8 Best Shocks For Ford Ranger Reviews

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There is no better light truck available on the market than the Ranger that is manufactured by Ford. It can tackle any environment easily, given that it is not used aggressively.

But it lacks behind in its shocks, which do not provide a sense and feeling of comfort and control.

When worn out, how about you try out the best replacement shocks for Ford Ranger, which will transform the way your vehicle drives.

Today’s article goes into the depth of the finest shocks from the top manufacturers, so you don’t have to look any other article. Let’s start without any further ado!

8 Top Rated Ford Ranger Replacement Shocks Comparisons

Gabriel 43167 Rear Load Carrier

Gabriel 43167 Rear Load Carrier

Rancho RS5000X Gas Shock Set

Rancho RS5000X Gas Shock Set

Monroe Monro-Matic Plus 32238 Shock Absorber

Monroe Monro-Matic Plus 32238 Shock Absorber

Belltech 8000 Shock Absorber

Belltech 8000 Shock Absorber

Monroe 58620 Adjustable Shock Absorber

Monroe 58620 Adjustable Shock Absorber

Million Parts Front Shock Absorbers

Million Parts Front Shock Absorbers

Sensen 2282-FS Shock Absorbers

Sensen 2282-FS Shock Absorbers

Maxorber Set Of Shocks And Struts

Maxorber Set Of Shocks And Struts


1. Gabriel 43167 Rear Load Carrier

Gabriel 43167 Rear Load Carrier
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11/10/2023 01:28 am GMT

Coming into first place, and by a huge margin, are the 43167 Shocks by Gabriel. These shocks combine shock and spring technology to bring you a beast of a shock.

Take them in any environment, and it is guaranteed that you will come back impressed. They absorb all shock impulses, giving the smooth experience you deserve.

These have chrome piston and has a fine finish, which reduces resistance to almost zero, so they can adjust to varying road conditions in a little amount of time as possible.

The chrome finish also prevents corrosion, which may compromise the functioning of the shock. The seal used in this shock is self-lubricating to reduce friction.

If you use your Ford Ranger for handling heavy objects, then these will serve you best. Each pair of shocks increases the load capacity of the vehicle in which it will still drive smoothly.

There is no increase in the height of ride, which is a concern for some people because they adjust to the new height.

Another impressive feature of these shocks is that even if there is a heavy load on the truck, they still maintain the truck’s height, which is not seen on many shock absorbers on the market.

These shocks have excellent heat dissipation, thanks to top of the line materials used in their craftsmanship.

Better heat dissipation helps increase the efficiency of these shocks in tough environments where they can get quite hot.

It also means they have a longer lifespan than most shocks available on the market because they are prone to failure under high temperatures.

These shocks come with a 36 month or 36000-mile warranty, whichever comes first.

This means that the shocks can be replaced for free during this period if any manufacturing defect arises due to subpar workmanship.

I found that these shocks are available for only older Ford models, which some may find unappealing because they do have unparalleled performance in all aspects.

Another thing is that they cannot handle more than the stated weight and will fail very quickly if the limit is exceeded.

It should be common knowledge that a stated range should not be exceeded, but they should work reliably under extraordinary circumstances, which is not the case with these.

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Easy to install
  • Good heat dispersion
  • Can handle heavyweights
  • Excellent performance
  • Available for older ford models
  • Cannot handle more than the stated weight

With a very competitive price, Gabriel’s shocks provide outstanding control, handling even under tough conditions.

They should be your go-to shocks if you are looking for easy to install replacements.

2. Rancho RS5000X Gas Shock Set

Rancho RS5000X Gas Shock Set

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11/10/2023 04:34 am GMT

The Rancho RS5000X Gas Shock Set is the successors to the legendary RS5000S, known worldwide to be one of the outstanding shocks of their time.

The new ones improve in all regards of the 5000s, giving a stable control and driving experience which will make you feel proud of your buying decision.

They use Rancho’s all-new feature Dynamic Rebound Spring (DRS) technology that uses a metal spring to improve overall control and handling.

They also have rebound disks that help the shocks work and absorb impulses at even low velocities.

They use a twin-tube design, which provides a quicker response to constantly varying road conditions that challenge most shocks because they do not respond on time, which can be felt by sudden jerks and bumps when driving.

The design also has a larger fluid holding capacity that disperses heat quickly, letting the shock remain cool.

