New Mexico Window Tint Laws & Regulations

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Visible Light Transmission, short for VLT, allows a certain amount of light to pass through your windows directly.

It is a requirement for every vehicle, and each of the states enforces different laws, rules, and regulations in their ways.

New Mexico window tint laws were introduced in the early stages, the state allows a 20% tint ratio, and the front windshield can use a non-reflective tint starting from the top of the glass window and coming down to 5 inches only.

The front windows require a 20% light pass through at all times. Back and rear windows can be as darkly tinted as the owner prefers.

Below, I will discuss the full comprehension of the laws enforced in New Mexico regarding window tinting, so keep on reading to find out more.

How Much Tint Darkness Is Legal In New Mexico?

Find out if tinted windows in New Mexico are illegal or not

In New Mexico, an average window tinting shield is allowed, so if your main goal with tinting your car is privacy, then worry not.

The VLT of the tint darkness is 20%, as I just mentioned, but from far, this tint ratio is pretty dark to look through, but up close, you can take a quick peek inside the car.

Tint Darkness Limit For SUVs And Vans

If you are a proud owner of a full or mid-size SUV or a van in New Mexico, you should be aware of the tint darkness limit laws in the state.

A 20% VLT is a must from the front window shield and the front side windows.

Whereas the tint darkness limit for the rear and back windows is your choice, you can go as dark as you’d like without restrictions. The law has no rules against these tints.

The limitations for the darkness of tints on the SUVs and vans aren’t different from any other sedan. Hence all the necessary rules apply to any car.

Tint Darkness Limit For Sedans

Now, as I jump into the tinted darkness limit of the sedan by remarks mentioned above still stay defined.

1. Front Windshield

You can tint the AS-1 line of the front windshield, which is the first 5 inches from the top of the glass shield. This protects the eyes from the sun, and you can even gain a bit of privacy.

2. Front Seat Side Windows

20% VLT passing through the front seat side windows is a must in a sedan.

The higher the percentage of the tinted shield is, the better it is, and you have a lesser chance of being stopped and fined.

3. Rear Window

The sedan’s rear window can be customized in tinting and use any tinting shield, but 20% light should pass through.

4. Back Seat Side Windows

Like the rear window, the back seat side windows are also the owner’s choice in terms of customization.

No known law was placed against these two windows, except that 20% VLT should pass through.

Window Tint Reflection And Tint Colors

  • The tint reflection and tint color allowed in the state of New Mexico in terms of shielding, as I discussed, is 20% at least and higher is better.
  • No matter what car model you use, sedan, SUV, can, sports car, etc., the same rules apply.
  • Non-reflective tint has been professionally added to the law. The front window shield must have non-reflective tints and must be placed 5 inches from the top of the windshield.
  • And in terms of colors, anything with non-reflective capabilities is allowed and said to be legal. Expect the back and rear windows, which is up to the vehicle’s owner.

Medical Exemption Of Window Tint Laws In New Mexico

The medical exemption rules are not fully adapted and allowed by New Mexico.

If you have a medical condition, you need to consult a doctor and get a legal certificate issued in tint laws.

But these legal certificates cannot be issued by any personal doctor.

In the city of New Mexico, you need to consult a doctor and issue a licensed hard copy for premises of you getting darker tinted windows.

The claims of your medical condition need to be supported by proof and tests. These strict conditions enforce a better justice system later on.

When you have an approved hardcopy proof, you can easily get out of paying a fine for tinting your vehicle, although you will need to pay a bit for this licensed certificate to be issued.

Get A Certified Sticker From The Company

A certified sticker or a legally licensed sticker will set you apart from the common men regarding tinting.

You can medically approve the high-level darkness tinting of your car model.

Usually, you already get one sticker, a certified sticker from the company or shop that installed your tints, proving that the company follows the rules set by New Mexico in terms of car tinting and that your vehicles pass the laws and legal reform.

But if you were to claim that you have been medically exempted due to a certain medical condition without a certified sticker or proof, you will have to pay a fine.

All the vehicle windows must pass the tint shield darkness level to be legally certified for a sticker.

Other Window Tint Laws Rules And Regulations In New Mexico

Below I have listed a few more rules and regulations in the law of New Mexico regarding tinted windows, mainly for you to have a better idea of the legal criteria of the state.

  • If you tint your back windows very dark, dual mirrors are a requirement.
  • Although reflective colors are forbidden, red, yellow, and amber are also fully restricted.
  • The certified stickers issued should be placed all around the car between the film and the glass, in a position where it is noticeable.
  • The laws have approved the medical exception of New Mexico. This gives it a broad spectrum.
  • The film used should be legally certified; hence the company you get it from, it’s safer to double-check their legal records.

These are a few more common rules you should know regarding window darkness tint limitations in New Mexico.

Cost Of Car Window Tint In New Mexico

The car’s window tint cost does not depend on the model. Usually, it’s the type of tint you use.

Quality is the price you’re paying for hence the area covered; meaning how many windows you tint plays a vital role in the cost and expenses.

An average of $150 is in an affordable price range, and if you use a top-quality tinting shield, an average of $400 is required.

The longevity of the tint also affects the cost. Some people save money by getting it done by doing it themselves, which is a great tip for saving money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is 15% Tint Legal In New Mexico?

No, 15% tint is not legal in New Mexico. The average VLT starts from 20% higher than required; hence it is illegal to do any number below that.

Q2. Are 5% Tints Legal In New Mexico?

5% tint is not legal in New Mexico for passenger seats. However, if you use a multi-purpose car, a 5% tint is accepted on the back and rear window.

Q3. Is Limo Tint legal In New Mexico?

Limo tint is illegal in New Mexico. As I mentioned earlier, there should at least be a 20% light reflection passing through the windows at all times.

Q4. Can I Get Pulled Over For Tint In New Mexico?

Yes, you can get pulled over for tint in New Mexico if your car does not follow the guidelines of the law or if the police officer who stopped you just wants to look at your certified sticker.

Q5. How Much Is A Tint Ticket In New Mexico?

$75 is what the tint ticket costs in New Mexico, which is still a lot, and the more times you get pulled over, the higher this fine gets.


New Mexico tinted law was thoroughly explained above.

After reading the above article, you will have a vast grasp of all the rules and known regulations a person needs to adapt to regarding the window tinting of their car.

The legal rules of any state are very important.

Hence you need to know these guidelines provided by the New Mexican authorities to protect and better their state in terms of safety and security.