Ford F150 2.7 Vs. 3.5 EcoBoost Reliability, Specs & Reviews

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There are so many engines in the world. These engines all have their good and bad parts.

But two of the most interesting and worth talking about engines include the Ford 2.7 EcoBoost and the Ford 3.5 EcoBoost.

These engines have their good and bad points, but they are known as some of the most capable engines ever.

But which one of the two engines is the better one to invest in?

This article tells you everything you need to know about these. So read on to find out which engine is truly the best one!

Specs For The Ford 2.7 And The 3.5 EcoBoost Engine

What is the difference between 2.7 EcoBoost and 3.5 EcoBoost? Which one is better?

There are so many specific specifications for both of these engines.

The difference between their workings is specifically lies in what specs they have.

But to be honest, there isn’t a lot of difference between them.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t any kind of difference. So let’s go through some of these specs!

Engine specifications Ford 2.7 EcoBoost: Ford 3.5 EcoBoost:
Applications 2015 – Current 2015 – 2017
Displacement 165 cid, 2.7 liters 213 cid, 3.5 liters
Engine block material Compacted graphite iron Aluminum
Cylinder head material Aluminum Aluminum
Cylinder bore 3.27 inches 3.64 inches
Cylinder stroke 3.27 inches 3.41 inches
Compression ratio 10.3: 1 1-4-2-5-3-6
Aspiration Twin parallel mounted turbochargers Naturally aspirated
Ignition Coil on plug Coil on plug
Valvetrain Variable exhaust and intake camshaft timing Twin independent variable camshaft timing
Fuel system High-pressure direct injection Sequential multi-port fuel injection
Horsepower 325 hp 282 hp

As you can see, the two engines are very specific to what they offer you as a person. You can compare the two engines if you look at the mentioned specs of each.

You might consider the Ford 2.7 engine a more reliable one considering it is still being produced and used.

However, the Ford 3.5 engine has a better material as it is made completely from aluminum.

While the 3.5 engine has 282 horsepower, the 2.7 engine has 325 horsepower. The horsepower in the 2.7 is more than the other one, which means there is more power.

But the torque in the 3.5 engine is more since the engine has 470 lb-ft of torque.

The 2.7 engine falls a little behind simply because it has a smaller size, so it doesn’t have quite the same impact, but the motor is very close in comparison.

The 2.7 engine does offer better fuel economy.

Because of its small size, the engine is one of the rare ones that you might not be able to use for a longer time because of the lack of torque.

It just doesn’t seem sustainable. The above specs are a very good summary of the overall features you’ll find in both motors.

But you might still have some major questions about everything. The features in the motors are both amazing.

Ford engines have always been known to wow the crowd, but if we had to choose some of the top-rated engines globally, it would be between these two engines.

This article aims to explain which engine is better for you as a consumer and what you wish to have in your car. The judgment may only come solely from personal preference.

Ford 2.7 And 3.5 EcoBoost Reliability Comparison

Finding an engine meant to last you a very long time is something you need to take care of. The biggest indicator of these engines lies in how similar they are majorly in the same issues.

You won’t find any major differences in each engine, so you might not be able to find something extremely drastic with either engine, which might indicate reliability.

Both of the engines have a lot of good features in them. In terms of lasting you a long time, the engines are meant to last you an extremely long time.

This is also very dependent on the maintenance you keep of the engines. The 2.7 and 3.5 engines need to be maintained often because they might have minor issues.

Direct Injection

Since the 2.7 engine has direct injection, there is a high-risk factor of carbon build-up problems. That is pretty common, so you might think that the 2.7 engine is a little less reliable.

However, according to my research, the Ford Company has recently worked on this problem, so having it might not be as common as you would think.

In the 3.5 engine, there have been some kinds of timing chain problems that might be a little bit of an issue.

Timing chains are important in your engine, but the most important thing to remember is that if there is an issue with the timing chain, your engine might malfunction more than you would normally assume.


Reliability also comes from measuring the miles that your car can last.

And by research, the 3.5 engine can last you a much longer time because the 3.5 engine offers you 250,000 engines and the 2.7 offers you around 200,000 miles.

While both of these miles are pretty good for any normal kind of engine, you might find yourself extremely impressed with the extra 50,000 miles on your 3.5 engine.

So in terms of longevity, the 3.5 engine really is known to last you a considerably longer time, but if you take care of your 2.7 engine, it might just last you as long as this particular motor.

So overall, both engines have quite the tie in actually being able to define reliability because both engines are extremely similar to each other.

Both of the motors are extremely reliable because they both last you a long time no matter which one you choose.

2.7 And 3.5 EcoBoost Engine Towing Capacity Comparison

Looking at the towing capacity of both the 2.7 and 3.5 engines, you will surely find better-towing capacity in the 3.5 engine.

The 3.5 engine actually offers you 4000 lbs more towing capacity as compared to the 2.7 engine.

Towing Capacity

You might consider that the Ford 150 is actually better when it has the 3.5 engine rather than the 2.7 engine.

