How To Make An Exhaust Sound Louder

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When it comes to your vehicle and the functions it performs, there are various things you can do to make it better and impressive.

If you love the loud sound of the exhaust, then there are certain things that you should keep in mind that can give you beyond amazing results that will leave you satisfied.

You can hear that loud or deeper sound coming from your engine, proving how powerful and magnificent it is.

You must be wondering how to make exhaust louder?

Well, to make it easier for you, there are various ways to improve or increase the sound of your exhaust.

However, the most common ways you should try are:

  1. Replacing The Muffler
  2. Aftermarket Exhaust
  3. Go For An Exhaust Tip
  4. Connecting Welder Hangers To Your Exhaust
  5. Turbo Chargers
  6. Catback Exhaust
  7. Install Headers
  8. Increasing The Bore
  9. Unclogging Exhaust Tubing
  10. Hole In The Exhaust

In this article, with my research, I have listed down the best ways to make the sound of your exhaust louder, as I have mentioned earlier as well with some extra methods that guarantee to make a huge difference.

Although there are many more ways to make it louder, for now, I will be discussing the ones I have mentioned above in detail and the good and bad things about them so you can have a better idea.

10 Ways You Can Make The Exhaust Louder

Get my tips to make your car lounder

There are various ways you can make your vehicle’s exhaust sound louder and powerful.

If you love to hear that loud sound, then you will also enjoy the experience of learning about it and all the methods you can try to improve and increase the sound and choose the best option for your vehicle’s model and engine.

You must make the right choice when it comes to your vehicle by reading the manufacturer’s manual and consulting with a professional technician before having the best services and tips and tricks, helping your decision and improving the efficiency of your vehicle.

Here is the list of methods with detailed information worth trying, so let’s begin without further ado.

1. Replacing The Muffler

This is one of the common ways you can increase the sound of your exhaust.

It is stated that certain types of the muffler are designed to absorb the sound that your engine makes, so you might want to look for different kinds.

It is worth discussing with a professional what kind will be best suitable for your car type for amazing results.

It is suggested that mufflers designed with limited baffles can also increase the sound of your exhaust.

It is worth mentioning that if you want to buy a muffler that will make the exhaust sound louder, experts will most commonly recommend purchasing a straight muffler as this will make the exhaust come out directly.

This will not only make the sound louder but will also improve the efficiency of your vehicle.

2. Aftermarket Exhaust

The main purpose of the aftermarket exhaust is to maximize the airflow. This is one of the easiest ways to make your vehicle’s exhaust sound louder.

It is important to note that some vehicles have restrictive systems that will not allow the installation of an aftermarket exhaust.

This is because you will be compromising the quality of your vehicle.

It is best to consult with a professional technician before choosing this option for your vehicle, as they will know better and look deeply into your vehicle type.

However, it is important to note that the aftermarket exhaust will work great on your vehicle as it will make the engine perform well with the exhaust and make the engine breathe better, which will eventually maximize the vehicle’s horsepower so you can drive safely and smoothly.

3. Go For An Exhaust Tip

This is one of the most worth it and cost-effective methods that you can choose, which will work perfectly in making the exhaust sound louder.

It is worth mentioning that they come in various styles and can act as the sound amplifier for your vehicle.

If you want them to look great on your vehicle and improve the sound system, then you need to purchase exhaust tips that include flared ends with dual walls, as it is suggested that they will work beautifully.

It is worth mentioning that many people suggest that it does not affect your vehicle’s sound.

Make sure that you install small whistles inside the exhaust tips that will help and make the exhaust system sound like it is a turbocharger.

4. Connecting Welder Hangers To Your Exhaust

Some vehicles’ exhausts are designed differently.

If you are someone with a vehicle with an exhaust system hanging from the vehicle with rubber mounts, then that means that the vibration coming from the exhaust system is less strong.

Therefore, connecting welder hangers to your exhaust system will enable you to hear the sounds or vibration just the way you want it.

However, it is worth mentioning that you might end up hearing way too much noise in the vehicle with this choice.

This is why it is suggested to get a rubber-connected free hanging system as a substitute for a stable performance but if you are someone who does not mind any noise, then welded hangers are still a great choice for that extremely loud sound.

5. Turbo Chargers

Although this is an expensive method, it will seriously make the sound of your exhaust system louder and better. It will surely give you attention as you pass by many people.

One of the greatest things about turbochargers is that they are initially designed to increase the efficiency as well as the horsepower of your engine.

The way it is completed is by pushing extra air into the combustion chamber.

However, if you are someone who would want to invest in turbochargers, then it would be a great deal as it will improve the engine’s power as well as make the exhaust sound louder.

It might be expensive or way over your budget, but if you are willing to take that risk, it will surely give you excellent results.

