How To Reset Garage Door Keypad Without Code

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It is true when people say that everyone is so dependent on technology and what more they offer.

Technological advancement has made things easier for everyone to adapt and use in their daily lives without even noticing.

You use technology by using smartphones or laptops or by simply locking your doors with the help of setting up codes so you can feel safe and secure.

Are you trying to reset the keypad of your garage door, and you don’t have the code?

Well, this can be done following really simple steps.

Here’s how to reset your garage door; firstly, you will have to remove the back cover of the remote control.

Secondly, you will press the * and # buttons together with the switches inside and wait until you see the light blinking.

Lastly, when the light has stopped shining, it will mean that the code has been reset.

In this article, I will provide you with information regarding how to reset garage door keypad without code and all the important aspects.

For some people, there can be certain things that might confuse them, or they do not know how to repair the keypad, and so on.

4 Steps To Reprogram Garage Door Keypad

Reprograming your clicker garage keypad proper way

When it comes to garage doors, it is really important to set up codes that will keep the door locked at all times when you are not around or when you are sleeping at night, as leaving the door open can be risky for you and your family.

It is also really important to know everything about your garage door locks before you set them up because if there is a crisis, at least you will be the first to know what you can do to fix it right away.

With the help of this article, you will be able to learn a few important things that you might not know before.

Here’s what you need to do to reset your garage door keypad:

Step 1: Read The Manufacturer’s Instruction

Before you start doing anything, it is really important to read the manufacturer’s instruction manual provided with the lock and the garage door.

This will help make the process less hectic and confusing, so always read first.

Step 2: Find The Motor Unit

You need to find the motor unit usually set at the top of the door opener. You can reach that easily by climbing a ladder.

Make sure that you look around carefully to know where the motor unit is.

Step 3: Find The Learn Button

Now you will have to search around for the learn button. After finding the button, you will press and hold the learn button until the light stops shinning.

This indicates that your previous code/data has been cleared out completely. This means that the system does not have a code anymore.

Step 4: Set Up A New Code

To set up a new code, you will have to go to the garage keypad, press the learn button, enter a new four-digit code, and then press enter.

You will see the light illuminating on the keypad, which will indicate the new has been set.

Now you are all set, but make sure to check by closing and opening the garage door and see if it is working.

What If The Garage Door Keypad Stops Working?

To feel safe, you must check these locks before going about your day, as even a small mistake can lead to big problems.

We all are so dependent on these amazing technologies, and each year, more innovative technologies are being introduced that make our lives easier.

However, we forget that these things can get damaged easily too.

This is why it is really important to keep checking, and when it comes to the garage doors keypad, it is really important to make sure that this gadget is functioning properly.

There are certain things to take into consideration if it stops working, so you have a better understanding and fix the problem right away.

  • Make sure to check and test the keypad range as some keypads can only work within a limited range that is about 40-50 feet from your garage door.
  • Make sure to always check the pin you are entering is accurate. You can save the pin in your mobile phone just in case you forget as some people might have changed to a new pin and forget easily.
  • It is really important to check the battery power of your keypad as some can wear out really easily. Common causes why the keypad might not work if the battery is dead is by noticing that the keypad or the remote is not functioning at all, it does not illuminate a very dim or no light at all, or if you have to re-enter the pin multiple times. If this is the case, then make sure to replace the battery as soon as possible.
  • Make sure that all wires are working properly and are attached to their accurate place. If this is the case, then make sure to call garage door repairing services to get them to fix it. Do not try and fix it on your own if you are unfamiliar with this work.
  • Another way is by either rebooting or resetting the code completely. You can reboot by turning it off completely and waiting for at least 5 minutes before you restart again. However, you can also try resetting the code again by reading the instruction manual first.
  • If your keypad is not working completely, then it is really important to replace it with a new one. It is likely that your keypad is not working due to changing weather or if there is too much dirt clogged inside.

How To Install A Garage Door Keypad

Keeping my car safe in the garage

Before the installation process, it is really important to look into certain aspects that will make your job easier.

It is really important to note that when it comes to keypads, not all ‘universal’ keypads will work on your garage door as they might not be designed to function.

It is also important to decide and adjust the keypad so that it can be reached easily but make sure that it cannot be used by young children.

Furthermore, before installing, you should read your instruction manual to decide which keypad is accurate for your garage door.

And lastly, make sure to read the instruction manual of the keypad so you can have a better idea of installing it properly. Here’s how you can install it:

Step 1: Batteries

It is really important to choose the best quality batteries for your keypad to work for a long period of time. You will have to place the batteries inside the keypad unit.

Make sure to read the instruction manual, so you know what kind is the best and how many are required.

Step 2: Picking A Code

Now it is obligatory to choose a code that will keep your door locked when you are not around at all times.

It is important to set up a code that is not as common and cannot be guessed by people easily. Most keypads have a 4 to 6 digit code, so you can decide accordingly.

Step 3: Entering The Code

Once you have decided on the code you want, now you will have to enter it into the system, so it is official. Make sure you read the instruction manual for this step.

You will have to push the learn button that will be placed on the garage door opener, as I have mentioned earlier too.

You will now see the light blink on it. Then you should enter the pin code you want and then press the learn button again.

For some keypads pressing the learn button is necessary as it will verify. However, for some, you might not have to, so make sure to read the instruction manual for that.

Step 4: Testing

It is important to test as you can end up missing a step, or the keypad might not have detected the code properly, or you have placed the pin code wrong.

Before installing the keypad, make sure that you enter the code and check if the door is opening and closing right.

If it is working well, then you are good to go, but if it isn’t, then you will have to go back to the previous steps and check accordingly.

Step 5: Installation

Make sure that you are installing the keypad five feet above the ground in order to reach it easily when you want to enter the code from inside your car.

The way you want to install it is by opening your keypad cover so you can install and crew the top of the cover and then the bottom screw, so it is secured in place.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Garage Door Keypad

When it comes to technology, there is always a good and bad side, although they make our day-to-day life easy and can be quite helpful.

When it comes to garage door keypads, they can be accessed easily, and you can lock and unlock the door with the need of keys as many are designed automatically with the help of pin codes that you can use on the pad or on your smartphones.

However, there are still certain things to keep in mind for better understanding. Here are the pros and cons of garage door keypads:


  • It is super convenient as it will not require you to use any keys to open or close but can be done within seconds using a code.
  • It will be extra secure as it is common that thieves can get inside through the garage doors, so with the locking system, you and your family would not have to worry too much. Make sure that you check the locks before sleeping or going somewhere.
  • You can use the keypad as a backup for clickers as their batteries tend to run out, so you can easily open the door using the keypad.
  • Some keypads will come with the door camera so you can easily see who is outside.
  • Some can also be accessed through apps so you can easily check whether it is locked or not through the app without having to walk all the way to the keypad.


  • It is not exactly secure as some hackers can easily access the code and unlock the doors.
  • These keypads system can be far more expensive than the non-keypad system.
  • It can glitch and stop working properly, which can be risky for the safety of your home.
  • It is common that your locks might not work during power outages if it is dependent on them.


It is really important that you learn about these things as it will help you make your home safer for you and your family.

With the help of this article, you can easily fix the problems you might face with keypads.

As you know, technological advancement has made our lives easier, but it is also important to learn and grow together.

I hope with the help of this article and with the additional information provided for you, you are able to know and understand how to reset garage door keypad without code.