Why Won’t My Kia Soul Start?

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KIA is one of the most popular companies at the moment when it comes to automotive brands.

This is because KIA has been releasing some really great cars that give a real bang for their buck.

Not only are the cars very affordable, but they are also not compromising on any significant features.

The KIA Soul is among these great newly launched vehicles as it features some of the most modern features available on the market.

However, like any vehicle, the KIA Soul is bound to face some of the most common problems that all motor vehicles face. These problems can manifest at any time in the car’s lifetime.

One of the major ones faced is the inability to be able to start up the engine. If you are asking yourself why won’t my KIA Soul start then you should look into the following problems.

  1. Battery Issues
  2. Fuel/Fuel Pump Failure
  3. Alternator Issues
  4. Starter Motor Problems
  5. Ignition Switch Issues

Since there is a lot of detail that needs to be covered, I have gone ahead and summarized each of these sources.

By the end of this article, you should be able to figure out if these are the cause of the engine’s start-up problem your KIA Soul is facing.

What Would Cause A Kia Soul To Not Start?

Learn what you will have to do when your Kia Soul doesn't start

If you are not an expert in dealing with motor vehicles, it is always best to get one involved.

Regardless of your vehicle’s problem, you should always check with a mechanic if you are unsure about the cause or how to fix it.

Still, explained here are the problems mentioned above that can cause your KIA Soul to be unable to start up.

1: Battery Problems

Come to think of it, the battery is usually one of the most common things that can cause many problems for any vehicle. The KIA Soul is no exception to this.

Several things can go wrong with the car’s battery, which might lead to you facing issues like engine start-up problems.

The first thing that any mechanic will check is the batter’s power. There is a chance that the battery is out of charge. It could even be a dead battery as well.

And lastly, there is also the possibility of corrosion on the terminals of the battery.

What Should You Do About It?

  • Check to see if your battery is providing the right voltage. Generally, batteries are supposed to provide about 12 volts of power for most vehicles. If that is not the case, it might be low on charge.
  • For a low-charged battery, the solution is simple. You can get it charged externally from any battery shop.
  • They will also be able to tell you whether or not your battery is dead. This way, you will be able to know whether or not you need to get a new battery for your KIA Soul.
  • There are a lot of battery shops that even exchange broken batteries for new ones with a significant discount on the new ones.

2: Fuel/Fuel Pump Failure

In many cases where the KIA Soul, or any other vehicle for that matter, is unable to start, the problem is linked to the vehicle’s fuel supply.

Since cars require a steady flow of fuel for their engine to work, the lack thereof will mean the engine will not turn on.

If that is the case, a few things can be the cause. An improper pressure from the fuel supply can either be linked to there being some sort of a blockage in the fuel filter.

There is also a chance that the fuel pump itself might be messed up, which is why the fuel supply is not right. Either that or you might even be out of fuel.

What Should You Do About It?

  • If the last thing I mentioned immediately above is the problem, then all you need to do is get some fuel into your KIA Soul’s tank and run it.
  • However, if the problem is related to the fuel supply, you need to check whether it is because of the blockage or if the fuel pump is broken.
  • For the former, you will need to clean or replace the fuel filter to allow for a good fuel supply.
  • If it is a broken fuel pump, then my suggestion is to get it replaced instead of getting it repaired, as the repairs do not tend to last very long.

3: Alternator Issues

The alternator’s job is to ensure that the battery remains fully charged. It does this by converting the engine’s energy to electrical energy and supplying it to the battery.

It is a crucial component of any car, as, without it, the battery will simply run out of charge and then die.

As I have explained above, the battery is already prone to many issues in the KIA Soul. You should ensure that the components that take care of it are also just as well maintained.

Figuring out the issue lies in the alternator is also quite difficult. Many think the issue lies in the battery and either getting it jumpstarted or replaced, ignoring the main issue.

If you constantly jumpstart your battery, your alternator is to blame.

What Should You Do About It?

  • Firstly, you should ensure that your alternator is the source of the problem. This can be done by noting how long your battery lasts between jumpstarts.
  • Once you have concluded that the alternator is to blame, you should have it checked out by a mechanic.
  • If your alternator has slight damage and can be repaired, you can opt to do so.
  • It is, however, recommended that you replace your alternator entirely. This is especially so if your alternator is very old.
  • Make sure to provide regular care and maintenance to the alternator to ensure any problem does not occur again.

4: Starter Motor Problems

The general lifespan for a starter motor in a KIA Soul is usually between 100,000 to 150,000 miles. This means that after about 5 to 6 years, you better get this part of your vehicle checked.

