7 Best 3000 Watt Car Amps Reviews

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Have you finally installed a brand new amplifier in your car?

Whether you want it to work with your brand new speakers or just want better sound from the stock ones, a good amplifier will make a huge difference.

So, now the question arises: which amp do I buy?

I have you covered. In this article, I will be listing the best 3000 Watt amp available to buy on the market.

I have also included an FAQ that will be answering some of the more commonly asked questions. So, let’s begin without any further ado!

7 Top Rated 3000-Watt Amplifiers Comparisons

Planet Audio TR3000.1D Car Amplifier

Planet Audio TR3000.1D Car Amplifier

Boss Audio Systems PT3000 2 Channel Car Amplifier

Boss Audio Systems PT3000 2 Channel Car Amplifier

Taramp’s HD 3000 W Full Range Amplifier

Taramp’s HD 3000 W Full Range Amplifier

DS18 GEN-X3000.1 Monoblock Amplifier

DS18 GEN-X3000.1 Monoblock Amplifier

Hifonics BXX3000.1D Brutus Class D Car Amplifier

Hifonics BXX3000.1D Brutus Class D Car Amplifier

Hifonics H35 3000W Hercules Monoblock Amplifier

Hifonics H35 3000W Hercules Monoblock Amplifier

Audiobank Monoblock 3000 Watt Car Amplifier

Audiobank Monoblock 3000 Watt Car Amplifier


1. Planet Audio TR3000.1D Car Amplifier

Planet Audio TR3000.1D Car Amplifier

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11/10/2023 07:44 pm GMT

Planet Audio car amplifier is what we have in the first place. With over 1200 five-star ratings, this product is extremely popular among users.

Let’s take a closer look and see what this amp has to offer!

If you are looking for an amplifier that will provide you with all the bases you want, there is nothing better than this TR3000.1D Car Amplifier.

This Monoblock amplifier provides excellent and stable performance, which will be heard in any song you play on your speakers.

Thanks to the Variable Low Pass Crossover, you are getting a product that can be customized at will.

You have complete control over the sound and bass, allowing you to tune it to your needs. This is an excellent offering which will surely be loved by most of you.

Being the number one product in this article, of course, you would expect something different and unique.

Well, you can control the subwoofer remotely—no more tinkering with buttons. You can adjust it to your liking.

Let’s talk about the design!

I don’t know about you, but I found the design of this car amplifier quite refreshing. The Planet Audio logo has been illuminated using the color blue, which makes it look quite beautiful.

The overall aesthetic is also simple and elegant looking. It is close to impossible for someone to hate this amplifier’s design.

The amplifier includes shut-off protection, which makes sure that neither the amp nor the speakers will be damaged if it gets too hot or there is a short circuit anywhere in the wiring.

This is a great addition to the system.

There are a few complaints about the amp overheating and shutting down during use.

It looks like Planet Audio did not work enough on the product’s cooling. They should look into this matter and solve it as soon as possible.

  • Stable sound with high bass
  • Wired remote for controlling
  • Stylish look with illuminated logo
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overheating issue

Apart from the overheating issue in some units, Planet Audio has created a stellar product that is loved by thousands of buyers. You will surely love it too.

2. Boss Audio Systems PT3000 2 Channel Car Amplifier

Boss Audio Systems PT3000 2 Channel Car Amplifier
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11/09/2023 06:04 am GMT

Taking up the second spot is a product from an established name in the audio department, Boss Audio.

The brand earned the top spot on my article for the search of the best 2000 W amp. Second place is not bad either.

Let’s see what this amp has to offer!

The amplifier features a Class A/B topology. This is the combination of A and B in which current is passing through the transistors and it is not passing through them, respectively.

This greatly boosts the efficiency of the product. This PT3000 2 Channel Car Amplifier is a full-range one.

Now, hold your horses. Before you start googling the details of a full-range amp, let me tell you what it is.

