Nissan VQ40DE Engine Problems: Reliability, Specs & Reviews

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Have you ever thought about what the engine in your car does for you?

If you have the Nissan VQ40DE 4.0 V6 engine, this article is the best thing you can get.

With so much more to offer you, the engine is truly something to marvel over because it helps the customer make sure they have the best kind of engine power.

However, you might find some kinds of issues with the motor. With all of the great things about the motor, you need to be aware of some common VQ40DE engine problems.

Here are some of the most common problems:

  1. You Might Experience Some Low Oil Pressure Within Your Engine
  2. Having Problems With Your Timing Chain Might Be A Large Issue For Your Ride
  3. Oil Leaks Might Just Harm Your Engine Way More Than You Would Think
  4. Some Of The Engine Replacement Parts Of The Engine Are Way Too Expensive
  5. Horsepower Might Seem A Little Less For Some Customers’ Requirements

So let’s go through some of the most important points about the Nissan vq40de 4.0 v6 engine!

The 5 Most Common Nissan VQ40DE Engine Problems

Find solutions how to fix your Nissan VQ40 engine if you face any issues

1. You Might Experience Some Low Oil Pressure Within Your Engine

A big part of the common issues you might have is the low oil pressure present in your engine.

Having such an issue might not seem like a big thing, but in the long term viewpoint, it can be a lot.

The General Oil Pressure

So overall, the general oil pressure you need to be aware of is 25 to 65 PSI. That is the general pressure meant to be present in all kinds of engines.

The problem is that there is an issue within the Nissan VQ40DE engine which makes it have lower oil pressure.

The light for the low oil pressure has seen to be constantly on for the Nissan VQ40DE engine, which causes a lot of concern.

The general reasoning for such a thing is that the gasket of the timing cover may be leaking oil. Or there may just be a lower flow of oil within the motor anyway.

Oil pressure is important because:

  • The engine works well when oil pressure is kept.
  • You can find out the level of oils in your motor.
  • Understanding oil issues becomes much easier.

The Impact It Has

Having a low pressure of your oil doesn’t cause a lot of damage to the car, but some things still need to be acknowledged.

You might think there is something very wrong with your car just because the sign will come on.

Other than that, you might have to deal with the loss of oil within your engine, which causes damage to the engine as well.

These things may seem small, but they do have a large impact on the grander scheme of things.

Fixing The Problem

You will be able to fix your problem by replacing the gaskets in your engine, which is a pretty expensive thing to carry out normally. But it might be worth the peace of mind.

2. Having Problems With Your Timing Chain Might Be A Large Issue For Your Ride

Timing chains have become a much bigger problem than you would think. Since timing chains are important, you need to understand why the issue is worth mentioning.

Timing Chain And What It Does

To describe what the timing chain does, you might need to understand the general mechanics of the car.

Generally, there are certain valves in the cars that help in the intake and exhale of air.

The intake and exhale are meant to help the car in many ways, but sometimes contamination of the intake air can cause engines to suffer.

This is why the timing chain helps in the opening and closing of the valves in such a way that nothing irrelevant goes inside or out.

Understanding The Problems

When your timing valve fails, you might find yourself wondering what the worst that could happen is.

Let me explain it to you! Due to the failure of the timing valves, you might end up hearing a strange buzzing sound coming from your engine with no real explanation.

Not only that, but you might also end up noticing misfires happening. Rough idle can also be a very big issue.

Bad timing chains may cause your Nissan 4.0L V6 engine to:

  • Suddenly malfunction to extremes.
  • Become harder to maintain.
  • Suddenly begin to break apart without reason.

The Importance Of Fixing It

You need to replace the timing chain because if you do not, you might end up with a severely damaged engine, as well as the possibility of your car malfunctioning as you drive it, which can never be safe for you.

3. Oil Leaks Might Just Harm Your Engine Way More Than You Would Think

You know that oil leaks are some of the worst things that any person can go through. Oil leaks can be the very reason your VQ40DE engine is in the worst shape.