But that certainly doesn’t mean that the 2.7 engine doesn’t have any kind of towing capacity; the towing capacity of this engine is actually quite good as compared to other kinds of engines.

Heavy Loads

The main purpose of the towing capacity is to ensure that you can carry heavy loads. Carrying heavy loads may not seem like a big problem to you if that’s not what you often do.

But for the Ford 150, which is a truck in itself, heavy loads would be something to deal with every single day. So you can imagine why heavy loads would come up as a topic.

If you are looking to move heavy loads, the 3.5 engine might be the better choice for you.

This isn’t just due to the fact that the engine comes with a larger towing capacity; the main reason is that the 2.7 engine is a smaller one.

What this does is that it causes the motor to use the turbos a lot more.

But in the 3.5 engine, you won’t have to use the turbos as much simply because the displacement is so high that turbos are not excessively needed.

So the heavier loads can be easily carried by the 3.5 engine rather than the 2.7 engine.

Stress And Boosts

However, both of the engines have been formed to the best of their abilities. They can withstand any kind of stress and boosts from the process of carrying heavy loads.

The motors are very important in the process of acting using your truck exactly for that it has been made, so you might need to know which one is better.

And the clear answer to this question is that the 3.5 engine is the clear winner.

Problems Found In Each Kind Of Engine

You can be completely sure that there are some really big issues present in each kind of motor. There are certainly problems in each kind of motor that need to be acknowledged.

Problems In The 2.7 EcoBoost Engine

1. Oil Pan Leakage Can Be A Real Issue Within The Engine

You can have some serious issues with the oil pan leakage.

Since the material is basically plastic and metal, the leakages can become severe depending on the rising heat temperatures in the engine.

You can find out how you had any leakages in your engine by actually finding leakages in your engine.

This is fairly more common than you would think because finding oil in engines has become a very common thing.

Another way to find the leakage is to find oil spots in the places where you park or keep your car in for a longer time.

To solve this problem, you might have to actually change the oil filters.

Your oil filters can become severely damaged over time, so rather than contemplate what to do, your first move should essentially be to try to fix your engine oil filters.

2. Having A Valve Guide Fault Is A Real Issue

Strangely enough, this is also known as an oil leak issue. But the difference lies in where the oil is leaking.

Having oil leaks in your engine can actually be quite a frequent thing, especially if you do not take care of your motor.

But leakages can happen in different areas of your car, so there’s nothing too bad to worry about.

This particular leakage occurs in the combustion chamber as the oil is leaked into the combustion chamber, and thus more oil is consumed.

Having an excess in oil consumption is already an issue, but the oil comes and goes from more than one place, and obviously, having a lot more oil consumed is bad for the general betterment of your own motor.

This also just requires you to get your motor maintained as often as you can.

Keeping your 2.7 engine in check will just help you in making sure you can do everything you need to without the risk of more issues acting up.

Learn more about the Ford 2.7 EcoBoost engine problems.

Problems In The 3.5 EcoBoost Engine

1. Ignition System Issues Might Cause You A Lot More Trouble

The gist of this problem lies in the fact that your ignition coils are often meant to last you for 140,000 miles.

But in the 3.5 engine, you might notice that the ignition system begins to wear down even faster.

Because of this, other problems may begin to arise in the motor, which can lead to long-term effects.

These long-term effects include misfires happening within the engine. Misfires can actually be dangerous because they can cause your engine to become permanently damaged.

Not only that, but you might also face some kind of stuttering happening within your engine which clearly causes a lot of damage.

The best way to avoid this issue arising is to look at the carbon tracks and make sure to replace all the old plugs with the new ones.

The old plugs clearly are not working well enough, which is why there even is an issue. You should also make sure to swap the ignition coils with the perfect one for your engine.

2. Timing Chain Issues Have Become Extremely Common

As mentioned above, timing chain issues are extremely common as well. In the 3.5 motors, they are seen more often than not.

Because of a lack of oil, the system can get stressed out and stretches. It can then fail to perform the function it was given, which is clearly a big issue.

You might notice there is an issue with the timing chain if you can hear a certain rattling sound within your engine.

This kind of sound is not frequently common, so you know that it is worth acknowledging.

The engine lights may also be coming on just because of this one thing which can cause a lot of problems for the person.

To fix the problem, you might have to actually fix your timing chain by replacing it. Such a task is quite expensive, but other kinds of things will not be as useful to you.

Replacing the timing chain every once in a while simply leads to you being able to drive your car around with more ease.

Learn more about the Ford 3.5 EcoBoost engine problems.


So to wrap all of the discussion up, the decision of buying each engine totally depends on what you need out of an engine.

The 2.7 vs 3.5 ecoboost engine debate has gone on for too long anyway.

The 2.7 engine may help you in reducing your fuel consumption, but the 3.5 engine actually helps you in being able to carry heavy loads.

So both engines are amazing in what they do without any extra effort.

The choice of which engine is better is completely up to you since they are pretty similar; the major difference lies in the 3.5 ecoboost engine being better at towing.

But whatever engine you choose, you will not regret it.