RAM 1500 Leveling Kit Problems

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Are you someone who is looking to find out what exactly the RAM 1500 Leveling kit offers?

Worry no further since I’m here to tell you everything you need to know. The purpose of a leveling kit is to raise the front of your truck slightly.

But how do you know which one is great for your RAM 1500?

That’s all that the article aims to tell you! Finding out the common ram 1500 leveling kit problems might be good to help you decide.

Some of the common problems include:

  1. The Wrong Angle Can Create Such A Big Issue With A Truck Involved
  2. Bad Kits Can Create Too Much Mileage On Your Truck
  3. The Issue Of Damaged Suspension Can Be A Real Bother
  4. Frequent Maintenance May Be Required If You Use The Kit
  5. Height Levels Can Be Quite A Bit Of A Confusion Factor

Understanding the intensity of such common problems may be a small issue. But I’m here to discuss them and to let you know all about everything.

Read on to find out the most you can!

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The 5 Most Common RAM 1500 Leveling Kit Issues

Let's find out what issues you will face if you use a Dodge Ram 1500 leveling kit along the way

1. The Wrong Angle Can Create Such A Big Issue With A Truck Involved

Getting the wrong kind of leveling kit for your RAM 1500 truck is such a big issue.

The issue is fairly common with many people, so it’s not out of the blue but can be considered annoying.

What Happens?

Even when you are careful, sometimes because of a misjudgment, your truck can become seriously damaged. That is often due to the factor that you placed your leveling kit improperly.

Installing something like a leveling kit is hard enough as it seems, but to do such a job in the wrong way is even worse.

Having the wrong kind of angle set in your leveling kit makes sure that you does not have a stable truck at all. It throws off the entire balance.

The Angle Matters Because:

  • The weight is distributed in the right way.
  • Generally, it helps the truck move in a much better way.
  • The indication of quality is dependent on how well it fits onto the truck.

How To know If It Is Bad

One of the best ways to know if there is any real issue is through watching how the truck responds.

So many crucial parts of your truck can become damaged if you are not careful, which is simply a nuisance for you.

The RAM 1500 itself might start to shake uncontrollably, which is a clear indication that something is wrong.

Since shaking is not a common occurrence, it is only obvious that everyone worries about it.

How To Fix The Issue

The best way to deal with such an issue is to research before ordering a RAM 1500 leveling kit. With all the resources you’ve been given, this should be easy enough.

2. Bad Kits Can Create Too Much Mileage On Your Truck

Finding out you bought a bad kit is the first disappointment you have. With so many options, finding the right kind can be a little bit harder.

The mileage indicator is not taken too seriously, even though it might just have the most impact on the truck’s safety.

The Real Issue Here

Mileage can be a real issue for any person who has some leveling kit on their RAM 1500.

Mileage itself is a problem for any person who wishes to spend less money on their truck, only for the truck to malfunction and have them spend more money instead.

The installation of a bad leveling kit makes it harder for mileage to be decent, bringing about a new kind of loss to the truck’s person.

A bad kit causes the truck to be uneven, which further leads to more resistance in the truck itself, and therefore more power is needed to push through all the air resistance.

Indications Of The Problem

If you have to get more gas than normal, you might have a severe issue with your leveling kit.

The RAM 1500 holds about 26 liters of gas, so if you have to put more than that, you definitely should be aware of the issues arising.

That is so much money spent on simply getting gas. The tires can also be seen getting extremely damaged beyond repair, which is a massive issue that many are unaware of.

Mileage Can Be Fixed For:

  • Making sure you’re not spending extra money on basic things.
  • The surety of your car running more smoothly.
  • A better indication of your cars ability to function.

Getting It Fixed

The best way to get such an issue fixed is to keep your RAM 1500 maintained often. Checking your leveling kit is the first way to achieve a better running truck.

3. The Issue Of Damaged Suspension Can Be A Real Bother

The suspension might be a really important part of your RAM 1500 truck’s maintenance.

Having a bad leveling kit has more impact on the suspension than you would personally like to believe.

What Is A Damaged Suspension?

To define damaged suspension, you first need to know what suspension is.