The all-weather fluid can be used in temperatures going from -40 to 120°C, which means the vehicle can be driven in the coldest mountains or the hottest beaches.

Like the Gabriel shocks, these also have a self-lubricating seal that reduces friction and retains the high-pressure nitrogen gas.

It also protects from debris, which may affect their performance. The manufacturer also reinforces the construction of their shocks so they can handle any terrain easily.

Rancho knows their shocks will please most buyers.

That is why they give every user a 90-day risk-free trial period, in which if the shocks do not perform satisfactorily, they will be fully refunded.

If you do choose to keep them, they will still be covered by a limited lifetime warranty, which is valid for as long as the vehicle in which the shocks were installed is owned by the same person who bought them.

There are reports of shocks failing on users prematurely due to aggressive usage, making it not a good buy for some people.
  • Affordable price tag
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Good performance
  • High-temperature tolerance
  • Poor performance on aggressive usage

Summing everything up, these shocks provide more than decent performance and even come with a lifetime warranty, all for a very reasonable price.

3. Monroe Monro-Matic Plus 32238 Shock Absorber

Monroe Monro-Matic Plus 32238 Shock Absorber
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11/09/2023 06:44 am GMT

Coming in third place is a strong competitor by the renowned manufacturer, Monroe.

The Monroe Monro-Matic Plus 32238 Shock Absorber has excellent durability out of all the shocks listed in this article.

They also provide better comfort, handling, and a smooth ride at a very economical price.

These shocks use nitrogen gas, which is contained at very high pressure, alongside an all-weather fluid, which is completely separated with the guarantee that they will not mix, which leads to foaming.

The fluid also reduces friction, which helps the rod to move smoothly without any extra force. The nitrogen gas increases the tire contact time with the road by reducing aeration.

This boosts the handling of the vehicle by a lot. Like the above two, these shocks also feature a self-lubricating sea that retains the gas while reducing friction.

Monroe has used their full displaced valving system that improves the range of the compression and the extension cycles, resulting in a smooth and comfortable drive experience.

They can be used in any weather and temperature conditions. Regardless of the temperature, they provide a better than stock shock experience in every single way.

These shocks are also easy to install and do not increase the truck’s height anymore than it already is, which happens with some shocks.

These are covered under a limited lifetime warranty, which can be claimed for as long as the shocks and vehicles are owned by the same person who bought them.

So, you are eligible for a free replacement if any manufacturing defect affects the shock’s performance.

The only drawback to these shocks is that the outer coating is not durable, which wears off quite quickly.
  • Good performance
  • Self-lubricating seal
  • All-weather fluid
  • Full displaced valving
  • Poor outer coating

All in all, these shocks have top of the line performance, are easy to install, and are very durable. They also come with a very reasonable price tag, for which you are getting a lot.

They provide an unmatched off-road experience, but the smoothness and control are very similar to that of the stock shocks when using on-road.

4. Belltech 8000 Shock Absorber

Belltech 8000 Shock Absorber
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11/09/2023 08:53 am GMT

There is no better shock out there than the Belltech 8000 Shock Absorber when it comes to getting the comfort from your Ford Ranger.

They are a part of Belltech’s Nitro Drop 2 shock line, which is top shock series available, whether for cars, SUVs, or trucks.

These shocks have been built with the exact OEM specifications, so they are the same dimensions and do not provide any additional lift over the stock ones.

The rebound force of the shock gives you a feel of comfort and control similar to what was on your Ford Ranger when it was brand new.

Even OEM sized rubber mounts are included with these shocks for an easier and hassle-free installation.

They also utilize a valve train, which prevents air from entering them. Air particles may disrupt their functionality.

They also have a metal dust boot that protects the shocks’ internal components from dust and debris, which prevents them from working properly.

The main drawback to these shocks is that they come with only a two-year warranty, whereas others come with lifetime warranties.

They are also quite softer than the OEM shocks, which may displease some buyers.

  • Easy to install
  • Metal dust boot
  • Durable
  • Good control
  • Softer ride
  • 2-year warranty

Although these shocks come with a 2-year warranty only, they provide a great driving experience equal to, if not better than, the stock pre-installed shocks.

These shocks may be too soft for some buyers, but that is a personal preference.

5. Monroe 58620 Adjustable Shock Absorber

Monroe 58620 Adjustable Shock Absorber
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11/09/2023 10:43 am GMT

Monroe is a renowned shock manufacturer that is regarded worldwide for making quality shocks at very competitive prices.

