Walmart (EverStart) Car Battery Warranty Information [Policy & Claims Reviews]

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Walmart is a popular retailer that stocks more than 75 million different products – this includes EverStart car batteries!

If it’s time to purchase a new battery for your vehicle, you can simply pop down to your local Walmart branch.

However, it’s essential to understand the included warranty and how you can claim!

Walmart’s car battery warranty length depends on the EverStart variant that is purchased. The warranty covers batteries that don’t charge or start a car, as well as leaks and corrosion.

Accidental damage is not covered. To file a claim, the battery needs to be tested by the automotive department.

In this article, I’ll explain everything you need to know about Walmart’s car battery selection and the provided warranties.

Of course, the length of the warranty period depends on the type of EverStart battery purchased.

First, we’ll give you an overview of Walmart’s car batteries before explaining their warranty policy and the claims process.

Walmart Car Batteries Overview

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When it’s eventually time to purchase a new car battery, Walmart has got you covered with their selection of EverStart batteries.

Before we consider Walmart’s car battery warranty and claim information, it’s essential to consider the different batteries sold by Walmart.

After all, the other variants correlate to differing warranties. Johnson Controls produces EverStart batteries.

Given that one of Johnson Controls’ primary focuses is on automotive technology, it’s no wonder these batteries are so popular amongst Walmart customers!

While Walmart’s partnering with EverStart batteries only happened in 2010, this company has more than a century’s experience.

Countless consumers have praised EverStart’s batteries for their exceptional quality.

Not only are these batteries maintenance-free, but EverStart batteries are designed to reduce corrosion over time.

This design allows your car battery to provide maximum power while keeping the weight minimal and extending the battery’s lifespan.

Due to this unique design, these automotive batteries can perform excellently in even the coldest climatic conditions.

All EverStart batteries feature Cold Cranking Amps, which verifies the use of these batteries in freezing conditions.

Freezing temperatures or not, this is a car battery that customers can rely on time and time again.

After all, that’s why Walmart decided to partner with Johnson Controls in 2010 exclusively.

Due to this partnership, the EverStart automotive batteries that Walmart sells are typically lead-acid batteries.

Generally, the only places to purchase these batteries are through Walmart or Amazon.

Of course, if you are buying your battery at a Walmart with an automotive department, the installation will be done for free! Furthermore, these are exclusive to Walmart stores.

Ultimately, your relevant Walmart warranty for your new automotive battery will depend on the specific EverStart battery you choose.

Walmart sells the three main EverStart car battery variants: EverStart Value, EverStart Plus, and EverStart Maxx. Keep reading as we explain these types!

EverStart Car Battery Variants (And Their Varying Warranties)

Walmart sells EverStart automotive batteries

When purchasing your next car battery at Walmart, you’ll be able to choose between three different EverStart battery variants.

The type you choose will impact the warranty you receive from Walmart.

For this reason, it’s essential to understand the available variants.

If you’ve already purchased a battery from Walmart and you’re unsure of which one you bought, you’ll easily be able to locate this information.

You simply need to take a look at your battery. The relevant variant you have will be visible above the EverStart logo. Further information is located to the right of the battery’s label.

#1. EverStart Value

Walmart’s EverStart Value batteries are the most affordable of the three variants. Based on the experiences of other consumers, this battery typically lasts for three years.

This battery is also compatible with numerous automotive brands, models, and year models.

While the EverStart Value batteries are easily the most affordable type, they have the shortest warranty period.

When purchasing this type of car battery from Walmart, you’ll only be subject to a one-year free replacement period from your date of purchase.

We’ll take a closer look at this later!

#2. EverStart Plus

The following EverStart variant is the Plus range of car batteries. Like the Value batteries produced by Johnson Controls, this is also a lead-acid battery.

Furthermore, like its Value counterpart, EverStart Plus batteries are compatible with a wide variety of vehicles.

As the middle tier of Walmart’s EverStart batteries, this variant comes with a better warranty.

Your EverStart Plus battery is protected by a free replacement period of two years from your date of purchase.

This means the warranty is double the length of the EverStart Value batteries.

#3. EverStart Maxx

At the top of the range are EverStart’s Maxx batteries. Overall, this is the most durable and reliable of all three variants – and that’s saying a lot!

This variant is also compatible with countless cars. Walmart will even wave the core charge for their recycling service when you purchase a Maxx automotive battery.

If you experience any issues with an EverStart Maxx battery, you’ll be relieved to know you have a comprehensive warranty.

Maxx batteries from Walmart come with a three-year replacement warranty, which is the most comprehensive of all the battery variants.

It also includes a two-year prorated replacement warranty. In the following section, we’ll delve into more detail regarding this.

Walmart Car Battery Warranty Policy

As we discussed above, there are three different car battery variants sold by Walmart.

Of course, all of these variants are EverStart batteries, which Johnson Controls produce. Not only are these amongst the most affordable car batteries, but they’re highly reliable.