Suspension, by definition, is the system that links the tires to the general vehicle and controls how the vehicle reacts to excess energy from road shocks, and holds up the general weight of the truck itself.

Since the leveling kits mainly focus on balancing the truck’s weight so that there is a balance on both sides, the suspension itself can get heavily damaged if the leveling kit is not what the truck needs.

The damaged suspension is the opposite of that.

Suspension Helps Your RAM 1500 To:

  • Become better at holding the weight of the vehicle up.
  • Have more control over the rough patches.
  • Ride in a more smooth and consistent way.

The Causes Of It

Damaged suspension is only known to happen if there is some issue with the general balance of the truck.

If a leveling kit is installed in the wrong way, this has an impact on the suspension.

There is a high danger of many of the important components of this vehicle becoming damaged because of this very reason.

Finding A Way Out

Installing new shocks onto your RAM 1500 may be the way you can actively prevent this. Shocks will help restore the balance to your truck and make your life easier.

Additionally, taking care of the maintenance of your truck is how you can ensure even more chances of damaged suspension occurring less frequently.

4. Frequent Maintenance May Be Required If You Use The Kit

Since many of us are unaware of the implications, it should come as a surprise that a lot of maintenance would be required.

There are so many issues that build up simply out of one device that this seems inevitable.

The Implications Of Maintenance

The problem with maintenance is that we don’t do enough of it. The importance it holds is way more than you could even imagine.

Using a leveling kit is actually why since leveling kits do cause more wear and tear to your car.

Hence maintaining it might just be important if you even want your RAM 1500 to last you a significant amount of time.

Why Does It Matter?

Having any damage to your truck does not affect anyone but you. If you don’t maintain your truck, no one will care, but you will feel the loss at the end of the day.

Maintenance does not have to be expensive, as one might believe if the process is carried out often enough.

Ways To Fix It

The simple answer is to make sure your RAM 1500 is maintained.

Since there is a lot of wear and tear, the truck can become useless in just a couple of years unless you are willing to take care of it.

Frequent Maintenance Can Help You:

  • Make sure your truck lasts you a long time.
  • Keep your truck in top shape for a longer time.
  • Avoid big purchases or expenses.

5. Height Levels Can Be Quite A Bit Of A Confusion Factor

Although this may seem a little strange, height levels do matter. Leveling kits are meant to help your truck become equally balanced. So what is the general perception about them?

Understanding Height Levels

Each truck is different. The RAM 1500 is one of the greatest ones out there, so you can imagine that it would need to have the perfect fit no matter what.

Height levels hold such large importance simply because they define how the truck works. The leveling kit has the simple task of making the front and back of a truck the same level.

While it sounds aesthetically pleasing, the problem might be caused a little too much when it becomes an issue.

What Causes It?

Having the wrong kind of measure on your truck causes the problem. The factor of measurement is fairly more common than you would imagine, especially on trucks.

Many people tend to measure their trucks incorrectly, which is why they have such an issue in the first place.

Making It Better

To remove the issue in RAM 1500, measure your trucks in better ways. Installing the wrong size of the leveling kit is going to make the truck unstable.

During This Time, Try To Avoid:

  • Investing in any leveling kit you might find.
  • Making a quick decision about which one to buy.
  • Making the wrong size fit on purpose to avoid spending more money.

What Is The RAM 1500 Leveling Kit?

A leveling kit is a big part of any truck owner’s life if they wish to keep their truck working smoothly.

Leveling can be really important for you if you want to make sure your truck is running smoothly.

The RAM 1500 leveling kit is one meant to help your truck in becoming the best.

Moreover, the kit itself helps the front of the truck be as raised as the back of the truck. The process of using the kit is basically to increase ground clearance.

Increasing that helps in tackling rough terrain, this means ground that your truck might suffer at the hands of if your front is too low.

These leveling kits are made up of the strongest kind of steel as well as T-6 aircraft-grade aluminum.

The kits are amazing at their purpose and help the trucks to be able to work much better than they normally would.

Is The RAM 1500 Leveling Kit Reliable?

RAM 1500 leveling kits can be extremely helpful to keep your truck looking great. They are made from high-quality steel as well as aluminum, so you know they are very reliable.

