Ford 6.2L V8 Engine Problems: Reliability, Specs & Reviews

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Ford has come out with some amazing engines over the years, and all of them exceed the other in expectations.

One of the prime examples is the Ford 6.2 Engine, known as a very reliable one. But even the great things can have some common problems.

Just like those, some ford 6.2 engine problems have been seen in the particular model.

The most common problems of the Ford 6.2 Engine are:

  1. The Problem Of Rough Idle In The Ford Engine
  2. Oil Leaks Can Occur In The Engine Itself
  3. There Are Higher Repair Costs To Be Carried
  4. A Lot Of Oil Is Consumed In The Usage
  5. Valve Spring Failure Is More Common

Identifying these problems can be a little problem. Knowing what to do when you find them is a bigger issue. The article aims to make identifying and tackling issues easier for you.

So let’s read on!

The 5 Most Common Ford 6.2L V8 Engine Problems

Here's how to fix the engine of Ford 6.2 if there are some issues

1. The Problem Of Rough Idle In The Ford Engine

Rough idle seems like something very different than what it is.

The real meaning of rough idle is the problem that occurs with a spark plug or its wires.

How Does The Rough Idle Happen?

One of the Ford 6.2 Engine features is that it contains around 16 spark plugs in total. Yes, there are truths that many are in the 6.2 engine!

But that shows that there are many possibilities of a problem occurring in these spark plugs.

The basic work of these spark plugs is to use the electrical current from the ignition coils to fight on fire the air or fuel present in the combustion chamber.

If there is a problem with the plugs, the fuel can be burned at a much faster rate which can cause a bigger problem for you.

The rough idle can have the Ford 6.2 engine working in a very strange way.

The importance lies in understanding:

  • It can happen if you do not take as much care as you should essentially.
  • The spark plugs hold a much bigger impact than anticipated.
  • Rough idle isn’t something that has a big impact, but it is pretty common regardless.

Symptoms Of Rough Idle To Recognize

In the Ford 6.2, if one of the spark plugs malfunctions, the whole car is brought to suffer.

The 6.2 engine can get extremely damaged from one problem, which causes such to become worn and torn easily.

Common ways to recognize the problem are through power loss within the car and the motor running in it, hesitation when you drive the car, which is fairly common, and misfires that can become a larger problem with time.

How To Fix The Problem

To fix the problem, you will need to replace the spark plug.

Getting it checked is important, but you will need to replace the spark plug to fix the issue, which is why that is recommended to replace all of them simultaneously, though, so that no others go bad.

The process itself is not that affordable, but it is worth changing them.

2. Oil Leaks Can Occur In The Engine Itself

Oil leaks are pretty common in the Ford 6.2 engines.

You might be thinking, doesn’t that make these a little less reliable?

And the honest answer is no.

What Are The Oil Leaks?

This could be a common problem in any kind of engine.

Such is more common in the older kinds of 6.2 engines. More than anything, valve cover gasket is considered to be the actual cause.

Known as the most common gasket present, other kinds such as oil pan gaskets and main seals may also break and be damaged, causing problems.

The oil leak is an issue that is kind of serious.

The oil leak is not something that happens because you make a mistake, mainly because many Ford 6.2 engines can become run down after a while, which can cause different parts of them to become damaged.

Such can leave a lot of damage to your 6.2 engine.

How To Know If An Oil Leak Is Happening

Some symptoms of the oil leaks are very clear.

Firstly the visible sign of oil leaking from the 6.2 engine in great amounts. If you can see oil all over the Ford engine, that is probably because there is leakage.

Another sign might be the sudden oil loss happening within the car.

If you put a certain amount of fuel in your tank but suddenly lessened, that is because there might be an oil leak in your 6.2 engine.

The burning smells or the smoke from the engine bay can be seen as indicators.

Solution For This Problem

Getting a gasket is important for fixing the problem. These are fairly inexpensive; this is one of the easiest ways to fix the problem.

To Summarize:

  • The problem is fairly common but can be fixed using gaskets.
  • Gaskets aren’t very expensive, so they won’t cause a large financial loss to you.
  • By far, this is the easiest way to fix a problem since it just needs to be installed.

3. There Are Higher Repair Costs To Be Carried

The overall fixing of the Ford 6.2 can be quite a problem. Because it is a machine that requires maintenance, it can be a little more complicated to take care of like a normal machine.

What Kinds Of Things Might Go Wrong?

Many things can go wrong within a piece of machinery, so to keep working and in top shape can be quite a challenge.

