6 Best Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats Reviews

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Protecting your car’s floor from all types of weather is important.

In addition, stones, mud, debris, etc from shoes and food and drink spills on your car floor will leave stains on the car floor over time.

Therefore, investing in a good quality floor mat set to enhance your car’s look and preserve its value is essential.

With so many different options to choose from, buying a floor mat will depend on your budget and what you prefer yourself, but I have still compiled a list of some of the most popular and the best Tesla Model 3 floor mats.

6 Top Rated Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats Comparisons

3D MAXpider All-Weather Floor Mats

3D MAXpider All-Weather Floor Mats

TAPTES Premium All Weather Floor Mats

TAPTES Premium All Weather Floor Mats

TuxMat Custom All Weather Floor Mats

TuxMat Custom All Weather Floor Mats

TOUGHPRO Floor Mats Accessories

TOUGHPRO Floor Mats Accessories

WENNEBIRD Superior Carpet Floor Mats

WENNEBIRD Superior Carpet Floor Mats

HEA Ultimate All Weather & All Season Waterproof 3D Floor Liners

HEA Ultimate All Weather & All Season Waterproof 3D Floor Liners


1. 3D MAXpider All-Weather Floor Mats

3D MAXpider All-Weather Floor Mats
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11/10/2023 10:38 am GMT

The most popular and highly recommended product on this list is the 3D MAXpider All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3.

These floor mats will take care of all of the spillages on them and make them disappear within seconds.

It was also one of the first Tesla Model 3 floor mat sets that came into the market after the Tesla release and has the best quality.

Customers and YouTubers highly recommend this brand. Because there are different variants for the different years of the cars, these are made to fit as best as they can.

These cover over 95% of the interior carpet and the subjacent walls. Rubber is the material used in these, and laser scanning technology and 3D scanning are used in these models.

They have been customized so they can properly fit your Tesla model and include multiple layers.

These layers are an all-weather thermoplastic rubber layer, a lightweight XPE foam layer, which absorbs vibrations, making it very comfortable.

A carbon fiber textured finish is included. Because of this, these are waterproof, durable and they will not crack.

MAXpider has an anti-skid backing, which will prevent the mats from moving here and there.

These are easy to clean, resistant and they look good. They are all-weather mats and will work perfectly in every season.

The edges of these floor mats are raised; this will avoid any dirt at all from ruining your car’s precious floor.

Being made of an SGS certified material ensures that these are environment friendly, non-toxic, and 100% odor-free.

However, the cons to these are that they are expensive compared to the others.

In addition, because of a crease in the middle to avoid them from lying flat, this makes the mats a bit uncomfortable when stepping on, and the mats will also wear out fast there.

  • Cover over 95% of the floor
  • Perfectly fit your car
  • Carbon fiber textured finish
  • Anti-skid backing
  • Environment-friendly, non-toxic and odor-free
  • Expensive
  • Uncomfortable to step on

These are the best and most popular option when looking for Tesla model 3 floor mats. Wherever you go, you’ll find this as a recommendation.

2. TAPTES Premium All Weather Floor Mats

TAPTES Premium All Weather Floor Mats
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11/09/2023 08:28 am GMT

The next best car floor mats are the TAPTES All-Weather Floor Mats.

This brand have an anti-skid backing, which will prevent them from slipping around, so you won’t find any problems stepping on it or won’t have to constantly put the mats back in place.

However, they can be easily taken out to clean them. In addition, these are waterproof, so in case you spill anything, there’s nothing to worry about, as it won’t ruin your car’s floor.

Very easy to install, the non-slip technology avoids any problems when installing it. To install them, you just have to put them inside the car in the correct position.

These floor mats are precisely measured so that they fit your Tesla Model 3 car floor perfectly without any open spaces.

Being made of very high quality, odor-free makes it suitable to be used long term and comfortable enough to be used daily.

You won’t have to buy new car mats for a long time after buying these, as they will last you a long time due to their durability.

The material has three layers, and the top layer uses thermoplastic rubber of carbon fiber texture; this material makes the floor mats look luxurious, thus enhancing the looks of your car.

With a 12 months’ warranty, buying these floor mats ensures that they’ll last you at least a year, and you won’t have to buy new ones during that time.

Lastly, the best thing out of all is that they come at an affordable price, so you don’t have to worry about spending a huge amount on buying car floor mats just because your Tesla Model 3 didn’t come with any, or they weren’t good enough.

There are also no annoying logos on the mat to ruin the look.