The Monroe 58620 Adjustable Shock Absorber is an example of the quality of shocks that they make.

They instantly adjust according to changing road conditions, giving you a smooth and vibration-free ride.

They provide superior handling, control, and durability, rare to be found in pre-installed shocks.

These use all-weather fluid that is resistant to all weather and temperature conditions.

So, you can take your truck to any place, regardless of how cold or warm, the fluid will function properly, reducing friction while providing a quick response on rough terrains.

The piston is fluon banded, which achieves a perfect seal between the piston and the tube.

This greatly increases the shock’s lifespan, making it last for longer mileage than stock shocks.

They also have adjustable valves that change accordingly with the vehicle’s velocity, giving you an optimal driving experience at whatever speed you drive at.

The spring in these shocks is also calibrated to perfection, which helps achieve the outstanding level of control that you can get from your Ford Ranger.

These shocks, too, are covered under a limited lifetime warranty, which can be claimed in case of any manufacturing defect that prevents them from performing to their full extent.

This warranty is valid for as long as the person who bought these shocks and own the vehicle they were installed.

These shocks do not perform very well if the load limit is exceeded, even by the slightest bit. So, they cannot be relied on if you frequently load your truck with heavy stuff.
  • Easy to install
  • Variable valving
  • All-weather fluid
  • Excellent control
  • Poor performance under excess load

Summing it up, these shocks provide a decent boost in all regards, including control, handling and smoothness.

These long-lasting replacement shocks are also reasonably priced and are fully covered under a lifetime warranty, so you can buy them tension free.

6. Million Parts Front Shock Absorbers

Million Parts Front Shock Absorbers
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11/09/2023 07:13 pm GMT

The manufacturer, Million Parts, is a new name in the shock manufacturing business and has a smaller customer base due to improper marketing.

But what people don’t know is that they make exceptional quality shocks that are priced much lower than all other competitors while still being highly durable and providing excellent quality performance in terms of control, stability, handling, and smoothness.

Although all the options here are relatively inexpensive, these shock absorbers by Million Parts are the best bang for the buck shocks you can find on the market right now.

It is easy to install and provides you with a very comfortable ride. These shocks come with struts, too, essentially making them a complete assembly.

Despite the price, the shocks are made up of a full metal chassis, which increases durability and improves heat dissipation.

Heat build-up is a major factor that plays a role in shocks failing prematurely, regardless of how they are used or how old they are.

They cannot be used for long intervals of time. That problem does not exist with these shocks.

They can be used for long periods in any terrain and still experience smooth and vibration-free drives.

The seal used with the piston helps in reducing friction, which in turn reduces the resistance of the piston when changing with road conditions.

So, you can expect close to instant response times in terrains where the surface is uneven.

These shocks are made for Ford Rangers pre-dating 2011. There are also reports of some units failing on some people after only short usage.

There is also no listed warranty for this product, making it a risky buy unless your dealer’s local one covers you.

  • Good heat dissipation
  • Solid metal build
  • Reduced friction
  • Comfortable ride
  • Some units fail quickly
  • For older models

For such a price tag, you cannot find such good quality shocks that provide decent quality rides and have a high durability level.

There is no warranty information listed anywhere that makes it a buy where you either luck out and get decent performing shocks or are stuck with useless hardware.

The latter has a relatively low chance of happening but is still possible.

7. Sensen 2282-FS Shock Absorbers

Sensen 2282-FS Shock Absorbers
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11/10/2023 09:08 am GMT

If you are looking for shocks that will provide you with enhanced performance alongside ultimate comfort, then the Sensen 2282-FS Shock Absorbers is suitable for your Ford Ranger.

Greater control and handling are the main things the manufacturer guarantees you will get with these shocks.

Implementing a twin tube design, these shocks use an all-gas construction which helps in providing greater handling.

The gas in use is nitrogen which is stored at a very high pressure. It also allows for the tire to have greater contact with the surface.

The manufacturer assures you that they have focused on the durability of these shocks so much that they can be used in any terrain where a vehicle is capable of going.

The shocks meet OEM specifications in terms of durability which means there is a full guarantee they will not fail on you unless there is a manufacturing defect.

OEM specifications also means that the truck will stay at the same height while giving you greater performance.