Not only very time-consuming but can also be extremely expensive for you. Having one kind of issue with the 6.2 engine is one thing.

Often would be expensive to have one kind of issue arise with the Ford 6.2 engine you’re using. But the main problem begins when the problems start to collect all at the same time.

Such is more common than you would think. Happening more often than expected as many times you might not get your Ford engine checked. The costs overall can be extremely high.

Reasons For The Massive Failures

One of the main reasons is that we do not get our cars checked as often as possible. The maintenance of the Ford 6.2 engine is as important as the rest of the car.

Yet often, that is ignored and discarded as not important. People usually get the rest of their vehicles checked out but discard their engines.

That is exactly why they get so many issues piled up, which later leads to bills piling up.

Replacing things all at the same time can be a little costly. More repairs can be a big bother for most people because of various reasons.

For obvious reasons, this might pose an issue. Not only is the process expensive, but it is also time-consuming, so that is an issue in itself.

How Can You Fix The Problem?

Better budgeting should be done to help you save more money.

Daily checkups on the 6.2 engine are important so that they do not pile up on the issues and helps in making sure that you do not have huge expenses to carry out altogether.

The changing can be done separately.

You Should Definitely:

  • Focus more on budgeting because it will help you save up more money.
  • Daily checkups might just be your best friend.
  • If you take care, it will not affect your finances by draining your bank account.

4. A Lot Of Oil Is Consumed In The Usage

One of the biggest and most common problems that any person can go through is the process of losing a lot of oil because their Ford engine isn’t working properly.

The biggest issue with such is that the 6.2 engine uses up a lot of oil because oil is being consumed faster.

This Is An Issue Because:

  • You can’t always be paying for tons of oil for your car.
  • There is already a huge oil shortage in most countries.
  • The whole situation is a huge mess anyway.

The Problem With Oil Consummation

The oil consumption is only a minor inconvenience for you as it does not cause any other such problems.

One of the important things to remember is that the particular problem is more serious when the machinery is new because a known fact that older motors consume a lot more oil due to their usage.

How To Know My Machine Is Malfunctioning

High age and mileage depending on how much the machine has been used, is important to consider, so again, a Ford 6.2 engine does not randomly choose to consume more oil.

When old and worn out, that is when needs more oil simply to function, which is an important factor worth remembering.

Visibly seeing malfunctioning is enough proof to get it checked, and if you see the issues, you should probably get it checked.

Easing The Issue

With everything, such is important to know how to stop excessive oil consumption. One of the most common ways to achieve the result is through a shorter oil change interval or OCI.

Oil can become thinner the longer it stays in the motor and thus can be used more. The process of excessive idling can shorten the life of the oil, so it causes more consummation.

Lastly, servicing the PCV system helps greatly.

5. Valve Spring Failure Is More Common

One of the most common issues you might face with your machine and isn’t even talked about that often.

What Are The Mechanics?

Valve springs are present mainly within the cylinder head around the valve stems present.

These springs are basically what helps in controlling the intake and exhaust valves by applying none other than the spring pressure that can help the valves from opening and bouncing around.

Having this kind of problem within your motor can lead to a lot of harm for the machine itself.

The problem of valve springs failing can cause more damage within the mechanism than you could imagine.

Did you know that that can cause the 6.2 engine to start running rough?

A terrible thing causes a lot of damage to the Ford engine and makes it harder to last.

Additionally, this can also cause misfire codes to start appearing, which can just about make any person panic.

Your Machine Can Basically:

  • Start malfunctioning even at the slightest blow.
  • It becomes extremely hard for you to handle and maintain.
  • Create even more issues that could have simply been avoided.

So What Causes This Problem?

Some of the most important symptoms to know if you have issues with your valve spring are mainly:

  • Rough idle, including all kinds of issues that can come to the surface.
  • Misfires are also very prominent at showing that something is wrong with the engine and is usually a valve spring failure.
  • Having some kind of power loss in your Ford 6.2 is also a very common symptom.
  • The weirdest symptom has to be the knocking sound that you can hear from the 6.2 engine. That is a thing.

To fix such, such will be important to replace the valve springs, which would require the proper tools, and while you can do it by yourself if you have the right tools, it is more recommended to have it done by someone more skilled than you.

What Is The Ford 6.2 Engine?

To know the product itself is as important as knowing all the specifications. The Ford 6.2 is known as the main variant of the Boss engine.

