Ford F150 3.7L V6 Engine Problems: Reliability, Specs & Reviews

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Are you trying to find out the most common issues that you could face with your Ford 150 3.7L V6 engine?

I will not waste any time. I won’t keep you at bay for the entire article to tell you that the Ford 3.7L V6 engine is an excellent one.

This has been the experience of almost every single person who has owned the F150 truck.

No matter how good it is, the 3.7L engine is not perfect. I will be outlining some of the more common Ford F150 3.7L V6 problems that users have faced.

  1. Failure Of The Water Pump
  2. Ticking Noise When The Engine Is Cold Starting
  3. Unexpected Oil Leakage

These three issues can frustrate many people!

But worry not, because I will be trying my best to provide proper information on the issues, how to diagnose them and what should be done to address them.

So, let’s jump right into it!

The 3 Most Common Ford F-150 3.7 Liter V6 Problems

Learning about what causes to fail your Ford 3.7 Liter V6 Cyclone engine

We shall now be focusing on the three issues I outlined in the intro above.

A detailed analysis of the problem will surely help you.

1. Failure Of The Water Pump


The water pump failure is one of those that plague many Ford engines. This does include the 3.7L V6 engine.

Normally the issue can be resolved without any difficulty, thanks to the easy access to the location of the pump, but in the case of the 3.7L engine, buyers had some questions.

The water pump on the 3.7L V6 has been designed so that if it fails, the engine will stop working. This is because the company has used a chain-driven water pump.

The same pump is also used to time the chain sprocket. Ford made the process of making this pump functional complicated.

This has never been seen before on an engine, and with a part as simple as a water pump.


So, what will happen if the water pump leaks or fails?

Many issues can arise that can deal light or heavy damage to the V6 engine.

For example, if the bearings on the pump fail, you are looking at major damage to the engine, which is a consequence of a shift in the timing center.

That is not all. Coolant leakage due to a failure of the water pump can also cause damage to the engine.

The leakage can also cause sudden engine shutdown on a highway, which is quite dangerous for not only the driver and the passengers in the vehicle but the vehicles around it too.

There are a few reasons that can cause the water pump to fail. The main cause for this issue is the poor design.

Ford should have designed the water pump to be able to handle intense usage. This ranges from being able to handle shocks and impacts to the high engine temperature.

Unfortunately, they did not do that, which caused the pump to create issues for users.

Ford has had a history of creating at least one part that is not up to par. It needs to focus on them to ensure buyers don’t end up with a damaged engine.


The main symptoms of a failing water pump are as follows:

  • Leakage of the coolant into the engine
  • Engine overheating due to insufficient cooling
  • Engine outputting steam

So, what can a person do to address this issue?

If you are lucky and the vehicle has not stopped on the road, you should park it at the side and call a towing service.

You should take the truck to a nearby mechanic to get the problem professionally diagnosed and fixed. With any luck, you can expect minimal damage to the engine.

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2. Ticking Noise When The Engine Is Cold Starting

Another issue that has bothered many users is the ticking noise coming from the engine when users are trying to cold start their engines.

The sound itself is not the problem, but there could be an underlying problem that scared many customers.

Ford’s Response

Due to the growing concerns of consumers about this issue, Ford had to issue some sort of response to calm the public down.

They assured F150 owners that the V6 engine, with the ticking noise, had no impact on the performance, nor was there an underlying problem.

But a few months later, the company issued a recall program by the name of TSB 11-8-26.

As the name states, the service bulletin was valid for all F150s manufactured on or before the 28th of August 2011.

The company clarified that the noise originated from the cylinder head that is on the driver’s side.

The bulletin instructed the dealerships to make the appropriate replacements, so users would not experience the same thing again.

This was strange behavior on the company’s part. The double statements and the recall are something that definitely would have gotten many users curious.

Regardless, the company did take a step in the right direction in the end.


To confirm that your truck has the same issue, you have to start your engine at various times of the day. If the issue is present, then it will tick when you could start in the morning.

The ticking should last around 10 minutes. You should also start the engine when it is warmed up. The sound should not be present.

If everything happens the same way it is written, then you can drive up to the dealership to get the engine repaired without any additional cost.

If you are visiting the dealership, I recommend getting a full check-up just in case.

You can never be too safe, can you?


Fortunately, as Ford stated, the issue does not do any damage to the engine. You can keep driving around without any worry that the V6 engine will cause any further issues.

But, if your truck meets the service bulletin requirements, I would advise that you get the repair done because it will not cost you anything.

You do have to present the bulletin at an authorized dealership to get the free repair.

So, to confirm that you are eligible for a free repair:

  • You should confirm if the knocking and ticking noises are not persistent.
  • The engine’s manufacturing date is before 26th of August 2011.

If the engine checks these boxes, then you can go ahead and get the repair done without any charges.

Ford made sure that users did not have too many complaints, and they stepped in to make their mistake right.

3. Unexpected Oil Leakage

The final problem of this article is yet another one that must not be taken lightly.

Owners of trucks with the 3.7L V6 engine under the hood complained that their engine abruptly started to leak oil.

So, let’s see what the source of this problem is and how users can address it.

Cause Of The Leakage

There are two possible reasons for the oil leaking from your engine. Most users noted that the leakage was from the oil filter.

If that is the case, then you only have to replace the oil filter and gasket. The replacement for both is quite cheap, and you can do it at home or via a mechanic.

But that is not the only reason that can cause an oil leak on the 3.7L V6 engine. Some buyers reported that this could be caused due to a defective oil seal too.

The main seal on the engine can fail, which can cause oil leakage. The speed of the leakage depends on how much the seal is damaged.


An oil leak can be identified quite easily. The easiest way to check for a leak is to look for droplets on the ground on which the truck is standing.

