How Long Do Audi Q5 Last?

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Available in various models that span 13 years, the Audi Q5 has established itself as a well-known midsized luxury Sports Utility Vehicle that is great for small families and towing.

However, despite this reputation, it has still not been able to avoid criticisms surrounding it properly.

The main thing that people are concerned about is how long do Audi Q5 last, which is always a good concern to have when buying a new vehicle.

In this case, this concern is also quite justified as the Audi Q5 is not the best for longevity, lasting only 200,000 miles at best.

Just because it does not last long as other vehicles should not mean that you should right the Audi Q5 off immediately, make sure to keep reading the guide as I will see how it does compare to other cars on the market and talk about tips that will help you make your Audi Q5 last longer.

What Is The Average Life Expectancy Of An Audi Q5?

Wondering about at what mileage does an Audi Q5 break down? Read my guide to find out

As mentioned above, the Audi Q5 won’t last you as long as other cars.

The Audi Q5 starts to reach its limits after traveling only 125,000 miles which is extremely low.

Given proper care, you can add 75,000 more miles to it, bumping the life expectancy of the Audi Q5 from a measly 8 years to 13 years which is still not as competitive as other vehicles on the market but is much better than its base lifespan.

If you want to get the most out of your Audi Q5 and make sure that it lasts the full 200,000 miles or even goes beyond this mileage, then keep reading as I will discuss all the different ways you can boost the performance of the car, which will, in turn, lead to a longer lifespan of the vehicle.

Does Audi Q5 Last Longer Than Other Similar Vehicles?

With the maximum lifespan of the Audi Q5 going up to 200,000 miles and usually averaging around 162,500 miles, the car is not built to last as long as others.

This, however, could also be the result of a variety of different factors which could be bringing down the lifespan of the Audi Q5.

Let’s take a moment to see how the Audi Q5 can compare against other vehicles of similar body type and class.

I will be comparing 3 different and prominent vehicles to the Audi Q5 and assessing them and the factors that affect how long the cars can last.

1. Audi Q5 Vs. Acura MDX

The first vehicle I will compare against the Audi Q5 is the Acura MDX, a very prominent vehicle that is always in the top 10 when it comes to reliability.

  • The Audi Q5 cannot reach the top 10 of most lists, while the Acura MDX is always on the top of these sorts of lists, making it much more reliable than the Audi Q5.
  • This reliability is also based on the fact that the Audi Q5 cannot nearly last as long as the Acura MDX, which can last double the average of the Audi Q5.
  • The Audi Q5 does, however, excel at having fewer problems than the Acura MDX, which has more issues across all its models.
  • However, the Audi Q5 does not excel at repair and maintenance costs as the Acura MDX is more than $300 cheaper to repair.

While the Audi Q5 may have fewer issues than the Acura MDX, it is outclassed in every other instance, so the Acura MDX takes the cake in this comparison.

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2. Audi Q5 Vs. Cadillac SRX

The next vehicle to go head to head against the Audi Q5 is the Cadillac SRX, another great luxury SUV that was unfortunately discontinued in 2016.

  • The Audi Q5 loses to the Cadillac SRX when it comes to reliability across many different sources.
  • Despite losing its reliability, the Audi Q5 can last longer than the Cadillac SRX if given proper treatment.
  • It can beat the Cadillac SRX by around 20,000 miles which is a year’s worth of difference.
  • Things go further in favor of the Audi Q5 as the Cadillac SRX has had many issues in its last years, which is probably the reason it is discontinued.
  • However, maintenance and repair costs are not in favor of the Audi Q5, which costs $220 more to repair and maintain than the Cadillac SRX.

Overall, it is fairly obvious that the Audi Q5 is much better than the Cadillac SRX, capable of last much longer, and provides a better sense of reliability, much more than what is written in various reports and sources.

3. Audi Q5 Vs. Mercedes-Benz ML350

The final vehicle that is sure to give the Audi Q5 a tough time is the Mercedes-Benz ML350, a product of the German company Mercedes Benz and has seen 2 different classes over the years.

  • When it comes to reliability, the Audi Q5 and the Mercedes-Benz ML350 are extremely similar, with the Mercedes Benz ML 350 just slightly behind the Audi Q5.
  • Durability-wise, the Audi Q5 is severely lacking as the Mercedes-Benz ML350 can last extremely longer than the Audi Q5, almost 50,000 miles if given proper attention.
  • The Audi Q5 had many problems weighing it down compared to the Mercedes-Benz ML350, which only had a few issues across most of its models.
  • Fixing these problems was more favorable for the Audi Q5, which was $100 cheaper when compared to the Mercedes-Benz ML350.

