7 Best And Worst Years For The Ford Fusion

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Also known as the Ford Mondeo in Europe and Argentina, the Ford Fusion is a mid-sized four-door sedan that made its debut back in 2006 and has seen constant models and updates in the years after, with the last model being the 2020 version, after which the car was discontinued due to the company’s focus shifting towards SUVs, CUVs and their Mustang lineup of cars.

Regardless of its discontinuation, the Ford Focus made its mark in history, building up a good reputation with the customers and even influencing various body styles in NASCAR, which is why I will be talking about the best and worst years for Ford Fusion, firstly by listing them below:

Best Years for Ford Fusion:

  1. 2019
  2. 2009
  3. 2015
  4. 2016
  5. 2017
  6. 2018
  7. 2020

Worst Years for Ford Fusion:

  1. 2010
  2. 2013
  3. 2012
  4. 2011
  5. 2014
  6. 2008
  7. 2006

Now that I have listed the best and worst years, I will discuss why each model ranks where it does.

List Of The Best Years For The Ford Fusion: What Years To Buy

Is a Ford Fusion a good car? Learn each year's models of good and bad

Ford Fusion has had some years where the released models were quite impressive.

Here are some of those years and why they are considered the best years for Ford Fusion:

#1 Best Year: 2019 Ford Fusion

The 2019 model of the Ford Fusion ranks first on this list because of its overall great quality and major redesign, which brought in a stylish new look and feel.

In terms of aesthetics, this model takes the cake. The redesign makes this vehicle look like a full-on luxury vehicle instead of a regular sedan. The interior design is also very elegant.

There is plenty of space in terms of seating. The seats themselves are very comfortable and made of some very high-quality materials.

The suspension and transmission of this car are amazing. These things make the driving experience very easy and pleasant.

It even comes with an all-wheel option that diversifies the weather conditions this vehicle can run in.

Along with that, this model comes with a lot of advanced safety features and equipment. These positives combined make this an amazing model that deserves the top spot on this list.

#2 Best Year: 2009 Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion’s 2009 model was interesting because it was a step up in terms of one main feature, which landed it 2nd on this list.

This was something that everyone expected since the launch of the vehicle, and that was the stability control to be standard and not optional.

Well, with this model, all variants of the vehicle feature stability control as standard.

Besides that, ambient lighting was added to the vehicle’s interior, making the driving experience very comfortable.

This model also had some impressive features in terms of safety equipment. Antilock disc brakes and side airbags for the front seats were now standard.

This is good because this is not the general standard that consumers expect from high-end vehicles like these.

#3 Best Year: 2015 Ford Fusion

The 2015 model of the Ford Fusion only brought about some quality of life changes that, even though it did not seem like a big deal, felt like they should have always been there from the start, which is why I rank it 3rd place.

The most notable feature among these was the addition of a rearview camera as a standard feature across all available trims of the vehicle.

There was, however, one major change made to the vehicle in this model year. That was the discontinuation of manual transmission variants of the vehicles halfway through the year.

These trims were available with the launch of this model. However, they were later removed from production because there was not much demand for them among the consumers.

#4 Best Year: 2016 Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion’s 2016 model did not see any major changes to any important features or overhauls to the vehicle’s design.

However, like its predecessor, the 2015 model, it was a very good one overall, so I ranked it 4th.

Pretty much every model, except a few, has had some really good fuel efficiency improvements every coming year.

This year saw some minor improvements in this area as well. One of the most notable differences that should be noted was the introduction of the S variant.

The S stands for “Sport” and this vehicle variant saw some design changes. The overall look of this variant was significantly sportier, and it also featured a stronger engine.

#5 Best Year: 2017 Ford Fusion

The 2017 model of the Ford Fusion takes number 5 on this list because of the large variety of options available in terms of the variants that you could buy.

The S, SE, Titanium, Platinum, and V6 Sport were five different variants. These variants provided different features in terms of their engines and different fuel to power ratios.

In general, there were things like a very quiet and elegant interior which is comfortable in terms of seats and the seating space.

The seats themselves were made of some really comfortable and ergonomically designed, so there was nothing to worry about when going on a long trip.

#6 Best Year: 2018 Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion’s 2018 model did not see any changes whatsoever, which is why it is 6th on this list.

However, that should not be taken badly because it stayed consistent with its predecessor model, which was the 2017 model.

This model had just as many variants as the previous one, which was now the standard.

A large number of options is always amazing when it comes to deciding which car you want to buy.

Other than that, like the Ford Fusion standard, the model shows some amazing efficiency in fuel consumption.

It scores some really good points regarding safety features like side airbags and antilock brakes. The transmission and suspension are also solid.