This is a very important component of your vehicle, regardless of whether or not you own a KIA Soul.

If this part is broken, there is no other alternative to start your vehicle’s engine unless you get the starter motor replaced.

Since the starter motor is on a clock, it is important to remember the distance you have traveled with one.

What Should You Do About It?

  • You can check to see if your starter motor is completely busted. If it is accessible, try hitting it once or twice with a stick to see if your engine can start up.
  • This is not a recommended method as there is a significant chance that you might damage some of the other components to which the motor is connected.
  • If you do end up getting your KIA Soul started this way, do not depend on it too much. It will only be enough to give you a ride to the mechanic’s shop.

5: Ignition Switch Issues

The ignition switch is part of the starting system of your KIA Soul and is probably the most integral component.

This is because its function is to activate the main electrical systems of the car. An issue with the ignition switch can have disastrous effects on the vehicle.

Not only will you have major difficulty turning the key, but you will also face sudden stalling and power issues. This will eventually result in you not being able to turn on the car.

Issues with the ignition switch can be caused by a variety of different factors. The most common issue is that the switch contacts simply get worn out.

Alternatively, you may have broken or defective springs and even an overheating problem. All of this can result in significant issues with your ignition switch.

What Should You Do About It?

  • The ignition switch is a very fragile component which is why it is best that a mechanic handle it.
  • If you believe the ignition switch is the cause of your difficulties, then you should visit a mechanic and ask for their diagnosis.
  • If the spring of the switch is causing the issues, then you can opt to replace the spring only.
  • In the event that the contacts have been worn out, then you will have no choice but to replace the entire switch.
  • To make sure that you avoid this problem in the future, make sure to carefully insert the key and remove it from the switch. You should also avoid overheating the car and using heavy key chains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Won’t My KIA Soul Start With New Battery?

If your new battery is giving you issues, it could be that it has not been properly installed.

Make sure to look for any unconnected wires and see if the battery is properly in place.

If all is in order, then it is likely that the issue lies in another part of the KIA soul.

Q2. Why Won’t My KIA Soul Start Even With A Jump?

If you attempt a jumpstart and are still unable to get your KIA Soul working, chances are there is not an issue with the battery as you thought.

At this point, you should visit a mechanic and get a professional opinion. The problem could lie anywhere from the fuel system to the starting system and even the fuel system.

Q3. Why Won’t My KIA Soul Start But Lights Work?

This is a clear sign that the battery of your KIA Soul lacks the power necessary to start the engine. It has enough juice to start the lights but not enough for the engine.

You should attempt a jumpstart and see if that fixes the problem. If that does not work, the problem is not related to the battery.

Q4. Why Won’t My KIA Soul Start But Cranks?

The cranking shows that the electrical system is working just fine.

This, however, raises the issue of finding the cause of the problem. You can check with a professional to find out the right reason.

Q5. Why Won’t My KIA Soul Start Just Clicks?

Clicking indicates that there is an electrical issue in your KIA Soul. For this, it is recommended to visit a mechanic as soon as possible.

Electrical malfunctions are very difficult to figure out. You will need a keen and experienced person to isolate the issue and then move to resolve it.

Q6. Why Won’t My KIA Soul Start In The Cold Weather?

The cold weather limits the reactions in the battery. This result in less power output needed to turn the engine.

The cold also freezes the oil in the KIA Soul and prevents the spark plugs from working as intended as well. All of this is enough to cause major difficulties in starting the vehicle.

Q7. Why Won’t My KIA Soul Start After I Get Gas?

The engine needs a proper amount of gas to function; as such, you need to ensure the oil reaches the engine.

Chances are there is a blockage or an issue with your fuel pumps that are limiting the fuel from reaching the engine. This might be enough to prevent your KIA Soul from turning on.

Q8. Why Won’t My KIA Soul Start But Radio Works?

The radio operates similarly to the lights and will need an ample amount of power from the battery to work.

Chances are, your battery just does not have enough power charge in it to do so. A jumpstart should be able to fix the issue.

Alternatively, you can also simply replace the battery itself and get a new one.

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The Kia Soul has not been in the market for as long as its competitors but has still been able to amass a huge following.

A lot of people love the Kia Soul despite the various issues it faces regularly. It is unfortunate that a lot of these issues force people to ask, why won’t my KIA Soul start?

Luckily for you; you should now have all the necessary information needed to figure out what is wrong with your vehicle.

This will enable you to set up a good plan which will fix your vehicle and have you back on the road in no time.