How Long Do Toyota Corollas Last?

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Did you know that within eight years of its release, the Toyota Corolla became the best-selling car globally?

Yes, this is true and shows you just how popular this car is. It has been around since 1966, and Toyota has no plans to slow down its production any time soon.

Although the Corolla is a car that prospective buyers buy instantly, some still ask how long do Toyota Corollas last?

The answer is 300000 miles. The main reason this vehicle is famous is because of its durability and reliability.

300000 miles is a long distance, and it will keep you satisfied for a long time.

Now, 300000 miles is the answer you were looking for you. You can go back and continue your research or stay here to find out much more about the Corolla than one might expect.

This article will discuss the reliability and longevity of this sedan, so you can decide whether it is worth purchasing or not. Let’s get started!

What Is The Average Life Expectancy Of A Toyota Corolla?

Does a Toyota Corolla last long? Find the answer through my guide

The introduction stated that the Toyota Corolla could be driven for as long as 300000 miles.

That is a lot of distance, and the mileage competes with some of the top-selling trucks out there, such as the Ford Ranger. 300000 miles translates to roughly 20 years of usage.

This number applies to those who don’t drive too much and are at the average American rate of 15000 miles annually. That is a lot of time!

Even if you are one to drive your Corolla a lot, you can still expect at least 15 years of service life from this sturdy sedan.

Does Toyota Corolla Last Longer Than Other Similar Vehicles?

This section is one that you will find the most interesting.

The Toyota Corolla will be compared against three of its top competitors, which will allow you to assess just how good it is.

Instead of features and HP production, the things that will be compared are reliability, longevity, and the number of complaints.

1. Toyota Corolla Vs. Hyundai Elantra

This first comparison is one many people ask for. Which one to choose from, the Hyundai Elantra or the Toyota Corolla?

Both are excellent vehicles, but only one can be the winner.

  • This first round was extremely close. The Toyota Corolla has managed to gather a total of 1487 complaints, according to, while the Hyundai Elantra is sitting at 1475.
  • It may look like a tie, but it must be remembered that the Hyundai Elantra was released 24 years later than the Toyota Corolla. So, the Corolla wins this round.
  • In terms of reliability, the Toyota Corolla has managed to score a very decent 82 out of a 100.
  • This is excellent and is so good that the Hyundai Elantra could not manage to defeat it.
  • Hyundai’s offering has earned an 80, which is not bad. But Toyota takes the lead by a slight margin.
  • Even in the final round, the Hyundai Elantra cannot defeat the Toyota Corolla in life expectancy.
  • It can be driven for a maximum of 250000 miles, which is 50000 miles short of what the Toyota Corolla can achieve.
  • This translates to a three-year service life difference. So, the Toyota Corolla wins once again.

The Toyota Corolla is a solid vehicle and is good enough to beat the Hyundai Elantra.

Hyundai’s offering is an excellent alternative, and there is a reason it is an alternative and not recommended compared to Corolla.

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2. Toyota Corolla Vs. Nissan Sentra

Another alternative that people can consider is the Nissan Sentra. It is a great-looking sedan that is packed to the brim with features.

Let’s see if it can beat Toyota Corolla in terms of reliability.

  • The first round goes to the Nissan Sentra. It has managed to gather 1087 complaints while Toyota Corolla is sitting at a much higher 1487.
  • I should clarify that this number of complaints spans over a few decades. So, the fact that they are so low is incredible.
  • Next up, let’s see if the Nissan Sentra can beat the 82, which the Toyota Corolla earned in the reliability section. And it does!
  • The Nissan Sentra has managed to earn an 86, which is one of the highest numbers I have seen in any vehicle. This is an easy win for the Sentra in this round.
  • The Nissan Sentra can also last as long as the Toyota Corolla.
  • It has an expected lifespan of 300000 miles, with the minimum being 250000.
  • This is exactly on par with the Toyota Corolla, which means this round is a tie.

As can be seen, the Nissan Sentra is on a whole other level compared to the Toyota Corolla.

It is more reliable and has fewer complaints while being able to last just as long. This makes it the winner of this competition.

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3. Toyota Corolla Vs. Honda Civic

A proper rivalry for the best sedan is between the Toyota Corolla and the Honda Civic. These are amazing sedans, and they have always competed for the top spot.

Let’s see which one wins over here.

