Ford 3.5L Ti-VCT V6 (Duratec & Cyclone) Engine Problems

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It is an excellent decision that you have made about purchasing the Ford 3.5L V6 engine.

It is a superb performer who has been loved by almost anyone who has driven with it. But the engine is far from being 100% fault-free.

I will be listing a few of them to see if it is worth the risk.

The three most common Ford 3.5L Ti-VCT V6 engine problems have frustrated users the most:

  1. The Unexpected Failure Of The Water Pump
  2. Problems With Oil Dilution
  3. Issues With The Cam Torque Phasers

With extensive research, I have concluded that these are the three issues that have frustrated users the most. I will be getting into their detail so you know what you are dealing with!

The 3 Most Common Ford 3.5L Ti-VCT V6 (Duratec & Cyclone) Engine Problems

Is Ford Duratec V6 a good engine to buy? Let's find out

As I stated, we will be discussing the three issues I outlined.

I will be focusing on them, how to address them and what type of damage they can do.

1. The Unexpected Failure Of The Water Pump

I have stated this many times, and I will do so once again; it is rare to see a Ford engine that does not have a water pump issue.

Ford has not learned from its mistakes when it comes to creating a durable water pump. Unfortunately, that is happening again with the Ford 3.5L engine.


The function of the water pump is simple, to circulate the coolant throughout the engine.

It is important because if it stops working, you can expect to run into all sorts of problems due to overheating.

The pump is driven using the timing chain. It is difficult to reach the place and is directly dependant on the chain. If the chain fails, then the pump will fail too.


So, what will happen when the water pump fails? The answer to this question is quite simple. Your engine will start overheating almost immediately.

As the circulating coolant is the most efficient way of taking the heat away from the engine, the engine’s temperature keeps on getting hotter when it stops moving.

When the temperature exceeds a certain limit, you can expect the failure of many parts.

Repair And Precautions

So, there are some things that you can keep in mind to observe to make sure if the engine is overheating.

You can:

  • Check the engine check light.
  • Observe if there is steam rising from the engine.
  • Check the low coolant light.

Apart from the last one, the other two are not definitive tests. But if all of them are occurring at once, then there is a very high probability of a water pump failure.

So, the engine suddenly started overheating while you are driving. You should stay calm, park the vehicle on the side of the road, and open up the hood.

If you have water or can arrange some, pour it on top of the engine to cool it down. If not, then keep the hood open.

The quickly the steam escapes, the quicker will be the cool down process.

Unless you want to risk damage to the 3.5L engine by driving it again, you should get your vehicle hauled to the nearest mechanic to get the problem diagnosed and fixed.

The repair will cost you a pretty penny, but it can be done yourself. The process requires patience, a lot of it, and a bit of skill.

This is all due to the very complicated location of the pump. I would advise that you let the professionals handle it because then you are risking very little.

A self-repair has rarely ever done any harm, but if you are clueless about the task and think one or two YouTube videos will help you out, it is better to call in a person who will do it for you.

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2. Problems With Oil Dilution

The Issue

This issue is directly connected to the previous one. Although the chances are low, there is a possibility of the coolant mixing up with the oil.

This is only possible due to the location of the water pump. Again, the chances of something like this are extremely low, but many users complained about this.

Damage And Diagnosis

I know many of you are curious about what would happen if these two fluids mix.

Well, the coolant will directly impact the oil’s ability to properly lubricate the engine parts. This will rapidly increase friction.

As most of you must know, friction has never been a good thing for anything. The increased drag between the parts will increase wear and tear.

Their lifespan will be shortened, and you can expect them to be replaced quite quickly unless you get the coolant problem repaired in time.

There are three simple things you can do to confirm if there is oil dilution going on due to leaking coolant.

You can check and observe if:

  • There is rattling noise coming from the engine.
  • The oil has a milky texture and color.
  • The engine has started to overheat.

The milky color of the oil will confirm your suspicion that the oil is being mixed with coolant. As for the rattle, it suggests that there is a problem with the bearings in the water pump.

The bearings are mostly the reason for failing pumps. When the oil and the coolant mix, the engine starts to overheat.

There is not enough coolant, and the oil also loses many of its important properties.


