7 Best Roof Racks For Jeep Grand Cherokee Reviews

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Jeep is a brand that has been around for more than 70 years.

Initially used by the American Allied forces during WWII, the Jeep was available for public use, targeted farmers and laborers who would require the storage and off-road capabilities the vehicle provides.

Over the years, the target audience would expand toward families and travelers since the two groups would also require increased cargo storage and off-road drive.

However, despite the good amount of storage, some people still do not find it accurate to store their equipment and cargo and require more space. They can look no further as in this article.

I will be listing the best roof rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee, which are sure to provide you with the extra cargo space you are looking for.

7 Top Rated Jeep Grand Cherokee Crossbars Comparisons

BRIGHTLINES Crossbars Roof Racks

BRIGHTLINES Crossbars Roof Racks

StayThere Universal Roof Rack Crossbars

StayThere Universal Roof Rack Crossbars

ARKSEN 64 Universal Roof Rack Cargo Carrier

ARKSEN 64 Universal Roof Rack Cargo Carrier

YITAMOTOR Cross Bars Roof Racks

YITAMOTOR Cross Bars Roof Racks

MONOKING Roof Rack Cross Bars

MONOKING Roof Rack Cross Bars

BougeRV Car Roof Rack Cross Bars

BougeRV Car Roof Rack Cross Bars

BRIGHTLINES Roof Rack Crossbars With Roof Black Moldings

BRIGHTLINES Roof Rack Crossbars With Roof Black Moldings


1. BRIGHTLINES Crossbars Roof Racks

BRIGHTLINES Crossbars Roof Racks

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11/10/2023 04:38 pm GMT

BRIGHTLINES is a company known for making vehicle rooftop carriers and racks.

Their catalog includes high-quality rooftop racks and various vehicles to provide extra storage for luggage.

The product I will be discussing here is part of the latter category. The BRIGHTLINES Crossbars Roof Racks are designed specifically for Jeep Grand Cherokee.

This rack is designed to fit all models between 2011 and 2021, except for those that come with flushed, plastic molding, or raised side rails.

For these models, there are other racks from BRIGHTLINES that you can check out. The bars for this rack are made of aluminum metal.

Moreover, this makes them extremely lightweight if you need to remove them and move them from one vehicle to another.

This also means that the rack will not affect the amount of fuel consumed by your Jeep.

The installation process is extremely simple. This means that you do not need any prior skills to install it on your car.

The rack comes with pre-drilled holes that allow this, meaning you do not have to worry about any drilling involved in the installation process.

The final finishing for this product has given it a black color. This contrasts quite well with most of Jeep Grand Cherokees’ colors.

Other than that, the bars on this rack are removable when you do not need them on. Their lightweight and manageable size make it easier to store them after removing them.

There is, however, the problem of having to experience wind noises whenever this rack is installed on the car.

I believe that is why this rack allows the bars to be removed. However, scratching the roof is dangerous if you do not remove them safely.

  • Removable bars
  • Lightweight; Does not affect fuel consumption
  • Bars are not too high; it Allows for parking in limited upper space places
  • Causes a lot of wind noise
  • Bars can damage the roof if not removed carefully

This roof rack is something I would recommend to every owner with a Jeep Grand Cherokee model that this one is compatible with.

Just be careful when you remove the bars because, with the amount of wind noise they make, I am certain you will at some point.

2. StayThere Universal Roof Rack Crossbars

StayThere Universal Roof Rack Crossbars

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11/10/2023 06:43 pm GMT

StayThere is another popular America-based manufacturer for travel-related products for cars.

They specialize in making tie-down and tow straps for vehicles and tow hooks that you might need with them. Among these products, StayThere also offers one rooftop rack.

This is the StayThere Universal Roof Rack Crossbars. The unique thing about this rack is a universal rooftop rack.

This means that it will easily fit any Jeep Grand Cherokee model. The overall design of this rack is pretty good-looking aesthetically speaking.

The material used to make the bars is Aluminum which means that they are lightweight and will not affect your vehicle’s fuel consumption.

The bar of this rack is detachable, and the fact they are lightweight makes it easier to handle them.

Furthermore, the bars are elliptical instead of the usual cuboid and cylinder-shaped ones that you may find in other racks on the market. This makes this bar quite aerodynamic.

This means that this rack will not produce too much wind noise that most rooftop racks tend to make. It also has a unique anti-theft lock with two keys provided.

Other than that, the installation process for this rack is really simple. The included instruction manual has everything you need to know to install it.

Any tools needed for the installation are also included in the package.

The rack has rubberized grips that make sure that it holds tightly onto the roof rails while still not damaging the paint on them.

