Cars Names And Brands That Start With E

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When it comes to cars, there are a lot of popular and well-known brands that people usually gravitate towards; however, most of them do not start with the letter E.

While a bit obscure and not so famous, they offer a great and varied experience and are responsible for many different models or parts for vehicles.

Some were well received, some did not see the light of day, and some were just strange.

Here, I will list down the brands and cars that start with E:

  1. Emporiki Autokiniton
  2. Emme
  3. Eunos
  4. Elfin
  5. EMF
  6. Elva
  7. Elcat Automotive
  8. Elcar
  9. Egy-Tech Engineering
  10. Edsel
  11. EGA
  12. Esther
  13. Edfor
  14. Elemental
  15. Enizio
  16. Edo Competition
  17. Edag Engineering
  18. Echidna
  19. Etud
  20. ErAZ
  21. Enzmann
  22. EnterraVipre
  23. Engesa
  24. ELVO
  25. Evolv
  26. Evans
  27. Esemka
  28. Elio
  29. Electrum
  30. Electric Raceabout
  31. Excelsior
  32. Exeed
  33. ERF
  34. Eicher
  35. Equus
  36. Etox
  37. Eterniti Motors
  38. Excel Motors Limited
  39. Electra Meccanica
  40. Englon
  41. Exagon Engineering
  42. Everus (Li Nian)
  43. EcurieEcosse
  44. Eagle
  45. Espenlaub
  46. Edran
  47. Eshelman
  48. Edwards
  49. Ermini
  50. EpsilonEuskadi
  51. E-Z-Go

These 51 brands are just the ones that I could find, so make sure to read the whole article as I will briefly discuss all of these brands.

Full List – What Cars Start With The Letter “E”?

Reviewing the list of cars that begin with e

From bus and truck manufacturers to luxury vehicle makers, here are some various details on the brands listed above.

#1: Emporiki Autokiniton

Founded in 1919 Athens and originally a car dealer, this Greek brand produced various bodies for buses and fire truck accessories before switching back to cars after the second world war.

The brand would halt its vehicle production in 1985.

#2: Emme

This brand is a Brazilian car manufacturer which fell under the Megastar Company and operated for only two years, from 1997 to 1999.

This brand is responsible for producing various big sedans and other vehicles made by using the Lotus V16 engine, which allowed for insane speeds.

#3: Eunos

This brand falls under the Mazda umbrella, specifically under its Cosmo lineup.

The final generation of the Mazda Cosmo became Mazda’s flagship vehicle in Japan was sold as the Eunos Cosmo via the luxury Eunos division in Japan from 1990 to 1995 and was not available anywhere else.

#4: Elfin

Elfin is one of the oldest Australian brands specializing in most sports cars.

This brand was launched in 1959, and since its inception, it has created a handful of road sports cars and retro-inspired racing vehicles, which have had major success in the market.

#5: EMF

This old American company was established in 1909 and only had a small term of 3 years, ending in 1912.

The company got its name from the initials of its three founders and is well known for creating old touring cars running on 4-cylinder engines.

#6: Elva

Based in various places such as Bexhill, Hastings, Sussex, and England, in the United Kingdom since being founded in 1955, this British company is a prominent figure which is known for manufacturing sports and racing vehicles such as the Elva Courier and other racing cars.

#7: Elcat Automotive

Manufactured in Jarvenpaa, Finland, this brand was owned by an electricity producer who used his field to manufacture a battery electric vehicle and produced more than 160 vehicles in 12 years, starting in 1990 and eventually ceasing its production in 2002.

#8: Elcar

Operating from 1915 until 1931, the Elcar was an American-made automobile produced by the Elkhart Carriage Company, which existed for 30 years before releasing its first car.

It would suffer greatly from the great depression, and the company dissolved soon after.

#9: Egy-Tech Engineering

This popular car manufacturing brand is based in Cairo, Egypt.

Founded in 1997, the company has specializations in rickshaws and other 3-wheeled vehicles along with two other cars, the Micro and the Maestro, which are small vehicles in general.