In layman terms, it allows you to not only connect and run your speakers but the subwoofers too. This means that you can experience the songs you love in maximum quality.

And, of course, loudness will not be an issue with this amplifier. The power supply used is a MOSFET one. It controls the voltages and current of the entire system.

The power supply also eliminates all secondary feedback, meaning you will get the best quality sound from your speakers.

The amplifier has individual controls for gain and boost. The gain boost allows you to control the amount of signal entering the amplifier from the receiver.

The bass control does exactly what its name suggests it does. You can control the number of bass in the audio you listen to. This gives you proper customizability in your hands.

Buyers had two complaints with this otherwise fantastic amplifier. They stated that it started overheating or blew out in only a few weeks.

This can be blamed directly on faulty electronics. The brand must look into these issues and resolve them at the earliest.

  • Class A/B topology
  • Full range amplifier
  • MOSFET power supply
  • Gain and bass control
  • May overheat
  • May blow in a short period of time

These are some quite serious problems which must be resolved by the manufacturer at the earliest. Other than that, the product is a great one. It will surely exceed your expectations.

3. Taramp’s HD 3000 W Full Range Amplifier

Taramp’s HD 3000 W Full Range Amplifier
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11/09/2023 06:09 pm GMT

Coming in a very close second is this Full-Range Amplifier by Taramp’s. I must admit that I have never heard about the brand before.

But surely, people have. This amplifier has close to a thousand positive ratings, making it a very popular option among users.

But what does it offer?

Let’s take a look!

Whether you want to listen to vocals or bass, this amplifier is perfect for you. It is capable of outputting high-quality sound, which will surely be appreciated by most.

The 3000 Watt of RMS power will allow your speakers to output a loud and crisp sound. Whether you listen to songs or just the radio, you will have a much better experience.

It must be kept in mind that this amplifier is a mono one. It does not output stereo audio like many options on the market.

The sound will not be that distinguished but is still more than enough for most people.

One of the main reasons for this amplifier being extremely popular is that there is a built-in protection system, just like the previous one.

The protection system activates when there is a short circuit or when there is a fluctuation in voltage.

Such fluctuations can not only damage the amplifier but also affect the speaker too. This addition makes sure that your electronics will stay protected and safe.

The company claims to use cutting-edge technology in this amplifier.

They have not stated what is cutting edge about it exactly, but whatever it is they are doing; buyers are extremely satisfied with what they receive.

There are some complaints that their units went into clip mode and then were stuck there.

This makes the amp completely useless. The company should check what makes this issue occurs.

  • Excellent sound output
  • Built-in protection system
  • Excellent vocal and bass output
  • May get stuck

Apart from the sticking issue, buyers were content with the quality of the amplifier. Even the users who complained said that the amp was working flawlessly before.

4. DS18 GEN-X3000.1 Monoblock Amplifier

DS18 GEN-X3000.1 Monoblock Amplifier
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11/09/2023 10:14 am GMT

If you are willing to take a risk and buy a product that has fewer ratings, well, I have got just the thing for you.

Earning the fourth spot on this article is the GEN-X3000.1 Monoblock Amplifier from the Brand DS18.

I know for a fact that most of you don’t even know the brand’s name. Plus, the name DS18 does not tell you anything about the brand. But the product made by the brand is an excellent one.

Don’t take me at my word.

Let me show you what it can do!

Available in six different options, this amplifier can be bought in 1200, 2000, 3000, 4500, and smaller variants too.

Basically, if the product is good, but the user needs a smaller amp, then the brand gives you an option to buy it.

The company also gives you the option to choose from 1, 2 and even 4 channels. That is seriously impressive.

The Octave crossover allows for complete flexibility in adjusting the sound to your liking.

This customizability is one of the main reasons for this amplifier to be featured in this article. The amplifier has been designed and manufactured in the USA.

This means that you won’t have to worry about things like poor quality control or the use of subpar materials.

There is very little chance of you receiving a faulty unit. The power terminals have been molded.