  • In terms of the number of complaints, there is no comparison.
  • The Honda Civic has amassed 6744 complaints, while the Toyota Corolla is sitting in the 1700s range.
  • This huge difference gives Toyota Corolla an easy lead in this first round of the competition.
  • The second round’s winner is the Honda Civic. It has scored an 84, which is two points more than the 82 the Toyota Corolla received in terms of reliability.
  • The difference is not that much, but it is enough to allow the Honda Civic to win in this round.
  • This is interesting. The Honda Civic is a vehicle that can last just as long as the Toyota Corolla. It has a lifespan of 300000 miles, which is incredible.
  • Just like the Toyota Corolla, it may be able to last you for a maximum of twenty years, which is pretty insane. So, this round is a tie.

As I said before, the Honda Civic and the Toyota Corolla are true rivals. They go head to head against each other, and it may seem like a tie, but the Corolla won.

The difference in the number of complaints is too much to overlook. Even though the Civic is more reliable, it could not win against the Corolla.

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Life Expectancy Of Toyota Corolla Car Parts

Although the Toyota Corolla is a pretty reliable sedan, there is still the question of the reliability and life expectancy of the car parts present inside the sedan.

This section will discuss the longevity of some of the top ones. Let’s jump into it!

Average Lifespan Of Toyota Corolla Brake Pads

Brake pads on the Toyota Corolla or any other vehicle, for that matter, have been designed to ensure a vehicle can slow down uniformly whenever brakes are applied.

If the pads have been worn down too much, they will not effectively slow the Corolla down in time.

The lifespan of the brake pads on the Corolla is a maximum of 70000 miles, which is pretty good. This is as good as brake pads get.

So, you can expect these pads to last you for around 4.5 years, given that you drive for 15000 miles annually.

The minimum range for these pads is 30000 miles. The number can drop due to poor driving habits.

Average Lifespan Of Toyota Corolla Battery

Like with the brake pads, the Toyota Corolla uses a standard lead-acid battery designed for a maximum of five years of usage.

A battery technology that currently exists does not allow for longer-lasting ones. So, you are not losing out on anything with the battery of the Corolla.

When the time comes to replace batteries, I strongly advise you to choose an AGM battery for your Corolla.

Unlike traditional ones, AGM batteries require no maintenance and provide users with a more reliable experience.

They are also more resistant to temperatures and vibrations, which many people will appreciate.

Average Lifespan Of Toyota Corolla Tires

When it comes to talking about the OEM tires that come with a brand new Toyota Corolla, they are expected to last for 50000 miles.

This translates to roughly three years of service life, which is on par with OEM tires included with other vehicles in the same class.

If you are on to take your Corolla for off-roading or driving in extreme weather conditions, you should get tires designed for such environments.

Replacement tires have a lot of differences, and you should conduct proper research before finalizing your purchase. Make sure to avoid options that are too cheap.

Average Lifespan Of Toyota Corolla Transmission

The Toyota Corolla is a sedan that has been built to last. It is durable and has a lifespan of 300000 miles, which is as good as it gets with vehicles in this class.

The transmission, however, tells a different story. It is expected to last for 200000 miles, which is greater than almost all other vehicles I have researched upon.

Their transmissions last for 130000 to 180000 miles.

Although the transmission lasts longer than other sedans and trucks, it will need a major repair or replacement during Corolla’s lifetime.

So, you can expect a cost of a few thousand dollars when the time comes.

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Average Lifespan Of Toyota Corolla Spark Plugs

Unlike some other vehicles I have reviewed, Toyota Corolla has not skimped out on the spark plugs that are preinstalled in it.

They have been designed for being used for up to 60000 miles, which is pretty good.

If you know anything about spark plugs, you already may have figured out that this lifespan belongs to platinum plugs. They are one of the best ones on the market.

When it comes to replacing the spark plugs on your Corolla, you should make sure to change all of them.

The main reason for this is that if one of the original ones has failed, then there is a good chance that the others are close to the end of their lifespan too.

Average Lifespan Of Toyota Corolla Key Fob

The Toyota Corolla uses a standard key fob that has a few buttons on it. It is durable and will be able to last for as long as you want.

There have been no reports of the key fob failing on people. The only thing that does happen is that the battery runs out.

That also happens once every few years. So, if I were you, I would not concern myself too much.