While you may be divided as to who the winner of this comparison is, the Audi Q5 has a lot of issues and a lot less mileage to offer than the Mercedes-Benz ML350.

The only shortcoming of Mercedes is that it could not be as cheap as the Audi Q5 which will not matter considering there are so little issues in it.

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Life Expectancy Of Audi Q5 Car Parts

Suppose your Audi Q5 is struggling to last as long as it should, then the chances are that it has a component or part inside it that is causing it to not stay at its full potential.

This can significantly reduce the vehicle’s lifespan as the defective or malfunctioning part can affect more than just itself but the systems around it, which can also be degrading.

For this reason, you should make sure that all the parts of your Audi Q5 are running as perfectly as they can, which is why in this section of the guide, I will be detailing all the different parts of your Audi Q5 and detail how long they can last as well as how you can take care of them and make them last even longer.

Average Lifespan Of Audi Q5 Brake Pads

The brake pads of the Audi Q5, despite the luxurious nature of the product, still have an average lifespan of 50,000 miles which is the usual amount you can expect from most other vehicles.

The most you can stretch your brake pads to is 70,000 miles. To do this, you must avoid frequent braking, making sure that there is a lot of braking distance to get your car to stop.

Avoid heavy traffic or city streets as they will also force you to stop more often, and make sure that you do not pack unnecessary weight while driving as it will further strain your vehicle’s brake pads.

Average Lifespan Of Audi Q5 Battery

It is natural for the car’s battery to last an average of 4 years. This is what you get when you purchase an Audi Q5 as well.

Depending on how much you take care of the battery, you can see yourself using it for an additional year until you have to replace it.

To get the full 5 years of service from your battery, you should make sure that it is perfectly settled and fastened inside the car so that it does not get damaged.

Ensure that you do not keep the car stationary for long periods, as this will drain the battery and make it difficult to charge.

Average Lifespan Of Audi Q5 Tires

The tires of the Audi Q5 are known to take a beating, especially considering that the car is an SUV, so there will be a lot of weight inside the vehicle, which will wear and tear out the vehicle.

Some tires will only last around 10,000 miles which is extremely low, but for the most part, you should expect up to 55,000 miles before you need to get new tires.

This can be further increased if you lighten the load from the car, make sure to avoid any drifting or harsh movements which will wear out the tires, and avoid driving on any rugged terrain.

Average Lifespan Of Audi Q5 Transmission

Transmission systems in most vehicles can last as long as the cars themselves, and this is particularly true for the Audi Q5, where the transmission will outlast the car itself in some instances.

This means that you should not worry, as the transmission will last 200,000 miles.

If you want to extend the transmission’s lifespan further, you must avoid shifting the gears while the car is in motion and avoid driving in a way that will strain the transmission, such as bad shifting.

Give the transmission time to warm up as well before driving off.

Average Lifespan Of Audi Q5 Spark Plugs

As is typical for most vehicles, you can expect your Audi Q5’s spark plugs to last around 35,000 miles before replacing them.

Depending on the durability of the spark plugs, you can get a lot more mileage out of them, so you should make sure to replace the spark plugs with ones that have significantly high durability.

These can start from 55,000 and go up to 100,000 miles.

Another way you can improve their life is by making sure your spark plugs are compatible with the car, and they get an even amount of electricity.

Average Lifespan Of Audi Q5 Key Fob

All key fobs are generally created equally.

Some are a bit more modern and have better batteries, and some even have solar panels in them, but this is not the case for the Audi Q5, which has standard buttons and runs on a small battery which should give the device about 3 to 4 years of usage.

If you want to make the key fob stay as long as possible, you should replace the battery every 3 to 4 years.

Avoid spamming any key fob buttons as they can easily get damaged, and this will force you rather get a new key fob or have your current one repaired.

What Is Good Mileage For A Used Audi Q5?

Since the Audi Q5 has less mileage than most other vehicles, it will go up against; you typically do not want to buy a used version of the vehicle at higher mileage.

Typically 50,000 miles is the most optimal mileage for a used Audi Q5.

Anything above 50,000 miles should be avoided until or unless you can say with certainty that the car is in good condition and will last you a pretty long.

Anything more and you can face many issues depending on the model of the car and the condition you are getting it in.

You should always try your best to get a used vehicle with as little mileage as possible as it will provide you with a car that is more durable and has a lot of life left and will also decrease the chance of the car displaying any problems.

How To Increase How Long Your Audi Q5 Last

As you will no doubt see later in this article, there are a lot of issues that can affect your Audi Q5.

For this reason, you should make sure that you take special care of the vehicle to get the most out of the car before it becomes unusable.