They have the highest current draw out of any amplifier on the market, meaning you will get very close to 3000 W, advertised by the brand, in terms of power.

Buyers had one complaint with this amplifier. They informed that it was overheating.

This is unexpected. One of the buyers said that there is no fan in the product. This definitely means that overheating will occur.

  • Highest current power draw
  • Octave crossover for adjustability
  • Made in the USA
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Overheating issue

Although this amplifier has a tendency to overheat, there is at least no unexpected failure, which is a common problem with amplifiers on the market.

The brand should solve this heating issue as soon as possible because excessive heat can shorten the product’s lifespan.

5. Hifonics BXX3000.1D Brutus Class D Car Amplifier

Hifonics BXX3000.1D Brutus Class D Car Amplifier
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11/09/2023 12:23 pm GMT

Whoa, that name is a mouthful! Taking up fifth place is yet another incredible amplifier.

The name of the brand, in this case, is Hifonics, a popular name in the audio segment. This BXX3000.1D Amplifier has more than 100 positive ratings.

Let’s see what makes it tick!

This amplifier is a mono one. It has some pretty solid features that you will surely love. You may be wondering what Class D means.

Well, this amp features Super Class D technology which makes it super-efficient and also lowers the temperature. This is done parallel to providing superior amplification.

The brand is also using a MOSFET power supply. They state that their Ultra-Fi MOSFET can balance between power and sound.

Now, what is the use of that?

Well, this process makes sure that the power output is smooth even when the music playing is quite demanding on the system.

The brand has also included a bass remote which allows you to control the bass easily. You don’t have to use the buttons on the amplifier, which are difficult to click already.

The low noise pre-amplifier circuitry allows you to get the maximum voltage while keeping the distortion to a minimum.

This ensures that the audio from the speakers will be crisp and clear. The blue LED on the amplifier indicates the protection status. Blue means everything is good.

Red means that there has been a short circuit, and that needs immediate attention.

The aluminum heat sink used by Hifonics removes heat quickly and efficiently. This is a common problem in most amplifiers.

There are various issues with this amp. Some were not impressed by the sound quality, while others complained about the amplifier smoking.

The manufacturer should step up its quality control so more users do not receive such units.

  • Ultra-Fi MOSFET for the perfect balance
  • Efficient and works in low temperatures
  • Reduced distortion
  • Included protection indicator
  • Poor quality control

If the company steps up its quality control and alleviates all issues like this one, this would be a perfect product for any car enthusiast to buy.

6. Hifonics H35 3000W Hercules Monoblock Amplifier

Hifonics H35 3000W Hercules Monoblock Amplifier
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We are quite close to the end here, and the competition is still going strong. Coming in sixth place is yet another Hifonics amplifier.

The fact that the brand was able to earn two consecutive spots on this highly selective list says a lot about the quality of its products.

Let’s see what this H35 has to offer!

The first feature I want to talk about is the preamp circuitry in this Hifonics H35 3000W Hercules Monoblock Amplifier.

This low noise preamplifier accepts only low voltage signals to ensure there will be minimal distortion in the final sound output.

Talking about inputs and outputs, this product has nickel-plated RCA level inputs. The plating ensures that there will be a solid connection for maximum quality.

It also resists corrosion, which is a very common problem with ports in general. The amplifier has a single (mono) channel mode only.

This means that it is intended for use with subwoofers only. Now, I know that some of you may be disappointed, but it is still an excellent product.

You may be wondering about sound adjustability. I have some good news for you in that regard. The Accu-Cross crossovers allow you to adjust the signal output however you like.

In layman terms, you can control the sound quality to your liking. A similar heat sink design is used on this product too.

If you don’t know, heat dissipation is a real issue that is very difficult to solve. There needs to be a fan or a heatsink that transfers and dissipates heat as quickly as possible.

Hifonics has used an aluminum heat sink. In theory, it should work perfectly and keep the amplifier cool.