As I stated before, this problem can only happen if the previous one occurs. So, the first thing you need to do is get the water pump replaced.

Examine the old pump to make sure it was the one causing problems. Then you should get the oil changed.

The oil should be drained properly because even the slightest amount of coolant will again impact the ability of the oil to work properly, which will, in turn, will produce friction.

It will be better that you let a mechanic do the job because he will make sure that no coolant remains in the oil pipeline.

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3. Issues With The Cam Torque Phasers

Finally, arriving in the third and final place is the most serious problem of them all, the cam torque phasers. This problem is directly related to the fact that the engine is a Ti-VCT one.

For those who don’t know, Ti-VCT stands for Twin Independent Variable Cam Timing. So, the torque phaser issue affected the later models of these engines.

The Issue

A Ti-VCT design was introduced to improve the adjustment of the intake and the exhaust valves to decrease fuel consumption while increasing power.

There is no doubt that technology is great. It is widely found in engines today. But Ford ran into some issues with the valve timing.

The phasers, which are responsible for the rotation of each camshaft, can fail, which can cause a variety of issues.

Damage And Symptoms

Failing camshafts can cause many issues. It is almost impossible to predict how an engine will react to a sudden failure.

But in the case of the Ford 3.5L V6 engine, you can expect:

  • A rattle sound coming from the engine.
  • Sudden and abrupt power loss while driving.
  • The vehicle to perform and drive much rougher than usual.
  • The check engine to turn out, indicating that there is an issue.

Unfortunately, there are no solid tests that can confirm your suspicion that, indeed, the cam phasers are failing. The above symptoms can be caused due to a variety of reasons.

But, if all of them are happening once, the chances of the cam phasers failing on you start to rise up.

It is best that you get a mechanic or go to a Ford dealership to get the problem professionally diagnosed.


Unfortunately, the repair of the cam phasers can cost you a lot. This is because you guessed it, they’re tricky to reach locations.

The phasers are present in the cylinder head. Replacing them is labor-intensive work. So, you can expect to pay a handsome amount of money to get the engine repaired and ready to roll.

In order to get your vehicle to the dealership or the mechanic, you should get it hauled or towed. If you drive it yourself, you risk serious damage to the vehicle.

Plus, the sudden power loss can happen anywhere, which makes it a danger for anyone who is around driving around you.

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What Is The Ford 3.5L Ti-VCT V6 Engine?

Let me make one thing clear first. The 3.5L V6 goes by two other names that are used by people.

They are the 3.5 Duratec and the 3.5 Cyclone. If you hear these names, then I assure you that they are the same exact thing.

The 3.5L engine became pretty popular, thanks to its excellent fuel efficiency. That is not all. It can output up to 290 HP, which is more than enough for most people.

Now, this power will definitely not blow you out of the water, but it is practical and decent for people looking for a fuel-saving engine for their daily commute.

The engine is far from being a perfect one. As highlighted above, users ran into several issues, which caused frustration and confusion.

The cam phaser issue, for example, poses a serious threat to the passengers and the driver of the vehicle. But overall, the engine is trustworthy enough for daily usage.

Is The Ford 3.5L Ti-VCT V6 Engine Reliable?

Talking about trustworthiness, the next question that pops into people’s minds is if the engine is reliable.

Well, I can assure you, with full confidence, that it definitely is. Unless you are looking to push it to the extreme, you can expect it to last for a pretty long time.

People have been known to cross the 200000-mile mark without any major issues. That is a big advantage of Ti-VCT engines.

But, to make sure that it is as reliable as stated online, users must keep the 3.5L engine fully maintained.

This is the only way you can expect fewer issues. But, if the parts that Ford is using are not up to par, then you can expect to run into all sorts of issues, such as the failing water pump.

Those issues can happen unexpectedly, so there is nothing you can do to prevent them.

What Cars Use The Ford 3.5L Ti-VCT V6 Engine?

The 3.5L engine was used in quite a few vehicles, unlike its 3.3L counterpart.

It was first featured in 2007 in four vehicles, the Ford Edge, the Lincoln MKX, the MKZ, and the Mazda CX9. The Edge had this engine up till 2010.

The same goes for the Lincoln MKX. The MKZ, on the other hand, was released with this engine up until 2012.