However, this product does not cover the car’s cargo area, and they also don’t fit the Tesla 2021 model properly.

In addition, there have been previous concerns about delays in shipping after ordering this product.

  • Anti-skid backing
  • Waterproof
  • Odor-free
  • Luxurious look without logos
  • 12-month warranty
  • Doesn’t cover the cargo area
  • Doesn’t fit Tesla 2021 model
  • Concerns about shipping delays

If you have any model other than the 2021 model, these are the best, budget-friendly floor mats you could get.

3. TuxMat Custom All Weather Floor Mats

TuxMat Custom All Weather Floor Mats
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11/09/2023 02:28 pm GMT

This is another popular option for Tesla owners, covering the floor and the sides of the wall properly. These don’t leave any part exposed and fit the floor $100.

In addition to this, the front mats are extended to the B pillar. This will avoid any snow or dirt gathering when you enter.

Not only this, these TuxMat Custom All Weather Floor Mats are not high on maintenance.

They can be cleaned with only a wipe and cloth. So you don’t have to take them out to clean them with water.

These also come with a lifetime warranty, so guess what?

You won’t have to buy them more than once, because they are so durable and of high quality.

If, however, you want to request a refund for any reason at all, you can get that as well within 30 days of buying it.

It even looks and feels luxurious, so your car will feel even more classy and stylish after you install this brand.

The mats are soft and flexible, and there are clips to increase the security of these. The material has three layers.

The bottom layer is an anti-skid cloth that will protect your car floor and prevent the mat from slipping here and there, which may be very annoying.

The middle layer ensures a vertical structure throughout the mat and is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about spillage.

Moreover, the top layer is also waterproof PVC, with matching texture; this layer makes the mat highly durable.

A heavy-duty heel pad is also included, which will prevent any wear and tear in the top layers, therefore, the lifetime warranty.

However, this brand is the most expensive. Costing about $200, however, the lifetime warranty makes up for it. These also include a logo, ruining the aesthetic.
  • Proper coverage
  • Easy to clean
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Three layers
  • Very expensive
  • Have logo 

Though expensive, this is also one of the best-recommended floor mats set on this list.

4. TOUGHPRO Floor Mats Accessories

TOUGHPRO Floor Mats Accessories
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11/09/2023 11:48 am GMT

The ToughPRO Floor Mats Accessories uses a computerized cut system which ensures that their mats are the perfect fit for the Tesla Model 3 floor.

Therefore, when you install these mats, there won’t be any empty spaces ruing the look of the mat and leaving it unprotected. They also use 3D scan patterns.

This brand offer complete protection from snow, rain, salt, and dirt; non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and odor-free material is used to make them.

Therefore, you’ll be doing the environment a favor, and the mats will not produce any unwanted smells.

These are triple-layered, and they cover your car floor 25% more than other car floor mats.

They also have rough surfaces, making the dirt and debris from your shoes stick there; just be sure to clean them regularly.

They can also be easily cleaned, and you just have to wipe them with a wet towel. Or you could just water wash them using a hose.

This set is a full, six-piece set, and it will not only cover the front and back seat floor areas but the cargo as well.

These are for the driver seat, passenger seat, a cargo mat, a small mat to cover the hidden lower cargo, and one to cover the trunk.

They have a non-skid, molded back, ensuring that they do not annoyingly slip off whenever they want. These mats connect directly to the car floor anchors.

However, the outer edge of these may not be big enough to hold water, which can cause water from the outside to get into car areas you wouldn’t want it to reach.

In addition, there are complaints that the rear cargo mat is hard to lift if you want to uncover the lower cargo area.

  • Computerized cut system
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless material
  • Triple layering
  • Rough surface
  • Full six-piece set
  • The outer edge doesn't hold water
  • Rear cargo mat hard to lift

With ToughPRO’s amazing technologies, the high quality of their products is ensured. If you want a set to cover everywhere in your car, this is the best option for you.

5. WENNEBIRD Superior Carpet Floor Mats

WENNEBIRD Superior Carpet Floor Mats
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11/09/2023 12:33 pm GMT

Made of environmentally friendly SGS certified material, the WENNEBIRD Superior Carpet Floor Mats are 100% odorless and completely non-toxic.

Therefore, you will not have to deal with any rubber smell/these floor mats will give your car floor complete protection in all weathers, therefore protecting the car floor from any mud, rain, dirt, salt, and snow.

Therefore your car’s floor will stay clean all year round.

Not only this, but these mats are also really easy to install, and they can be installed in your car in a few seconds, making them convenient.

