Cars Names And Brands That Start With B

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Apart from the infamous BMW, Bugatti, and Bentley, many car brands have named their cars and brands accordingly, starting with the letter B. Many of these are highly competitive.

In this article are the top auto brands whether safety or performance be concerned, or if you’re looking for the most expensive models.

It is also interesting to note that apart from these, Mazda and Mercedes have a series of cars beginning with the letter B, which you should check out.

For example, the popular ones are B-Class and B-150.

In this article, you’ll find an extensive list of almost all the renowned brands and cars that start with b, which are, in alphabetical order, as follows.

  1. Babcock
  2. BAC – Briggs Automotive Company
  3. BAD – British American Daytonas
  4. Ballot
  5. Baldwin Mercury
  6. Baldwin Motors
  7. Bandini
  8. Baojun
  9. Guangzhou Baolong Motors Co. Ltd
  10. Barkas (VEB Barkas – Works)
  11. Barley Motor Car Co.
  12. Bedelia
  13. Bedford
  14. Beiben Truck
  15. Berg
  16. Bertone
  17. Beijing Automotive Works
  18. BeiqiFoton
  19. Bell Aurens
  20. Bellanger
  21. Bellier
  22. Bentall EH Bentall Ltd
  23. Bentley
  24. Benz
  25. Berg
  26. Berkeley Cars Ltd
  27. Berliet
  28. Berrien Buggy Inc.
  29. Bertone
  30. Bestune
  31. BFA (Bolle and Fiedler)
  32. BMC
  33. BMC SanayiveTicaret A.S.
  34. BMW
  35. BMW Alpina
  36. BMW M
  37. BNC
  38. Bob
  39. Bobsy
  40. Bohse
  41. Bollinger Motors
  42. Bolwell
  43. Bond Cars Ltd
  44. Bosmal
  45. Bowler Manufacturing Ltd
  46. Brester and Co.
  47. Bugatti
  48. Buick

Furthermore, I have also done answered some questions in this article so please read the entire article to find out everything.

Full List – What Cars Start With The Letter “B”?

learning all car company names that begin with b

As I have mentioned the list above for most of the brands and car names starting with B.

So without any delay let’s get into more details of each brand!

#1: Babcock

Babcock first came into existence in 1905, when the automobile company was designing vehicles for renowned brands such as Ford, Lincoln, Dodge, Wince Sainte Claire, etc.

The company benefitted from the market during World War similar to other brands and made military ambulances.

#2: BAC – Briggs Automotive Company

The founders of BAC are the Neill brothers. The brand mainly focused on engineering techniques that produced light technologies.

A one-seater lightweight sports car was also produced, which included an open-top, the BAC Mono, in 2011.

#3: BAD – British American Daytonas

The Daytona Coupe was a winner among Ferraris in 1965, owing to its unique design.

Founded by Ian Briggs, British American Daytonas or British American Enterprise was a brand that stayed for four years and mainly produced components instead of larger products.

The headquarters were in Sutton, the UK.

#4: Ballot

France is one of the leading countries in manufacturing automobiles. Another highly successful competitor in the automobile industry is the French manufacturer, Ballot.

The company produced many automobiles from 1919 to 1932, after which the owner, Edward Ballot, was renowned as the designer of engines that are, in fact, very reliable.

#5: Baldwin Mercury

Baldwin Mercury is a race car built by Willis Baldwin specifically to be used in SCCA’s modified classes on America’s short tracks.

The period it competed in was from 1949 to 1959, and it also made to the cover of Road and Track back in May 1950.

#6: Baldwin Motion

An interesting and impressive manufacturer of true street muscle cars was Baldwin Motion, another historical car company you ought to be informed about if you’re interested.

Their custom builds were made to order and of some of the most impressive quality, and the original group was initially a partnership between Motion performance and Baldwin Auto Company.

#7: Bandini

Ilario Bandini first founded the car brand Bandini in 1947, who was initially an Italian farmer from Forli.

He then graduated and became a mechanic, further manufacturing automobiles. Bandini has made 75 car models since 1947, including touring cars and luxury sports coupes.

#8: Baojun

First founded in 2010, Baojun is a Chinese brand owned by SAIC GM Wuling Automobile.

The company released six models of the Baojun 630 Sedan, including 310, 560, 330, 610, 730, and 630. There is also a plan to manufacture horses in Chelyabinsk later.

