6 Best Shocks For Ford F150 2WD Reviews

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The Ford F150 is a spectacular truck. It drives great, gives great mileage, and generally, whoever buys it more than satisfied with their purchase.

But what most buyers don’t know that the shocks used in the F150 2WD can be a lot better. They can provide better control and shock absorption.

So, I have managed to compile a list of the best shocks for F150 2WD, filling in that performance gap that Ford left.

You will feel and observe the difference in ride quality, and there is no way you will want to go back to your stock settings. So, without any further ado, let’s get straight into it!

6 Top Rated F-150 2WD Replacement Shocks Comparisons

Bilstein B8 5100 Shock Absorber

Bilstein B8 5100 Shock Absorber

Rancho QuickLIFT RS999909 Strut And Coil Spring Assembly

Rancho QuickLIFT RS999909 Strut And Coil Spring Assembly

Detroit Axle Shock Absorbers

Detroit Axle Shock Absorbers

Rough Country Leveling Kit With N3 Shocks

Rough Country Leveling Kit With N3 Shocks

Monroe 58643 Shock Absorber

Monroe 58643 Shock Absorber

MOOG ST8582 Strut And Coil Spring Assembly

MOOG ST8582 Strut And Coil Spring Assembly


1.Bilstein B8 5100 Shock Absorber

Bilstein B8 5100 Shock Absorber
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11/09/2023 12:18 pm GMT

At this point, I should not even be surprised. No matter which SUV or truck I choose, the Bilstein B8 5100 is almost always the number one recommendation from reviewers.

The same is the case with the F150 2WD. This shock combines the best aspects of different shocks in the market to deliver the ultimate performing package.

The 5100s feature a monotube design which is the excellent in class available on the market right now.

It is better at absorbing impulses and has overall better sensitivity when compared to the twin-tube design.

Bilstein has also included their patented technologies, such as their special digressive system. It reduces friction greatly.

This is beneficial in terrains where the shocks have to adjust quickly. With lesser friction, their overall sensitivity is increased.

No matter how you drive your truck, whether it be on-road or off-road, fully loadedor empty, these ones will be there to provide you with superior shock absorption and better control and handling.

In addition, Bilstein has ensured the working and reliability of the B8 by testing it to its absolute limit.

They are physically installed on test vehicles, and unlike most manufacturers that rely on simulations and computer-based results, the company uses feedback from experienced drivers.

So they are not on the top of most lists without reason, right?

Moreover, the brand also offers a limited lifetime warranty with these shocks. They have put everything in this one package to please all sorts of consumers.

Unfortunately, the warranty will expire if and when you transfer ownership of the F150 to someone else.

With over 80 five-star reviews, the shock is the perfect choice for looking for products with no faults or issues. So you can buy with complete peace of mind.
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Real-world testing
  • Patented digressive valving
  • Monotube design
  • Quick adjustment
  • None

The Bilstein B8 5100 is the excellent choice on the market if you own a Ford F150 2WD.

It has all the features you would want from a good shock, and you don’t have to compromise on anything.

2. Rancho QuickLIFT RS999909 Strut And Coil Spring Assembly

Rancho QuickLIFT RS999909 Strut And Coil Spring Assembly
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11/10/2023 08:33 am GMT

Coming in second place is another excellent shock assembly offered by the brand Rancho.

The company makes phenomenal products and sometimes goes head to head with the likes of Bilstein in some regards.

This shock and strut assembly does perform two functions in one package.

It levels your truck and upgrades your shocks too. If you have a 2004-2008 Ford F150, this shock assembly is the one to go for.

To summarize the leveling part, the kit can provide up to a 2.5-inch lift, which is excellent for those who would like to install bigger-sized tires.

The increased ground clearance also protects the undercarriage from damage when off-roading.

Now, onto the star of the show, the RS999909 shocks. These beasts have some fantastic features. The nine-level adjustment knob allows you to choose which type of ride you want.

You can choose from firm to soft or any damping level in between. This is pure versatility and is loved by many users.

The shocks have been built to last. The seal is self-lubricating, so it does not harden up after years of usage.

It also allows for smoother compression, making sure that the shocks will last as long as possible.

The gas used in these is nitrogen. It is charged up to 100PSI to ensure it does not mix with the oil. This, in turn, reduces the chance of fade and foaming.

Combine all of this because the whole kit is easy to install and use, which makes the buy more appealing for customers.