#10: Edsel

Marketed by the major Motor company Ford, the Edsel was a car brand marketed for only two years, from 1959 to 1960.

The company faced more than 250 million in losses while pushing this car and eventually decided to quietly discontinue it.

#11: EGA

Located in Egypt, the brand EGA stands for Egyptian German Automotive, and the company was founded in 1996 as a project of Mercedes.

Since then, it has been responsible for creating local variants of Mercedes, which are only available for the locals.

#12: Esther

Founded in1987, the Esther is a car based on the design of the Lotus 7 and was manufactured in Ugglerum, Sweden.

While they tried to copy the wooden mold of the Lotus, they would soon end up selling the chassis unfinished.

#13: Edfor

This is a Portuguese brand of cars and vehicles founded somewhere in the 1930 and is active to this very moment.

This brand has specialized in producing and manufacturing various sports cars over the years, which have had moderate success.

#14: Elemental

A fairly recent brand founded in 2012, Elemental has its headquarters located in the rural area of Hampshire, United Kingdom.

It focuses on high performance and automotive racecar engineering to create cutting-edge British vehicles with excellent styling and design.

#15: Enizio

A brand that falls under V Innovations, the Enizio is an electric car which the company has been manufacturing which follows several electric conversions done on various brands such as the Toyota Yaris and Mini-cooper and offers high performance and speed.

#16: Edo Competition

This brand is a German motor vehicle and tuning company founded with the prospects to create high-performance and powerful vehicles along with various luxury and sports cars that reach absurd top speeds and handle swiftly.

#17: Edag Engineering

EDGA is a German brand founded in 1969 and is currently an international corporate group that has been active in the engineering services sector and, since 2015, has run its operations while being based in Arboc, Canton Thurgau, Switzerland.

#18: Echidna

Falling under Devin Enterprises, the Echidna is a very fast and powerful racecar created with the corvette in mind, even going as far as to power it with a Chevrolet engine.

The first model of the car was featured at an auction but unfortunately did not sell

#19: Etud

Etud has probably made one of the strangest and weirdest vehicles in history by creating the Scooto Concept, a scooter car hybrid that the brand unveiled in 2004 in the Paris Auto Show.

The vehicle can seat three people and is a real attention grabber.

#20: ErAZ

Operating for nearly three decades from 1966 to 1996, this Armenian automobile manufacturer is based in Yerevan and is mostly known for producing a van.

After 1996, the company fell on hard times and could not get funding which is why in 2002, it declared bankruptcy and dissolved.

#21: Enzmann

This is a Swiss automobile manufacturer which had a short term of operation from 1957 to the 1960s.

The company’s main game plan was to purchase new Volkswagens and rework them to create their vehicle, the Enzmann 506, which you could still find in the market in 2009.

#22: EnterraVipre

The EnterraVipre is a brand closely related to Pontiac Fiero and is an exclusive Canadian sports car released in 1984.

Aside from the test concepts of this vehicle, only 40 of them were ever sold, making this a very lucrative vehicle

#23: Engesa

Founded in 1963, this Brazilian company originally specialized in tactical military trucks and armored fighting vehicles and then decided to join the civilian SUV market.

It operated heavily during the second world war and would continue today.

#24: ELVO

You would normally think to get Elvo from Hellenic Vehicle Industry, but here we are.

This Greek manufacturer is based in Thessaloniki and was founded in 1972, since which it has become a prominent manufacturer of jeeps and other military vehicles.

#25: Evolv

Coming in the shape of an S40 Sports sedan, the 2004 Evolve S40 is a very enthusiastic car with an eye-catching design and painting scheme.

The car features good performance due to the turbocharged inline 5 engine and 6-speed transmission.

#26: Evans

The Evans brand is prominent for creating the 2004 Evans 386, which had a very distinct body and shape.

Its v8 engine and natural aspiration go well with the carbon fiber body, which prompts it to have a very expensive cost but offers fast and smooth handling.

#27: Esemka

This is an Indonesian automotive company which is based in Solo, Indonesia.

