6 Best ACDelco Batteries Reviews

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ACDelco is a huge brand. It makes a lot of aftermarket parts that receive nothing short of five stars from consumers.

But I am here to talk about their batteries. Luckily, they are one of the best in that regard. Their products have been tested for quality, and they always pass with flying colors.

In this article, I will share ACDelco batteries review and list the best batteries available on the market. This product comparison is something you will not find on the internet.

I will also be answering some questions which I thought were critical. After reading through this article, you will have made up your mind if the brand is suitable for you.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin!

In A Hurry? Here’s My Top 6 Picks…

ACDelco ACDB24R Advantage AGM Automotive BCI Group 51 Battery

ACDelco ACDB24R Advantage AGM Automotive BCI Group 51 Battery

ACDelco 48AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 48 Battery

ACDelco 48AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 48 Battery

ACDelco 47AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 47 Battery

ACDelco 47AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 47 Battery

ACDelco 49AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 49 Battery

ACDelco 49AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 49 Battery

ACDelco 34AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 34 Battery

ACDelco 34AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 34 Battery

ACDelco 78AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 78 Battery

ACDelco 78AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 78 Battery


Are ACDelco Batteries Any Good?

Ah, yes. Before diving into the article, you need to know if the brand and its products are worth it or not. Well, fortunately for you, they are. ACDelco batteries are one of the best available on the market.

Their products are highly rated, and they work for a long time. This does not say that the brand is perfect. It has its issues, but it is far better than some other unreliable manufacturers on the market.

Plus, if their products were not good, I would not have written this extensive article, which would be of use to no one.

Who Makes ACDelco Batteries?

General Motors own ACDelco. But they do not manufacture the batteries on their own. Middle East Battery Company manufactures its batteries. GM sold its plants to the company, which is now the sole manufacturer of the batteries.

The Middle East Battery Company states that its batteries are maintenance-free. This can have only one meaning; they have an SLA design. I will talk more about that in the product reviews.

And, guess what, the company is partly owned by Johnson Controls, the conglomerate which has many big names like Exide, Die Hard and Optima under its massive belt.

Who Sells ACDelco Batteries?

Does Autozone Sell ACDelco Batteries?

Yes, they do! This must be great news for some of you. The brand sells all sorts of ACDelco products. From batteries to spark plugs, AutoZone has you covered.

Plus, they provide an 18-month warranty with the battery, making sure that you will get a free replacement if you receive a faulty battery.

This makes the buy completely risk-free. So, you can go on ahead and buy one from AutoZone. Or you can wait to check out my product reviews so you know what you are buying. Regardless, to answer your question, AutoZone does sell ACDelco batteries.

Does O’Reilly Sell ACDelco Batteries?

According to what I could find, the retailer did sell ACDelco batteries. But they definitely do not do that in the present.

I came to a conclusion because every single Google listing related to O’Reilly related to ACDelco batteries leads to a “Page Not Found” error.

So, this clearly states that O’Reilly does not sell the batteries anymore. But you don’t have to be worried. AutoZone is a superb alternative that also provides a warranty for the products.

I know that some of you must be O’Reilly customers, but you cannot get the batteries from them. There are other reliable sellers out there too. So, you are not out of luck.

Does Walmart Sell ACDelco Batteries?

Yes, they do! But the answer may not be the one that you like. I went and searched directly on Walmart’s website.

They do sell the batteries from the brand, but they are AA and AAA types. You won’t get vehicle batteries from the retailer. But it does sell battery replacement parts such as wires.

This, again, may be bad news for some of you guys. Again, I will refer you to Amazon or AutoZone as they are the best online retailers for ACDelco batteries.

Plus, their return and refund policies are unparalleled. You can buy from them with complete peace of mind.

What Are The Top Rated ACDelco Automotive Batteries?

As promised, I will be listing six of the top-rated batteries available from the brand. I have chosen these batteries by comparing their ratings and their positive to negative review ratio.

Regardless, there is no ACDelco battery better than the ones I am listing here. Let’s begin!

1. ACDelco ACDB24R Advantage AGM Automotive BCI Group 51 Battery

ACDelco ACDB24R Advantage AGM Automotive BCI Group 51 Battery
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11/10/2023 01:13 am GMT

Starting off strong, with over 1000 positive ratings, is this B24R Advantage AGM Automotive Battery from the gold lineup of the brand. It has been highly rated, and I will be telling you what is so special about it.

