How Long Do GMC Acadias Last?

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The GMC Acadia is more of a CUV rather than an SUV. It is a crossover vehicle and is a pretty good one.

It is a great option to consider if you are looking to get an SUV that is reliable and offers ample cargo space and seating space.

Although there is no doubt about the convenience it offers, one question that is often asked is, how long do GMC Acadias last?

The answer is 200000 miles. Now, I know that this number may not look like a lot. But it can still last for a long time.

I suggest that you continue reading this article because it will take a detailed look into the reliability and the longevity of the SUV and compare it to the competition.

So, without any further ado, let’s get straight into it!

What Is The Average Life Expectancy Of A GMC Acadia?

Let's learn about GMC Acadia life expectancy

As I discussed in the introduction, the GMC Acadia has an expected lifespan of around 200000 miles. Because this is an SUV, this number does seem quite less.

But it must not be forgotten that the Acadia can last for more than a decade with ease.

This is valid for people who drive their vehicles for 15000 miles annually. The lifespan of the SUV is directly dependent on the quality of its parts.

There is a dedicated section of the article discussing that further down in this article.

So, I suggest reading that too, as it will help you understand better what happens behind the scenes.

Does GMC Acadia Last Longer Than Other Similar Vehicles?

Now, I will be pitting GMC Acadia with some of its best competitors. Although GMC’s offering is great, there is no doubt that it cannot be fully tested unless it is put against the competition.

I will not be comparing the features but will be discussing three aspects: reliability, longevity, and the total number of complaints.

1. GMC Acadia Vs. Chevrolet Traverse

The first SUV I have chosen to compare with the GMC Acadia is the Traverse from Chevrolet. It is a decent SUV but let’s see how it holds up against the GMC.

  • Although it comes close when talking about the number of complaints, the Chevy Traverse wins. It clocks in 100 lesser complaints than when compared to the GMC Acadia.
  • Reliability is another arena where the GMC Acadia loses. According to JDPower, the Traverse earns an 83 out of a 100 while the Acadia loses by three points and clocks in 80.
  • The Chevrolet Traverse goes head to head with the GMC Acadia in this final competition. It can be driven for 200000 miles which is the same as the Acadia. Although this number is not great, it is still pretty decent.

The Chevrolet Traverse is ahead of the GMC Acadia in almost all categories. It is a great SUV and is in a class of its own when put up against GMC’s offering.

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2. GMC Acadia Vs. Dodge Durango

The next SUV compared to the GMC Acadia is the Dodge Durango. This is yet another highly regarded SUV.

Let’s take a look at its reliability and longevity below:

  • The GMC Acadia easily beats the Dodge Durango in terms of several complaints. As I mentioned before, Acadia has a total of 800 complaints.
  • The Dodge Durango, on the other hand, has almost 3000. It is a clear win for the GMC Acadia.
  • This is the first vehicle comparison in which both vehicles are just as reliable.
  • I compared the 2021 models of both the GMC Acadia and the Dodge Durango, scoring a very respectable 80 out of 100.
  • This is where the Dodge Durango takes the lead. It has been designed to last from 200000 to 250000 miles, which is pretty good. It also beats the GMC Acadia’s 200000 miles.

All in all, the Dodge Durango gave the GMC Acadia a tough time. Both are great and, in my eyes, both are equal too. You can choose either one, and you will not regret your decision.

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3. GMC Acadia Vs. Honda Pilot

The final SUV that I will be compared to the GMC Acadia is the Pilot from Honda. It is yet another very famous and reliable option for people to consider.

Although it is reliable, let’s see how it holds up against the competition.

  • The Honda Pilot has double the number of complaints compared to the GMC Acadia. With the number hovering around 1600, it has a worse user experience than GMC’s offering.
  • The GMC Acadia has been beaten, when talking about reliability, by the Honda Pilot.
  • Although it is a two-point difference only, the Honda Pilot is still a clear winner in this competition.
  • The Honda Pilot’s engine has been designed to last. After some research, I found out that it can last for up to 300000 miles.
  • This leaves the GMC Acadia’s 200000-mile range in the dust.