With a 6.2-liter V8 mechanism from the company of Ford Motor, this is one of the Ford engines that do have the proper kind of popularity for multiple reasons.

Moreover, it is also known to be one of Ford’s more famous engines. This particular 6.2 engine isn’t like the other engines that Ford has come out with.

One of the most reliable machines that people have seen or used compared to other machines was used to power three-quarter-ton and one-ton heavy-duty trucks at one point—known to power the Ford Super Duty currently instead of other vehicles.

The Ford 6.2 has become extremely popular as a motor choice for many people.

Is The Ford 6.2 Engine Reliable?

This 6.2 engine has been used for many years and has been tested out by many people. The Ford engine has been considered one of the most reliable ones on the market.

Even with the few problems that give, the machinery is bound to last you years if you take the bare minimum care of the engine.

This one is also reliable because it is built to power higher-end models of trucks and vehicles and helps them a lot since a powerful motor is required to power them.

The maintenance of the appliance is not too bad as well as can be easily done. Even if not a motor many are aware of, still pretty popular in its features.

As long as you take care of it, that will prove one of the best machinery you can use and purchase.

What Cars Use Ford 6.2 Engine?

Many vehicles are known to use the Ford 6.2 Engine. Since the 6.2 engine has been around for a significant amount of time, it’s only obvious that many kinds of cars can use.

One of the main ones is the Ford E-Series. These are the cars that have existed from 2017-2019.

These vehicles are extremely efficient and can help the driver have a smooth ride. Other such cars include the Ford F-series, which have existed from 2011-2014.

Another kind is the Ford F-150 Raptor from years 2010-2014. These are some of the older models.

Two other models include the Ford Super Duty from the years 2011-2016 and the 2017-present day.

These cars use the Ford 6.2 engine, and they are extremely happy with how such suits their cars, which is a great way to figure out if the engine will suit your car as well as does in these specific vehicles.

Ford 6.2 Engine Specs

Engine Ford 6.2
Engine family Ford Boss
Vehicles Ford-150, F-250, F-350, Raptor
Displacement 379 cid, 6.2 litters
Block material Cast iron
Cylinder head material Aluminum alloy
Cylinder bore 4.015”
Aspiration Naturally aspirated
Cylinder stroke 3.74
Compression ratio 9.8: 1
Fuel system Sequential multi-port fuel injections
Engine oil capacity 7 qts w / filter

The Benefits Of Choosing The Ford 6.2 Engine

There are tons of benefits that come from choosing the Ford 6.2 engine. Even with the ford 6.2 problems, the motor gives many benefits that you should be aware of.

  • There is a lot of power in the engine itself.
  • Can last a significant amount of time.
  • Maintenance is fairly easy.
  • The A-reliable choice for you.
  • Extremely affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Many Miles Can The Ford 6.2 Last?

The biggest thing to remember is that the Ford 6.2 can last as long as you want if you take care of it.

However, since many of us are unaware of our engines, the general number of miles that your Ford 6.2 engine can last is around 300,000 going as high as 500,000 miles if you take care.

Q2. How Long Will The Ford 6.2 Engine Last?

Depending on many factors, including how much you take care of it. The 6.2 engine has lasted more than ten years for some people, but for others rumbled and finished within five years.

The way for others that you take care of your machinery holds a big place in how long it lasts.

Q3. Why Does This Ford 6.2 Engine Have 16 Spark Plugs?

The main reason for the plugs is that the 6.2 engines we need to use should be efficient.

The combustion efficiency, that comes with this 16 spark plus can help in the better performance of the engine itself. It also helps with fuel economy.

Q4. Is The Ford 6.2 Engine A Big Block?

Although you may not realize it, the Ford engine can be considered a large block.

Compared to some other engines, this is the one that precedes all expectations and makes people wonder. Having a bore of 4.02 inches, you can imagine how truly big it is.

Q5. Is Buying The Ford 6.2 Engine Worth The Problems?

Motors have a lot of common problems. But for the most part, I think the Ford 6.2 engine is worth the issues brought.

With so many other things to offer, it helps you make your car the best it has been to run very smoothly.


So there you have it! The Ford 6.2 engine is surely something that you would have wondered about.

Since many mechanics have talked about it, your doubts about if the engine is worth it have probably been cleared. The ford 6.2 engine problems can be overlooked.

With so many features to offer, the particular machinery has both its ups and downs.

With so many factors to consider, it is a motor that has gained popularity through the right means and aims to be everything that you would want from an engine.