How Long Do Audi e-tron Last?

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The Audi e-tron is available in 12 sharp new tones to match your taste and personality. One of the most wanted colors is Antigua Blue.

It also has space to accommodate four-five passengers and has plenty of cargo space. This all-electric SUV has a limit of 660 liters of fuel.

Moving on, if you are wondering how long do Audi e-tron Last?

The answer to this question is quite simple and interesting. The Audi e-tron can last over an average estimated life expectancy of 300,000 to 400,000 miles.

That is 10 – 15 years before needing a new battery. The Audi e-tron has an all-electric feature that allows it to charge and provide a longer drive.

The charging is made easy by drawing electric power from households and urban areas.

The Audi e-tron has its service, which is more informant and reliable for the driver. This 5-seater car has an automatic transmission and amazing safety features.

The overall rating from cars USA, the Audi e-tron, is rated as 8.5 out of 10, while according to the critics, it is a 9.3 out of 10.

When it comes to performance, the consumer reports have awarded it with 9.7 out of 10. The car is an overall rounder, and it roars as you push the start button.

What Is The Average Life Expectancy Of Audi e-tron?

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According to various reports and owners’ personal opinions, the car is a strain 8.5 out of 10.

It has a two-speed transmission powered by two electric motors, a tank with a limit of 660 liters, and a horsepower of 469 produced to take you over 200 miles in a drive.

The RS model for this car is 79/82 MPG city/highway. With this many amazing features, what does it tell you? The car is made to run for a longer time without any frequent problems to fix.

The Audi e-tron has a life expectancy of 300,000 to 400,000 miles which is over 10- 15 years before you change the battery.

If maintained and serviced on schedule, the car can easily be driven for the past 20 years.

There is no doubt that regular maintenance can increase the car’s life as the car parts add life. They will be discussed later shortly.

Does Audi e-tron Last Longer Than Other Similar Vehicles?

Over the years, many amazing electric SUVs have been made for priority customers.

But every car has its merits and demerits, such as many users with the Audi e-tron had more passenger space.

When this Quattro Sports utility-style SUV was launched, it only took a few months for rivals to jump on the competition and launch cars similar to Audi e-tron.

1. Audi E Tron Vs. Tesla Model Y

Every year Tesla launches its new model with a boom. While there is a separate fan base for Tesla Model Y, the Audi e-tron is not coming slowly.

  • These cars can accommodate five persons and have a very spacious cabin.
  • Both cars have a 4-wheel disk brake and a 4-wheel ABS.
  • These are fully electric family-size cars.
  • Audi e-tron has a multi-link suspension type, and Tesla Model Y has a Double-wishbone Suspension type.
  • According to Car complaints, Audi e-tron has three complaints on file and 12 problems reported, while Tesla Model Y has 39 complaints on file and no problems reported.
  • When it comes to Reliability and Quality, JD powers have provided Audi e-tron with a score of 62 out of 100, and Tesla Model Y is still not rated.
  • In terms of life expectancy, Audi e-tron has 300,000 to 400,000 miles, and Tesla Model Y has a lifespan of 300,000 to 500,000 miles.

Making a very clear decision based on the merits and demerits, both cars are excellent.

There is no doubt that Tesla Y is a high-maintenance car, whereas Audi e-tron requires fewer repairs.

2. Audi e-tron Vs. Jaguar I-PACE

According to Edmunds, Audi e-tron has an overall rating of 8.7, while Jaguar I-PACE has an overall rating of 8.6. What makes a car fall behind the 0.1 rate?

Let’s find out.

  • Audi e-tron is a standard-size full-electric SUV, while Jaguar I-PACE is a mid-sized SUV with an electric engine.
  • In terms of mileage, Audi e-tron gives a total of 78 MPG while Jaguar I-PAE gives 76 MPG.
  • Audi e-tron is a Quattro sports utility SUV that can accommodate five passengers, while Jaguar I-PACE is a sports utility that can accommodate five passengers.
  • According to JD power, in terms of quality and reliability, Audi e-tron has a score of 62 out of 100, while Jaguar I-PACE is still not rated.
  • From the data reports of car complaints, Audi e-tron has three complaints on file and 12 problems reported by owners, while Jaguar I-PACE has 0 complaints on file but have 6 defects reported by the owners.
  • In terms of life expectancy, Jaguar I-PACE has a 100,000 warranty on battery and can last for 300,000 miles, while Audi e-tron can last from 300,000 miles to 400,000 miles.

With tough competition, it can be seen that Audi e-tron is a better option than the Jaguar I-PACE in many aspects and even life expectancy.

3. Audi e-tron Vs. Chrysler Pacifica

Chrysler Pacifica is a 7-seater with a spacious cabin and plenty of space for cargo, among many luxury SUVs.

According to a US car report, consumers have rated this car an 8.4 out of 10.

But is it worth buying with an option such as Audi e-tron?

