6 Best Oils For BMW 328i Reviews

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So, it’s that time of the year again when you have to change your BMW 328i’s oil.

Now, you might not want to use the previous brand’s oil again due to various reasons, including poor fuel consumption or a degraded driving experience.

If you are one of those, then you have arrived at the right place. I took up the task to compile a list of best oil for BMW 328i and was pretty fascinated with the results.

After reading through this article, you will be certain which oil you should go for. So, let’s not waste any time and get started!

6 Top Rated Motor Oils For BMW 328i Comparisons

Liqui Moly 2232 High Tech Engine Oil

Liqui Moly 2232 High Tech Engine Oil

Royal Purple 11748 High Mileage Synthetic Oil

Royal Purple 11748 High Mileage Synthetic Oil

Mobil 1 Extended Performance High Mileage Motor Oil

Mobil 1 Extended Performance High Mileage Motor Oil

Liqui Moly 20232 Molygen Motor Oil

Liqui Moly 20232 Molygen Motor Oil

Castrol 03101 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Castrol 03101 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Amsoil AZOQT-EA Synthetic Motor Oil

Amsoil AZOQT-EA Synthetic Motor Oil


1. Liqui Moly 2232 High Tech Engine Oil

Liqui Moly 2232 High Tech Engine Oil
$47.20 ($0.28 / Fl Oz)
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11/10/2023 09:28 am GMT

Earning the first spot with over 1500 ratings is this engine oil by Liqui Moly. This product has some pretty great offerings that will improve your car’s performance in a noticeable way.

The brand guarantees that this one can be flow easily and has high lubrication.

No matter the temperature, whether hot or cold, you can rest assured that the oil will work without any issues. It also protects against wear and rust.

The high lubrication ensures that. If you choose to use this product in the long term, then the engine’s lifespan will be prolonged. This motor oil can also be mixed with other types of oils.

It is not recommended for primary use, but it is still convenient to have this option—more information about this in the buying guide at the end of this article.

Moreover, the oil not only keeps your engine clean; it also works with catalytic converters and turbochargers.

The advantage of this is that you won’t have to sacrifice features or performance if you choose to use this one for your car.

It will also give you better fuel consumption alongside reduced emissions. So you are not only saving gas; you will be contributing less too to air pollution.

The oil is made in Germany, which is also the home country of BMW. They have been making high-quality products for over half a decade.

They have been fully tested to make sure the consumer won’t face any issues. Their strict quality control extends from manufacturing to raw materials, which are of the highest grade.

As expected with a number one product, this oil is completely fault-free. There were even no shipping mishaps which is quite common when buying oils online.
  • Reduces wear
  • Made in Germany
  • Better fuel consumption
  • It can be mixed with other types of oils
  • Works in extreme temperature conditions
  • None

This one by Liqui Moly is the excellent one available on the market. It is an undisputed champion, and there is a close to zero chance that you will not like it.

2. Royal Purple 11748 High Mileage Synthetic Oil

Royal Purple 11748 High Mileage Synthetic Oil
$45.53 ($0.28 / Fl Oz)
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11/09/2023 07:33 am GMT

If a brand name has Royal in it, then it means that they know what they are doing.

With this highly popular synthetic oil from Royal Purple, it is the one to go for if you didn’t like the one made by Liqui Moly.

This product gives you better performance and safety in almost all regards. It surpasses the GM dexos1 and ILSAC GF-6 requirements to reduce wear.

The special additives used completely prevent metal-to-metal contact. In all tests from the company, they did not observe any indication of rusting. That is seriously impressive!

Being 5W-30 oil, it surprisingly reduces fuel economy, which is on par with a 5W-20 one. The reduced friction excellently optimizes fuel efficiency.

You save not only fuel but also the engine has reduced emissions. The anti-wear additive has patented technology that minimizes exhaust emissions.

The same patented additive technology also reduces the risk of white sludge. It is very common to see this problem in gasoline-ethanol blends. Well, this one solves that problem too.

Buyers were no short of impressed with the performance gains they experienced with this oil. It is the perfect choice for those who are looking to see improvements in all sectors.

In short, you are getting better fuel consumption, lesser fuel economy, and an improved lifespan of the engine, which is possible with very few products.

Lastly, buyers reported that they received leaking bottles. Some also expressed the problems that they experienced poor fuel economy after using this one.

This is unexpected from such a highly rated brand. The most probable reason is that they might have received the wrong unit.