#7 Best Year: 2020 Ford Fusion

Although the 2020 model of the Ford Fusion is a solid vehicle for things like fuel economy and powerful engines, it was a step down for some reasons, which are why I placed it last.

The first one is that the V6 Sports variant has been discontinued since the release of this model.

Secondly, the paddle shifters have been removed from the variants that feature the 1.5-liter engine. These might seem like sad decisions.

However, Ford is justified in making them. Firstly, Ford has made it clear that its focus is on manufacturing trucks instead of sedans.

As for the removal of paddle shifters as a standard, the lack of demand for the feature called for the removal.

List Of The Worst Years For The Ford Fusion: What Years To Avoid

Many models of the Ford Fusion were full of problems, and many of them had those problems persist through multiple models.

Here are those models which you should avoid:

#1 Worst Year: 2010 Ford Fusion

The 2010 Ford Fusion has the most number of problems in the lineup and is the most complained about, which is why I rank it as the worst model of the series and place it at the top of this list.

This model started EPAS failure, which would become a major and common problem among the series.

There were also various throttle body issues which led to a loss of power and sudden deceleration.

The NHTSA had a lot to complain about the steering, particularly how the new power steering system was a total failure and how it would not work properly at all.

This was accompanied by a grinding noise and steering rack failure. The engine was also a huge clunker and would lose its power and stall.

Engine failure and shutdown were also very common in this model. All of this combined to make the 2010 Ford Fusion the worst model in the series.

#2 Worst Year: 2012 Ford Fusion

Having similar issues to the 2010 model with the EPAS system once again being a major issue, the 2012 model had fewer problems overall, which is why it gets a solid 2nd place on this list.

The EPAS system was still a problem two years later, which is disappointing. The system was failing at an alarming rate and accompanied the same throttle issues as the 2010 model.

Another major issue this model came with was regarding the door handles failing. Even if they did not fail, they would not function properly from the inside.

The transmission did not fare as well, with jerking while shifting being common and hesitation between shifts present too.

#3 Worst Year: 2011 Ford Fusion

The 2011 Ford Fusion is in 3rd place because it builds off of the bad reputation of the 2010 Ford fusion, having similar issues with its electronic power-assisted steering system and receiving a ludicrous amount of steering complaints and engine power issues were accompanied by various interior problems.

Starting with the steering problems, the EPAS was a total failure, and I have elaborated on it for the past two models, so nothing is different here.

Interior-wise, the door still had problems and was not open inside and unable to lock. The interior also had faulty temperature sensors.

The engine was also the same, this time being noisier and stalling.

#4 Worst Year: 2013 Ford Fusion

While the 2013 Ford Fusion lacked the 2010’s EPAS system problems, it came with its slew of interior issues, which forced me to place it in fourth place.

Aside from horn failure, the gear shift got stuck, and the touch display was borderline unusable. The interior was average at best.

The car was also accompanied by various engine and transmission issues, such as the engine stalling and dying while driving, the transmission not shifting properly, and being rough overall.

To top it off, this model had a horrible MPG which is exactly the opposite of what was advertised by the company.

Customers reported getting lower than 20 mpg, despite being advertised between 28 and 32 mpg.

#5 Worst Year: 2014 Ford Fusion

While having a lower amount of problems than the models before it, the 2014 Ford Fusion still had many different problems, which got it placed 5th on this list.

The power steering issues were back again. This time, they were tame at the start of the model’s lifespan but quickly became a problem over time.

Transmission problems were front and center, with delayed shifting and hard shifting being common alongside transmission failure.

Engine problems were also quite common in this model, with the engine losing power while driving and engine failure being a common trend.

The interior also had the problem of having the ceiling trims hang down.

#6 Worst Year: 2008 Ford Fusion

Compared to the models before it, the 2008 Ford Fusion was a pretty good model but still had its fair share of issues which is why it gets 6th place on this list.

Many customers complained about the brakes being spongy and not stopping the vehicle. ABS failure was also a common issue with the brakes.

The interior was mediocre at best, with the dashboard deteriorating quickly along with the door latch, which was poor quality and would break quite often.

The engine was known for having quite a few small problems such as oil leaks and burning out the coil but could also push out unintended acceleration, which can be dangerous in the wrong situation.

#7 Worst Year: 2006 Ford Fusion

The 2006 Ford Fusion takes last place on this list because of the variety of interior issues it came with alongside various other problems.

The biggest offender of the interior problem was the door handle, whose mechanism would break.

The handle was also slightly bent and would stick out of place, which is a huge design flaw. Other than the handle, lumbar support was broken, and the key would get stuck ignition.

The lights were also an issue with the turn signals sometimes not working, which can easily lead to a bad situation or get you pulled over.