However, should you encounter any issues with your EverStart car battery, you’ll also be able to rely on Walmart’s competitive warranties.

As we explained earlier, the length of your warranty period will depend on the EverStart variant you purchase.

If you opt for an EverStart Value battery, which is also the most affordable, your warranty will cover you for a free replacement for one year from your DOP (date of purchase).

If you opt for a mid-range EverStart Plus car battery, your warranty will provide free replacement coverage for two years from your DOP.

Walmart’s EverStart Maxx batteries, however, offer the most comprehensive warranty. Firstly, you’ll be subject to a free replacement period of three years from your DOP.

However, you’ll also be subject to a prorated replacement warranty period of two years. Essentially, this extends your total overall warranty period to five years.

While the warranty periods for different EverStart automotive batteries vary, the conditions of the warranty policy remain the same.

It’s imperative to consider these conditions to highlight what exactly is covered by the warranty. Furthermore, it will highlight aspects that are not covered in the contract.

Due to this, it is crucial to understand Walmart’s battery warranty policy. This will help you know when you can claim against this warranty when your car battery isn’t working.

After all, specific claims will be accepted or rejected based on Walmart’s warranty policy.

Let’s take a look!

What Is Covered By Walmart’s Car Battery Warranty?

When you purchase any EverStart car battery from Walmart, their policy states that you’ll be able to return the unused battery within ninety days of your purchase.

You will receive your refund from Walmart using the original payment method that was used.

After this period, only the applicable warranty will apply. We discussed how this varies between EverStart battery variants above.

When claiming against Walmart’s car battery policy, users must understand what the policy does and does not cover. Ultimately, this depends on the type of damage.

First, let’s take a look at the damage that is protected by Walmart’s warranty policy.

When your EverStart battery is damaged due to a battery leak or corrosion, Walmart’s automotive battery warranty will cover the cost of your replacement battery.

A car battery that has begun bulging is also covered for a free replacement within your warranty period.

If the car battery you purchased at Walmart fails to start your car during your warranty period, Walmart will replace it for free.

The warranty policy will also cover the replacement of an automotive battery that is not charging to its total capacity.

From the above, it’s clear that Walmart’s car battery warranty policy provides plenty of coverage.

However, this coverage typically applies to damage that is caused by factors outside of your control. That’s because these instances usually come down to manufacturing flaws.

In terms of accidental damage to your EverStart battery, Walmart’s warranty policy will not cover the replacement.

This means is that if you get into a car accident that damages your battery, it will not be covered by Walmart’s policy.

Furthermore, any abuse and misuse that results in its failure will not be covered by Walmart’s policy.

Where possible, consumers should opt for Walmart’s free battery installation. This will ensure that the battery is correctly installed.

If you decide to install the battery yourself and it results in an improper installation, you will have voided your car battery warranty.

While these conditions apply to the free replacement warranties on all EverStart batteries, they also apply to the prorated warranty on EverStart Maxx batteries.

Keep reading as we explain what a prorated warranty is and address other frequently asked questions about Walmart’s car battery warranty policy.

Walmart Car Battery Warranty FAQs

We will now address some of Walmart customers’ most frequently asked questions about their car battery warranty.

This should clear up any remaining questions you have about the contracts linked to EverStart automotive batteries!

Q1. What Is A Prorated Replacement Warranty?

As we’ve established, all EverStart batteries purchased from Walmart are subject to a free replacement warranty period.

Of course, the length of this period depends on the EverStart variant you are buying.

For those consumers that purchase an EverStart Maxx battery, their warranty will include a three-year free replacement period and a two-year prorated replacement period.

This two-year prorated replacement period kicks into effect once the three-year free replacement period has ended.

Essentially, your prorated warranty allows you to pay less for a replacement battery.

There is a specific formula that Walmart uses to calculate the price of your replacement battery.

This prorated formula takes into account the age of your battery and the price of a new battery.

The following equation can be used to calculate the prorated cost of your replacement battery accurately: [(age of car battery in months) ÷ 60] x [cost of replacement battery] = prorated replacement cost.

Let’s consider a hypothetical situation to demonstrate how this is calculated.

Firstly, let’s say that your EverStart Maxx battery is four years and two months old and is still covered by the prorated warranty. Of course, that’s 50.

Then, let’s say the cost of a replacement battery is $100.

Using Walmart’s formula, the cost of the hypothetical prorated battery would be: [(50 ÷ 60) x 100]. That means the replacement battery will cost $83.34.

Walmart will then add sales tax to this amount. This is a straightforward formula to use.

For those customers who opt for Walmart’s superior EverStart Max range, this formula can easily be used to calculate an estimated prorated replacement battery cost.

Q2. Does A Replacement Car Battery Come With A New Warranty?

A common question posed by Walmart customers is whether or not a replacement car battery comes with a new warranty.

When you claim against your Walmart automotive battery warranty, your replacement battery will not be covered by a new warranty.

