Are Tonneau Covers Waterproof?

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When it comes to the safety of your truck, it is really important to take all the necessary measures.

The purpose of tonneau covers is to seal the backside of the truck and protect any dirt, snow, or water getting inside.

Moreover, it is also really important for trucks to have a tonneau cover so you can protect your belongings at the backside from getting damaged.

You must be wondering, are tonneau covers waterproof?

Well, to say that they are 100% waterproof would not be an accurate answer.

It is suggested that if these covers are installed properly, then you might be able to protect water from getting inside.

However, it is also important to note that they are not exactly 100% waterproof as there will be some amount of water that will get under the covers.

In this article, I will be providing you with the detailed information regarding tonneau covers that is necessary for you as it will expand your knowledge and fix your problem, whether it is your first time getting them or just trying to learn about them.

Why Do You Need A Tonneau Cover?

Wondering if our tonneau covers keep the rain out or not? The answer is in my guide

Every truck owner should consider purchasing and installing tonneau covers as they will provide you with multiple benefits and make your life so much easier.

It has numerous uses that you could benefit from, such as extra space, carrying various sizes of tools and boxes, or even sports materials.

Good Gas Mileage

It is stated that it will help you save a sum of money from gas mileage.

This is because due to the aerodynamic design of a tonneau cover, which helps to reduce air drags that cause more fuel to be used up.

Although it depends on the type of vehicle you have, tonneau covers help you increase the gas mileage of your vehicle up to 5 to 10 percent.

Theft And Falling Out Of Tools

In addition to that, it is really important to note that due to tonneau covers, you will be protecting your heavy or expensive tools from any thefts or falling out from the back of your truck.

Moreover, the latest tonneau covers come with a locking mechanism that ensures your expensive tools are safe as they will be locked in place.

It is also worth mentioning that when you are driving on the highways, it will protect your belongings from falling out or moving around too much inside as the tonneau covers will keep them steady and secure.

Protect The Interior

Moreover, tonneau covers will protect the interior of your vehicle from rusting or damaging, especially in bad weather, such as on rainy, snowy, or windy days.

It will also add to the appearance of your vehicle as it will make it look more appealing and clean.

With the help of tonneau covers, you will be able to save a lot of money from any repairs of your precious belongings or even the truck itself.

Lastly, it is also important to have them installed as they will keep you and other riders on the road safe as your stuff will be packed in place.

Are Tonneau Covers Really 100% Waterproof?

When it comes to tonneau covers, it is really important to note that there are various types available in the market that might or might not protect your truck from water.

Some are made out of clothes or vinyl, and some are designed differently, such as rolled-over tonneau covers.

It is suggested that the clothes and vinyl kind of tonneau covers are more durable and protective than the rolled-over tonneau covers.

As I have mentioned earlier, tonneau covers are not exactly designed to be 100% waterproof.

This is because there are certain ways droplets of water might enter inside the truck from spaces and gaps from the tonneau covers, which is why it is really important to choose the right type of tonneau cover.

And it is also important to cover your truck properly so you can prevent this water issue to some point in order to protect your valuable belongings.

Make sure that before you purchase these covers; take some time out to do the proper research, so you do not end up regretting your decision later on.

Waterproof Vs. Water Resistance

Now you might be wondering, what is the difference between waterproofing and water resistance?

Well, to put it simply, they both function differently as waterproof means that water will not penetrate or seep into through the tonneau covers, whereas water resistance means that the water will be blocked for a certain period of time.

Over time you may notice that some water may start to get into tonneau covers, but this is something that can be fixed.

The new tonneau covers that are being manufactured come with seam or rubber linings to prevent them from passing through into the interior of your truck.

Reduce The Risks Of Water Entering Your Truck

Besides that, there are some ways you could reduce the risks of water entering inside your truck, such as by using extra seals.

The great thing about these extra seals is that they come in various sizes and shapes that will fit perfectly with your tonneau covers, which will increase the resistivity.

Water Pipe Insulation

Moreover, another way you could help protect your vehicle from water getting inside is by using water pipe insulation, as the process is relatively simple and inexpensive when compared with others.

The main purpose and usage of water pipe insulation is to fill in the blanks where there is space or gaps from where the water may pass through.

Draining The Pipe

Lastly, another way you can improve the water-resistance of your tonneau covers is by draining the pipe where you might think that the water may be accumulated.

Make sure to try and see it for yourself as they will not only increase water resistivity but also protect the delicate interior of your vehicles, such as seats, storage area, and interior vehicle material from rusting.

Is It Necessary To Have Complete Waterproof Tonneau Covers?

As I have mentioned earlier, tonneau covers are not entirely waterproof.

However, with the use of new methods and certain gadgets, you could seriously increase the water resistivity of your tonneau covers.

Besides that, some other reasons why people choose to put tonneau covers on their trucks is because it enhances their appearance significantly.

Without tonneau covers, your truck might look incomplete and put your vehicle at greater risk of theft and damage.

Travel Safely And Securely

Furthermore, with the help of tonneau covers, you can travel safely and securely as the covers will keep your stuff at the backside locked in place.

When you are traveling, there are high chances of damages happening or risk of things falling out.

You might face different weather conditions or different kinds of roads that might affect the probability of your belongings getting to the destination safely.


Adding to my previous points that were made, another reason why tonneau covers are popular among various truck owners is due to their cost-effectiveness.

There is no fixed high price of tonneau covers, but instead, it comes in different price ranges to fit your budget.

The majority of the tonneau covers prices are below $500, but if you are looking for a bed cover that lasts for a long time, then the prices may reach up to $1000.

It is really important to install tonneau covers before you hit the road, so make sure to get one and place it on your truck as soon as possible.

Installation Of Tonneau Covers

When it comes to tonneau covers, the process of installing covers is really easy.

However, there are some factors to keep in mind that water does not pass into the bed truck, damaging your valuables.

When you purchase a tonneau cover set, you will be provided with a cover itself, side rails, cab and tail rails, bows, and clamps.

When you are starting to install, it is really important to start by removing one of the corners of the cab rail and attaching its tarp dowel to the cab rail.

After you are done, make sure that you have reinserted and locked the corner pieces back into the cab so that in case of rain, no water sets into these gaps.

The next step is to connect the side rails to the main cabin rail with the help of corners that are loaded with springs.

After you have placed and adjusted the frame onto your truck, you can then attach clams on the upper portion of the rail and add the bottom portion of the clamp underneath the bed rail.

Once in position, attach the side rail clamp with the Allen bolt.

During this stage, make sure that the clams are completely tightened so that the case of any weather changes, such as rain, does not enter the base of your truck.

If you have bought a tonneau cover for a small truck, then you will have three clams on the frame to tighten.

Finally when you are done, it is time to install the bows correctly on the side rails.

The top peg is usually preferred for great performance, whilst the bottom peg is usually used for enhanced loads.

Lastly, unroll the tarp and snap it with the base of the tonneau cover and make sure you do not miss any spot, and place it accurately so no water gets into the backside of your truck.


After reading the article, I hope now you got the idea whether are tonneau covers waterproof or not.

Although they help minimize the risk of water entering into the bed rail of your truck, the majority of the tonneau covers are not 100% waterproof.

It is also really important to note that different kinds of tonneau covers will perform differently, so make sure to do your research every time you purchase these tonneau covers so you do not end up being unsatisfied.

Make sure to always get the best product that offers the best quality and is fit for the purpose, especially when it comes to the safety of you and your vehicle.