#9: Guangzhou Baolong Motors Co. Ltd

Another important Chinese company is Baolong Motors. It is headquartered in Guangzhou, in China, where three factories are located and a factory in Zhanjiang.

The Baolong Pegasus MPV was produced before the company’s closure in 2005. The initial machines were bulletproof technology.

#10: Barkas (VEB Barkas – Works)

A German automobile manufacturer, Barkas has produced numerous vans B1000, light trucks, mini busses for 30 years, beginning in 1930.

The Barkas B1000 has been their most popular release till date. However, in 19991, the company closed down due to being uncompetitive.

#11: Barley Motor Car Co.

An American manufacturer, Barley Motor car co. was a producer from Kalamzoo in Michigan.

The founders were Albert C. Barley, Karl H. Martin, and Cloyd Y. Kenworthy, an event that took place in 1916. Some infamous releases have been the Roamer and the 6-50 Model.

#12: Bedelia

First beginning in 1910, Bedelia is a French automobile brand.

According to some, the brand was first founded resulting from a motorcycle accident when Robert Borbeau and Henri Deveaux planned to create safer travel means.

The car was unique yet simple and easy to operate for the consumer.

#13: Bedford

One of the top brands of the United Kingdom from 1932 to 1986 for commercial vehicles and trucks was Bedford.

In the beginning, the trucks were named after the Chevrolet brand, which was later removed.

After the war, the products were in high demand as the market flourished; however, it later closed down due to interest issues, and the light vans were bought by IBC Vehicles.

#14: Beiben Truck

A Chinese and Mongolian company, Beiben Truck, first came into existence in 1988. It is headquartered in Inner Mongolia, China.

This company is also part of the North Industries Group Corporation. The company then came to a contract with Diamler Benz to manufacture Mercedes Benz trucks.

#15: Benz

Named Benz, Benz and Cie or Benz and CompanieRheinischeGasmotoren-Fabrik is a German automobile manufacturing company, Carl Benz’s founder.

It has made history by having the first automobile available for sale commercially.

The company continued to flourish and grow until 1926 when it became Mercedes Benz after merging with Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft, the name that needs no introduction.

#16: Berg

Berg was founded in 1902 by Hart O. Berg, after her name. 24 hp engine BERG CARS were first produced in 1904, including a removable roof.

The company mainly had markets in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, and Detroit. It closed down in 1905.

#17: Bertone

An Italian company first founded in Turin by Giovanni Bertone in 1912, it has been a well-known car assembler and bodybuilder.

The company has designed for numerous renowned brands, including Aston Martin, Ferrari, and Mercedes Benz.

The style of their models has always been distinct in addition to eye-catching.

#18: Beijing Automotive Works

Beijing founded this company back in 1958, a Chinese manufacturer. It mainly focused on the production of off-road military cars.

However, with development, the company proceeded towards manufacturing trucks, light buses, and off-road vehicles.

It is the largest and the second largest in China to this day. 2001 was when bus production began after merging with an assembly plant in Beijing.

#19: BeiqiFoton

An enterprise owned by the state is BeiqiFoton Motor Co., Ltd, a Chinese company. It resulted from merging 100 brands and is a subsidiary of the BAIC group.

The brand still manufactures products, for example, SUVs, cars, city buses, minibusses, trucks, and engines.

#20: Bell Aurens

Owned by Thomas and Holger Kalveage, Bell Aurens is a car manufacturer based in Germany.

The company rose to fame with the help of manufacturing the Land Rover Defender 109 Station Wagon.

This automobile included two doors, a much longer part in the front, and the absence of a roof.

#21: Bellanger

Bellanger was founded in 1912 by the Bellange brothers.

The company’s motto is Her hood is in silver, her silence is gold, which was a reflection of the quiet engines the brand produces, which do, without doubt, perform amazingly.

It also includes a stylish design.

#22: Bellier

Another French manufacturer is Bellier, which started in 1968. Jean Bier is the founder as well as an innovator to develop batteries.

The company’s production is mainly of mini cars that do not need a license and are, to this day, high on demand.

#23: B Engineering

An American tuning company founded in 1995 by BisiEzerioha is Bismoto Engineering.

The competitive feature of this company is its specialization in producing impressive engine designs and has worked with well-known brands, including Hyundai, Honda, and Porsche.