This brand launched a manufacturing plant officially inaugurated by the president of the country at the time in 2019 and had a production capacity of 12,000 vehicles.

#28: Elio

Founded in 2009, this company is based in Phoenix, Arizona.

It is an American brand that has raised the prospects of a high mileage vehicle and announced a new electric motor design, but due to failed marketing, production has yet to begin.

#29: Electrum

This two-passenger convertible is an all-electric vehicle capable of providing up to a range of up to 150 miles on a full charge and uses a zinc battery which is standard in all of the brand’s vehicles.

While the car is a bit expensive, you save a lot on fuel.

#30: Electric Raceabout

Electric Raceabout, or ERA, is a sports car famous for being all-electric. It was introduced in 2009 and inspired many Chinese manufacturers.

With an operational range of 200km and weighing over 1700 Kg, it is a heavy car but is surprisingly fast.

#31: Excelsior

CompagnieNationale Excelsior, or simply just Excelsior, is a Belgian car manufacturer established in 1903 and started producing cars the year after.

After various models, the company would be sold to its competitor, who would keep the name, only to drop it later.

#32: Exeed

This automotive marque is known for creating premium sports utility vehicles and was introduced into the Chinese automobile market by Chery Automobile.

This company is very new and was introduced in 2017 and has four different vehicles.

#33: ERF

ERF is a British brand founded in 1933 and is mainly prominent in the manufacturing and production of trucks.

The brand itself was named after the founder’s initials. The rand factory would shut down in 2002, and the brand itself would be discontinued in 2007.

#34: Eicher

This is an Indian multinational automotive company mainly manufactures motorcycles and commercial vehicles.

The brand is a parent company of Royal Enfield which also manufactures motorcycles. This brand has its headquarters in New Dehli.

#35: Equus

Produced from 1999 to 2016, the Equus was a brand that fell under Hyundai and is Latin for the horse.

It is a full-sized luxury sedan with a front engine and a rear-drive. IT has two generations and would be released in various variations.

#36: Etox

Etox is one of the first automobile manufacturers in Turkey that decided to exclusively build sports cars.

Based in Ankara, the company developed the EtoxZafer, which was the second Turkish-made sports car and was produced for two years from 1973 to 1975.

#37: Eterniti Motors

This brand was a short-lived company that established itself in 2010 and, after a run of 4 years, ended in 2014.

However, the company was able to create one single model, the Hemera, and unveiled it at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.

#38: Excel Distributing Company

This brand is known for creating a cyclecar manufactured in Detroit, Michigan.

The car itself was very heavy, despite being a 2-seater and had a water-cooled 4-cylinder engine. A friction transmission operates the car with belts.

#39: Electra Meccanica

Electra Meccanica is a brand that features bold and elegant designs and takes inspiration from classic European vehicles.

The brand has the purpose of slowly roll out vehicles to build an all-electric future while providing high-performance vehicles.

#40: Englon

Launching in 2010 to replace the Shanghai Maple brand, this Chinese car brand was trying to emulate the classic British style and was sold on the Chinese market.

This lineup was part of Geely, which was founded in 1986.

#41: Exagon Engineering

This is a French auto racing team which was founded in 2004.

The brand is best known for getting cars ready to enter the FIA World Touring Car Championship. They would establish Exagon Motors in 2009 and release their first car in 2012.

#42: Everus (Li Nian)

This brand is a marque of Honda and the GAC Group and allowed Honda to become the first foreign automaker to create and develop vehicles owned by its local joint venture.

This was happening in China, and the first car was created in 2011.

#43: EcurieEcosse

This French brand was founded way back in 1951 by a French businessman and would be based in Merchiston, Edinburgh.

The brand is well known for racing in 3 different formula one races and for the distinct blue metallic paint it had adopted.

#44: Eagle

Marque of the Chrysler Corporation, an American Brand, which followed the purchase of AMC, the brand itself was founded in 1988.

It would operate for about 11 years before being phased out, having its headquarters located in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

#45: Espenlaub

This brand encompasses a series of innovative and rather strange vehicles created by a German inventor and operated from 1928 to 1953.