  • Fuel economy on par with a 5W-20 oil
  • Patented additive technology
  • No rusting while testing
  • Reduced emissions
  • Leaking bottle
  • Reduced fuel economy

Royal Purple has made an excellent product that will give you serious performance gains.

That is, if you receive a package that is not leaking when delivered. Then, you will be more than content with your decision if you choose to buy this product.

3. Mobil 1 Extended Performance High Mileage Motor Oil

Mobil 1 Extended Performance High Mileage Motor Oil
$29.97 ($0.19 / Fl Oz)
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11/09/2023 09:38 am GMT

Coming in third place is another product from a highly popular brand by the name of Mobil 1.

With over 300 solid five-star ratings, it is another excellent option for looking for decent performance improvement.

It is available in two options: extended performance and extended performance + high mileage. This one controls oxidation to a great extent.

It fully lubricates the pipelines to prevent oil breakdown. You won’t have to worry about your engine and oil getting contaminated anymore.

The consistent viscosity makes sure that the oil can be used for up to 20000 miles. That is seriously impressive. The oil also provides excellent wear protection.

The oil molecules are uniform, meaning when they move; the friction will be considerably less when compared to oils with uneven molecules.

The low friction reduces wear and prolongs the lifespan of the engine. In addition, the oil also prevents deposits from creating in the pipeline.

This is very commonly found in engines and causes throttling issues. The deposits prevent the engine from utilizing its full power, which directly affects the driving experience.

You don’t have to worry about that anymore with this oil. It can also handle extreme temperatures with ease. As you know, engines can get extremely hot.

But they won’t cross the 500-degree mark. Well, that is the maximum tolerance of this one. In low temperatures, it can work at -30-degrees.

So, no matter the temperature, the oil will have a smooth flow.

I could find only two negative remarks about this product. One stated that the bottle was leaking when it arrived at the buyer’s doorstep.

The other one complained that it had to be changed within 1000 miles due to excess burning.

  • Reduced friction
  • Prevents deposit formation
  • Can work in extreme temperatures
  • Even molecules that reduce wear
  • May leak at arrival
  • Excess burning

The leakage issue was a one-time occurrence, and the issue might have been poor packing.

But in the case of a user experiencing oil burning in excess, the probable chance is that the oil might have been from a bad batch.

Nevertheless, other consumers were content with their purchase. Keep in mind that the number of positive ratings outweighs the negative ones.

4. Liqui Moly 20232 Molygen Motor Oil

Liqui Moly 20232 Molygen Motor Oil
$57.81 ($0.34 / Fl Oz)
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11/09/2023 11:33 am GMT

Earning the fourth spot is yet another motor oil by the brand Liquid Moly.

The fact that a manufacturer can take up two spots on an extremely picky list suggests that they are experts at what they do. This 20232 Molygen motor oil is real-life proof of that.

With extremely low viscosity, this product provides low friction, which gives you an advantage on many levels.

It reduces wear considerably and also makes the car easier to warm up in winters. Moreover, the special additives used in this one prevent additives from forming in the pipelines.

As a result, these deposits restrict the flow of oil, which considerably reduces and throttles performance.

The same additives also reduce friction, which, as I stated above, is vital for improved performance. The low-friction design also reduces fuel consumption.

Now, who wouldn’t like lesser trips to the gas station?

I am just joking. The difference is not that much, but it is still enough to see improvements in mpg. The oil can also be used and mixed with all sorts of oils that are commercially available.

The brand states that doing so will only decrease their product’s effectiveness, no matter the oil it is mixed with.

This must be kept in mind before purchasing it. This is yet another product that is manufactured in Germany.

Given that it is the home brand of BMW, which I stated in the first product, it means that it is the perfect choice for vehicle owners.

Most buyers were satisfied with what they received. This is another product from the same brand which has no faults or drawbacks.

You can buy it with complete peace of mind.

  • Special Molygen additives
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Improvements in mpg
  • It can be mixed with other oils
  • Nothing unique

Although it is great oil, it does not do anything different from what the competition offers. However, it will satisfy your needs and will surely meet your expectations.

5. Castrol 03101 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil

Castrol 03101 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil
$32.99 ($0.21 / Fl Oz)
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11/09/2023 01:43 pm GMT

This article is full of products from highly rated and regarded brands. Castrol adds to that list with their excellent 03101 full synthetic motor oil.

This oil has some pretty unique features and offerings that you and your engine will appreciate. Castrol is a huge name in the oil industry.

Its products are recommended by many vehicle manufacturers, which clearly states that their products are superior to thousands of brands that are available on the market.

