Mississippi Window Tint Laws & Regulations

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The state of Mississippi has been regulating the darkness and reflectiveness of its citizen’s car window tints since 1988 and has made sure to update the laws accordingly.

Mississippi window tint laws are more geared toward restricting Sedan owners than SUV and van owners, as I will show you in this article.

However, for the most part, the rules are the same.

Most windows require at least 28% light, and windshield tints must be above the manufacturing line with nonreflective tints.

Apart from this, there are many other laws as well.

I will be explaining these laws in great detail and answering any questions that you may have, so make sure that you read the article in its entirety.

How Much Tint Darkness Is Legal In Mississippi?

Does Mississippi have a tint law? Read my blog to find out

The majority of the car windows with tints in Mississippi have a requirement of at least 28% VLT.

This is on top of many other requirements set by the state, which you have to follow unless you want to receive jail time. I will elaborate on this later.

Tint Darkness Limit For SUVs And Vans

Sports Utility Vehicles and vans are not as restricted when it comes to window tints in Mississippi.

You have the windshield starting with the basic rules, which cannot have any reflective tints.

If you apply a normal, nonreflective tint to the windshield, it must always be above the AS 1 line set by the manufacturer.

Moving to the front seat side windows, they have the common rule to have at least 28% light pass through them.

Shifting our sights to the back seat side windows, you will notice that there are no restrictions imposed on these windows and that you can apply any tint of any darkness you want on them.

This is the same case for the rear windows, which can support any tints.

Tint Darkness Limit For Sedans

Sedans have rules similar to sports utility vehicles but have more requirements on certain windows. I will talk about the rules for each specific window below.

1. Front Windshield

The rules on the windshield are also identical, with the state forbidding any reflective tints on the windshield and requiring that any tints that are applied are limited to above the manufacturer’s AS 1 line.

2. Front Seat Side Windows

The rules set in place on the front seat side windows for sedans are the same as those for SUVs and vans. They are required to have 28% of outside light pass through them.

3. Rear Window

Here is where the rules start to change. Where SUVs did not have limitations, window tints on the rear windows are limited to at least 28% VLT.

4. Back Seat Side Windows

This is the same case for the back seat side windows, which must allow 28% light to enter the vehicle from the outside when a tint is applied.

Window Tint Reflection And Tint Colors

  • There are various rules and regulations for your tint reflections. There are some things that you should know about tinting colors as well.
  • The front-seat side windows for all vehicles are not to have tints that reflect more than 20% light.
  • The back seat side windows are also forbidden from having tints that can reflect more than 20% of the light.
  • There are no restrictions placed on the color of your tints.
  • You can use any tint color you like in the state of Mississippi.

Medical Exemption Of Window Tint Laws In Mississippi

While it is recommended to follow all the rules set by your state unless you want to wind up in jail, some people simply cannot follow certain rules to retain their health or simply because they are not capable of doing so.

Certain skin conditions make it such that some people have to use special tints to drive as they cannot be exposed to the sun’s rays.

This may go against Mississippi state laws, but the state can grant medical exemptions for people who deserve it.

To be medically exempt, you must receive a signed affidavit from a licensed physician stating that you have a condition/ disease and need protection from the sun.

This must be kept in your car at all times. People with physical disabilities cannot apply for exemption.

The exemption certificate must be on a form generated by the commissioner of public safety and displayed on the dashboard.

Get A Certified Sticker From The Company

Tinting rules vary from state to state. Some states require window certifications, while others do not.

Within the state of Mississippi, you must have a sticker on the windshield that ensures that all of your tinted windows have a transmittance level of 28%.

This goes hand in hand with the fact that manufacturers of the tint are also required showing that their tints are legal within the state.

You must have these certifications and the certification sticker on the windshield at all times to avoid legal action and make sure to purchase certified stickers from reliable dealers.

Other Window Tint Law Rules And Regulations In Mississippi

Here are a few less-known rules about window tinting in the state of Mississippi:

  • There are no restrictions on the side mirrors in the state of Mississippi.
  • If you are medically exempt, your certificate must be on your dashboard at all times.
  • You are required to have a certification sticker on your windshield.
  • You are allowed to use any colors for your tints.
  • You are not allowed any variance from the set 28% VLT requirements.

Cost Of Car Window Tint In Mississippi

Seeing as how there is a variety of different tint types, each of which has varying quality, it can cost you anywhere between $60 to $1000 to get tints for your windows.

Basic tints start at $60 and go up to $300, and are usually low quality. Higher quality tints, such as those that are ceramic, can reach up to $800 or more.

The higher quality, color type, warranty, and number of windows in your vehicle all play a factor in the cost of window tints in Mississippi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is 15% Tint Legal In Mississippi?

The state has set that you must have more than 28% VLT on window tints for all windows of sedans and some windows for SUVs.

It is illegal to apply this tint on sedans, but the rear window and back seat side windows can have 15% tints.

Q2. Are 5% Tints Legal In Mississippi?

5% tints also follow the same rule as above, where you cannot apply them to any window for sedans, but you can do them for select windows on SUVs and vans.

These include the back seat side windows and the rear windows.

Q3. Is Limo Tint Legal In Mississippi?

Limo tints are very dark and block out a lot of light, making them illegal on most windows in the state of Mississippi.

However, as mentioned above, you can apply them to certain windows for sports utility vehicles without any fear of breaking the law.

Q4. Can I Get Pulled Over For Tint In Mississippi?

If a police officer notices that your tints are darker than what they should be or if you do not have a certification sticker present on your windshield, then you are liable to get pulled over by the police and can be subject to a tint ticket or worse.

Q5. How Much Is A Tint Ticket In Mississippi?

Getting a tint ticket can come with a massive fine of up to $1000.

This is a much better deal considering another punishment is three months in the county jail which may be a bit overkill but helps people in following the rules.


When dealing with Mississippi tint laws, it is important to take extreme caution as any wrong step can slap you with a heavy fine, and repeated offenses can lead to serious jail time.

For this reason, you should abide by all the rules that I have mentioned above in the article and stick to more than 28% VLT for your window tints.

Otherwise, you will have to face heavy consequences.

By now, you should have a good understanding of the laws set by the state of Mississippi and should be easily able to follow them, avoiding any fines and jail time in the process.