6 Best Rims For Toyota Tundra Reviews

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If you want to make your Toyota Tundra run faster, you must own durable rims that will make a huge difference on your vehicle right after installation.

You must purchase the most reliable components for your vehicle, so it does not start to malfunction.

However, it can be hard to choose when too many options are out there in the market. But no worries, I have listed down the best rims for Toyota Tundra to make things easier for you.

With the help of this article, you will be learning about the features, the pros, and the cons so you can have a better understanding.

There is also a buying guide to answer some of your questions. Make sure to read until the end, as it will help you before your purchase!

6 Top Rated Toyota Tundra Rims Comparisons

American Racing Custom Wheel

American Racing Custom Wheel

OE Wheels LLC 17 Inch Rim

OE Wheels LLC 17 Inch Rim

ION Alloy 171 Polished Wheel

ION Alloy 171 Polished Wheel

RTX Aftermarket Steel Rim

RTX Aftermarket Steel Rim

FUEL Assault BL Gloss BLK Wheel

FUEL Assault BL Gloss BLK Wheel

Motegi Racing MR118 Matte Black Finish Wheel

Motegi Racing MR118 Matte Black Finish Wheel


1. American Racing Custom Wheel

American Racing Custom Wheel
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11/10/2023 04:08 pm GMT

If you are looking for decent wheels and rims, then the American Racing Custom Wheel is a decent option for you.

The considerable aspect about this wheel is that it contains a black painted finish and a center cap that will assure you of lasting for a long period on your vehicle without easy corrosion or rusting.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that you can find different sizes since it is available in 15 inches, 16 inches, and 17 inches diameters. It has numerous widths and also offsets.

Make sure to match the measurements with your vehicle before purchasing so you do not have fitment issues which can be quite hazardous for you to drive with.

Furthermore, you will be glad to hear that this product has a lifetime structural integrity and a one-year finish warranty or quality confirmation against peeling and the lifting of finish.

Another great thing is that the lug nuts, which are an important component, are included when you buy the wheel, so you do not have to spend your money on buying them separately.

On an important note, you must read through the product specifications provided by the company so you can have an accurate description of the product.

Other than that, it is said that you will be able to reach up to 150 mph speed rating effortlessly with this product.

And this product also arrives with SAE parts, which will ensure extra safety while you drive your Toyota Tundra.

Various users had issues fitting this product into their vehicles. It is advised to contact the seller before purchasing.
  • Easy to install
  • Durable rims
  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy to clean 
  • It does not fit some vehicles
  • The hub bolt is unstable 

With that being said, you can see how great this product is and what it has to offer. It will certainly give your vehicle the desired speed you want.

However, check the measurements and match them with your vehicle before buying since that is one of the most common issues people face with this product.

2. OE Wheels LLC 17 Inch Rim

OE Wheels LLC 17 Inch Rim
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11/10/2023 06:08 pm GMT

This OE Wheels LLC 17 Inch Rim is one of the highest-rated products for Toyota Tundra.

Various users love it because of its steadfastness, durability, and outstanding appearance on the vehicle after installation.

You should know that this product has a lifetime structure and a one-year face finish warranty on this wheel, so it will certainly provide excellent performance throughout its lifetime.

You will be able to go at a faster speed without any hesitations.

In addition to that, the product contains silver powder-coated in the adjourned areas that are placed in the middle of the spokes.

It also has a maximum quality machined aluminum appearance on the exterior of the wheel.

Other than that, to finish it off, the product is sealed with double layers of clear coating for extra shine and stability.

Moving on, this product will also come with a center cap, and as for the original center cap, it will alternate.

Besides that, you need to know that the lugs, bolts, locks, and TPMs will not be included in the box.

You will have to purchase these important parts separately. Make sure to get these parts, so you do not face any problems related to your wheels.

Moreover, the main purpose of high-quality machined aluminum is to build the exterior of the rims more durable. These rims will not need spacers since they are hub-centric.

Other than all that, you will be glad to know that these rims will require TPMs so they can protect you during a road accident.

It will also protect the fuel economy and increase the value of the tire.