The first thing the company mentions in the product listing is the durability of the product. It states that the worst enemy of a battery is road vibrations. These vibrations can really affect the battery and also compromise its internal workings.

Well, the durable design of this beast eliminates that issue. You are getting improved strength when compared to conventional flooded batteries.

Calcium Alloy has been used to create the corrosion-resistant grid. This ensures that the battery will work with full efficiency. This use of calcium alloy also ensures that you can get the maximum amount of cycle life from the battery.

The water consumption of the battery has also been reduced. Now, this is something that many of you will find interesting.

ACDelco has labeled some warnings. The battery must be kept in an upright position at all times. It can work, at full efficiency, in temperatures of 32 to 70-degrees Fahrenheit.

The brand has also ensured that when the battery is stored, the chemical reaction between the plates and the electrolyte is reduced significantly.

This ensures that it will not discharge, even after months of usage. The brand also states that high temperatures increase this chemical reaction. So, the battery must not be stored in hot areas.

Some buyers reported that the battery died within a few weeks or months. This means that they may have received faulty units.
  • Designed to work in temperatures as high as 70-degrees Fahrenheit
  • Slow discharge rate
  • Immune to road vibrations
  • Calcium alloy for maximum performance
  • 24-month warranty
  • May die prematurely

Although this battery does not have a sealed design like many AGM batteries on the market, it is still a beast compared to them. You are getting an excellent and reliable performance that will last you years.

2. ACDelco 48AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 48 Battery

ACDelco 48AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 48 Battery
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11/10/2023 09:33 am GMT

Taking up the second spot is a product that has also kept consumers satisfied. This 48AGM Professional AGM Automotive Battery has more than 250 positive ratings. It comes really close to the previous product in terms of performance.

Let’s see what it has to offer. ACDelco offers this battery in two variants. You can either buy it with a cable or without.

It is an excellent thing because removing the cable slashes off the price by over $60. So, if you already have a battery cable lying around, there is no need to buy another one.

The negative paste used in this battery has a high density. This improves performance on many levels. You are also getting improved battery life, thanks to the density of the paste. This means that you can expect more reliability from the battery.

The silver calcium alloy has been put to good use too. You are getting more life cycles from the battery. The brand has also used a copper alloy which also helps in boosting the product’s performance. That’s not all.

The brand has made sure to keep the battery’s safety at the highest levels. The copper core has been covered with an insulator to prevent any short-circuiting.

Some buyers complained about receiving faulty batteries. The product did not start up their vehicles or did not hold a charge. It looks like ACDelco has something to look into. They must ensure this does not happen to more customers.
  • It can be purchased without a cable
  • AGM design
  • Three-year warranty
  • Alloys used to boost performance
  • May receive a faulty unit

Although the brand has created a superb product, they must really look into these issues of buyers being sent faulty batteries. The chances of something like this happening are slim but are still possible.

3. ACDelco 47AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 47 Battery

ACDelco 47AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 47 Battery

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11/10/2023 08:24 pm GMT

Arriving in third place is yet another AGM battery from the brand. With over 70 positive ratings, this ACDelco product proves yet again that the brand is an expert at making stellar quality batteries.

Surprisingly, this 47AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 47 Battery does not have much information about it online.

But I managed to get some information by comparing its specifications to the other similar batteries from the brand and the ratings of the product too.

Being an AGM product, this battery is offering you top-of-the-line features. Let me explain to you how this works.

The Absorbed Glass Mat design is way different than a flooded battery. The electrolyte is stored between thin fiberglass plates. This has many advantages.

There is no need for water every few weeks. Plus, the battery is a lot more durable and resistant to vibrations. This means that you are getting a product that is not only maintenance-free but will also last you longer.

The brand also offers a 36-month replacement warranty with this battery. This means that any manufacturing defect will make you eligible to receive a new unit free of cost. This completely takes out the risk of buying the product.

There were three buyers that reported the battery failing after five months of usage. Either this is a coincidence, or the batteries are using defective parts which give up after some time. Either way, the brand must solve these problems as they cause problems for users.
  • AGM design
  • No maintenance required
  • 3-year replacement warranty
  • Very durable
  • May fail after a few months

ACDelco must look into these issues of users complaining about faulty batteries. This is completely unacceptable and must be fixed as soon as possible. Apart from that, the battery is reliable and will give you a reliable startup every single time.