  • According to JD Powers, the Audi e-tron is awarded 62 out of 100 for Quality and Reliability, while Chrysler Pacifica has a score of 76 out of 100.
  • While Audi e-tron has three complaints on the file of Car complaints while Chrysler Pacifica has 854 complaints on file and 720 problems reported by the owners.
  • The Audi e-tron is an all-electric car that has very low consumption, and the Chrysler Pacifica is a hybrid and is a little heavy on fuel as compared.
  • Chrysler Pacifica has its integration of apple and Alexa, while Audi e-tronic has its far better integration system.

With many different features of Chrysler Pacifica and Audi e-tron based on life expectancy, Audi e-tron, which is 300,000 to 400,000, is a far better option.

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Life Expectancy Of Audi e-tron Car Parts

As mentioned in the section above, the car parts are what add life to the car. Each part of the Audi e-tron is made with premium quality and designed to have a longer life expectancy.

This section is based on different car parts and how their maintenance and service can increase the overall life expectancy of Audi e-tron.

Average Lifespan Of Audi e-tron Brake Pads

The brake pads are heavy-duty rubber on the brakes to eliminate the friction between metals.

It is essential for a smooth and effective braking system. It is advised to get the brakes inspected every 10,000 miles for better judgment.

However, a safer choice would be to change the brake pads after 40,000 miles because if the brake pads wear out, it will take a minimal amount of time for the rotors to wear out.

As estimated, the average lifespan of the brake pads of this one is 30,000 to 40,000 miles, depending on driving habits.

Average Lifespan Of Audi e-tron Battery

Unlike the new hybrid batteries that are designed to last for 6-8 years which is 80,000 miles but when it comes to a reliable car like Audi e-tron, the batteries are designed to last for more than expected.

It helps keep the car in an optimal function and limits the frequency of any battery or engine-related problems.

However, it is advised to replace the car batteries after every 3-5 years, approximately 60,000 -80,000 miles.

The average life of the battery has been estimated to be 100,000 miles, and it provides an 8-year warranty.

Average Lifespan of Audi e-tron Tires

Rotate the tires after every 10,000 miles for a better commute.

Though the car is designed to have a straight-up drive for almost 200 miles that does not mean it will not require care or maintenance.

It is an AWD drivetrain with powertrain trims and is not easily worn out. Still, it is better to have an extra set after 40,000 miles.

The average lifespan estimated for the Audi e-tron Tires is 20,000 t0 30,000 miles per driving habit, but the tires can be used past 40,000 miles.

Average Lifespan Of Audi e-tron Transmission

Transmission is what generates the power-driven out by the tires and what powers the car as well.

After every 50,000 miles, you need to refill the transmission fluid, get a check on the fuel line and even change the old engine oil as required.

This is what every car owner needs to do to maintain the Audi e-tron’s smooth drive and optimal condition.

It has been estimated that the average life expectancy of Audi e-tron transmission is 300,000 to 400,000 miles.

Average Lifespan Of Audi e-tron Spark Plugs

The spark plugs use the fuel and air to make the ignition required for the starting of the engine and even transmission, while every car owner knows that some might get a little careless regarding its wearing out.

If the spark plugs wear out, there will be a failure of ignition and even transmission failure. Inspect your spark plugs every 30,000 miles.

Their spark plugs are designed to last 30,000 miles. The average estimated lifespan is 30,000 – 50,000 miles.

Average Lifespan Of Audi e-tron Key Fob

The most common problem Audi e-tron faces is the failure of the key fob, which is usually due to old batteries.

It is better to replace the batteries after every 4-6 years for optimum functionality of the car.

Like every new car being launched, both electric and hybrids have a key fob for powering an engine now. All you need is a key fob in your pocket and press the start button.

Without the key fob, the car will not respond to any commands. The average estimated life expectancy of a key fob is 250,000 miles to 300,000 miles.

What Is Good Mileage For A Used Audi e-tron?

As it has been discussed in the article above, the average life expectancy of an Audi e-tron is 300,000 to 400,000 miles which gives you over 20 years of carefree drive easily.

When you look for a used car, it is very important to focus on the miles it has been driven for.

According to professionals, never buy a car that has been driven for 150,000 miles on an odometer.

Firstly kudos on finding a maintained Audi e-tron, but if you are looking at a car driven past 200,000 miles, it should not be on the list.

A good car would have been driven for 50,000 – 80,000 miles. A car driven less than this would be ideal.

How To Increase How Long Your Audi e-tron Last

The average Life expectancy of the car is based on the company, and how they have engineered the car to last, it can last far beyond the provided mileage.

For Audi e-tron, the average estimated lifespan of 300,000 to 400,000 miles, but this too can be increased with regular maintenance and scheduled service according to the schedule provided.