The engine also had its fair share of criticism, slow to accelerate and shake a lot while driving.

What Are The Most Common Problems With The Ford Fusion?

When it was available, the Ford Fusion gained a lot of popularity and notoriety for the various problems it came with.

Some of these problems were so severe that they led to major recalls, and some were so common that they were seen in multiple different models over the years.

I will elaborate on a few of these problems here:

1. Interior Issues

The interior of the Ford Fusion was commonly complained about. Firstly, due to the Takata Airbag issue, this was present in multiple different models of the Ford Fusion.

This issue caused airbags to explode when activated, launching metal fragments towards the passengers. This dangerous issue led to the recall of millions of cars.

Other complaints were centered on the touch display system, which would often crash and was a pain to update.

The doors were also a common problem among the models where the handles would break or not function at all, and this issue would go into the locks as well, which would not trigger.

2. EcoBoost Engine Problems

This version of the Ford Fusion engine came with a horrible design flaw that allowed coolant to leak into the cylinders.

This act would cause corrosion and misfires, eventually leading to engine failure and the engine going into flames.

This leakage is believed to be a design flaw where the grooves in the cylinder head allowed this to happen.

This issue had occurred before in Ford’s history, where the company recalled around 11,500 cars back in 2012 but proceeded to return them with the issue still possible.

Here is the list of Ford Fusion engines issues below:

3. EPAS Failure

Ford decided to ditch on hydraulic systems and instead incorporated something more modern and high-tech.

They installed an electronic power-assisted steering system or EPAS for short, which replaced the previously mechanical parts with tiny computers using a lot of code.

This made identifying any potential issues very difficult and even harder to locate due to the complex nature of the system, which is related to the problem of the system failing.

The system would randomly shut down when driving and sometimes pull towards an annoying side.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Long Can A Ford Fusion Last?

If you properly take care of your car, make sure it is well maintained, and keep it to its limits, then you can easily exceed 300,000 miles.

This mostly depends on the model, engine type, and amount of miles you travel per year, but overall if you drive an average amount and have taken decent care of your car, the Ford Fusion can easily cross 200,000 miles.

Just make sure to take your car to the mechanic every 50,000 miles or so for a routine inspection to avoid any parts from breaking down.

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Q2. Do Ford Fusions Hold Their Value?

Having a huge depreciation value of 51% in the first five years which is more than half its worth, I cannot say that the Ford Fusion holds its value over time.

According to reports, most Ford Fusions lose half of their worth by the 5th year of purchase, and by the 10th year, only have a resale value of 25% of their original value.

This is a lot of depreciation, so the Ford Fusion cannot hold its value. However, it may offer decent value for the first three years.

Q3. Which Is Better, Ford Fusion Or Toyota Camry?

Both cars are fairly matched and offer a lot of value on different fronts. Still, in my opinion, the Toyota Camry is overall a better and more reliable vehicle than the Ford Fusion.

The Toyota Camry has a smaller fuel tank and slightly less trunk space but offers 8-speed transmission and has a much higher MPG than the Ford Fusion.

Since both of them have the same engine, I win the Toyota Camry for being more efficient despite having slightly smaller utility and fuel storage.

Q4. Is A Ford Fusion Better Than A Chevy Cruze?

Through an overall comparison, both cars appear to be good models, but each car hits its strengths.

The Ford Fusion is more expensive but offers a more powerful engine with more horsepower and more cargo storage.

However, it is beaten by the Chevy Cruze when it comes to efficiency and fuel economy.

The Chevy Cruze has better mileage and offers more fuel efficiency, and comes with a lot of different features.

This, however, does not mean that the Ford Fusion is a worse car. It is still a great car in its own right.

Q5. Why Was The Ford Fusion Discontinued?

Due to a shift in the company’s focus on SUVs, CUVs, and its Mustang series, Ford decided that it was best for it to stop allocating resources to its sedan lineup, which eventually led to the discontinuation of the Ford Fusion, which would put out its last model in 2020.

The lineup sales were also somewhat of a factor considering that the 2019 Ford Fusion underperformed.

This, however, may not be the end of the series as the Ford Fusion may be replaced by an outback wagon lineup soon which seems more possible every day.


The Ford Fusion had created many following in time since its release back in 2006 till its eventual discontinuation in 2020.

During this period, the company had put out a lot of great models, such as the 2019 Ford Fusion, which was overall an amazing and underrated vehicle that unfortunately could not get enough sales.

It was, however, much better than the 2010 Ford Focus, which launched with an incredible faulty power steering system and spread the issue to its succeeding parts for at least four years.

Hopefully, after seeing the best and worst years for Ford Fusion, you can now figure out which model is best for you and avoid all of the faulty and problematic models the lineup has.