4. ACDelco 49AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 49 Battery

ACDelco 49AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 49 Battery
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11/09/2023 06:53 am GMT

This is where the ratings start to drop a little. Arriving in fourth place, with over 170 four-star ratings, is the 49AGM Professional Battery by ACDelco. This product is real-life proof that the brand can make batteries of all kinds and still retain their quality.

Let’s take a deeper dive and see what this battery is offering. The first thing the brand mentions about this battery is its use of high-density negative paste.

The increased density allows it to not only improve the performance of the battery but also allows to have an improved cycle life.

This means that you can expect more discharge and recharge cycles from this product when compared to conventional flooded batteries.

The manufacturer has also used a silver calcium alloy which also helps in boosting the cycle life of the battery. It looks like the brand stresses that a lot.

The alloy also helps in improving performance. The calcium-lead positive grid allows the battery to improve its conduction while also reducing resistance simultaneously.

Let’s talk security. The company has used a robust envelope separator that is completely puncture-resistant. This has two advantages.

The circulation is improved while also eliminating the chance of short-circuiting. The improved circulation keeps the battery cool as heat does not stay in one place. This has a significant impact on battery life.

Unfortunately, buyers had many complaints about this product. Some either received a faulty or damaged battery, while others had their batteries go the same route in a few months.

One buyer even received a completely wrong product. ACDelco has to look and solve these issues as they are quite major.

  • AGM design
  • Silver calcium alloy for better cycle life
  • No chance of short-circuiting
  • Improved circulation
  • Defective units sent
  • Wrong product shipped

I did state that the ratings dropped slightly with this battery. ACDelco has a serious matter on its hands. What is the point of making a high-end battery when the users are not able to experience it?

5. ACDelco 34AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 34 Battery

ACDelco 34AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 34 Battery
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Taking up the fifth spot is the 34AGM Professional Automotive Battery which is yet another AGM battery.

It looks like ACDelco really specializes in making high-quality AGM batteries. This Group 34 battery has some pretty fantastic offerings which some of you will surely love.

Let’s talk numbers. It is rare for ACDelco to write the reserve capacity on their product page. Well, this is the first and the only one on the list which has that. The number is pretty awesome.

The brand states that the reserve capacity of this battery is a whopping 115 minutes. That is almost two full hours on full load. But they did not mention the amperage on which these 115 minutes can be achieved. That is a bit odd.

ACDelco uses a silver calcium alloy, and a positive grid made up of calcium lead. Both have superb advantages.

The silver calcium alloy boosts the performance and also increases the cycle count of the battery. This means that you will be getting the reliable performance and a longer lifespan from the battery.

Meanwhile, the grid reduces resistance and improves conductivity. In layman terms, this means that the brand has made this battery greatly efficient.

A special envelope separator plays two important roles. It has a puncture-resistant rear which makes it more secure than ever. It also allows for the more rapid circulation of the acid. This keeps the battery cool.

And, as expected, the brand sent faulty batteries to users. One received a battery that was dead on arrival, while another one’s unit met the same fate after only a year of usage.
  • AGM design
  • Special envelope separator
  • Reduced resistance
  • 115 minutes reserve capacity
  • Faulty battery sent

Although ACDelco has proved time and time again that their products are superb, they really need to step up their quality control to ensure that new users don’t encounter the same issues.

6. ACDelco 78AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 78 Battery

ACDelco 78AGM Professional AGM Automotive BCI Group 78 Battery
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Earning the last spot is this Group 78 Automotive Battery by ACDelco. After checking out all these products, it must be clear to you that the brand knows what it is doing.

Although it is not perfect and does send faulty units occasionally, they have had excellent performance overall. This 78AGM Professional Battery adds to that list. Let’s see how it performs.

This 12V battery, yet again, uses a high-density negative paste, which brings huge gains to the battery. You can expect better performance as well as more cycle life from the product.

The manufacturer has also used a silver-calcium alloy which also helps in improving the performance of the battery.

You will also find the same robust separator which I talked about in the previous product. This separator allows the acid to move around in an improved manner.

You are also getting better short circuit protection with this separator. So, basically, with the addition of a single part, you are getting improved cooling and battery life.

The brand even offers a 36 month or three-year warranty with its battery. This is a great thing. You won’t have to worry about anything going wrong with the battery within three years of the date of purchase.

On the rare occasion that it does, the brand will send you a replacement unit with no additional cost.