6. Catback Exhaust

The Catback exhaust system is one of the most popular and one the most efficient methods that is the choice of multiple drivers.

It is also a really cheap method and will also add to the appearance of your vehicle, making it look really aesthetic.

It is important to note that Catback exhausts are made out of stainless steel, which will prevent them from rusting or any other harmful chemicals.

They work great to increase the horsepower of your engine, making the performance of your vehicle even better.

It is important to add modifications to your exhaust system in order to receive a great performance.

7. Install Headers

If you have already installed an aftermarket exhaust, then installing a set of headers will actually make a huge difference to the sound of your exhaust system as it will make it extra loud.

It is stated that the aftermarket headers are known and designed to increase airflow.

This also means that it will enable you to increase the horsepower as well, which will also make the louder sound of your exhaust system.

8. Increasing The Bore

When you increase the bore of your exhaust pipe, it will enable the exhaust to sound louder.

It is important to note that the exhaust pipe should be narrow as it will make the sound much more loudly that way.

Make sure to increase the bore of your exhaust pipe to see the amazing changes and louder and deeper sounds.

It is a really important piece of information that you should keep in mind that if you end up increasing the bore a little extra, then it can end things pretty badly.

It is suggested that you should only increase the bore by about half an inch or up to one inch for excellent results.

Lastly, make sure that you fit it accurately in your vehicle if the modifications have been done.

9. Unclogging Exhaust Tubing

It is important to note that you might not be getting the ideal sound due to a clog of dirt in your exhaust tubing.

Make sure to take out some time and get the maintenance done by cleaning the area or doing it yourself so you can get the amazingly loud sound from your exhaust system.

Moreover, it is suggested that many people have stated that cleaning will increase the exhaust sound.

If this does not make that much of a difference, then you have many other options that you can consider.

10. Hole In The Exhaust

This is one of the most popular ways to increase the sound of your exhaust system because it works wonderfully for vehicles.

It is stated that if there is any leakage or have any hole in your muffler, that means that the exhaust will be able to escape as it will not be dampened by any piping, muffler, or catalytic converter, so this is one of the greatest and cheapest methods to maximize the sound of your exhaust system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Should I Make The Exhaust Sound Louder?

There are multiple reasons why anyone should consider making the exhaust sound louder as it will increase the power as well as the performance of your vehicle and the exhaust system.

It also increases safety and visibility, helps in reducing the noise pollution of the vehicle. It might also improve the efficiency of the fuel or the emission.

It will also enable you with an experience worthwhile as you drive if you are someone who enjoys the sound of the exhaust.

It will not only make it fun driving but also make it more attractive when you are on the road as well as other vehicles.

Q2. Is It Illegal To Drive With A Loud Exhaust System?

When you are driving with a loud exhaust system, it might attract some people, and you might have a great experience.

However, there are certain restrictions and certain laws regarding the noise levels as some people would get disturbed and do not prefer or even like the sound it makes.

It is really important to respect other people’s choices and follow the rules and regulations set by the authorities in order to stay out of trouble.

It is not entirely true that it is illegal, but it is worth mentioning that almost all cars that are up for sale will be equipped with a certain street-legal system, which means that you are obliged to follow the rules.

Q3. Why Is My Exhaust System Not Loud?

It is worth knowing why the exhaust system of your vehicle is not getting louder.

Due to various reasons, it can affect the performance of your vehicle, so it is your responsibility to know the accurate information in order to make changes that are necessary.

Here are certain things to keep in mind that might help you analyze the problem you are facing.

The main reason why your exhaust system is not loud can be due to the engine of your vehicle being too small.

Due to this, even after installing a muffler or exhaust tips, you might still not get the desired results.

Moreover, some manufacturers might produce vehicles that have no noise, so the best way to deal with this is that you will have to consult with the manufacturers as well consulting with a technician that will fix this problem for you.

Furthermore, as I have mentioned earlier, it can be due to clogged exhaust tubing, so make sure that you clean it regularly as that can also reduce the loud noise from coming.

In addition to that, if you have installed the wrong exhaust tip, some are designed to minimize the sound coming from your vehicle.

There are various types of exhaust tips, so make sure to research before purchasing.

And lastly, if your vehicle is aerodynamic, then this feature in modern cars can reduce the sounds drastically, and there is barely anything that can be done to make a change.


When it comes to making your vehicle sound louder, it is not exactly as complicated as most people might think.

I hope with the help of this article you can now easily understand how to make exhaust louder and can choose whichever method is suitable for your vehicle as well as improve the efficiency of your vehicle.

Make sure that you do these researches beforehand as some modifications might not work on your vehicle model.

It is really important to consider these methods with caution as they can be risky for your vehicle, and if you do not have any knowledge about such things, then it is worth contacting the professionals for help.