Significance Of Oil Leaks

Oil leaks mainly happen when there is some kind of issue arising in the motor.

The best way to describe why an oil leak might happen is to break gaskets and seals over time. These things are very brittle, so the impact can be extremely heavy.

Problems Arising

With oil leaks, many other kinds of problems may also arise. You might see the visible oil leakage in your engine, which is a terrible thing in itself.

There might also be some visible smoke from the engine bay, which impacts your motor. The burning oil smell doesn’t seem to go away either, which is terrible.

Why Does It Matter?

Oil leaks need to be fixed because they can cause your engine to overwork itself and for no good reason.

You need to be sure of the capability of your engine before you push it to the extremes.

Oil leaks fixed can help you:

  • Have a smooth-running car.
  • Be in control of how your engine performs.
  • Find more ways to make your engine last a long time.

4. Some Of The Engine Replacement Parts Of The Engine Are Way Too Expensive

The honest fact is that everything is highly expensive and this can be quite an issue. With everything happening in the world, even engine replacement parts can be expensive.

The Issue

There is a whole bunch of people that would say the expensive parts are nothing to worry about.

But there are many people already claiming that the expensive parts are extremely terrible for them to afford.

So if you want to know if the issue is big or small, you might need to look at your finances.

Engine Replacement Parts Examples

So many Nisan VQ40DE engine parts might need replacement. These include the gaskets, the seals, the tubes, and even parts like the camshaft or crankshaft.

All these have an important role in the betterment of the motor, so changing them only benefits you.

Changing The Engine Parts

Even though they might be expensive, changing your engine parts might be the best thing you do.

The expenses may seem like a lot, but in the long run, they might help you keep your engine running as smoothly as possible.

Expenses of the engine might cause:

  • More hesitation to change the parts.
  • Better and long-lasting engines working for longer.
  • A more secure mind of the customer.

5. Horsepower Might Seem A Little Less For Some Customers’ Requirements

Horsepower is kind of the main reason why most people buy a certain engine. So people complaining about the horsepower being a little more seems a little surprising.

Horsepower Of The Motor

The general horsepower of the motor is a lot more than the normal amount.

Coming to around 261 to 275hp, the horsepower is probably the best part of the motor, especially if you’re a person looking for that kind of heavy speed.

Why Does The Issue Happen?

The issue lies in people not using the horsepower to its full potential. Many people don’t need the full amount of horsepower.

Many have also claimed that compared to other motors, the horsepower is not enough at all. The whole thing is a bunch of confusion.

Horsepower needs to be:

  • Understood better so you can make the right decision.
  • Chosen accordingly, so you don’t regret your decision.
  • Kept working as to fully use the engine.

Understanding More

By my understanding, the horsepower is an issue because of the mixed reviews on it. While the problem isn’t a serious one, people have been conflicted about dealing with it.

What Is Nissan VQ40DE Engine?

The Nissan VQ40DE engine has gained a lot of popularity in the world due to how good of an engine it truly is.

The motor is popular in all kinds of motors, so you know that it stands very high in popularity.

The horsepower on this motor is one of the highest ones that you can ever find. Not only that, the motor promises to offer you a lot more.

The general reliability of the motor is also very high, which is why you can depend on the motor.

Having good fuel economy is extremely important, so you need to know that the mentioned motor promises the best kind of fuel economy savings for you.

Made from the strongest kind of material, the motor is very durable, making it even easier to use as it will probably last you a much longer time.

Is The Nissan 4.0L V6 Engine Reliable?

One of the best things about the motor is that it is considered one of the solid, reliable ones!

The features of the motor have been set in such a way that no matter what, you won’t have any kind of major issues regarding the motor.

Since the motor has been made to suit your needs, you need a motor meant to last you a long time.

With so many updates on the motor since the last few years, the motor has updated to something extremely great, worth the pricing.

There aren’t many design flaws with the motor, which means you can depend on the motor in times of need.

Not only that, but the motor’s durability is also high because the motor has been made so that it can withstand anything that might be thrown in its way.