Only one buyer presented his issue with the product he received. However, it had poor welding, which raises the product’s durability in the long term.
  • Easy to install
  • Levels your truck too
  • Nine-level adjustment
  • Nitrogen charged
  • Poor welding

Rancho has created an excellent product, and most buyers agree with this assessment. You will be more than satisfied with this purchase.

3. Detroit Axle Shock Absorbers

Detroit Axle Shock Absorbers
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11/10/2023 10:29 am GMT

Well, if you are looking for a decent pair of shocks that do not come with a lift kit, then check out these Detroit Axle Shock Absorbers.

These are also manufactured for the 2004 to 2008 models of the Ford F150, and with over 120 positive reviews, they should be on your consideration list.

This set of two shocks provides some pretty great features. Talking about durability and reliability, the company has tested them to ensure they will handle most environments.

In addition, they have been impact tested and tested for wear by working them for long periods. They passed all those tests with flying colors.

You will feel and experience better control, handling, and overall stabilization if you choose to install these on your vehicle.

The driving experience will be better than the truck when it is new, so the experience will not only be new and fresh but will be a game-changer for you.

As I said at the start, you won’t be able to go back after installing them. These Detroit Axle Shocks are easy to install.

They can be installed within a matter of a few hours. The company also includes a 10-year warranty with this product.

Although it is incomparable with the lifetime warranty provided by Bilstein, it is more than enough for any faults to come to the surface, if there are any.

Some buyers complained that their shocks started to leak and stop working months after installing.

This is pretty disappointing to see after reading the claims from the manufacturer. Shocks should last at least five years at peak performance.

  • Easy to install
  • 10-year warranty
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Better control and handling
  • May fail rather quickly

I have reviewed Detroit Axle products before. It is rare for them to make a faulty shock.

The main cause of this must be poor quality control. Nevertheless, it is the end consumer that suffers the most.

4. Rough Country Leveling Kit With N3 Shocks

Rough Country Leveling Kit With N3 Shocks

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11/10/2023 12:19 pm GMT

If you liked the Rancho lift kit with included shocks but have a newer model of the F150, then this Rough Country Leveling Kit N3 Shocks is the one you are after.

Compatible with the 2009 to 2019 models of the F150, this product is compatible with the latest and greatest trucks and performs excellently.

Talking about the leveling kit, it is different from a lift kit.

For more clarification, there is a buying guide at the end of this article. The kit levels the front with the rear, which helps in improving ground clearance.

This ensures that the undercarriage has sufficient height to protect it from damage while off-roading. The kit also allows you to install larger-sized tires.

These N3 shocks bring some pretty cool features. It has a 10-step variable valving. The fluid used in it has military specs. It can survive temperatures as low as -40°C.

That is truly impressive. The rubber bushings are used to allow for better shock absorption than ever before.

The brand has some pretty bold claims when it comes to durability and rusting.

They state that the shocks and the kit are made of their in-house proprietary composite materials, which will never rust.

That is seriously impressive. This also means that the whole kit will have a long lifetime.

Moreover, the installation is also easy. The whole process will take a few hours and does not even need a mechanic.

You can do everything from the comfort of your home. It even comes with a 3-year warranty that ensures you can get a free replacement if the product exhibits any faults.

Lastly, the main issue that buyers had the quality of parts is poor, made mostly from plastic.

Some complained that the spacer broke in half while installing the nuts. The brand should focus on making the quality of its products better.

  • Easy to install
  • 3-year warranty
  • 10-step variable valving
  • Levels your truck
  • Hardware not durable
  • Spacer breaks if too much pressure is applied

Buyers won’t test the company’s claims if the product can’t even be installed without breaking it.

Most buyers were able to install it and had positive things to say, but you should still be careful while doing it independently.

5. Monroe 58643 Shock Absorber

Monroe 58643 Shock Absorber

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11/10/2023 02:18 pm GMT

Earning the fifth spot is a shock from a highly regarded brand, Monroe. I have reviewed their products before, and they perform quite well when under load.

These ones are an excellent choice for those who use their trucks for towing. Talking about towing, the Monore 58643 Shock Absorber is perfect for that.

It not only helps with sag when the truck is under load, but it also improves handling and control with up to an additional 1200 pounds of force.

That is seriously impressive. It must be noted that they do not increase the load capacity; they only make the driving experience better when carrying those loads.

With Monroe’s expert tuning, you won’t have to worry about consistency in any application.

Whether you are off-roading or driving on the highway, these shocks will provide you with a superior driving experience.

The all-weather fluid used in the shocks ensures that they will work in the most extreme conditions.

So whether you travel in the cold or want to experience the heat, you won’t have to worry about these failing on you.