Some of the most popular products have been the turbocharged and hydro cars, which should be checked out.

#24: Bentall EH Bentall Ltd

A very old enterprise was founded by William Bentall first in 1790, which initially manufactured industrial and agricultural equipment.

The company was renamed EH Bentall and Co. in 1839. It also produced two prototypes in 1939 and two much more powerful engines in 1908.

#25: Bentley

Another renowned brand is Bentley, which first came into existence in 1919, founded by W.O Bentley. This British Motor company is one you’ll often hear on everyone’s tongue.

Bentley has been a leading competitor in designing and manufacturing luxury cars that are impressive appearance-wise and deliver some of the best performance you’ll ever see.

#26: Berkeley Cars Ltd

A company from Bedfordshire which lasted only four years is Berkeley, this one being one of the manufacturers, as there is another with the same name.

It worked on smaller cars from 1956 till 1960 s well as sports-type microcars with front-wheel drives.

#27: Berliet

Another one of the older companies, Berliet, was founded by Marius Berliet in 1899. This is also a renowned automobile manufacturer among other infamous French car brands.

The company produced numerous cars, buses, trucks, not to mention military equipment. The brand continued towards 1967 and was later purchased by Renault in 1974.

#28: Berrien Buggy Inc.

Beginning production back in 1968, Berrien Buggy Inc. has car bodies that include fiberglass bodies.

The vehicles the brand has produced have been thriving on forests, streets, country roads, and dunes.

In addition, it is to be noted that all the raw materials used in the production are of the highest quality possible.

#29: Bertone

Bertone is an Italian company first founded in 1912 by Giovanni Bertone.

It is a well-known brand among car manufacturers and includes a very attractive design greatly preferred by customers.

Because of its credibility, it has been designed for many car brands, including Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz, and Volvo.

#30: Bestune

Another Chinese company, Bestune, is a member of the FAW group, which first came into being in 2006.

The company mainly produces passenger cars, and the main market is the elite class in the country. The headquarters are in Changchun in China.

#31: BFA (Bolle And Fiedler)

BFA, or Bolle and Fiedler, Is a Germany-based automobile company that makes sports cars that have three-cylinder engines and a few racing cars, including six cylinder engines.

One of them performed in the Berlin AVUS in 1923. The company later started focusing specifically on engine production.

#32: BF Performance

This company modifies Lamborghini cars and regularly modifies the Lamborghini’s of customers according to their liking, which is a great service provided by some highly qualified individuals.

Popular BF performance models include the 2007 BF Performance Murcielago GT 660 and the 2007 BF Performance Gallardo GT 540.

#33: BMC

One of the biggest names among British automakers is BMC, which most of you might have heard about.

The company is headquartered in Birmingham in Longbridge and came into existence in 1952. Among the popular models, the one to top it all was the Austin Mini Super Deluxe.

#34: BMC SanayiveTicaret A.S.

Starting in 1964, the BMC SanayiveTicaret has been extremely popular in the Asian market.

It is headquartered in Izmir and includes the production of vehicles such as buses and trucks, the trucks being of different classes.

Buses come mainly in different categories relevant to sizes.

#35: BMW

No introduction is needed for this. BMW is one of the most popular car brands, first founded in 1916.

The abbreviation BMW expands to Bayerische Motoren Werke and is the most heard about car brand you already would know much about.

The BMW Headquarters are in Munich, Germany, and is owned initially by Susanne Klatten and Stefan Quandt.

#36: BMW Alpina

BMW AG is a German company that produces engines, motorcycles, bicycles, and cars.

In 1916 fall, Karl Rapp founded the company, and it has produced aircraft engines ever since. However, the company only produced car brakes and agricultural machinery during the war.

#37: BMW M

Located in Munich, Germany, this company has specialized in helping make products for racing specifically.

In the 60s and 70s, the brand was successful in the racing category. BMW 3.0 CSI was the first copy that sold 1100 cars to private buyers.

#38: BNC

A French company, BNC, was founded first by Lucien Bollack and Rene Netter. The first vehicle was produced with inspiration from the JMK.

Then the company continued towards producing larger passenger cars and ultratight racing cars. There are a few unreleased projects resulting from the closure.

#39: Bob

Founded in Berlin in 1919, the shareholders of the German company were Fritz Polensky, Karl Carpzow, and Egon E. Wachsmann.