The only problem I would mention is that this rack is really big. In some cases, it is just too big, meaning that it just does not fit on some of the smaller vehicles out there.

The large size of the attachment base takes up a lot of space on the bar. Along with that, the rack is much higher than the available alternatives.

  • Anti-theft lock
  • Aerodynamic; Does not cause too much wind noise
  • Lightweight and removable aluminum bars. Rubberized grips allow for secure installation
  • The attachment base takes up a lot of space
  • The rack is a bit too high when installed

The rack may be a bit too big, but it is not a problem you will have to face if you have a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Just make sure that the height that this one sits on is not a problem for you.

3. ARKSEN 64 Universal Roof Rack Cargo Carrier

ARKSEN 64 Universal Roof Rack Cargo Carrier
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11/10/2023 02:08 am GMT

ARKSEN is another well-known brand specializing in automobile accessories and has made quite a few products over the years that have a premium feel.

They have been known for making universal products that can fit just about any vehicle on the market. One of their products in question is also a universal product.

The ARKSEN 64 Universal Roof Rack Cargo Carrier comes in various sizes and features.

You can purchase the smallest model, which is 43 inches, the next one, which is 64 inches, or their largest one, which is a massive 84 inches.

With these models, you can choose to have a cargo bag or net add-on, further giving you value and safety. The design is very smart and prioritizes the safety of your equipment.

It is an easy-to-install product that 4 universal U-bolts do. The side rails and the bottom bars provide plenty of points to tie down.

A steel wind fairing is also included. All this allows you to mount various accessories or carry big loads. The design also reduces wind noise and resistance for better mileage.

The roof rack is made of steel alloy with a black powder-coated finish which is easy to assemble and heavy-duty from top to bottom.

The length varies as per the model type; however, the width and height are 39 and 6 inches, respectively. The overall weight capacity of the roof rack is 150 pounds which is quite a lot.

The add-on net which comes with the roof rack is also very nice, being a strong elastic and tangle-free mesh that is wear and tear-resistant and can withstand a huge amount of tensile force.

This provides your equipment with further security and prevents luggage from falling.

Customers have complained that the installation guide of the product is very vague.

The product is also not very rust-resistant as people complained about rust after a few days of rain which says a lot about the quality of the product.

  • Wind resistant
  • Variety of different sizes
  • A universal product that can fit more vehicles
  • Instructions are vague
  • Prone to rust

Overall the product is very nice and safe; however, if it cannot last a few rain showers and cannot be installed properly due to a lack of instruction, there is no point in putting in the extra hassle of setting it up.

4. YITAMOTOR Cross Bars Roof Racks

YITAMOTOR Cross Bars Roof Racks
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11/09/2023 07:23 am GMT

YITAMOTOR is a well-known company that offers a wide selection of automobile products ranging from LED lighting, interior accessories, and more.

They offer a great selection of products made of cutting-edge technology while also making their products stylish and efficient, aiming for complete customer satisfaction and offering free shipping and delivery and 24-hour online support.

Their product in question is the YITAMOTOR Cross Bars Roof Racks.

This roof rack is compatible with many Jeep Grand Cherokee models from 2011 to 2021, supporting a decade of Jeep models.

Still, make sure that you don’t have an even older model to avoid frustrations and inconveniences.

The roof rack is made of high-grade aluminum, lightweight, and easy to install and remove since it can be moved particularly easily.

The aluminum can also provide the roof rack with a weight capacity of 150 pounds or 68Kg despite being very lightweight, which is a nice accomplishment.

The roof racks are more than capable of storing various equipment that the passengers may hook up to.

This includes the family’s luggage but can extend even further to other equipment such as bikes, skis, and kayaks, which is great since transporting these larger items, can be a hassle.

Lastly, the design of the product is simple and stylish. The streamlined design makes it less wind resistant and makes the product noise-free.

The installation requires no drilling or cutting but instead a simple assembly that takes minutes to set up and the same amount of time to disassemble.

Customers have complained that the roof rack makes much noise despite being marketed as not making noise, even at lower speeds.

Other issues include the quality of the product as people have complained that the roof rack has bent on the weight of their equipment.

  • Large weight capacity
  • Simple and stylish design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Loads may cause bending or breaking
  • Wind noise

The product is great; however, the main issue is its ability to hold the equipment without bending or breaking, which can easily lead to bad situations.

Wind noise is also not appreciated.

5. MONOKING Roof Rack Cross Bars

MONOKING Roof Rack Cross Bars

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MONOKING is a popular brand that claims to be the go-to brand to buy accessories for cars related to road trips and traveling, which may be the case as the company makes a lot of good quality automobile accessories that help the passengers in their traveling needs.

The MONOKING Roof Rack Cross Bars are made of strong and durable aluminum alloy, upgraded to provide the user with first-class safety.