  • Maintain the key fob battery; do not unnecessarily keep pressing the buttons. OR just tweak the connections for a longer lifespan. Change the batteries every two years.
  • Change the air filters whenever you decide to change the engine oil. It is better to change the air filters at 10,000 miles for better engine working.
  • Get the car rust-proofed to inhibit any kind of corrosive activity. Get a professional Rust Proofer to do it for you.
  • Keeping the car clean as damp or moist spots can induce fungal and mold growths, which can cause corrosion and even rust on smaller car parts. Such an example is the winter slush that can affect the inner body.
  • Drive carefully without over speeding as it may wear the brakes out along with the engine.
  • Make sure to change the brake pads every 30,000 miles, or the rotors will wear out as well. Once the brake pads wear out at 70,000 miles, do not try to use them for longer.
  • For better transmission and lowering the chance of frequent repairs, refill the transmission fluid after every 20,000 miles.
  • It is better to keep a check on engine oil as well and change it after every 10,000 miles. Along with that, get an inspection on the suspension system, braking system, and even the steering system.

Here are just a few things to do when you want to increase the life expectancy of your Audi e-tron.

Other points of the checklist are also available on the maintenance schedule, which is available online. The above-mentioned are just major lookouts.

Problems That Limit The Life Of Your Audi e-tron

Over time every car needs to be serviced to function properly, and how it was designed to be, it is on the owner for how much care and maintenance they provide to maintain the integrity of the car.

It takes a little neglect to limit the life of your car to almost half. Here are a few things to be vigilant about:

  • Replace the spark plugs after every 70,000 miles, and your transmission fluid after every 50,000 miles as neglect of the transmission fluid and spark plugs can cause transmission failure and jerks on acceleration.
  • Many people might not know, but old engine oil and excessive speeding can cause a burning smell from under the hood and wear out the engine much sooner.
  • It is advised to change the key fob battery every three years, or the car may stop responding.
  • Unchanged car parts can cause whistling sounds from under the hood.
  • Old engine oil and faulty ignition can cause delays in shifting.
  • The car can suddenly stop and fails on ignition due to an unchanged brake belt, which can tear off and cause the car to stop suddenly and even cause smoke.
  • Unmaintained suspension and steering system can cause a noisy drive and delayed shifting.
  • Old or unreplaced spark plugs can cause vibration on acceleration and even ignition problems, such as low power to the tires and even engine damage.

Audi e-tron is a very reliable and sturdy car, but it still needs to be maintained for optimal functioning.

What To Look For When Buying An Audi e-tron

If you have decided on a certain Audi e-tron available in the market, it is a good decision to buy such a reliable car.

When you travel by looking at the car and making a deal, make sure to be upfront and ask these questions before making a decision.

  • Ownership history and trail of ownership: who owns the car, and where did they buy it from?
  • Area and purpose: what was the car being used for?
  • The main reason for the sale: why is the car being sold? How many years have the owners been using the car?
  • Mileage covered in total over the years: what is the exact mileage covered by the car?
  • History or replacement, change, or repair: what parts have been replaced, and where are the receipts?
  • History of accident, crime, or dents: has the car been in an accident or involved in a crime?

Ask these questions for a better decision. Sometimes the eyes see what it wants to, but you need to be a little more practical and logical in such situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is The Audi e-tron A Reliable Car?

Yes, with a score of 62 out of 100 from JD powers, a 4-star rating from consumers report, and 9.7 from USA Cars.

The Audi e-tron is a reliable car for daily driving and even for the long-distance commute.

Not only just that, but it also gives a straight drive for 200 miles and has a life expectancy of 300,000 to 400,000 miles.

Q2. Does Audi e-tron Have A Lot Of Problems?

No, this car has all its problems fixed and nothing to complain about, it does not have frequent repairs and might require proper service after every 20,000 miles, but there are no technical problems.

One of the main concerns from owners is that the car has moisture buildup.

Q3. Is It A Good Idea To Buy A Used Audi e-tron?

Yes, with an average life expectancy of 300,000 to 400,000 miles, it is the ultimate best SUV you can have.

Even if you find an Audi E Tron driven for 100,000 miles, it will still give you about 10 -12 years of good service.

Q4. Does Audi e-tron Rust Easily?

No, the Audi e-tron is an all-rounder, which makes it sturdy and reliable. The body of this car is properly galvanized with zinc so it can resist rust and any related corrosion.

Q5. Is Audi e-tron Expensive To Maintain?

No, even though the Audi e-tron is expensive from other available SUVs but it is a good investment in the long term.

While the car may be high-tech and loaded with amazing features, it does not have frequent repairs, which makes the average annual maintenance cost to be about $1523.


The Audi e-tron is an amazing SUV that is a 5-seater and has plenty of space for cargo.

Apart from the interior, Audi has been working on its intelligence system, maintaining different safety and protective features.

Furthermore, the SUV is all-electric, which makes it very fuel-efficient.

With upgrading different tech-savvy features for the drivers and the passengers, the Audi e-tron has also become very accomplished in terms of reliability and quality, so the answer to the question How long do Audi E Tron Last?

The answer is straightforward. It can last for around 300,000 to 400,000 miles.