How Much Does A Muffler Delete Cost?

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Muffler delete is one of the popular ways to increase the sound of your vehicle’s exhaust system. This also minimizes the engine’s weird and annoying noise while you drive.

They can also increase the efficiency and performance of the vehicle, which is why many people prefer installing it in their vehicle.

But, you may ask, how much is a muffler delete for?

Well, the cost of a muffler delete mainly depends on different factors like:

  1. The Vehicle Model
  2. The Category Of Muffler
  3. Cost Of Labor
  4. Who You Are Buying From

However, a muffler delete can cost you about $50 to $250. And depending on the experience, it could cost you a minimum range from $100 up to $200.

With the help provided by this article, you will be able to learn important characteristics of mufflers and whether or not it is worth investing in.

What Is A Muffler Delete And What Does It Do?

Is it expensive to get my muffler delete? Get an answer and learn some tips from my guides

Many vehicle owners prefer eliminating the muffler from their vehicles, particularly holders of circuit cars.

The muffler delete eliminates the muffler from the vehicle’s exhaust system.

This equipment is accountable for saturating the sound radiated by the vehicle due to the vibrations it makes and the heat established by the inner combustion engine.

Remember that mufflers delete and straight pipe exhaust systems are not the same commodities.

And the cost of removing them may be different as it also relies on the procedure.

This is because the muffler delete only eliminates the muffler whereas; straight pipe exhaust systems discard the muffler and the catalytic converter.

How Much Does It Cost To Get A Muffler Delete?

It depends on the brand, the model of your vehicle, the cost of labor, and your location. Besides all that, the price of a muffler delete pipe can be approximately about $50 up to $250.

But depending on the demand, it can be minimized from $100 up to $200. On an important note, though, it is stated that muffler deletes are manufactured for off-road stunts.

However, they are largely illegal to drive on some public roads. This is why you should often assess your state’s legal laws to see if eliminating a muffler is legal or not.

Car Types And Muffler Delete Price

According to research done, here is an important piece of information that I will provide below so you will know the price range of muffler delete for your vehicle model.

These examples include a minimum price range that is from $100 up to $200, so it will be easier for you.

Vehicle: Average Price:
Nissan 350z $170 – $175
Golf MK6 GTI $110
BMW e46 $135
BMW e90 $125 – $150
Mazda 3 $100 – $110
Infiniti G37 $200
Infiniti G35 $155
Dodge Charger $115
GMC Sierra $125 – $135


4 Factors That Might Affect The Cost Of Your Muffler Delete

These factors are why you might end up paying more or less for the muffler delete. You should keep this in mind and do more research to know why you are paying the amount you are.

1. The Vehicle Model

The first thing that you should keep in mind is that the kind of muffler that will be ordered before the procedure of the omission of the muffler will mainly depend on the model of your vehicle.

This is because specific mufflers are created for particular vehicle models, and the year the vehicle was made.

It is also because the replacement cost of some particles can be higher or lower than others. In addition to that, some muffler delete pipes are not consistent with some vehicle models.

This is why you want to check the size of the pipe to match your vehicle because you can end up paying a lot of money.

2. The Category Of Muffler

It is stated that aftermarket mufflers are a single size that suits all kinds of mufflers.

The great thing about these mufflers is that they are consistent with a wide range of cars and will not cost you more than $50.

Besides that, it is worth mentioning that if you are someone who drives a mid-sized sedan, then you might have to pay about $50 up to $100 and too just for a muffler pipe.

And if you are someone who has a limited automobile and wishes to purchase a grand muffler that will be able to deliver a high-performing muffler.

Then be prepared to spend almost $300 up to $500.

3. Cost Of Labor

The price an expert or a dealer may charge depends on the type of job required for your vehicle.

This is because your vehicle’s muffler or other components might be damaged, which will require extra maintenance and repair costs depending on the issue.

Moreover, it is stated that getting the job done from a car shop repairs might cost you around $100, whereas getting it done by an expert can be finished under $50 skillfully.

4. Who You Are Buying From

This depends on the seller you are buying from.

Such as, if you are purchasing a muffler directly from the manufacturing company, that can cost you a lot more because actual manufacturers contribute a warranty with the product.

However, buying an aftermarket muffler will cost you less because they do not have a warranty.

Although this saves you a lot of money, it is still important to buy a product with a warranty, so you know that it will last you for a certain period.

Benefits Of Muffler Delete

1. Increase Your Vehicle’s Horsepower

The main purpose of removing the muffler is to enhance the engine’s ultimate power.

When your muffler is eliminated, it will be able to lessen the back-pressure of an engine. It will also enable you to have high-speed torque.

This procedure will work perfectly for older vehicles and is also quite inexpensive.

So, consider removing the muffler because it will make a significant change and improve your vehicle’s exhaust flow which will eventually increase the horsepower of your vehicle transmitted by the vehicle’s engine.