The powder coating finish helps waterproofing and rust prevention while providing a much longer lifespan. The design is also very easy to install without any drilling or cutting.

The company has high hopes for the product and its weight capacity since the roof rack has gone through various load tests, crash tests, and wear and tear simulations, pushing the structure and capacity to its limits.

The capacity for this roof rack is a staggering 165 pounds when the cargo is evenly distributed.

Made specifically for the Jeep Grand Cherokee, this roof rack also supports a decade of models starting from 2011 up to 2021, making it an easy choice if you are unsure about the compatibility of other roof racks.

The product is compatible with all models of the Jeep Grand Cherokee except for those with groove side rails.

MONOKING offers its customers an entire year of warranty for their products along with a lifetime of professional tech support.

This, along with the two extra rubber strips customers can add, further shows their commitment to their customers.

Other features of the product include strong locks, wind noise-resistant, and fuel economy improvement.

Customers have complained about the whistling noise the roof rack makes and other problems such as rattling, bad instructions, useless locks, and overall low quality, which is disappointing.
  • Large compatibility range
  • Large weight capacity
  • Easy to install
  • One-year warranty and lifetime support
  • Whistling noise
  • Rattling

Despite the product’s few flaws, it generally has more favorable reviews and good assets. There are just a few inconveniences which drop the quality of this product.

6. BougeRV Car Roof Rack Cross Bars

BougeRV Car Roof Rack Cross Bars
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11/09/2023 11:18 am GMT

BougeRV is a unique company on this list as it mainly provides products related to solar energy and the panels which create it.

The company’s vision is to create a sustainable future with its solar products.

You’d think this would be an energy company, but BougeRV is also committed to providing efficient and cost-effective journeys for the family, which is where they make their way onto this list.

The company’s product is not a solar panel but the BougeRV Car Roof Rack Cross Bars, which is compatible with many different cars, including Jeep, and for us specifically, the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The models it supports range from 2011 to 2021, so you can be safe to purchase this product knowing it will fit on most Cherokee models.

However, it is always good to make sure that your car is compatible before purchase. The roof rack is made of high-grade aluminum, while its base feet are made of plastic.

The aluminum build is 30% more light than metal, making the roof rack very lightweight and durable, and easy to move, which translates to easy installations and removals.

The mounting rack of the product allows for an easy installation without any drilling or cutting.

The front and back are labeled to provide convenience and prevent mistakes. The front crossbar is longer than the rear to accommodate the size of the vehicle.

Being lightweight, durable, and stylishly designed, the roof rack is aerodynamic, which prevents wind noise, increases fuel mileage, and allows for a respectable weight capacity of 150 pounds, which is adequate for most families and can easily hold all manner of equipment.

Customers have complained about the rubbers of the roof rack and how they kept ripping off, even causing damage to the attached equipment.

Others complained about the bolts of the roof rack rusting off. The locks have been criticized as well.

  • Large compatibility range
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy installation
  • Bolts and rubbers are of low quality

A lightweight and durable product with a few minor improvements to the bolts and rubbers, it can easily be a great roof rack, but it falls just a bit short for now.

7. BRIGHTLINES Roof Rack Crossbars With Roof Black Moldings

BRIGHTLINES Roof Rack Crossbars With Roof Black Moldings
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11/09/2023 01:28 pm GMT

Another product of BRIGHTLINES has made its way onto this list, showing its commitment to manufacturing high-quality and superior products and accessories that are durable and long-lasting.

They provide a great array of crossbars that help move equipment from one place to another safely and seamlessly.

This product of theirs is the Model BL 15-1 Roof Rack Crossbar, which is quite different from the previous model mentioned above as this roof rack is available in black and silver colors and it is compatible with black plastic moldings, meaning it will unfortunately not fit models with aluminum side rails.

Speaking of models, it supports a decade’s worth of Jeep Grand Cherokees, which begin in 2011 and end in 2021, which I am sure you are well aware, means that you can safely buy this roof rack without worrying about the compatibility with your Jeep Grand Cherokee however making sure it is compatible doesn’t hurt!

The roof rack has been manufactured using premium aluminum and has a great design featuring an aerodynamic blade edge that helps fuel economy and reduces wind noise.

The roof rack also features an adjustable length and compatibility with T-slot accessories making it a perfect roof accessory.

The adjustability is possible with the mounts on the sides of the crossbar.

This product does not limit the users on what they can and cannot bring, creating the freedom to carry whatever luggage and equipment they want.

The roof rack can easily hold items such as kayaks, canoes, bikes, and snowboards, along with various other gear related to camping, fishing, and traveling.