The reason for this is that your old warranty is still active.

The replacement battery you receive will only be covered as long as the original warranty (either the free-replacement or prorated period) is still active.

However, once this period has ended, a replacement car battery from Walmart will not be covered under their current policy.

If you wish to get a new car battery from Walmart that’s covered under warranty, you’ll need to purchase a new battery at the total price.

Q3. What Does Walmart’s Automotive Battery Warranty Cover?

As we discussed at length earlier, Walmart’s automotive battery warranty covers any indirect damage.

This includes manufacturing faults, including batteries that fail to start cars, don’t charge fully, become bloated, start leaking, or become corroded.

Claims for these battery issues will typically be accepted. However, Walmart’s car battery warranty policy does not cover any forms of accidental damage.

This included improper installation, misuse and abuse of the battery, and any forms of accidental damage. Claims for car batteries damaged in these manners will be denied.

Walmart Car Battery Claim Info

In the previous section of this article, we looked at Walmart’s warranty policies regarding their EverStart batteries.

As we mentioned, the length of a customer’s warranty period depends on the relevant type of battery they purchase. Of course, there are three main types with varying warranty lengths.

When claiming against your EverStart car battery warranty, you need to ensure that you are still within the warranty period.

Luckily, Walmart’s warranty policy and claims process remain the same regardless of your warranty’s length.

When considering Walmart’s claims process, there are a few critical aspects to consider.

Read on as we explain what consumers need to know about filing a claim for your damaged EverStart battery.

This includes any required documentation, different methods to claim, and how to appeal a rejected claim.

#1: Visit The Walmart Where You Purchased Your Battery

If you’ve misplaced your original receipt, you can visit the Walmart branch where you originally purchased your car battery.

However, to file a claim in this manner, you’ll need to know the original purchase date. A Walmart employee will be able to use your relevant purchase date to find your original receipt.

This will allow you to continue with the claims process.

#2: Use Your EverStart Battery’s Serial Number

If you don’t have your original receipt or date of purchase, all hope is not lost! You’ll be able to use the serial number located on the EverStart battery itself.

By providing this serial number to an employee in Walmart’s automotive department, they’ll be able to find your receipt.

This will reveal your original purchase date and will allow you to proceed with your warranty claim.

How To Claim Your Walmart Car Battery Warranty

Above, we looked at the documentation that you will need to proceed with your warranty claim.

In this section, we’ll guide you through the methods that can be used to claim a battery replacement through Walmart’s EverStart automotive battery warranty.

#1: Claiming In-Store

If you believe your car battery’s damage is covered under Walmart’s warranty, you’ll be able to file a claim for a free replacement.

Of course, you’ll still need to be covered under the warranty period. As discussed above, you’ll also need your date of purchase.

When claiming in-store, there are two essential aspects to note.

Firstly, you will need to take the physical EverStart battery with you to the Walmart branch. Secondly, the Walmart store that you visit needs to have an automotive service center.

This is so that the battery can be tested to assess the damage and whether or not it’s covered under warranty.

For the most straightforward claims process, customers should try to visit the branch where they initially purchased the battery.

Once this diagnostic test has been done, you’ll know whether or not your claim is successful.

Ultimately, this depends on the damage to your battery and whether or not it’s covered in the warranty policy from Walmart.

#2: Claiming Via DoNotPay

If you’d like some help getting a replacement through an active warranty, you may want to consider the services provided by DoNotPay.

This company can help you file a warranty claim with Walmart for your EverStart battery. To do this, you’ll need to access their official website from an internet browser.

From this page on DoNotPay’s platform, you can navigate to the Claim Warranty section, where you will select the store and product that you wish to file a claim.

In this case, it will be your EverStart battery that you purchased from Walmart.

Once you’ve completed these steps, DoNotPay will prompt you to provide specific details about your purchase.

You’ll also be asked to describe the damage or issue with the car battery.

Once you’ve completed these steps, DoNotPay will file a claim on your behalf. They’ll then guide you through the rest of the process!

Appealing A Rejected Walmart EverStart Battery Claim

Above, we discussed some of DoNotPay’s features. This includes filing a claim with Walmart on your behalf. However, did you know that they can help you appeal a rejected claim?

Unfortunately, claims aren’t always accepted the first time you submit them – but DoNotPay is there to help in these situations.

On their platform, you’ll be able to appeal a warranty claim that has been denied.

Of course, you’ll need to provide them with certain details about your original claim that was filed. It doesn’t matter whether the initial claim was made privately or through DoNotPay.

Once you’ve appealed your rejected claim through DoNotPay, their helpful agents will contact Walmart.

They’ll then guide you through the rest of the process and allow Walmart’s customer service team to get in touch with you.


Walmart has a fantastic range of EverStart car batteries for consumers. Each EverStart battery purchased from Walmart comes with a warranty.

We explained everything consumers need to know about Walmart’s car battery policy and their claims process in this piece.