Buyers complained that the amplifier was defective on arrival. They stated that it was not working or stopped working after a few months of usage.

This is completely unacceptable and must be solved by the manufacturer as soon as possible.

  • Low noise pre-amplifier
  • Accu-Cross crossovers
  • Heat sink for heat dissipation
  • Defective units sent

What is the point of creating such a good product if buyers don’t get to experience it?

Hifonics must resolve these issues. Other than that, the product itself is great and will really impress you.

7. Audiobank Monoblock 3000 Watt Car Amplifier

Audiobank Monoblock 3000 Watt Car Amplifier
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11/10/2023 07:09 am GMT

Finally, coming in the seventh and final place is this 3000 Watt Car Amplifier from the Brand Audiobank. This product has close to 250 positive ratings.

Let’s see what it has to offer!

I must clarify that although this amplifier earned the last spot on this list, it is definitely not the least.

It must be remembered that these seven amps were chosen from a wide variety available on the internet.

So, to me, they are all winners. This final product is a stereo amplifier, unlike the previous two, which only had a mono mode.

The brand states that its products are considered to be the best audio amplifiers in the world. That is a pretty bold claim, and they come pretty close to it.

There are companies that are definitely better than them. But there is no doubt that this amplifier will produce excellent quality sound that you will surely love.

Let’s talk about protection!

This Monoblock car amplifier has a thermal and shorting protection circuit.

Let me explain both!

The thermal protection turns the amplifier off if it gets too hot. High temperatures tend to cause issues such as premature failure.

But the real problem is short-circuiting. If two wires are not meant to touch, touch, that will not only blow the speakers but the amplifier too.

Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. The heat dissipation of this amplifier is also decent.

Although there is overheating protection in this amplifier, it most probably will never kick in, thanks to the cooling mechanism on this product.

This must be a relief for many of you.

Some users have complained that the amp has a very low volume. That is strange, considering that this is a 3000 W product.

Those users, most definitely, received a faulty unit. The brand must improve its quality control to ensure users don’t receive such units.

  • Excellent sound
  • Thermal and short circuit protection
  • Decent heat dissipation
  • Faulty units received

The low volume issue is a serious one. Apart from that, the product itself is great. You will surely love it if you choose to buy it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Many Amps Is A 3000 Watt Amplifier?

Well, of course, you would want to know the amperage of the amplifier to ensure it is compatible with your battery.

If it is not, then you can expect it to drain down rapidly anywhere. You really don’t want that. To answer your question, a 3000 Watt amplifier draws 25 Amperes.

Q2. What Size Alternator Do I Need For My New 3000 W Amplifier?

The answer is 250 Amps. The stock alternator in most vehicles is of 100 amperes only. Well, that will definitely not work with your vehicle.

Not only that, but you also need a heavy-duty battery to handle the power draw of the amplifier.

And you also require 50 extra amps to power up the lights and other electronics of the vehicle.

Q3. Do More Watts Mean More Bass?

Finally, the last question in this article is perhaps one of the most important ones. Let me break it down.

First of all, more bass does not mean better bass. Sometimes bass becomes too much. It’s personal preference too. Maybe you don’t like the added depth to the sound.

But, to answer your question, watts are not proportional to bass. The higher power allows you to achieve higher decibel values, but the bass is solely dependent on the type of amplifier.

This is a major source of confusion for many buyers, and I thought it needed clarification.


Buying a trusted 3000-watt amp is a hard thing to do. Read my article to find the best one

So finally I am done with my take on best 3000 Watt amp.

Choosing the correct amplifier for your vehicle is just as difficult a task as deciding which power output you want.

Personally, for me, even 2000 watt is more than enough.

But there are users, many among you readers that are looking for a more powerful amplifier for their car speakers.

Regardless, I can guarantee that every single one of these products is great and you won’t find ones that are better than them.

I have even included an FAQ at the end, which will answer some of your queries.