Speaking of convenience, they are also pretty easy to clean. All you need to do is remove them from the car and clean them using a wet towel or a vacuum cleaner.

These floor mats consist of multiple layers, and hot press technology combines all of these layers.

The first layer is a tufting carpet; this is very durable and will last in all weathers and absorb any noise inside the car.

Being able to absorb the noise is an interesting feature making this mat unique.

The top layer is soft and comfortable if you step on it, as well as lightweight. The middle layer is PVC, therefore making the mat waterproof and flame retardant.

The bottom layer has Velcro underneath it, which will stick to your car’s floor, preventing it from slipping around and moving.

High precision laser scanning technology is used to make the mats. Compared to universal car mats and OEM, these floor mats will provide as much coverage as possible.

They also have a leather edging process, which will stop any dirt from getting under the carpet onto the car floor, keeping your car floor clean.

Finally, the heel pad in the driver’s side is designed in such a way that it will prevent slipping, to help drive safely.

When installed in the Tesla, these are the perfect match for the interior of the Tesla Model 3, making everything looks stylish and luxurious by completing the look.

However, there are complaints that these mats are not as durable as they look, and black fibers and lint are loosening all the time.
  • SGS certified material
  • Easy to install
  • Multiple layers
  • Absorbs noise
  • High precision laser scanning technology
  • Not durable, will wear off

A perfect match for the Tesla Model 3 interior, these will not only protect the car but make your Tesla look as classy as possible.

6. HEA Ultimate All Weather & All Season Waterproof 3D Floor Liners

HEA Ultimate All Weather & All Season Waterproof 3D Floor Liners
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The #1 Floor mats are made with great attention to detail in designing them with a gorgeously black look.

When installed inside your car, the interior will look as cool as possible because of the floor, which is what your expensive Tesla deserves.

These HEA Ultimate All Weather & All Season Waterproof 3d Floor Liners are made to fit the car floor perfectly without leaving any spaces or edges, and therefore they will protect your car floor from all sides.

They are also easy to maintain and easy to clean because of the smooth surface, so you won’t have to worry about going through the whole process of cleaning the floor mats from time to time, as the process is simple and easy.

These floor mats are also very durable; it is ensured that these will last you as long as possible without any wear or tear.

So you won’t have to worry about buying new ones now and then, and they also won’t begin to look ugly sometime after they come in, unlike some floor mats.

There are also no logos to ruin the aesthetic quality of the mats.

In addition, they are very lightweight, unlike other heavy mats. Even though they are lightweight, high quality is guaranteed.

They have a bathtub design that will prevent anything from going under the car mats, ensuring maximum protection for your car floor to preserve the car’s value.

These also protect the sidewall carpet, therefore preventing any dust or dirt from creating stains in that area.

However, these mats do not have any sticky surface under them to stick to your car floor; therefore, they will slip off.
  • Gorgeous black look
  • Fit perfectly
  • Lightweight
  • Will slip here and there

Although average, according to some customers, these are another great option to get for your Tesla if you’re looking for something lightweight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats Fit The Tesla Model Y?

No, they don’t. This is because Model 3 and Model Y mats have different dimensions, and so do the car floors, and they are not fit for a different model.

However, some companies have Model Y variants for sale.

Q2. Does The 2021 Tesla Model 3 Already Have Floor Mats?

No, the Standard Range and the Standard Range Plus Trims do not come with any floor mats, and you have to get new ones.

You could buy high-quality floor mats from any company, or you can use Tesla’s floor mats for the factory look.

If you don’t buy any, then the dirt will get everywhere on your car floor.

Q3. How Much Will I Have To Spend On My Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats?

If you’re buying a whole set with the front, back, frunk, and cargo (six pieces), then it will cost you around $200.

However, buying a more basic but high-quality set with only back and front will cost lesser than $100.

But when buying something, make sure to read feedbacks that customers have given and check the materials used in the floor mats.


Learn who makes the most popular all-weather floor mats for Tesla Model 3 through my buyer's guide

Buying the best Tesla Model 3 floor mats for your car will depend on several factors, such as what look you want for the car floor, which material you prefer, and whether you want a complete set or not, and what your budget is.

Fortunately, most floor mats for the Tesla Model 3 in the market are very high quality, and none of them will let you down.

However, the winner on today’s list is the “3D MAXpider All-Weather Floor Mats“.

This floor mat is highly recommended by the customers who use it, and its high-quality material and manufacturing just make it the best out of all.