The company was renamed in 1920 after the departure of two shareholders. It was further renamed two years later when it was changed to Bob Automobil AG.

#40: Bohse

The GmbH project was opened in 1987. The founder was Johann Bohse, who was the owner of an agricultural machinery company and a blacksmith.

Initially, the company went on to renew automobiles from other brands. Starting from Sprinter, it then continued with this.

#41: Bollinger Motors

Located in Hobart, NY, the American company made a full-sized SUV driven by power. Two models were first introduced in 2019. This one was the prototype of another model.

The roof section of the back could be easily dismantled. The headquarters later moved to Michigan in 2020.

#42: Bolwell

An Australian brand for this list, Bolwell first came into existence in 1962. The company specializes in making sports cars that have somewhat different designs.

The cars came in numerous designs, which all piqued attention. Production came to a halt in 1979, after which only specific models were focused on.

#43: Bond Cars Ltd

This automobile company is British, with headquarters in Lansashire in Preston.

The company changed its name in 1969 to Bond CarsLtd. The Bond Minicar is an economic model which came into production in 1949.

This model later became the cause of renaming the brand. The car was completed in 1961 after being modified.

#44: Bosmal

Bosmal is a company that helps make vehicles for FSM after being founded back in 1972. It focuses on developing freight and passenger transport.

The Beskid city car, which came out in 1983, and the Bombix delivery car and the baby cabrilet of 1991 have been the main productions.

#45: Bowler Manufacturing Ltd

Andrew Bowler founded this company in 1985, which is headquartered in Great Britian in Derbyshire.

It mainly focused on making SUVs, and the company later joined SVO. Then, the first project was the Land Rover which Andrew designed by himself.

After this, the company started working on rework, which helped the company flourish and achieve specialization. After the founder passed away in 2016, the company closed down.

#46: Brewster and Co.

In 1804, James Brewster opened a carriage workshop, which then proceeded towards becoming a brand that has been there for 130 years now.

It started in New Haven, and a gym was later opened in 1827 in New York.

The company also produced a luxury car line between 1915 and 1925. However, bankruptcy also affected the company in 1937.

#47: Bugatti

Bugatti, the third brand among the most popular names, is located in Molshiem, Alsace, France, and is owned by the Volkwagen group and Bentley.

This infamous French automobile company was first founded in 1909. Their sports cars have some of the best performance among the high-performing brands.

#48: Buick

Buick, an infamous brand in the North American market, is owned by General Motors. This brnd is a premium luxury car producer which tops GM’s other competitive brands.

It holds the reputation of one of the oldest automobile brands worldwide. The company was started by David Dunbar Buick, an automotive pioneer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Expensive Cars Start With B?

It gets difficult to figure out which vehicle is best for you with thousands of cars to choose from.

Typically, you want the best performance and comfort, but this means paying more. You also want to pay for the brand itself, knowing that you will get a luxury vehicle.

Here are a few expensive cars that start with the letter B:

  • Barracuda – Plymouth
  • Battista – Pininfarina
  • Beat – Honda
  • Beast – Rezvani
  • BerlinettaLusso – Ferrari
  • Boa Type S – Aerocon
  • Bolide – Bugatti
  • Boa – Maserati
  • Boxster Spyder – Porsche
  • BRZ – Subaru
  • Boreas – DSD Design

Q2. What Is The Name Of The Car With The Symbol Of B?

There are a lot of different brands out there that start with the letter B, each with its own unique and defining symbol.

Still, only one of them has a symbol that takes this letter and turns it into an instantly recognizable logo that defines the brand.

The car with a B for a symbol is Bentley and is iconic for the letter encompassed in a circle with two winds on each side. It is a luxury brand that was founded in London, England.


When coming to car brands with names starting with B, there is an extensive and interesting list, including some of the most highly respected, purchased, and popular brands, BMW, Bugatti, Bentley, and Mercedes Benz.

All these brands are well respected and have rich histories, not to mention the amazingly talented and devoted individuals who have made the companies as successful as they are currently.

Looking for cars that start with B will give you a wide range of answers the more research you do towards it. However, I hope I have included many of the names.

Many of you would know models of these brands from racing or advertisements, or even by word of mouth, but in reality, the stories have much inspiration for other companies in store.