Buyers reported that the battery stopped holding a charge after around a year of usage. Some even had their units fail in months and in weeks. ACDelco must tighten up its quality control to ensure that more users won’t go through the same issue.
  • Robust separator for improved circulation
  • Three-year warranty
  • High-density negative paste
  • Faulty units that are unreliable

ACDelco really has to step up its game and stop sending out faulty units. The buyers have to go through a painfully slow return process, which is sometimes rejected too.

ACDelco Battery Warranty

ACDelco is one of those brands that provide a warranty with every product they manufacture. The warranty period for ACDelco products may vary, but even the lowest option is good enough for most people.

The brand provides a 12, 24, and 36-month warranty. The period may depend on which battery you are buying. But, honestly, even 12 months are enough for any manufacturing defects to come to the surface.

The brand does not create any issues for claiming the warranty unless it has been bought from a retailer like Walmart or Amazon. Then the process becomes a bit slow.

But they do process a returns claim and send out a fresh battery whenever there is a fault. Other companies should learn from ACDelco just because of how well it handles its warranty claims.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Long Do ACDelco Batteries Last?

Now, this is where ACDelco shines. The brand knows that its products are good. That is why it offers such generous warranties with them.

But one can ask how long the actual product will last. Well, you can expect a good ACDelco battery, like the one I listed above, to last you anywhere from four to seven years.

I know that the difference between these numbers is a lot. If you really want to push the seven-year mark, you have to treat the battery with care. It should not be overworked and not stored in areas that are excessively hot.

You can expect the battery to touch four years if you use it for extensive periods of time and use it in hot areas. Regardless, even four years is more than good.

Q2. Where Are ACDelco Batteries Made?

I will be talking only about the batteries that are sold in the USA. The batteries that are sold here are manufactured in North America. They are developed by Johnson Controls, a conglomerate in the battery market.

The batteries that come out of the North American facilities are of high quality and pass tough quality control tests. Although that has taken a hit in recent years, you can still expect a high-performing battery from the brand.

Q3. How Do I Put Water In My ACDelco Battery?

If you are thinking about adding water to your ACDelco battery, then you must make sure that it is not an AGM one.

If you have an AGM battery and you choose to add water to it, there is no chance of it surviving. On the off chance that it does, you will have exposed the battery’s internals.

If you have a flooded battery, use distilled water only. The level of water must be 0.5 inches above the separator. It must be made sure that the water does not overflow.

Q4. Is ACDelco An AGM?

It looks like you skipped the entire article and jumped right to this question. To answer your question, yes, most batteries that are being manufactured by ACDelco have an AGM design.

You can make sure that you have an AGM one by checking to see if the battery has a sealed design. The model number is also a dead giveaway. For example, the 34AGM means an AGM battery for Group 34.

The brand has made it super easy for users to know what they are buying. Most ACDelco batteries are AGM. The brand always uses cutting-edge technology to ensure its customers are satisfied.

Q5. Are ACDelco Batteries Sealed?

This question is basically a continuation of the previous one. If the word AGM is attached to a battery, then it is sealed.

If it is not, then it is not an AGM one. AGM batteries are also called SLA batteries. SLA means Sealed Lead Acid.

Now, don’t be confused. AGM batteries are fundamentally lead-acid batteries. They use different technologies which help them function more efficiently and also improve their durability.

The sealed design also allows the battery to be mounted in any position except for inverted. These batteries also don’t need water every few weeks. This makes them a very convenient buy.

Q6. Are ACDelco Batteries Calcium?

This is yet another question that clearly states that you scrolled right to the end of this article without reading through it.

If you would like to check out my product reviews, then you will see that I have mentioned that the brand uses calcium in its batteries.

All of the brand’s batteries use Lead Calcium technology. It is very useful. The compound reduces resistance and improves conductivity. This means that you are getting a higher level of efficiency with this.

The use of Lead-Calcium also reduces thermal output and water consumption. It provides many advantages, which all translate to a better experience with the battery.


Selecting a long-lasting and popular ACDelco battery for your car

So, there you have it, avid readers, my take on ACDelco batteries review. Now, I know that this article was very lengthy.

But I can guarantee you that you will not find such a guide about ACDelco anywhere on the internet. If you read through the entire article, then I must say that I am impressed.

From FAQs to product reviews, I have researched everything to make sure you guys are getting accurate information. After all, your guide must be trustworthy.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and I hope that it may have helped you in choosing if this brand is the right one for you.