How Long Do Chrysler 200 Last?

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Chrysler 200 is a well-known midsize sedan in the market. It was actively sold from the year 2011 through 2017. Some of their models were either sold as sedans or as convertibles.

Although this vehicle is no longer in production and was discontinued after the 2017 model year, you can still find it in the market and purchase a pre-owned model that will surely have a lot to offer.

So if you are wondering how long do Chrysler 200 last?

A Chrysler is expected to endure between 200,000 and 250,000 miles on average.

It is also worth mentioning that the Chrysler 200 is the most dependable model, with a maximum mileage of 260,000 miles, so you can have the best and most reliable ride at all times.

In this article, I will be sharing everything that you should know about Chrysler 200 before purchasing, such as the overall lifespan, car parts, problems, tips, and so much more, for your benefit.

Make sure to read until the end, plus there will be a frequently asked questions section to help you have better proficiency.

What Is The Average Life Expectancy Of A Chrysler 200?

Wondering how many miles can a Chrysler 200 go? Read my guide to find out

As I have mentioned earlier, the Chrysler 200, on average, can last between 200,000 miles up to 250,000 miles.

This also equates to lasting up to 13 years and eight months. It is also worth mentioning that the vehicle can go above 260,000 mileage in some cases.

However, if you want the vehicle to last longer, it is highly recommended that you drive it around 13,500 miles per year.

This will surely increase its life expectancy and be more than 13 years.

Nonetheless, just like any other car, the Chrysler 200 will only be able to last long if you provide it with proper and regular maintenance.

The longevity can depend on how well you take care of the car, how well you drive the car, where you drive the car and how frequently you repair or replace the car parts.

Moreover, if your vehicle requires more repairing and replacing of components, then it is probably a problematic vehicle that can stop functioning prematurely.

Providing your vehicle with regular maintenance should be your number one priority.

Does Chrysler 200 Last Longer Than Other Similar Vehicles?

To find out whether the Chrysler 200 has a longer lifespan than its competitors or similar vehicles, it is important to consider some factors to find out the most accurate results.

We already know that the Chrysler 200 has an excellent history of being a reliable vehicle with high mileage of 200,000 miles up to 250,000 miles.

But let’s see how it holds up compared to other vehicles in terms of reliability, longevity, and consumer history.

1. Chrysler 200 Vs. Toyota Camry

Starting with the Toyota Camry, you must know that this is one of the most popular midsize sedans in the market to date.

However, it goes head to head with the Chrysler 200, especially when it comes to the additional room inside and excellent yet powerful engine options.

But let’s see which one can last longer and is a better option:

  • The Toyota Camry has a longer lifespan than the Chrysler 200, 250,000 miles up to 300,000 miles, and is said to last for 16 to 20 years max.
  • According to Repair Pal, both the Toyota Camry and Chrysler 200 have a reliability rating of 4 out of 5.
  • However, J.D. Power gave the Chrysler 200 a reliability rating of 75 out of 100, whereas it gave Toyota Camry 89 out of100.
  • The Toyota Camry is much more expensive to maintain than the Chrysler 200 when looking at complaints and problems.

Well, it seems though the Toyota Camry outed the Chrysler 200 in various aspects.

Though the Chrysler 200 is still a decent option since there aren’t any serious issues with its longevity, ratings, and even complaints. But it can still be an expensive car to maintain.

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2. Chrysler 200 Vs. Chevrolet Malibu

Both the Chrysler 200 and the Chevrolet Malibu are great vehicles.

However, you must know that the 3.6L V6 engine, as opposed to the V4 in the Chevy Malibu, is one of the Chrysler 200’s main benefits.

To find out which one is better in terms of longevity, read down below:

  • Both the Chrysler 200 and the Chevrolet Malibu have the same lifespan of 200,000 miles up to 250,000 miles.
  • According to the ratings given by J.D. Power, the Chevrolet Malibu has more reliability scores of 84 out of 100 compared to the scores of the Chrysler 200, which are 75 out of 100.
  • The Chrysler 200 has around 1100 complaints on 11 models, but the Chevrolet Malibu has over 4000 complaints on 27 models.

Overall, both the vehicles have a longer lifespan, but the ratings of the Chevrolet Malibu are much more than the Chrysler 200.

However, the complaints about Malibu are a lot which can make you question its reliability. It depends on you what car you are more interested in and prefer purchasing.

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3. Chrysler 200 Vs. Honda Accord

Now coming over to the last vehicle on this list, you have the Honda Accord. Both of these vehicles are quite reliable when it comes to performance and fuel efficiency.

But let’s compare the two and see which one is a better choice to purchase and drive:

  • The Chrysler 200 has a longer lifespan than the Honda accord because the Honda Accord can only last up to 200,000 miles.
  • According to repair pal, the Honda Accord has more reliability scores than the Chrysler 200.
  • The Honda Accord has a reliability score of 4.5 out of five, whereas the Chrysler 200 has four out of five.
  • The Honda Accord has more complaints than the Chrysler 200 as it has around 12,000 complaints on over 31 models.