Although the GM Acadia is an excellent SUV, the Honda Pilot is just better. It lasts longer and is more reliable, even though it has more complaints.

Life Expectancy Of GMC Acadia Car Parts

As promised, I will now be discussing the most commonly used and replaced hardware of the GMC Acadia.

I recommend reading this section completely because it will help you understand how viable owning this SUV is.

Average Lifespan Of GMC Acadia Brake Pads

As the GMC Acadia does not feature any special parts, the brake pads are also included in the same category. They have an expected lifespan of anywhere from 30000 to 70000 miles.

That is pretty decent, but the question that many people ask is, why such a difference? Well, this is due to differences in driving habits.

If you are to apply the brakes at the last second then your brake pads will wear down quickly than those who don’t do the same thing. Yes, this can make a huge difference.

Average Lifespan Of GMC Acadia Battery

The battery’s lifespan is directly proportional to the climate and driving habits.

But, on average, the lifespan of the GMC Acadia is around 3 to 5 years. It will last you around 45000 to 60000 miles when you put it in miles. That is a lot.

There are many replacement options available, but I suggest that you opt for an AGM battery for your GMC Acadia.

Although it is costlier, it does have a lot of benefits, such as a longer lifespan and better resistance to vibrations.

These are two of the many major improvements. You can expect a new battery to cost around $300.

Average Lifespan Of GMC Acadia Tires

In the case of the GMC Acadia, the tires have been designed to last around 50000 miles.

That is on par with other manufacturers’ OEM tires with their vehicles. They will last you approximately three years before they will need replacing.

If you are looking for replacement tires for your GMC Acadia, I would suggest looking for options that are not too cheap.

They tend to be lower quality and may not even cross the 10000-mile mark.

If you live in extreme climates, you should buy tires accordingly. Or else they will wear down quicker than usual.

Average Lifespan Of GMC Acadia Transmission

Many owners of the GMC Acadia have reported transmission issues.

It is one of the most unreliable systems of the vehicle. It may be able to last for around 150000 miles, but it will not be without its issues.

There have been many people that have had transmission issues with the Acadia. Problems started to come up as soon as 20000 miles into ownership.

This is simply unacceptable. Transmission issues are something that are pretty common with Acadia.

So, you should be careful about which model you will purchase. The problem was reported less in the newer models.

Average Lifespan Of GMC Acadia Spark Plugs

Now, this is something that I did not expect. The spark plugs on the GMC Acadia have been designed to last as long as 90000 miles.

This is considerably longer than OEM spark plugs that manufacturers include in their SUVs. The lower limit is 30000 miles, which is on par with others.

When purchasing a replacement spark plug for your GMC Acadia, you should make sure that you don’t buy cheap ones. A lower price will buy you copper plugs, and they don’t last long.

You should settle for iridium or platinum spark plugs only. They are capable of lasting more than 60000 miles.

Average Lifespan Of GMC Acadia Key Fob

The key fob on the GMC Acadia is durable and will also last a long time on a single battery.

When talking about the fob itself, it will stop working only if you break it. Believe me, when I say that is a challenge on its own.

After replacing the battery, which costs a couple of dollars only, it will last for more than three years. This means 45000 miles, and that is a lot.

If you have lost the fob to your GMC Acadia, you are expected to pay a ridiculous price of more than $200.

In that case, I would recommend going to aftermarket repair shops which will help do the same job at a fraction of the price.

What Is Good Mileage For A Used GMC Acadia?

If you are in the market for a used GMC Acadia, you should not purchase one with more than 100000 miles on the odometer.

The reason for this is that the SUV has a lifespan of only 200000 miles.

Not only that, but the transmission is known to cause serious issues at the 150000-mile mark.

These are two of the many reasons you should buy an Acadia that does not have too many miles on the odometer.

If you do the opposite, you can expect to pay thousands of dollars to get the SUV in usable condition.

How To Increase How Long Your GMC Acadia Last

As the GMC Acadia is a gasoline-based vehicle, there are many steps that one can take to ensure its longevity.