If you lose the key fob to your Corolla, the dealership will charge you hundreds of dollars just to program a new one.

So, you should opt for a third-party company, which will do the same thing at a fraction of the cost. The other option is to keep your key fob safe at all times.

What Is Good Mileage For A Used Toyota Corolla?

If you are opting to buy a Toyota Corolla, I must say that it is a great decision.

What is better is if you choose to buy a used one instead of a brand new one.

The main benefit of this is that you are not sacrificing anything but saving money.

So, now the question arises, how much should a Corolla be driven for you to consider it?

Well, you should not buy one that has more than 200000 miles on the odometer. If you buy one with higher mileage, then it may not last as long.

How To Increase How Long Your Toyota Corolla Last

The Toyota Corolla runs on gasoline, which means many things can be done to improve its longevity.

After all, who does not want to reach that sweet 300000-mile limit?

So, what can be done to improve the lifespan of Corolla?

  • The most important thing is to keep the vehicle maintained. This means changing fluids at proper intervals.
  • Rotate the tires every 5000 miles. This will ensure that no one tire will have more wear than the others.
  • Get the vehicle inspected every few months. This way, you can have an idea of the condition of the car.
  • If any repairs are needed, make sure to not delay or avoid them. This is a common reason for a reduced vehicle lifespan.
  • Improve your driving habits. Don’t overwork the engine, as it can fail at high temperatures.

Finally, make sure to follow all the above steps as these will definitely help in making your car go for a longer period.

Problems That Limit The Life Of Your Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla has many issues which need to be highlighted. All of them are fixable, but you need to be aware of them so you know exactly what you are getting into.

Before you ask, all of them have a pretty low chance of happening.

  • Vehicle pulling to one side.
  • Steam rising from under the hood.
  • Acceleration is jerky.
  • High oil consumption.
  • Shifting problems.

These are some of the many issues that owners of the Toyota Corolla have had to face over the years. They should be addressed as soon as they are noticed.

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What To Look For When Buying A Toyota Corolla

If you are in the market for a used Toyota Corolla, you will find hundreds of options. But which one should you pick?

There are a lot of things to check, but the main ones are:

  • Check the mileage (the first thing to check).
  • Check the condition of the interior and the exterior.
  • Make sure the car has not been in any major accident.
  • Check maintenance records.
  • Get the vehicle inspected, if possible.

If the owner does not object, the final check is the one you should aim for. You will get to know everything there is to know about the sedan and risk very little.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is The Toyota Corolla A Reliable Car?

The Toyota Corolla is a pretty reliable car. It has some issues, but overall, it is a vehicle worth considering.

It can last for an absurdly long amount of time while also keeping the chances of major failures pretty low.

Q2. Does Toyota Corolla Have A Lot Of Problems?

Yes, it does. They are no two ways about it. When it comes to it, the Toyota Corolla can have a ton of problems. From simple problems to major failures, many issues can occur.

Some of the issues that have been found with this sedan are:

  • Steering problems.
  • Transmission issues.
  • Unreliable performance.

It must be noted that these issues should not deter you from buying this amazing sedan because they have a low chance of happening.

Q3. Is It A Good Idea To Buy A Used Toyota Corolla?

Buying a used Corolla is a great idea. I have recommended this more than one time in this article because it simply is the right choice.

You are getting the same vehicle you want but with a few thousand miles on the odometer.

Q4. Does Toyota Corolla Rust Easily?

There have been a few reports of rusting with the Toyota Corolla. These issues are rare enough that they can be classified as isolated cases.

Most of these issues did not report a lot of rust. So, this is something you should not worry about too much.

Q5. Is Toyota Corolla Expensive To Maintain?

The Corolla is actually one of the cheapest sedans to maintain.

Its ten-year expected cost is $ 4087, which is $2752 cheaper than the sedans in the same class. This is a massive difference and is another reason why Corolla is preferred by people.


The Toyota Corolla is a sedan that is bought and loved by people all around the globe.

Although it may not be as packed with features as other sedans in the same class, the Corolla makes up for it in the reliability and longevity section.

As for the question of how long do Toyota Corollas last, I think the answer of the 300000 miles is one that may have pleased most of you.

It is my hope that this article helped you get the information you needed, and it may have helped you in deciding if the Corolla is worth buying.