How Long Do Toyota Camrys Last?

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The Toyota Camry is one of the most popular sedans in the world. It has been around since 1983, and every single model has been welcomed with open arms by consumers.

Its ride quality is simply amazing, which is possible thanks to the tuned suspension system.

You can find thousands of used Camrys on the market right now, but first, you need to ask how long do Toyota Camrys last?

You are going to be delighted by the number. It has an average life expectancy of 200000 to 300000 miles. This is definitely on the higher end of the spectrum.

You may be wondering what this article is about? You already got the information you needed. There is much more to know about the Toyota Camry than just its longevity.

This guide will cover everything from reliability to how it holds up against the competition. So, I suggest that you continue reading.

What Is The Average Life Expectancy Of A Toyota Camry?

What is the average mileage for Toyota Camry? Get my guide to learn about it

If you are looking for more information to the answer provided in the introduction, you have come to the right place.

The Toyota Camry is a solid sedan. It has the capability of even crossing the 300000-mile barrier.

But what does it look like when it is translated into years? It can last for a minimum of thirteen years and can go up to 20 years. That is a lot!

Although these numbers can be achieved with proper care and maintenance, they can also be negatively affected.

Further down in this article, I will be discussing the longevity of the hardware of the Camry itself. That is a read you should not skip over.

Does Toyota Camry Last Longer Than Other Similar Vehicles?

Although the Toyota Camry is a solid vehicle, there is a possibility of vehicles out there that are better than it. This section will try to find them.

Instead of features and looks, I will be assessing the reliability, the longevity, and the total number of complaints these competitors have had over the years and compare the numbers with the Toyota Camry.

1. Toyota Camry Vs. Hyundai Sonata

The first sedan that will be put up against Toyota’s offering is the Sonata from Hyundai. It is a highly regarded vehicle packed to the brim with features.

Let’s see how it holds up below:

  • The Hyundai Sonata was launched two years earlier than the Toyota Camry. Still, the Camry has considerably more complaints than it.
  • Hyundai’s sedan has 2300 complaints while the Toyota Camry has around 3500. That is a considerable difference.
  • Now, this is where it gets interesting. The Toyota Camry and the Hyundai Sonata go head to head in terms of reliability.
  • According to JDPower, both have scored an 82 out of a 100, which is pretty decent. So, it is a tie in this round.
  • The Hyundai Sonata has been designed to last for anywhere between 200000 and 240000 miles.
  • On the other hand, the Toyota Camry can last for up to 300000 miles. So, it is a clear win for Toyota’s sedan.

As it can be seen by the results, both of these sedans have been designed to go against one another.

The Toyota Camry wins in one round while the Hyundai Sonata takes the lead in another. So, overall, I can safely say that both of these sedans are equally as good.

2. Toyota Camry Vs. Ford Fusion

Another solid sedan that has managed to earn a spot on this list is the Ford Fusion. Although it was discontinued in 2020, this is one to consider if you are in the market for a used sedan.

Let’s see how it holds up against the Toyota Camry below:

  • The Ford Fusion has gathered 2200 complaints while the Toyota Camry is at 3500.
  • Although it may look like the Ford Fusion is the winner, you should also be aware that it was released two decades later. So, the Toyota Camry wins this round.
  • I compared the final model of the Ford Fusion, which was released in 2020, with the Toyota Camry. It was close, and they managed to score the same once again.
  • So, the Toyota Camry and the Ford Fusion are both equally as good in terms of reliability.
  • The Ford Fusion has been designed to last around the 200000-mile mark.
  • According to my research, it is expected to last around 220000 miles, which is 80000 short of what the Toyota Camry can achieve.

Although the Ford Fusion gave the Toyota Camry a decent competition, it could not pull ahead.

So, if you are trying to decide between the two, I would recommend opting for the Toyota Camry. It is equally as reliable and can last for a longer period.

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3. Toyota Camry Vs. Subaru Legacy

The final sedan that I will be comparing to the Toyota Camry is the Subaru Legacy. This is yet another excellent sedan that thousands of people have tried and tested.