So you can consider the whole engine to be extremely reliable.

What Cars Use Nissan VQ40 Engine?

Quite a bunch of people uses the Nissan VQ40 engine in their cars.

Some cars that use the engine include the Nissan Frontier, the Nissan Xterra, the Nissan Pathfinder, the Suzuki Equator, the Nissan NV1500, the Nissan NV Passenger, etc.

These are just some of the basic cars you might know of, but many other cars are known to use the motor.

With the number of cars using the motor, you can tell that if you have one of these cars or a car similar to these, you know that the motor is perfect for your car.

The number of cars that use the engine can make you feel more comfortable knowing you’re investing in this particular engine.

So make sure to check what kind of car you have or what kind of engine your Nissan might need to ensure that you invest in the best engine for your vehicle, which probably might just be the Nissan VQ40 engine.

Nissan VQ40DE Engine Specs

Engine name VQ40DE
Production 2005-present
Displacement 3954 cc
Configuration V6
Valvetrain DOHC, 24 valves
Head block material Aluminum
Bore 95.5mm
Stroke 92mm
Compression ratio 9.7: 1
Oil consumption One qt. per 1200 miles
Oil change interval 6000 miles

The Benefits Of Choosing The Nissan VQ40DE Engine

Even with the problems, you might find some actual benefits of owning the Nissan VQ40DE engine, which include:

  • The longevity of the motor is extremely high compared to other engines.¥
  • Maintenance of the motor has been made excessively easy.
  • Finding spare parts is never an issue because they are easily available.
  • The motor is extremely reliable as well since it was made a long time ago.
  • Your engine is extremely easily fixable too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Much Does Changing The Timing Chain Replacement Even Cost In The Nissan VQ40DE 4.0 V6 Engine?

While you might think the cost of changing the timing chain might be cheaper, sadly, that isn’t true. The general cost of the change of the timing chain is $1000 to $1500.

While such a price might not be an issue for some people, the price is just way too high for others. So the whole process might seem a little too expensive.

Q2. How Long Might It Take To Install The Nissan VQ40DE Engine?

On average, the time might be up to 20 hours for a common man.

But if you get your engine installed by a professional, then it would take a little less time, considering the professional would work efficiently.

But not only that, you actually need to put in the time and effort to install the engine so that no issues arise when you first ride the car.

Q3. Is The Nissan VQ40 Engine Actually Durable?

You might doubt the claim that the Nissan VQ40 engine is actually durable.

But the engine itself is actually extremely durable based on the fact that it has been made with the strongest material of aluminum.

The motor also lasts each customer a long time based on information collected, which is why the motor has even been given the title of durable.

Q4. What Are Some Tips I Might Need To Maintain My Nissan 4.0 Engine?

Make sure to take care of all the little things that you need to of the Nissan 4.0 engine.

Changing the oil frequently, as well as changing the air filter, might just work for your personal benefit to ensure you can maintain the motor correctly.

The most important thing to remember is to keep checking if your engine is actually working correctly.

Q5. Do I Need Professional Help To Keep My VQ40DE Engine Running Smoothly?

Getting professional help might not be the worst thing in the world.

Since you can actually begin to misinterpret the working of the engine, especially if you are a beginner, you might want to consider getting professional help anyway since doing so can simply change the way your car works.

Consider the professional help just so you can ensure your car is getting the best it can.


Just like that, now you know everything you might have needed to know about the engine. You are offered so many good things with the engine that the motor seems too good to be true.

While other motors are called perfect and lack in certain departments, the Nissan VQ40DE engine might just be the closest thing to perfection.

So even with all of the specified Nissan VQ40DE engine problems, you still cannot find a better engine anywhere else.

Make sure to check what requirements your engine already has to ensure that you don’t end up investing in an engine that doesn’t suit your car.

But if you do choose the Nissan 4.0 v6 engine, the probability of you regretting your decision is very low. The motor truly is considered one of a kind and offers you tons of great things.