In the case of the Chrysler 200 and Honda Accord comparison, it seems like the Chrysler 200 outed the Honda accord in various ways.

Even though the Honda Accord has more reliability scores, you cannot ignore its complaints and longevity. This is why purchasing the Chrysler 200 is a better choice.

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Life Expectancy Of Chrysler 200 Car Parts

Even though the overall life expectancy of the Chrysler 200 is between 200,000 miles up to 250,000 mules, it can still we’re out quickly before even reaching the high mileage if the car parts are not well taken care of.

This is why learning about certain car parts that have a huge influence on the car life expectancy is highly recommended.

If you already own a car or are planning to purchase one, you should know everything about your car so you can deal with the issues accordingly.

It will also help you prepare beforehand, and you will also be able to recognize the issues right away once something starts to malfunction or not work at all.

Here I will be explaining the lifespan and what possible issues can influence the life of that car part. So be sure to read all the way through to have a clear understanding.

So without further ado, let’s start!

Average Lifespan Of Chrysler 200 Brake Pads

Starting with the Chrysler 200 brake pads, you know that they are known to last between 30,000 miles and 80,000 miles.

However, this mainly depends on your habit of driving. If you drive on rough roads, that can also affect the brake pads easily.

Please keep in mind that your brakes will wear out faster if you frequently halt and accelerate in rush-hour traffic.

It is highly recommended to maintain this part of the car because it can ruin the driving experience right away.

You can also lose control of the car, which can eventually lead to serious road accidents.

Other than that, replacement brake pads can cost anything from $150 to $300 per axle, including components and labor costs.

Moreover, it is also best not to drive it like a sports car as fast acceleration can ruin the brake pads, so make sure that you are driving it at a slow speed.

You might have to make changes in your driving style, so they do not ruin your pads.

Average Lifespan Of Chrysler 200 Battery

When it comes to the battery in a Chrysler 200, it is said that it will normally last between 3 to 5 years.

You should know that the battery life of a car is affected by a variety of characteristics, including environment, driving behavior, and the battery type, to name a few.

Various things can affect the battery’s life, which you might not be aware of.

Did you know that you have to always fasten your battery in place? This is mainly because your car is likely to vibrate while driving.

This can cause the connections to loosen up. As a result, it can lead to short circuits and serious damage to the battery.

Another reason that can make the battery lose its power is if you are someone who does not drive the car frequently.

It is highly recommended to drive your car daily or at least for long drives.

Other than that, make sure that you are checking for corrosion on the battery and cleaning it regularly so it can deliver power.

Besides that, it is also highly recommended to keep the car inside the garage away from harsh weather conditions, especially the snow and the sun, as it can damage the battery quickly.

Average Lifespan Of Chrysler 200 Tires

Coming over to the factory tires on the Chrysler 200, it is said that they will normally last between 30,000 miles up to 60,000 miles which can also mean that they will last around 2 to 4 years.

They can, nonetheless, wear out significantly faster. This is determined by several circumstances, including driving patterns, weather, and road conditions.

Many experts say that if you want your tires to last long, then rotate them every 4000 miles to 5000 miles. This will surely prevent them from wearing out too quickly.

Moreover, the main reason the tires wear out so quickly is because of the road conditions. If you drive around harsh roads most of the time, that can cause your tires to wear out quickly.

Besides that, you should always check the tire pressure because it should be at the right level at all times.

So be sure to check that after a couple of days or weeks and check if there are any harsh lines or holes in the tires.

Average Lifespan Of Chrysler 200 Transmission

It is said that mainly the average lifespan of the Chrysler 200 transmission system can last between 130,000 miles and 190,000 miles.

However, this mainly depends on how well you take care of your transmission. This is why it is highly recommended to always check the transmission fluid levels.

Providing the transmission flush service and various other services at the mechanic is also really important for it to last longer.

Moreover, you should also check other parts that are placed close to the transmission system, so they do not cause any serious issues with the transmission.

Average Lifespan Of Chrysler 200 Spark Plugs

The Chrysler 200 spark plugs have an average lifespan of around 100,000 miles.

It is worth mentioning that according to the owner’s manual, you should replace the spark plugs after it reaches their expiry date.

However, this is important for you to know if your vehicle is installed with an iridium-tipped spark. This is because they are likely to last much longer than the other spark plugs.

This just means that they will not be required to be replaced every 100,000 miles.

Now, if you are car is having problems like the engine misfires, poor fuel efficiency, low gas mileage, issues with starting the car, rough idling as well as difficulty accelerating, then it is time to replace the spark plugs.

Average Lifespan Of Chrysler 200 Key Fob

The key fob of the Chrysler 200 can last more than ten years. However, it is the battery that is installed in the fob that can ruin the lifespan.