Let’s see if it can last as long and if it is as reliable as the Toyota Camry below:

  • The Subaru Legacy has been around since 1989. It came into the market later than the Toyota Camry, but it has an unparalleled number of complaints, with the total being only 300.
  • The Toyota Camry has ten times more than that, which gives an easy lead to the Subaru Legacy.
  • This round goes to Toyota’s sedan. Unfortunately, the Legacy could not beat the Camry in terms of reliability.
  • It has scored a decent 77 out of a 100, but it is lesser than the 82 that the Toyota Camry earned.
  • Now, this is where it gets interesting. The Subaru Legacy has been designed to last for up to 300000 miles.
  • That is on par with the Toyota Camry, which means both are equals in this regard. So, this round is a tie.

The Subaru Legacy is a fantastic sedan. It is solid and well built. Compared to the Toyota Camry, it is just as good. So, you can choose anyone and will not regret your decision.

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Life Expectancy Of Toyota Camry Car Parts

As promised, this section of the article will focus on the lifespan of individual hardware present in the Toyota Camry.

You should not skip through this section as it has some important information.

Average Lifespan Of Toyota Camry Brake Pads

The brake pads used on the Toyota Camry are nothing out of the ordinary. They are simple brake pads that can last for up to 70000 miles.

If they are used roughly, then that number can drop down to 30000 too. Yes, that is more than a double difference.

Brake pad longevity is directly proportional to the drive quality.

If you like to slam on the brakes only when needed, then you can expect your brake pads to last around the 30000-mile limit. Replacements cost anywhere from $150 to $300.

Average Lifespan Of Toyota Camry Battery

Once again, you will not be seeing anything revolutionary with the battery that is present under the hood of the Toyota Camry.

It is a simple lead-acid one that will be able to last anywhere from three years to five years. This is just as good as other OEM batteries, which are included with other new sedans.

There are hybrid variants of the Camry too. They use different batteries, as they need to power the whole sedan. Those batteries can last anywhere from 80000 to 100000 miles.

There have been vehicles that have crossed the 250000-mile limit without having the original battery replaced. Now, that is impressive.

Average Lifespan Of Toyota Camry Tires

Moving on to the tires, they have been designed to last for a maximum of 60000 miles.

Once again, Toyota has not cut any corners here and has provided OEM tires that are on par with other OEM tires. 60,000 miles translated into 4 years, which is pretty decent.

If you are in the market looking for replacement tires for the Toyota Camry, I advise you not to buy ones that are too cheap.

Some of them are of such low quality that they will not be able to be driven for 10000 miles. So, you should be beware.

If you live in areas where the terrain is uneven, or the temperature is extreme, then you should get specialized tires for your Camry. Or else they will not be able last as long.

Average Lifespan Of Toyota Camry Transmission

This is a question you will not find a proper answer to online. The reason for this is that every person has had a different experience with the transmission system of the Toyota Camry.

In the case of most people, they have had the transmission last well over the 200000-mile mark. Some others could barely cross half of that before it needed some major repairs.

Although the transmission system of the Toyota Camry is not unreliable, it can have a lifespan that varies from model to model.

If you are looking for one figure, then you can expect it to last around 150000 miles. Now, I must clarify that this number does not apply to everyone.

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Average Lifespan Of Toyota Camry Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are essential for ensuring that the sedan can run. Now, the OEM plugs on the Toyota Camry can are capable of being used for 60000 miles.

That is on par with what other vehicle manufacturers are offering. They will be in working conditions of four years, which is pretty decent.

There are tons of replacement spark plugs available for the Camry.

They are divided into three categories: platinum, iridium, and copper. Copper ones cannot last for more than 30000 miles. Platinum ones can achieve double.

Finally, iridium spark plugs can be used for over 100000 miles. I would recommend opting for platinum ones as they offer the best price to performance ratio.

Average Lifespan Of Toyota Camry Key Fob

There is nothing special about the key fob on the Toyota Camry. It is as durable as any other key fob that you have ever used.

Manufacturers don’t tend to compromise on the structural integrity of the key fob, and Toyota is one of them.

The only thing that you need to worry about is keeping the key fob in a safe place. If you lose it, you might be looking at a replacement that will cost you hundreds of dollars.

Yes, that’s right!

If you get a replacement from an official dealer, then you can expect a new fob in the range of $200 to $350.