On another note, do keep in mind that this might not work on automobiles furnished with modified or upgraded brakes, suspension, and drive trains.
  • Durable
  • High-quality aluminum material
  • Match perfectly
  • Able to provide extra protection while driving 
  • Not suitable for some vehicles
  • Will not work on modified brakes 

Overall, this is another outstanding choice for you to make your vehicle run quickly and smoothly.

It will also work great with TPMs, so you can have extra protection on the road and incredibly manage the fuel economy.

3. ION Alloy 171 Polished Wheel

ION Alloy 171 Polished Wheel
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11/10/2023 08:08 pm GMT

Coming to this ION Alloy 171 Polished Wheel, you will be able to notice an incredible change in the performance of your Toyota Tundra right after installation.

This product will not only make your vehicle look more appealing but will certainly enhance its performance.

This item has a durable yet timeless design that will guarantee to last for a long period, so you will not have any quality problems such as corrosion, rusting, or even peeling off quickly.

These wheels are well crafted with the best quality materials to provide the action you desire.

Another remarkable element about this product’s steel rim is that it is mainly designed strongly, so you do not hear any obnoxious noise as you ride your vehicle.

In addition to that, the rims will be able to support your tire to run so smoothly so you can go at a faster speed without any uncertainty.

Furthermore, this product also succeeds with 139.7 millimeters of pitch circle diameter.

This means that your vehicle will be able to find extra power while driving, especially on uneven or bumpy roads.

These rims also come with center caps that have about 3 Allen bolts that will hold them on.

Other than that, the rims have about eight holes, so you can fit bolts in them skillfully when you are installing them on your Toyota Tundra.

If you wish to install this on other vehicles, you can easily fit them on SUVs and Jeeps.

This product is said to have a large variety of ailments, offsets, and backspacing so you can have the most accurate look at your vehicle.

Various complaints about this product said that its quality is made with cheap plastic, such as the center caps, and the seal coat on the aluminum is done poorly as it starts peeling off easily.
  • Fits perfectly
  • It makes the vehicle look more appealing
  • Easy to install
  • You can use it on other vehicles as well 
  • Poor quality
  • Cheap material used
  • It does not work without spacers 

Altogether, this product will guarantee excellent performance and reliability, so you do not have to spend your money on other products at all.

It will last for a long period, and make sure not to rust quickly. However, there are various complaints about the quality, saying it is made from cheap materials.

This is something the company must work on.

4. RTX Aftermarket Steel Rim

RTX Aftermarket Steel Rim
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11/09/2023 06:39 am GMT

Another great product that will most certainly fit your vehicle without any issues.

This RTX Aftermarket Steel Rim is said to work perfectly if you want to replace your old wheel as well as a spare tire or rim.

You can rest assured that this product is guaranteed to work because it is stated that all RTX steel rims have been tested and approved to meet all the essential requirements and exceed the Certified Quality Standards set by authorities.

Moving on, the rim and the wheel size are about 16 x 7, the bolt pattern of this product is about 6 – 139.7, and the center bore is about 106.

Make sure to match these measurements with your vehicle, so you do not have issues fitting a well installing it inside the tires.

In addition to that, if you are unsure which tire size it will fit, then do keep in mind that this product is mainly designed to fit the 16 inches tires perfectly.

If your tire size is below or above, you should look for another product.

Besides all that, you will be happy to know this rim arrives with a 30 plus positive offset so you can have a unique and extraordinary look on your vehicle.

This product comes with a load rating of about 1400 up to 1500 pounds on an important note.

This will make it easier for your vehicle to hold heavy items without damaging your wheels at all.

You will also be getting free shipping on this item. It is easy to install the product since the wheels are lug-centric and hub-centric. It means that you can fit them easily on most tires.

It is said that this product might ruin the tire’s shape and will not keep the tires balanced. They might also cause other issues, such as air loss, as there can be leaks.
  • Affordable
  • High-quality steel rims
  • Great customer service
  • Increased performance 
  • Make the tires unbalance
  • Leaks in the wheel
  • It does not come with a hub 

To conclude, this product is a considerable choice if you want to make your vehicle look more attractive but, most importantly, increase the quality and performance of your tires.

But do keep in mind that there have been some issues regarding the wheels. Make sure to check them before installing just to be sure.