This means that you can make sure that the SUV touches its rated 200000-mile limit or even cross it.

Let me list down those ways:

  • One of the main things that one should improve his driving habits. Regardless of your driving skills, there is always room to improve.
  • You should not overwork the engine or apply brakes at the last second.
  • The next step to ensure longevity is maintenance. I am not talking about oil change only. You should get the transmission fluid changed too.
  • Maintenance should also include checking up on vital hardware and ensuring that it is in working condition.
  • Rotating the tires is another thing that one can do to improve the ride quality and reduce wear on the tires.
  • This should be done after every 5000 miles. This also ensures the longevity of the vehicle itself.

Problems That Limit The Life Of Your GMC Acadia

Although it has been established that the GMC Acadia is a reliable SUV, it does have its own problems.

This section of the article will discuss them, so you can know what you are getting into.

  • As discussed before, the transmission system of the GM Acadia is extremely unreliable.
  • Well, the issue is common enough that it has made its way onto this list.
  • The problem is due to the breaking down of the clutch wave plate. It is expensive to fix.
  • One issue that was present in the first generation of the GMC Acadia was related to the engine. It would stall randomly, which is pretty dangerous.
  • The reason for this is that if it happens on the road, oncoming traffic can result in an accident.
  • The final problem that has made its way onto this list is the failure of the timing cover gasket. This results in an oil leak. This is an expensive fix and can cost upward of $2000.

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What To Look For When Buying A GMC Acadia

I must say that you are making a great decision by choosing to purchase an GMC Acadia in used condition rather than new.

You will be saving money while making almost no compromise.

To ensure that you are not making a mistake, these are some of the things that need to be checked:

  • Engine’s condition.
  • Information about any accidents.
  • The condition of the transmission.
  • Number of owners.
  • Mileage.
  • Major repairs if any.

These are things that need to be checked. The transmission is a must because it has a high probability of failing.

So, you should make sure that it is in a decent condition. If not, then you will have to search for another vehicle or spend thousands of dollars after purchasing this one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is The GMC Acadia A Reliable Car?

Yes, it is. Regardless of the fact that it has its own list of issues, it is an extremely reliable SUV. GMC has made a solid vehicle that is good in the long run.

It has transmission problems, but other than that, there is nothing to be worried about. If you are looking to buy one, you definitely should do so.

Q2. Does GMC Acadia Have A Lot Of Problems?

No, it does not. But the issues it does have are serious enough.

They are:

  • Failure of the timing cover gasket.
  • Transmission issues.
  • Engine stalling.

These problems were discussed in detail in a dedicated section. If you want more details, you should read it.

But these issues are extremely serious and can result in serious accidents and can also reduce the vehicle’s lifespan.

Q3. Is It A Good Idea To Buy A Used GMC Acadia?

I think it is a great idea to buy one. Now, hold on! Before you go on and purchase one, there are many things that you need to check.

Although most of the list is the same as when buying any used SUV, there are some things that are GMC Acadia-related and need to be checked.

This is discussed in the section before this buying guide.

Q4. Does GMC Acadia Rust Easily?

No, it does not. The Acadia can rust at a slow pace, but that is common for all vehicles.

If you are talking about the issue becoming serious prematurely, then there is nothing you need to worry about. The frame of the SUV will not be compromised over time.

Q5. Is GMC Acadia Expensive To Maintain?

Yes, it is. The average cost of the GMC Acadia, on an annual basis, is $734. That is more than $150 more than the average for most midsize SUVs on the market.

This is also more expensive than all vehicles. Although it is reliable, the GMC Acadia does need more investment to keep it in top-notch condition.


If there was one word that I had to say about the GMC Acadia, I would say Reliable. The reason for this is evident.

GMC has made a solid SUV that has been designed to last through thick and thin. Although it has its issues, the GMC Acadia is still an amazing vehicle.

I know that you clicked on this link in the search for an answer to the question, how long do GMC Acadias last? Well, I think you got that answer and much more.

If you did stick around till the end of the article, then it can be safely said that you are serious about buying this SUV. I can assure you that it is a great decision.