The CX-9 used the same thing under the hood for an impressive nine years, up until 2016.

Other vehicles that used this engine were the Ford Taurus, the Taurus X, the Mercury Sable, and the Ford Flex.

If you are still waiting for the name of a highly popular vehicle, well, that vehicle is the Ford F150.

The interceptor sedan by Ford and the Ford Explorer were also some of the other vehicles that used this engine.

Ford 3.5L Ti-VCT V6 Engine Specs

Cylinder block composition Aluminum
Chamber head composition Aluminum
Fuel Gasoline
Fuel injection type Timed injection
Arrangement V configuration
No. of chambers Six
Valves in each cylinder Four
Valvetrain layout DOHC
Bore 92.5 mm or 3.64 cubic inches
Stroke 86.6mm or 3.41 cubic inches
Displacement 3.5L or 3496 cc
Internal combustion engine Naturally articulated
Compression ratio 10.8:1
Power 262-290HP at 6250 pm
Torque 248-255 lb.-ft @4000rpm
Weight of engine oil SAE 5W-30
The capacity of engine oil 6 quarts w / filter
Firing directive 1-4-2-5-3-6
The interval between oil change 10000 miles (15000km) or 12 months

The Benefits Of Choosing The Ford 3.5L Ti-VCT V6 Engine

It looks like you are still not convinced if the engine is worth spending your money on.

I completely understand your hesitation and will try to solve this problem with a few of the many benefits that come with this engine.

Aside from the 3.5L Ti-VCT V6 engine problems, there are many pros to having this engine. Some of them are:

  • The engine was featured on Ward’s 10 Best Engines list.
  • It saves fuel by up to 5% when comparing to its bigger 3.7L sibling.
  • It uses a light aluminum piston, which greatly boosts efficiency.
  • You have to change the oil once every year.
  • It can easily cross the 200000-mile mark if maintenance is done properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

I shall now be focusing solely on questions asked by prospective owners of the V6 engine on online forums.

I hope this FAQs will solve some or most of your confusion.

Q1. Is The 3.5L V6 Engine A Turbo?

Thanks to the Ti-VCT design of the engine, Ford did not find the need to implement turbo into the engine.

The variable cam timing mechanism helps the engine output up to 280 HP, which is perfect for most people. So, there was no need to add turbo technology to the engine.

Q2. Is The Duratec A Good Engine?

The engine is great. It satisfies the needs of almost anyone who is looking for a reliable vehicle for his or her daily commute. The engine was on Ward’s top ten list for a reason.

With a life expectancy of 200000 miles and users pushing the engine farther than 350000 miles, the V6 engine will give you a very pleasant experience.

Q3. Does The 3.5 Ecoboost Have Issues?

Another alternative to the 3.5L V6 engine is the 3.5 Ecoboost from Ford.

There is no doubt that the engine is good, but the fact that it is turbocharged means that many of its components will wear quite quickly.

The timing chain, especially, will need replacement after a short period of usage.

Q4. Out Of The EcoBoost And The Duratec, Which One Will Win?

I honestly think this is an unfair comparison. Of course, a turbocharged engine will have the edge over a nonturbo one in almost every single way.

The Duratec wins in terms of efficiency and fuel consumption. Thanks to the Ti-VCT design, the Ecoboost does not even come close to the Duratec in terms of fuel savings.

Q5. Out Of The Three Above Problems, Should I Be Worried About Anything Else Regarding The 3.5L Ti-VCT V6 Engine?

After extensive research, I have come to the conclusion that there are no other issues that have frustrated owners of the 3.5L Ti-VCT V6 engine.

If you have the time, then I would advise that you get the engine checked for these specific issues and catch the problem as soon as possible.

This way, you risk as little damage to the engine as possible.


My final thoughts about this article are simple. The Ti VCT engine is a great one; there is no doubt about that!

But Ford really has to use its decades of engine-making experience to make sure that they don’t use parts that will fail after short usage.

The three 3.5L Ti-VCT V6 engine problems are the only things you have to worry about.

Aside from normal wear and tear, there is nothing else that can cause any issues with the function of the engine.

And, if you have chosen to buy this engine, then I must say once again that it is an excellent decision. You will be pleasantly surprised by how it drives and the way it saves fuel.