Although the manufacturer states these shocks are of OEM specifications, there have been reports of shocks not being an exact match for some people.
  • All-gas design
  • Durable
  • OEM height
  • Some units do not match with OEM specifications

Overall, these shocks provide decent performance at a competitive price tag. They can be used in all terrains and provide excellent control and handling.

8. Maxorber Set Of Shocks And Struts

Maxorber Set Of Shocks And Struts
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It is always recommended to replace all shocks and struts when your truck starts to perform poorly.

The reason for this is that when you install shocks and struts from the same manufacturer, then you get a more even performance throughout.

That is why, coming in at last place is a complete replacement set of shocks and struts for your Ford Ranger.

Compatible with all Ford Rangers ranging from 1998-2009, these shocks use a nitrogen gas tube which helps in reducing the braking distance and in improving the handling of the shocks.

It also eliminates the chance of foaming which is a major issue in many shocks available on the market.

The piston is also chrome plated which ensures a proper seal and also reduces friction greatly allowing for quicker response to changing road conditions.

The manufacturer has also used an extra layer of paint which prevents corrosion and rust when exposed to humid environments. This allows the shocks to be used for much longer.

The main drawback to these shocks is that they are louder than other shocks listed above.
  • Nitrogen powered
  • Rust resistant
  • Quick adjustment
  • Are very loud

If the sound does not concern you much, these shocks provide a very decent performance and feature set. They are inexpensive and have better control and handling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do I Need To Replace Ford Ranger’s Shocks And Struts At The Same Time?

To squeeze the most performance from your Ford Ranger, it is always recommended to replace the shocks and struts at the same time to get an even and reliable performance wherever you go.

The answer to the above is question is no; it is not a compulsion to change the shocks and struts at the same time because they are completely separate components, although they work in the same system.

So, if you want to get a replacement, it is your choice to either get a complete shock or strut set or just a pair of shocks.

Q2. How Much Does It Cost To Replace The Shocks On A Ford Ranger?

The cost of replacement shocks varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Most of the above pair of shocks cost from $200-$300.

This does not include labor costs, which may cost up to an additional $100. If you have prior experience, then replacing your shocks is a fun and satisfying experience.

Even if not, there are many tutorials on YouTube that have step by step instructions to replace the shocks.

This increases your experience and saves you a ton of money, which would be charged by a mechanic.

Q3. Should I Replace Front And Rear Shocks At The Same Time As My Ford Ranger?

Again, this is a personal preference that varies from person to person.

If only the front shocks need replacing, then you should replace them only. But, if you can afford it, you can get all the shocks replaced simultaneously.

The only advantage to this is that if your Ford Ranger starts to perform poorly, you know all of the shocks need replacement because they are exposed to the same conditions.

You don’t have to give the truck to the mechanic again and again for a replacement. Never replace only one shock at a time. It negatively affects the control of the vehicle.

Q4. Does Replacing Shocks Make A Difference On A Ford Ranger?

If you buy the right shocks, they can make a huge impact on how your car drives and performs.

For example, you can pick any one of the shocks from above, and they will give you such levels of control and stability that you will never go back to the stock ones again.

Good quality shocks also take some of the burden off the brakes, which then perform more efficiently. They provide a vibration-free ride on straight roads.

To answer this question, yes, they make a difference, a huge one, on a Ford Ranger.

Q5. Do I Need An Alignment After Replacing The Rear Shocks Of The Ford Ranger?

It is not required to get an alignment of your Ford Ranger if you replace the rear shocks.

This is because the rear tires do not have to turn, and they remain in a parallel position with the truck’s body.

The case is different with the front shocks. Even if they are not replaced, it is recommended to get an alignment every once in a while.

If you replace the shocks, then an alignment is necessary because if not, then the shocks may not perform up to the mark.


What type of shocks is reliable for your Ford Ranger? Read my buyer's guide to find out

Well, I hope you read through this thorough and detailed article, and I hope it may have helped you in finalizing a decision for which are the best replacement shocks for Ford Ranger and which one will suit you the best.

I would recommend the number one shocks, the Gabriel 43167 Rear Road Carrier.

They perform the best out of all the shocks listed above and still retain an inexpensive price tag.

The only drawback to these shocks is their 3-year warranty, which is probably more than enough time for manufacturing defects to come to light.

Still, some people prefer a limited lifetime warranty like the Monroe ones.

Other than that, they will make you forget your previous shocks, whatever they were, either pre-installed or aftermarket ones.