5. FUEL Assault BL Gloss BLK Wheel

FUEL Assault BL Gloss BLK Wheel
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11/09/2023 08:48 am GMT

This FUEL Assault BL Gloss BLK Wheel is one of the most durable products. It is stated that this product can easily withstand a loading capacity of about 2500 pounds.

It can do it with ease. You will not have to worry about carrying heavy items in your vehicle and thinking it might damage the tires.

Another great thing about this product is that it will also ensure you make your tires run smoothly even on uneven or bumpy roads, so you can ride comfortably while seated in your Toyota Tundra.

You will be glad to know this product has been manufactured using the conical design, which makes it accessible for Tundra and other vehicles such as SUVs and light trucks.

In addition to that, this product is also compatible with the Jeeps and for series.

Just make sure to read the requirements before you purchase or install this product on your vehicle’s tires.

With that being said, the rim size of this product for Toyota Tundra is about 20 inches and 9 inches in width size.

Make sure to match these measurements with your tires before installing.

This rim is also quite easy to install if you plan to do it independently. Just make sure to watch videos or consult someone.

Other than that, it is mentioned that the quality of this product is so durable that it will most certainly keep you protected during an accident.

It will also be able to increase the speed of your vehicle. This just makes it stand out even more and makes it a must-have product.

Contact the company directly when ordering this product, as some received the wrong item or did not receive the four wheels together.

This just makes it useless because you cannot use it without all four.

  • Excellent customer service
  • Can hold heavyweight
  • Increases the speed of your vehicle
  • Protects during an accident 
  • Missing parts
  • Expensive product 

With that being said, if you want high-quality, durable rims that will assure excellent service and also make your ride more comfortable. Then this product is the right choice for you.

Make sure to order directly from the company, so you do not end up paying for a product that does not even come with all the parts inside the box.

6. Motegi Racing MR118 Matte Black Finish Wheel

Motegi Racing MR118 Matte Black Finish Wheel
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11/09/2023 10:43 am GMT

The last product on this list is this Motegi Racing MR118 Matte Black Finish Wheel that will work wonders on your Toyota Tundra tires.

You will be pleased to know that this product will surely increase your vehicle’s performance, making it run faster and more powerful.

You can easily find this product in different sizes, such as in 17 inches and 18 inches of diameters that have several widths and offsets for this product.

Make sure to check these before purchasing.

Moving on, this product has a matte black painted finish and a center cap that makes it stand out even more and will surely make your vehicle more attractive and valuable.

This product also has a lifetime structural warranty and a one-year finish warranty to ensure that it will not rust, peel off or cause corrosion easily and hold its value for a long time.

Besides that, this product has five bolt holes utilized to insert the lug bolts in installing them inside your tires.

Remember that this product does not come with lug nuts when you purchase the wheel. So make sure to purchase them for installation.

As for further information regarding the product, you should do more research to find information, especially the measurements regarding this product, to have a clear idea.

This product does not fit well without the hub-centric rings. Make sure to purchase them so you can secure the wheels in place.
  • Affordable price
  • Easy installation process
  • The Center cap is the accurate fit
  • Makes sure to work smoothly on all seasons 
  • It does not work without the hub centric rings
  • Might deliver the wrong size 

Overall, this product is a great option for you to go faster without having to worry about the three failing at all.

It has great features like a corrosion-free structure, so it will last for a long time.

Other than that, you must purchase all the required parts to secure the wheels, or else the tires might not provide the best performance.

Best Ways To Choose Good Rims For Your Toyota Tundra

For those looking to further spice up the aesthetic of their Toyota Tundra, a good way to do so is to get a new set of rims. This adds a new look to an overlooked part of the car.

While there are multiple approaches to getting a good set of rims, each person has their preferred method and priority.

This is why you will see a lot of varied opinions regarding the best rims for a particular car like Tundra.

Here are a few ways you can choose a quality rim for your truck:

  • Based On Price
  • Based On Aesthetic
  • Based On Quality
  • Based On Brand

All are valid ways to get a good rim for your car. Here is how each way operates:

Based On Price

For those who are upgrading or tweaking out their entire car, while they might care about visual appeal or brand, their main concern will no doubt be the price of the part.

