrysler has proven to be an excellent one. In simpler terms, it is a feature that people didn’t want, but they definitely needed.

If you get a Chrysler vehicle that has this feature, then you are not only going to enjoy the excellent driving experience but will never have to worry about storage issues in your vehicle ever again.