The inventor of the same name as the brand was known for his gliders and rocket propulsion work.

#46: Edran

This Belgian automobile brand was founded back in 1984 and is well known for its first car, the EdranSpyder MK I, unveiled in 1994 and had a body made of carbon fiber, Kevlar, and fiberglass, which made it very lightweight.

#47: Eshelman

Known for creating small vehicles throughout its eight-year-old run from 1953s to 1961, the brand also created an array of scooters and carts before switching to compact cars and, eventually, bigger models that existed for utility purposes such as tractors.

#48: Edwards

As you can tell by the name, Edwards America is an American automobile manufacturer based in San Francisco, California, and was active for a period of 2 years from 1953 to 1955.

This brand created vehicles in Italian style with high-quality mechanical designs.

#49: Ermini

Despite having production that lasted for about 12 years, which resulted in less than 40 cars, 37, Ermini is not a recognizable brand.

It started in 1927 and, as mentioned above, would be discontinued 12 years later in 1939.

#50: Epsilon Euskadi

Coming from the constructor of the same name, Epsilon Euskadi is a racing car with Spanish origins and its headquarters located in Vitoria, Spain.

Founded in 1999, the company would soon be sold out to Epic Racing but would continue activities until 2013.

#51: E-Z-Go

This brand is part of the Texon Corporation, launched in the early 60s, and is still active to this day.

The brand is well known for the production of its various light vehicles and includes the creation of some gold cars, which are very luxurious.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Chevy Cars Start With E?

Chevrolet is a prominent vehicle brand that comes under the banner of General Motors.

This brand is mostly known for lineups such as the Chevrolet Cadillac and the Chevrolet Corvette; however, the brand is also responsible for many different lineups, which start with the letter E.

Here are a few of these cars which start with E and fall under the Chevy Brand:

  • Equinox
  • Equinox EV
  • El Camino
  • El Morocco
  • El Toro
  • Epica
  • Express
  • Express City
  • Exodus

While you would think that a car with an E for a logo would start with an E itself, this is not the case here as the South Korean automobile manufacturer Kia has taken the liberty to include a new E emblem available on their Stinger class.

This Stinger class is only available in the company’s local market of Korea and will not be available to the world and boasts a stylized silver-colored E inside of a silver/grey circle.

Q3. What SUVs Start With E?

Sports Utility Vehicles have dominated the market in recent times due to their great handling, performance, cargo space, and seating amount, making them perfect for families of all sizes and versatile in whatever trip you plan on taking.

Coming in many different sizes and forms, here are a few Sports Utility Vehicles that start with the letter E:

  • Explorer – Ford
  • Escape – Ford
  • Equinox – Chevrolet
  • Expedition – Ford
  • Excursion – Ford
  • Everest – Ford
  • Edge – Ford
  • Endeavor – Ford
  • Escalade – Cadillac
  • Ecosport – Ford
  • EX3 – Geometry

Q4. What Sports Cars Start With E?

Every man has thought of owning a luxury sports car.

While only a few men make their dream come true, they always get stuck figuring out which specific sports car they want to purchase since there are so many now, each with its unique handling and features.

Here are a few sports cars which start with E:

  • Eclat – Lotus
  • E-Tron GT – Audi
  • E10 – Zenos
  • E-53 – Mercedes AMG
  • Elite – Lotus
  • Espada – Lamborghini

Q5. Why Do All Ford SUVs Start With E?

If you have been paying attention, you may have seen that two questions above, many SUVs that I mentioned that start with E are from Ford.

While there is no explicit reason that the company has stated, one can easily say that it is done for marketing and brand recognition; however, this can be easily countered by the fact that there are various Ford SUVs such as the Ford Bronco, which does not start with an E


The number of brands and companies in the automobile industry is constantly shifting as more, and more of them are created and establish their presence in the market.

Many others slowly fall into obscurity and eventually fade away and lose their business.

Regardless of how many new brands come, after reading this article, you should now have a good grasp on the brands and cars that start with E and should be able to use this information to find the best vehicles you want to purchase and the company you want to support and provide your business to.