Customers have complained about the roof racks, particularly the black color, degrading in color and turning a bad shade of gold which does not look nice.

Others have complained about the quality of the product and the plastic feet being very thin.

  • It supports a lot of different Jeep models
  • Allows for all manner of equipment
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Plastic feet being very thin
  • Degrading in color

BRIGHTLINES has made yet another outstanding product; however, the discoloring of the product is both very weird and disappointing as it can easily detract from other qualities and look very unappealing.

How To Install A Roof Rack On Your Jeep Grand Cherokee

Being a full-sized SUV, the Jeep Grand Cherokee can hold and tow massive cargo.

In this guide, I will tell you how to install a roof rack on your car.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to get the roof rack installed:

  1. Safely Get On Top Of The Car
  2. Lineup The Roof Rack Correctly
  3. Unscrew The Screws
  4. Safely Attach The Rack To The Rails
  5. Tighten The Screws
  6. Repeat For The Next Side

Now I will explain all of these steps in depth so you can understand them better.

1. Safely Get On Top Of The Car

  • Grab yourself a stool and get on top of the car.
  • You will want to align yourself next to the roof rack such that it is in front of you.
  • You should make sure that whatever you stand on does not topple over.

2. Lineup The Roof Rack Correctly

The roof racks have a front and backside. Make sure you are attaching it in the correct orientation. Additionally, you can have it at any size and position on the roof rack.

3. Unscrew The Screws

Once you have decided where to attach the roof rack, you will want to expose the screws of the rack. Take the correct tool and unscrew the screws.

Make sure not to lose them; otherwise, you will have to purchase more screws.

4. Safely Attach The Rack To The Rails

Position the rails where you decide you want them, and then carefully attach the feet of the rack onto the rails. You can adjust the feet to easily get the rails where they need to be.

5. Tighten The Screws

Recollect your screws and begin to tighten them up. You will want to ensure they are tightened up correctly but not too tight. Cover up the screws when you are done.

6. Repeat For The Next Side

Now all that’s left is for you to repeat the process on the opposite side, ensuring that the roof rack is perfectly straight. Once you are done the second time, you should be done.

My Thoughts: Crossbars enable the user to easily attach bigger objects like boats and canoes on the Cherokee.

If you are having trouble hauling this type of cargo, it is in your interest to get the right roof rack and use the method mentioned above to attach it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Much Weight Can A Jeep Grand Cherokee Roof Hold?

The weight of the roof rack you install also depends on the product itself and the material it is made on.

Typical roof racks can hold a weight of around 150 pounds or 68 Kg, which is more than enough to support the equipment and luggage of a traveling family.

If you are still unsatisfied, other models exist which can easily hold a large amount of storage, more than double the standard weight.

Just make sure you adhere to these weight limitations unless you risk your equipment.

Q2. Is It Worth Getting A Roof Rack For Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Jeeps are known for their large cargo size; however, the Grand Cherokee has less cargo space than other Jeep models, which is still a respectable amount.

Whether or not a roof rack is worth it depends on the amount of equipment you are taking and if you’ll be fine with being crowded inside.

If you have a lot of cargo and less space inside, getting a roof rack is worth it as it can provide ease and convenience.

Q3. What Do I Need To Know Before Buying A Roof Rack For Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Before buying a roof rack, always make sure you know the model of your Jeep Grand Cherokee and browse a good amount of different roof racks to find out which one is compatible with your model of Jeep.

Next, you must make sure if the roof rack can support your equipment load has a good amount of storage space.

Finally, makes sure your preferred model can be easily installed on your car. This is integral information you need to make sure your roof rack is perfect for your Jeep.

Q4. What Size Crossbars Do I Need For Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The best crossbars for the Grand Cherokee range is between 38 and 48 inches.

Typically, you will want to purchase a crossbar just under the length of your Jeep Grand Cherokee roof.

Getting it too small will not accomplish anything while getting it too long might cause various issues.

More often than not, you should stay around the 45-inch mark, but you can go up to 50 inches in certain cases.

The crossbar size will also affect the car’s look, so if you want a low-profile look, you want to get longer crossbars.


Picking the right crossbars for your Jeep Grand Cherokee is the way to carry things safely

Traveling is a great and fun experience for the whole family, whether it is a trip to the countryside, a fishing trip, or even a camping trip.

Still, without the right equipment, the whole trip can easily become unenjoyable, which is why roof racks provide users with easy and convenient ways to store all of their favorite equipment for the trip.

No roof rack provides better quality, safety, and durability than the BRIGHTLINES Crossbars Roof Racks, which offers a nice blend of style and safety, supports a lot of different models and comes with minimal consequences and disadvantages, which is why it is easily the best roof rack for Jeep Grand Cherokee.