With over 6000 ratings, this one has the highest number of buyers. It has also received a solid five star, which I think is the norm for most oil bottles.

Now let’s get to the good bit. Oils have to pass standardized tests which declare them fit for everyday use. One of those tests is a deposit-reducing one.

I don’t have the exact name, but this product passes the test with flying colors and is 42% better than the recommended amount.

So, you can be sure that as long as this one flows through your engine, you will not have to worry about performance throttling deposits ever again.

The performance improvement is far superior to blend oils that use conventional and synthetic oils.

Oil blends do not improve performance. The individual performance of those oils is much better than those combined.

It will keep every part of your engine fully lubricated from the valve train to the bearings. It is the perfect option for the latest BMWs, which require high performance, low viscosity oils.

Although this oil was approved by BMW before, it is not approved by them now.

This does not mean that it won’t work with your 328i. The specification to meet was the Long Life 01, which does not pass this one.

  • 42% better deposit reduction
  • Reduces rust
  • Superior to oil blends
  • Does not pass BMW’s LL01 test

You don’t have to worry if it currently does not achieve the required score. The Castrol oil is still an excellent option for those who are looking for a decent performing one.

6. Amsoil AZOQT-EA Synthetic Motor Oil

Amsoil AZOQT-EA Synthetic Motor Oil

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Finally, arriving at sixth place is the Amsoil AZOQT-EA Synthetic Motor Oil. BMW owners do know what is best for their vehicles.

Amsoil is the only brand on the article which I have not heard of before. But by judging their ratings, it is clear that their oil is highly successful and satisfactory for most buyers.

This product is designed for people who would like to squeeze every bit of performance out of their 328i while retaining engine health.

This is an extremely difficult task to accomplish, and Amsoil did just that. The brand claims that this one protects the engine from wear and tear by 75%.

This is when comparing it to the industry standard. Such standards are already enough for consumer satisfaction, but 75% is overkill.

The engine’s lifespan will be extended by quite a bit. The oil spreads a fluid film that separates metal surfaces to reduce the chance of the parts oxidizing.

No oxidizing means the oil will not break down, even under the toughest of conditions.

All of this is done alongside anti-wear additives that also help in reducing wear, as suggested by their name.

According to the Kurt Orbahn test, a comparison photo published on the brand’s website states that this oil has the lowest percentage of viscosity loss than most brands, including big dogs such as Valvoline, Pennzoil, and even one from this article, Mobil 1.

It also prevents low-speed preignition with a 100% success rate.

Buyers had several complaints about this motor oil. They were angry at the exceedingly high shipping charges.

Some also claimed that the oil created sludge which clogged the ports etc. This is unacceptable.

  • 75% over industrial specs for wear and tear
  • Lowest viscosity loss
  • Fluid film to prevent oxidizing
  • Eliminates all chances of LSPI
  • High shipping charges
  • Creates sludge

Although Amsoil has created a decent product, they need to reduce their shipping costs and recheck the sludge issue, so consumers don’t face them again.

Other than that, it is a solid product that will surely meet or even exceed your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Often Does A BMW 328i Need An Oil Change?

The BMW needs an oil change after around 5000 miles. But, if you use better-quality oil such as the ones from the list above, you can even cross 10000 miles with them.

The recommended type of oil is synthetic because it lasts longer than conventional oils. The oil filter also needs changing after every few months.

It is recommended to change the filter after every 3000 to 5000 miles.

Q2. Which Oil Is Used By BMW Dealers?

Despite being better options on the market, BMW dealers still use Shell oil. It is not a bad product; it’s just that the market has much better options than that one.

No one likes to leave their vehicle’s performance on the table, especially when it can be used if you go for another brand.

Q3. Is Mobil 1 Better Than Castrol?

The answer lies in between. Both are excellent brands, and they go toe to toe in many departments.

Of course, in the case of conventional oils, the Magnatec by Castrol is the better option. But when talking about the 328i, Mobil 1 wins in that regard.


What brand of motor oil does BMW recommend for 328i? Let's find out

I will be honest with you; finding the best oil for BMW 328i is not an easy task.

I had to search many articles and manufacturer’s websites to ensure they work with your vehicle.

Well, I am ending this article with a pleasant note that you won’t find options better than the six I just listed above.

But the crown goes to the Liquid Moly Engine Oil, which earned the top spot on this article.

It has a spectacular performance and is made in Germany, the home country of BMW. This is a huge advantage because the company knows these vehicles from the inside out.

Therefore, you will experience a better and stabler driving experience after using this one.