You should get your new key made from a third-party company that will do the same thing at a fraction of the cost.

What Is Good Mileage For A Used Toyota Camry?

I must say, if you have opted for getting a used Toyota Camry, then it is a fantastic decision.

You are getting the same vehicle, with no compromises and at a cheaper cost than a brand new one. What else could one want?

If you are looking to purchase a preowned one, then you should not consider a vehicle that has been driven for more than 150000 miles.

Although the sedan can last longer than that, the transmission cannot. So, you must buy one that is at least a few thousand miles away from its transmission issues.

How To Increase How Long Your Toyota Camry Last

There are many factors that can affect the lifespan of the Toyota Camry.

This section will focus on some of the major ones:

  • Improve your driving habits.
  • Maintain the sedan consistently.
  • Make sure no part needs replacements.
  • Fix the transmission as soon as it causes issues.

Although the first three are general tips, the final one is for the Toyota Camry specifically. Even if you get your Camry’s transmission repaired, it will not perform as well as it did before.

So, you should always be a step ahead and assess its condition at every maintenance interval.

Problems That Limit The Life Of Your Toyota Camry

Although the Toyota Camry is an extremely reliable sedan, there is no denying that it does have some issues that Toyota did not address in a timely manner.

I will be listing some of the most common ones, so you can understand what you can expect with this purchase:

  • Leakage from the valve cover gasket.
  • Failure of the power steering pump and hoses.
  • Transmission not shifting correctly.
  • High oil consumption.
  • Failure of the brakes.

As you can see, every single one of these problems are pretty serious. Although they are the most common ones, they still have a low chance of occurring.

So, if I were you, I would not worry just yet. But if you are one to face these issues, then you might be looking at some costly repairs.

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What To Look For When Buying A Toyota Camry

If you went with my recommendation and are going to buy a used Camry, then I have some tips that will help you ensure that the car you are purchasing is reliable and viable in the long term.

These are some of the many things you should check:

  • Number of owners.
  • Information about major accidents.
  • Mileage.
  • Engine condition.
  • Repairs done if any.

These things should be checked as they can help you understand if the vehicle you are buying is worth your consideration or not.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is The Toyota Camry A Reliable Car?

Yes, it is! Although there were two competitors, out of three, that were on the same level as the Toyota Camry, in terms of reliability, it still meant that it is a very reliable sedan.

The Camry has its issues, but they don’t have a high likelihood of happening. So, if you are hesitant about buying it due to its reliability, then that is something to not be worried about.

Q2. Does Toyota Camry Have A Lot Of Problems?

The Toyota Camry does have its own list of issues, but I can assure you that they are not even close to being a lot.

I did list these problems in a dedicated section above but let me repeat them again:

  • Transmission issues.
  • Engine issues.
  • Brake failure.

I have summed up that section into these three points. I would suggest reading it thoroughly before moving ahead with your decision.

Q3. Is It A Good Idea To Buy A Used Toyota Camry?

I think it is a great idea to purchase a used Toyota Camry. I think it is an amazing sedan, and you will be saving a lot of cash by buying a used one.

There are many things to check, but one thing that you cannot compromise on is the mileage. You should not get one with more than 150000 driven on it.

Q4. Does Toyota Camry Rust Easily?

There are not many instances of rusting in the Toyota Camry. It is a solid sedan, and it rusts over time. The same is the case with any vehicle you choose.

So, this is something that you don’t need to worry about when buying it. The area that is most susceptible to rust are the wheels.

Q5. Is Toyota Camry Expensive To Maintain?

I know that you are going to be impressed by the answer. The Toyota Camry has a maintenance cost of only $4203 for its first ten years. That is beyond impressive.

This number is lesser than the average for all sedans by more than $2500. This alone tells you how reliable this vehicle is.


The Toyota Camry is one of the most solid sedans you can buy. With it being able to go as long as 300000 miles, it will keep you satisfied for a long time.

It is just as good as the competition when talking of reliability and longevity. But it does take the lead in terms of build and ride quality. You can never go wrong with the Toyota Camry.

It is my hope that this article helped in clearing up some confusion and that you got the answer to your question of how long do Toyota Camrys last?