If you make sure to follow the tips above, you will already see a good improvement in your Audi Q5’s life, but here are a few specific tips that will further make sure that the Audi Q5 lasts even longer than before:

  • Regular servicing and maintenance.
  • Frequent oil changes.
  • Replace the timing chain every 40,000 miles.
  • Maintain a good amount of power steering fluid.
  • Visit the mechanic if you suspect any issue.

If you follow these tips, you will see that your Audi Q5 will last much longer than others and will also perform even better.

Regular servicing and maintenance are key to making sure all the car parts are functioning as intended.

If you feel as if the car has an issue, you must go to the mechanic immediately as it will allow you to resolve the problem before it festers into something bigger quickly.

Oil changes are a must, given the nature of certain models, and keeping the steering fluid at its optimum level will also make sure you avoid any power steering issues.

Problems That Limit The Life Of Your Audi Q5

The models released during the middle of the lineup are quite problematic for the Audi Q5, especially the 2014 and 2014 models, which I will also mention later.

The models, among others, are known for having many issues that severely reduce the lifespan of the Audi Q5, which is why I will list down a few problems you can expect from your Audi Q5.

  • Timing chain failure.
  • Excessive oil consumption.
  • Power steering failure.
  • Engine failure.
  • Fuel pump cracking.
  • Coolant pump overheating.

These are a few of the many problems affecting various models of the Audi Q5.

The various equipment failures can lead to massive internal damage to other parts and systems, which can severely reduce the vehicle’s lifespan.

Keep an eye out for these problems and eliminate them as soon as you suspect they are present in your Audi Q5.

What To Look For When Buying Audi Q5

While I would certainly recommend you look for better alternatives if you are dead set on getting yourself an Audi Q5, you should know exactly which model and features you should be looking for.

The car itself will not last as long as other vehicles, so you should make the most out of your purchase and get high-quality features and trims.

Here are a few things to look for when buying an Audi Q5:

  • 8 speed automatic transmission.
  • Hybrid versions.
  • Turbocharged or supercharged gas engines.
  • Performance-oriented models.
  • Redesigned models.
  • Various active safety features.

Getting yourself a high-performance Audi Q5 will justify the small life of the car and provide you will all the tools you need to get high performance and speed from the vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is The Audi Q5 A Reliable Car?

For the most part, the Audi Q5 is a fairly reliable vehicle that can get you through a lot. The car itself does not have any spectacular longevity, nor does it have too many problems.

It is average at best and can easily get into the top 10 categories of mid-sized luxury SUVs consistently if it can rid itself of its small lifespan.

In short, it is quite reliable but not the best by any means, and there are much better options available.

Q2. Does Audi Q5 Have A Lot Of Problems?

Most models of the Audi Q5 have had little to no issues, but certain models have been plagued with many different problems that can significantly impact the life of the car and cost the owner a lot of money.

The engine is the biggest cause of trouble for any Audi Q5, especially the 2014 and 2012 models, as these models had various issues ranging from excessive oil consumption to timing chain failure.

Q3. Is It A Good Idea To Buy A Used Audi Q5?

The Audi Q5 is not the best for reliability, especially in the department of mid-sized luxury SUVs; however, it is still fairly reliable, and you can consider getting the Audi Q5 in a used condition.

As long as the condition of the Audi Q5 is nothing too bad, and the mileage is low, you will have yourself a pretty nice car that can hold you over until you decide to get a better, new car.

Overall, it is good to buy a used Audi Q5, but only if you intend to use it for a short while.

Q4. Does Audi Q5 Rust Easily?

The Audi Q5, for all its faults and issues, has never had a bad case of rust and corrosion.

The company has taken many steps and measures to make sure that the Audi Q5 stays safe against developing all manner of rust.

This does not mean that your Audi Q5 will never get any rust, nor does it mean that you should neglect the vehicle.

It simply means that as long as you take decent care of the car, you should not see any signs of rusting.

Q5. Is Audi Q5 Expensive To Maintain?

Seeing as how the Audi Q5 is a luxury Sports Utility Vehicle, you can imagine that it is not cheap to repair as most other cars on the market.

Generally, you can expect to use more than $900 for repairs and maintenance throughout the year, which is $300 more than the average vehicle.

Still, for most luxury SUVs in the same size range, the Audi Q5 is average at best, as many other cheaper options are available on the market for you to purchase.


Asking the question as to how long do Audi Q5 last is probably a good way to start the conversation with any dealer, as they will immediately let you know about the unimpressive lifespan of the vehicle, which can only function for about 13 years or so before failing.

The car itself can start to dwindle in terms of performance and life as early as 125,000 miles, which is sad, especially for a company such as Audi, which has made higher-quality vehicles that can last extremely long.

It is safe to say that this is not the company’s finest work and that there are much better SUVs out there to choose from.