Higher prices usually mean better quality and vice versa.

Based On Aesthetic

Some people choose their rims based on looks and aesthetics because they want their Toyota Tundra to look cool.

This is not a bad approach but can be detrimental if you end up choosing a good-looking rim that is cheaply made.

Based On Quality

My personal way of choosing a good rim is based on its quality. You should prioritize all other factors besides price once you have properly assessed the quality of the rim.

This will save you the cost of another replacement later down the line and ensure that it lasts for a good while.

Based On Brand

Another thing is whether you want the brand for its quality or recognition. Some people do not care about any of the above and just want the product of a specific brand.

The fact remains that people will pay any amount of cash to get their hand on a rim made by a reputable brand.


Regardless of how you purchase the rims of your Toyota Tundra, you should ensure that they appeal to you in every way.

Just because you prioritize a certain aspect of the rims or go about a certain approach does not mean you should compromise on other aspects.

You should aim to get yourself a rim that is of a high-quality brand, cool looking, and within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Kind Of Rims Fit On Toyota Tundra?

It depends on the Toyota Tundra model you own. If you own models from the years 2000 up to 2006, then it is best to have a six lug that is 5.5 inches or 139.7 millimeters of medium offset.

However, if you own models from 2007 up to 2021, you must use a five lug that is 150 millimeters of high positive offset.

Q2. How Wide Are Stock Tundra Rims?

There are various sizes out there that you can choose from. It also depends on the size of your tires.

However, the Tundra stock rims are about 16 inches for wheels; width: 7 inches; offset: +15 millimeters; backspacing: 4.5 inches and hub bore diameter: 106 millimeters.

Another size is 17 inches for wheels; width: 7.5 inches; offset: +18 millimeters; backspacing: 5 inches and hub bore diameter: 106 millimeters.

=> Check this Toyota Tundra tire sizes helpful guide.

Q3. What’s The Biggest Tire Can I Fit On A Stock Tundra?

Well, the biggest tire you can fit on a stock Tundra that is without the lift kit is about 270/70 R 16 can be fitted on 16 inches rims. This can be utilized on the first generation of Tundra.

Whereas, for the 17 inches rims, you can easily utilize the 265/70 R 17 or the 275/65 R 17. Make sure to match this description as they will surely fit perfectly with your vehicle.

Q4. How Do I Choose A Set Of Rims For My Toyota Tundra?

You must look into certain aspects before deciding on which set of rims is best for your Toyota Tundra. You want to match the description with the size of your tires so they can fit perfectly.

You also want to look into the product’s features so you can determine what exactly it has to offer once it is installed.

Quality is another important factor; you want to make sure it does not rust or cause corrosion easily.

And lastly, make sure to check the product’s warranty and whether the company has good customer service.

Q5. What Do I Need To Know Before Buying New Rims?

The most important aspect you need to know before buying new rims is the diameter, whether it is large or small, the width, as well as the offset of the rims, backpacking measurements, bolt pattern, how much weight will it be able to hold, the center bore and lastly the bead seat of the rims.

Q6. What Offset Are Tundra Rims?

Each generation of the Toyota Tundra has had different tire offsets that you should be aware of if you buy some rims.

The first generation of the Toyota Tundra has a 139.7mm offset which translates to nearly 5.5 inches. This is considered a medium offset.

Second and third-generation models should have the same offset of 150mm. This can easily be considered a high positive offset.

You should keep all of these values in mind when looking for rims for the car. If you do not pay close attention to this, you may return to the store for a refund.


Choosing the good rims to make your Toyota Tundra truck tires look great based on my recommendation

To conclude, I have listed down the six best rims for Tundra so you can make your decision easier.

However, all of these are great products that will surely enhance the performance of your tires.

The top pick would be the American Racing Custom Wheel as it can make your vehicle look more appealing but most importantly give extra strength to your tires which will increase the speed rate you can go in your vehicle.

They are also easy to clean, so there will be no corrosion or dirt building up inside your wheels.

Besides all that, I hope you can make the right choice for your vehicle and make sure to do a little research before purchasing so it can fit accurately on your tires.