With how busy life has become it is very easy to forget to check certain things. There are so many things to remember, and sometimes we just don’t pay close attention.

Recently I was out getting gas for my car and I accidentally put the premium fuel in the tank instead of regular. This is known as Premium Fuel Fraud or Cheating on Your Car’s/Vehicle’s Fuel Regime (Jokes aside).

It turns out that It turns out that this happens more often than one would think and this article aims to help you understand what will happen if you accidentally put premium gas in your vehicle, read on.

In short, if you accidentally put premium gas on a regular gas vehicle, you won’t have to worry because nothing will happen and your engine won’t be damaged. Continue to use the fuel you put in when the time comes for refueling switch back to regular.

What is Premium Gas?

Premium gas is exactly as the name suggests, usually, it is gas with an octane rating of 91 or higher, It is normally used in high-performance cars, but can also be put in a vehicle that advertises that it takes premium fuel, it is said that the octane level helps with improving efficiency and performance, Due to longer burn time premium fuel helps prevents and reduce build-ups in the quench zone on your engine.

I accidentally put premium gas in my car, what will happen?

Fortunately, the answer to that particular question is a positive one, when you put premium fuel in a vehicle that does not require it nothing will happen. Adding premium gas in a regular gas vehicle will not cause any issues to your engine. Unfortunately, It can be quite an expensive mistake if your car is designed to run on high-octane fuel and you end up using regular gas.

Is premium gas the same as regular?

If you look at the gas pump, it will be very hard to tell the difference between a premium and regular fuel in terms of appearance. The only real way to tell the two apart is by reading the octane rating printed on the pump itself or on your vehicle’s gas door.

While premium fuel may cost you a bit more, when compared to regular gas due to the fact that it has a higher octane level which is known to carry benefits like preventing engine knock, improving efficiency and performance, taking nothing away from regular gas as most cars on the streets today run just as good on regular, If you have the money for premium gas and your car requires it then you should go ahead and use it.

Do cars really need premium gas?

It is your vehicle’s owner’s manual that will tell you exactly what fuel needs to be used in the vehicle and what kind of fuel can be used. If you have the information in front of you then it will be easy for you to know if your car requires premium gas or not.

Not all cars require premium gas, some vehicles will have a label like ” Premium Fuel Required” on the fuel door, this means your car requires premium gas, otherwise your vehicle will run just fine on regular fuel.

Does premium gas last longer than unleaded?

No, premium gas will not last longer than regular unleaded, there is nothing added to premium gas that makes it last longer than regular, the main reason you buy premium gas is for its added performance and efficiency benefits.

what should you do after putting premium gas on a regular gas car?

If you know that your car is designed to run on premium fuel then you should not be worried at all as this will not harm your engine at all, continue to use the fuel that you put on your tank and be confident that you can drive without worrying about your car’s engine, when it is time to refuel you can then switch back to regular fuel.”


Premium fuel can be found at most gas stations and some filling stations all across the world, I would recommend that you check your vehicle’s manual before putting premium gas in a regular gas vehicle and next time ensure that you check correctly before putting fuel in your car.

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