Moreover, the self-lubricating seal not only reduces friction it greatly extends the life of the shock by reducing wear.

As a result, the piston road has been nitro carburized for long service life.

To improve the tire’s contact with the road, the company has used nitrogen in these, charged at high pressure.

This ensures that no matter the terrain, the shocks will adapt to varying road conditions instantaneously. The use of high-pressured gas also reduces the risk of fade and aeration.

Despite Monroe’s reputation in this segment, they let some pass through their assembly lines which caused problems for consumers.

As a result, some received completely defective units, while others had theirs fail within a matter of months.

This surely must be a source of frustration for the consumers and should be sorted out by the manufacturer as soon as possible.

  • All-weather fluid
  • Nitrogen charged
  • Self-lubricating seal
  • Tested for consistency
  • Faulty units received
  • May break sooner than expected

Monroe has made a decent pair of shocks. If only their quality control was better, the shock would have scored much higher on this article.

6. MOOG ST8582 Strut And Coil Spring Assembly

MOOG ST8582 Strut And Coil Spring Assembly
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For this last position, I set out to find a brand that has not been in many spotlight. MOOG is the brand that won the round.

Their ST8582 shock is a splendid product that deserves your attention. It provides some pretty unique features that set it apart from the competition.

To ensure long-lasting performance, the brand has used trip seal protection. As a result, this seal has a considerably longer life than traditional ones used in all sorts of shocks.

Combine that with the fact that the top plate used in this product has been stress tested with a million cycles under full load. And guess what, it easily handled it.

The coil spring on this one is also built to last. Unlike products from other brands, MOOG has used a specialized coating that prevents the shock from rusting and corroding.

This also increases the longevity of the product while keeping it look brand new.

This shock is yet again nitrogen charged. The advantage of this is that you get excellent response and sensitivity, increasing the tire’s contact time with the ground.

This, in turn, increases the control and handling too. The hardware used in these is of OEM quality. According to the manufacturer, the quality may even surpass OEM requirements.

In layman’s terms, you won’t have to worry about the nuts and bolts of the shock breaking on you when under intense load.

The installation has also been made easy. It does not require a mechanic. If you have the right tools, then you can do everything from the comfort of your driveway.

Most buyers were content with this purchase. However, keep in mind that the reviews on it are less.

So, unless someone publishes a long-term one, you cannot be sure if it is worth buying.

  • Easy to install
  • Triple seal protection
  • OEM quality hardware
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Less reviews

This MOOG shock deserved a spot on this article. But buyers beware that buying may be a bit of a risk due to the lack of reviews.

However, if it turns out to be advertised, you will surely be satisfied with its performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. You Mentioned A Lift Kit And A Leveling Kit In This Article. What Is The Difference?

I will keep this brief. First, a leveling kit aims to level the front of the truck with the rear. This eliminates the nosediving issue and also provides better protection for the undercarriage.

Now, a lift kit increases the height of the front and the rear by the same amount of measurements. In addition, it increases the height for a better driving angle.

Combine this upgrade with brand new shocks included in the box; you will be looking at a fantastic driving experience.

Q2. How Long Do Shocks Last On F150 2Wd?

You can expect to replace your new or old shocks after being driven anywhere between 50000 and 100000 miles.

After that, you will start noticing poor impulse absorption and noises, which signals that a replacement is needed.

Q3. 4WD Shocks On A 2WD Truck – Can I Put Them?

Surprisingly, the answer to this question is yes. This is because parts between a 4WD F150 and a 2WD one are interchangeable.

This is great news for those in the market for new shocks but can find other drive types. But it is recommended to search thoroughly before buying them.

Q4. How Can I Make My F150 2WD Smoother?

Shocks are not the only thing that can make driving more smooth and comfortable.

You can change tires, get a tune, and even adjust the air pressure on your tires to make a noticeable difference.

So, don’t feel bad if your new shocks did not give you the comfort you expected. The problem may be present in some other area. You just have to narrow it down.


Choosing the right shocks for your Ford F-150 2WD

The best shocks for F150 2WD are hard to find.

There are hundreds of brands that claim one thing and deliver something entirely else.

Some even sell fake products in the name of actual brands.

But you don’t have to worry. These six shocks are the ones to go for if you are looking for genuine and excellent performing products.

But I would recommend you go for the Bilstein B8 5100s as they stand out from the competition in many ways, one of the major ones being the limited lifetime warranty.

Even if you choose the MOOG shock, it will most probably provide you with a superior driving experience than ever before.