2. Boost The Exhaust Sound

Deleting the muffler will benefit your vehicle as it increases horsepower, but it is also quite popular for one thing and is preferred by many car owners.

This can increase the exhaust sound and produce an extensively extra aggressive and audible sound.

As you may know by now, the main purpose of muffler delete is to diminish the amount of annoying noise it makes when you run your engine.

So, if you want to make your vehicle sound louder, this is one of the great ways to do it.

3. It Is Extremely Lightweight

If you have no idea, then let me tell you that when any weight is discarded from your vehicle’s body, it will ultimately build more power in your vehicle.

Although a muffler is not specifically a heavy component, if it is removed, it will still be able to make your vehicle run efficiently and also make your vehicle stronger than ever before.

4. Attractive Appearance

This is for people who love to enhance the appearance of their vehicles.

So, by removing the muffler from your vehicle, your vehicle’s backside will look so much better without the muffler sticking out from underneath.

Drawbacks Of Muffler Delete

1. Wandering Sound

Even if your vehicle’s sound demonstrates signs of development as you accelerate, the deleted muffler system will give your vehicle a noticeable automaton while you are riding at a regular pace.

Do keep in mind that an upright channel automaton can get damaged. They will affect the NVH tuning, which will be extremely disturbing, especially on long rides.

2. Might Reduce Your Engine Performance

You might be wondering that I have mentioned removing the muffler will increase the engine performance.

You must know that removing a muffler will boost the horsepower of an older version of the vehicle. It can have a negative impact on a modern version of a vehicle.

Therefore, removing the muffler from a new model of the vehicle will reduce the engine performance, but you might also receive a check of the engine light.

This can happen if the muffler has been excluded poorly.

3. Inquiry Or Emission Failure

You might be wondering what this means.

If you reside in a state where you might need to go through and pass a vehicle or emissions test, then it might not be passed because of a muffler delete.

This is because your vehicle might forfeit an engine code that can prevent your vehicle from going through a proper emissions test.

This will, without a doubt, lead your vehicle to fail the test. Moreover, mechanics might also just fail your car by looking at it and not running the test.

This is why you should have all the components back on your vehicle to pass the tests.

4. It Might Be Illegal

As I have mentioned earlier, certain state laws must be followed if you do not want to pay a fine.

So if it is illegal in a state you live in, and you have completed a muffler delete procedure on your vehicle, you are breaking the law.

You might get pulled over because of the local noise ordinances, which might lead you to pay fines and require you to put the muffler back on.

What Should You Know Before Deleting Your Muffler?

If you are planning to remove the muffler from your vehicle, you must know these vital tips as they will help make your experience even better and simpler.

Before deciding on deleting the muffler, the first thing you should consider is to check the state laws concerning muffler deletion, as I have mentioned earlier in the drawbacks of the muffler delete.

Although mufflers do not operate to generate power in the emissions, planning to modify your vehicle’s exhaust will lead you to fail the inspection.

Your vehicle will not be able to pass the emissions if you have removed the muffler from your vehicle.

Furthermore, when you plan to spend your money on mufflers, it is important to consider paying for high-performance mufflers and buying from the original manufacturer rather than buying an aftermarket muffler.

This is because the sound of an aftermarket muffler is not as alluring as you may think. And buying an aftermarket muffler will not have a warranty at all.

Lastly, this is for people who have the latest model of the vehicle, including the newest style of muffler installed.

Then honestly, deciding on removing the muffler from the vehicle will not be a good idea as it can damage your automobile’s engine.

As for the older version, this modification will work wonderfully. It is not good for new models because they are way less restrictive than older ones.

When Is The Time To Delete The Muffler From Your Car?

This is an essential piece of information because it will help you notice when is the right time you might have to remove or replace the muffler.

For you to determine when to remove, it can only be done when you start the engine of your vehicle and listen to the sound it makes.

Do keep in mind that the noises can be due to a couple of reasons, such as blockages which can be caused by holes, corrosion, or any other exhaust system particles.

Due to this problem, you will start to hear a weird rumbling sound coming from your engine, which will not be pleasing to hear at all.

Another factor you should keep in mind is that when your muffler is damaged or not working properly, it can lead to a decrease in the fuel consumption of your vehicle.

This is why you might have to do a visual examination to know what exactly the problem with your vehicle is.

If the issue with your muffler is due to dirt and debris attached to it, then you can simply clean it, but if it is damaged, then it is time to remove it from your vehicle.


I have discussed how much is a muffler delete as it is one of the important aspects to look into before completely removing the muffler.

It is also vital to look into your vehicle type so you can have a better idea of how much you will be spending.

This is just another great way for you to increase the horsepower as well as the sound of the exhaust system of your vehicle.

So with the help of this article, you can make the right choice for your vehicle.