The durability of these is extremely high as well. Having a leveling kit certainly helps a lot. They can be used for a much longer period due to how strong they are.

They tend to get the job done more efficiently, so using the leveling kit might make the process of getting your truck back in proper shape easier for you.

Many people use many kinds of RAM 1500 leveling kits, so they consider these to be reliable.

They can truly be a great investment with so much to offer, especially if you find it hard to keep your truck at the right levels. Reliability, for most of them, will never be an issue.

What Cars Use RAM 1500 Leveling Kit?

The only car that uses a RAM 1500 leveling kit is the RAM 1500. So many trucks use leveling kits, but this article focuses mainly on the RAM 1500 leveling kits.

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to the selection of the kits themselves. The RAM 1500 is one of the best trucks you can get.

Additionally, the truck offers so many features to its owner, and the leveling kits offer a whole new perspective to the truck itself.

The engine type for the RAM 1500 is a 24 valve diesel and the best part about this truck is, this is so much popular everywhere.

Everyone knows about that, so finding a leveling kit that suits the truck is the most important part. A one-person show all on its own, the truck is a great investment to make for anyone.

Ram 1500 Leveling Kit Specs

Here’s one of my best recommended RAM 1500 leveling kit specs and product below:

Manufacturer Rough Country
Chamber head composition 2″ leveling kit
Weight 1.34 pounds
Product dimensions 8.75 x 5.75 x 1.5 inches
Country of origin USA
Exterior Painted
Position Driveline
Folding No
Construction No drilling required
Easy to install Yes
Fits RAM 1500
Estimated installation time 2 / 3 hours
Rough Country 2" Leveling Kit

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11/10/2023 04:18 pm GMT

The Benefits Of Choosing The RAM 1500 Leveling Kit

Installing the RAM 1500 can have more benefits than you might be able to imagine. Some of these include:

  • Bringing balance to your truck becomes easier.
  • Appearance-wise, it is a big upgrade from normal.
  • Ground clearance becomes much easier.
  • You can install larger tires which helps in better rides.
  • Damage control will be much easier to maintain.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must be thinking of some pretty common questions by now, so let me answer the questions everyone often asks!

Q1. Does The RAM 1500 Leveling Kit Ruin My truck’s Ride?

As a common myth, it is believed that the truck’s ride becomes better or worse if you install a leveling kit on your truck. It is one of the main reasons everyone avoids doing so.

But the simple answer is that installing one does not negatively affect the ride of your truck. If anything, it makes it much better.

Q2. Will The RAM 1500 Leveling kit Be Bad For My Truck?

This particular worry stems from the attachment of anything that wasn’t already there to your truck.

Being fairly common, the issue lies within the way that the kit is installed. It is important to get the leveling kit installed properly not to find any issues in the truck.

Q3. Is There Importance Of Front-End Alignment If I Install The RAM 1500 Leveling Kit?

Once you have the RAM 1500 leveling kit installed, you might think that you need not worry about anything else.

While the thought is nice, you will need to worry about the front-end alignment. That is especially if and after you get the suspension altered to your specific liking.

Q4. Will The RAM 1500 Leveling kit Prevent Damage?

One of the main purposes of these kits is to ensure that the weight is evenly distributed amongst the front and back of the truck.

The fact is that the distributed weight ensures nothing can potentially harm the truck or make it flip over. The resilience of the truck becomes insane.

Q5. Is The Investment In The RAM 1500 Leveling kit Reliable?

Using any leveling kit on any truck will only prove to be good for you and your truck.

Investing in any RAM 1500 leveling kit proves the best decision you can make for yourself or your truck. Since they are reliable, they can help your truck become more stable.


Understanding the importance of these RAM 1500 leveling kits can be a little difficult.

That is especially harder for those unaware of the benefits it can bring to their trucks. Educating yourself on everything good for your truck is important.

So even with the RAM 1500 leveling kit problems, there are so many options to choose from, but I have defined for you only the best. Yet you can choose any that you like.

The overall benefits outweigh the bad, so investing in such a thing will only lead to your success. Make sure to choose what seems better for you.