Typically the battery can last around three years, but if it starts to wear out quickly or if you do not change the battery when it reaches its expiry date, then it can surely cause serious issues.

The car will not be able to detect the key fob, which can prevent the car from starting. Make sure to replace the battery before it wears out.

What Is Good Mileage For A Used Chrysler 200?

On average, good mileage for a used Chrysler 200 should be between 150,000 miles up to 180,000 miles.

As you know, the overall life expectancy of the Chrysler 200 is 200,000 miles up to 250,000 miles.

It will be less likely to have any issues at all. A vehicle that has low mileage is likely to have severe problems.

Usually, anything below 100,000 miles can cause serious problems, and the functioning of the car will be ruined. But in severe cases will not start at all.

This is why if you are considering buying a used Chrysler 200, then go for something above 100,000 miles, but it will be best if it has anything between 150,000 miles up to 180,000 miles.

They are the least problematic and will deliver performance just like a brand new car. But it is also your responsibility to take care and provide regular maintenance.

You should also know that the performance and lifespan of the used model also depend on how well the previous owner took care of it.

How To Increase How Long Your Chrysler 200 Last

Well, when it comes to increasing the life of the Chrysler 200, the first thing you should remember is that regular maintenance is important.

According to Chrysler’s maintenance schedule, regular maintenance is something that must be done all the time. It is said that this is required for a Chrysler to reach high mileage.

In addition to that, when you are considering purchasing a used Chrysler, this maintenance plan provides a clear picture of what to expect in terms of maintenance.

Well, here are some things you should be doing to increase the lifespan:

  • Regular oil and filter changes.
  • Avoid heavy loads in the car.
  • Change the car parts before reaching the expiry date.
  • Rotate the tires every 5000 miles.
  • Check for fluid levels in the transmission system as well as brakes.
  • Change A/C filters.

These are the certain things that you should be doing to prevent the car from malfunctioning and wearing out sooner. Be sure to do all of these regularly.

Problems That Limit The Life Of Your Chrysler 200

There are various problems with some of the Chrysler 200 model years.

If you want it to last longer, then you should know about these problems and make sure to fix them before it gets way too serious.

1. V6 Engine System

It is said that the V6 engine was like to have a rollaway risk which can cause serious road accidents. This problem was so severe that there have been various recalls on it.

2. Jerking Problems

This is likely to happen because of the spark plugs as well as the coil packs.

If there has been a misfire in such parts, then it will cause the vehicle to jerk a lot while accelerating. It can also cause rough idling and even ruin the fuel efficiency.

3. Power Distribution Center

The PDC issue was so severe that certain model years had to be recalled. The electrical connector of the power distribution center can get damaged.

As a result, there will be intermittent power failures which will happen only with some electrical components.

4. Transmission Failure

This problem is said to be the worst in the 2015 Chrysler 200. This was likely to happen around 30,000 miles or so.

It is best to always check the fluid level of this transmission because it can also cause serious problems while driving if not taken care of.

What To Look For When Buying A Chrysler 200

Before buying the Chrysler 200, whether a new or a used one. Here are some things you should certainly look into:

  • Features.
  • Driving dynamics.
  • Recalls.
  • Best and worst model years.
  • Trim levels.
  • Pricing.
  • What you are looking for in a car.
  • Reliability and safety ratings on each model.

Well, these are some things you should look into before deciding on buying the Chrysler 200. It is highly recommended to avoid the 2015 model year as it has the most serious problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is The Chrysler 200 A Reliable Car?

It is a reliable car because, according to repair pal, this car has an overall reliability score of 4 out of 5. It is also higher than all Chrysler models.

Q2. Does Chrysler 200 Have A Lot Of Problems?

Not every Chrysler 200 has a lot of problems.

However, you must know that the 2015 model was the worst one with severe transmission problems, without warning shutdowns, as well as unexpected shifting.

Q3. Is It A Good Idea To Buy A Used Chrysler 200?

Many say that buying a used Chrysler 200 is not a good idea because it does not have the best reliability ratings.

The nine-speed transmission is also likely to cause issues and have interior issues as well.

Q4. Does Chrysler 200 Rust Easily?

No, the Chrysler 200 does not have rusting issues compared to other brand vehicles.

However, you should keep a regular check on its parts and clean them to prevent any rusting from occurring.

Q5. Is Chrysler 200 Expensive To Maintain?

The Chrysler 200 is not expensive to maintain at all. It has a maintenance and repairs cost of $549, which is pretty close to the industry cost of $526 for all midsize sedans.


Learning about the question of how long do Chrysler 200 last is surely beneficial for you.

The information provided in the article would help you make an accurate decision if you were planning on purchasing it.

But do keep in mind that the life expectancy of any car mainly depends on how well you take care of it and if you provide regular maintenance or not.

So if you do plan on purchasing, then make sure you follow the tips I have mentioned in this article to prolong the life of your Chrysler 200.