Oil has a distinct dark color, so it will be easy to spot. Another thing that some of you might notice is overheating of the engine. Oil also transfers heat, which keeps the engine cool.

If there is insufficient oil, then the 3.7L engine may overheat quickly, which can be observed by the indicator light that turns on.

Finally, another symptom of oil leakage is that the vehicle stops abruptly, or it refuses to start at all. If that is the case, then it may be that there is oil leakage.

A vehicle refusing to start can be a symptom of some other underlying issue, so this is definitely not a proper test.

How To Address The Problem

If you suspect a sudden oil leakage while driving, then there are some things that you can do:

  • Park your car on the side of the road.
  • Arrange water to pour on the engine to keep it cool.
  • Call a towing company to haul your truck to the nearest dealership.

You should not drive the truck any further, and the water will help cool things down because high temperatures have never been good for anybody.

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What Is The Ford 3.7L V6 Engine?

The 3.7L V6 engine, produced by Ford, is also known as the Duratec V6.

It was announced in 2007, and it was featured in many famous vehicles, including the Ford F-150, which is one of the most bought Ford trucks in the USA.

The engine has been designed for solid performance, which is something the users love.

The engine was designed in such as way that it could perform in an excellent manner for more than 200000 miles.

You could push the number even further, but that is only possible with regular maintenance and replacement of worn-out parts.

The above article does state that the engine has some issues. Most of them are not serious, but they do pose a risk if they are not addressed as soon as possible.

Other than that, it is a great V6 engine, which will surely impress anyone who is thinking of buying it.

Is The Ford 3.7L V6 Engine Reliable?

The previous answer is directly correlated with the second one: Is the 3.7L engine reliable?

With everything I have read online, from buyer ratings to professional testing, I can safely and confidently state that the engine is not only reliable but is a beast when it comes to working in the long run.

Apart from the poorly designed water pump, the V6 engine has been designed in such a way that it is easily repairable in case there is an issue.

With Ford being able to achieve a great balance between power and fuel economy, the engine was designed to be reliable in all sorts of scenarios.

You can push it to its limits, and it will provide you with excellent performance at all times.

This is something that most engine manufacturers cannot claim or achieve. That is why Ford is one of the top engine manufacturers in the world.

What Car Uses The Ford 3.7L V6 Engine?

The 3.7L engine has been used in many vehicles. Since its release in 2008, the engine was under the hood of many popular vehicles, ranging from sedans to SUVs to pick-up trucks.

The fact that it was used in so many vehicles tells you that the engine was designed for heavy-duty usage.

The first vehicle to have this engine was the Mazda CX-9. It was sold with the same engine from 2008 to 2015.

Next came another Mazda, the Mazda 6. It used the V6 engine from 2009 to 2013. The first Lincoln to feature this engine was during the years 2009 and 2012.

Other vehicles that used this engine were the Ford F150, the Mustang V6, the Lincoln MKX, and the Ford Edge Sport.

The Lincoln Continental and the interceptor sedan are still using this engine in 2021. With over a decade of use in vehicles, buyers and users have trusted this engine throughout.

The Ford 3.7L V6 Engine Specs

Cylinder block composition Aluminum
Chamber head composition Aluminum
Fuel Gasoline
Fuel injection type Timed injection
Arrangement V configuration
No. of chambers 6
Valves in each cylinder 4
Valvetrain layout DOHC
Bore 95.5 mm or 3.76 cubic inches
Stroke 86.6mm or 3.41 cubic inches
Displacement 3.7L or 3726 cc
Internal combustion engine (type) Four stroke, Naturally articulated
Compression ratio 10.5:1
Power 268-305HP at 6250 pm
Torque 260-280 lb.-ft @4000rpm
Weight of engine oil SAE 5W-20
The capacity of engine oil 6 quarts w / filter
Firing directive 1-4-2-5-3-6
The interval between oil change 10000 miles (15000km) or 12 months

The Benefits Of Choosing The Ford F150 3.7L V6 Engine

If you don’t have time to read through the entire article or are still questioning the reliability of the engine, then I will be listing some of the advantages of owning a vehicle with this beast under the hood.

  • The engine has been designed for heavy-duty vehicles.
  • Compared to other engines, this one has pretty low operating costs.
  • Instead of the usual 5000 miles, this one needs an oil change every 10000 miles.
  • It is an extremely reliable Ford engine.
  • It has excellent fuel economy on all terrains.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a feeling that some of you users are still not satisfied with the answers you are getting.

Well, I understand your concern and your skepticism, so I have prepared this short FAQs that will try to alleviate some of your concerns.

Q1. How Much Horsepower Does A 3.7L V6 Engine Output?

I did create a full table above that stated this number but let me tell you once again. The engine can output a very decent 305 HP at an rpm of around 6250.

This horsepower is more than enough for anybody who does not use their truck for racing. If you do decide to buy it, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Q2. Is The Ford 3.7L V6 A Good Engine?

This is the first thing I mentioned in this article. The 3.7L V6 is not a good engine; it is a great one. It has been designed to work for long intervals.

The 300 HP is more than enough for almost anyone. Plus, the one-year gap between oil changes is something that is loved by most consumers.

Q3. What Is A 3.7L Cyclone?

The Duratec, the Cyclone are all different names for the same engine. It is the same engine, with the same capacity and the same performance.

Honestly, even I don’t know why the company uses different names for the same product.

Regardless, if you are buying a 3.7L V6 engine-equipped vehicle, then you should not be concerned if it is a cyclone or not.


I will say it again; the 3.7L V6 engine is a beast when it comes to performance. It does have a few quirks, but the chances of those issues appearing are quite low.

I have listed the common Ford 3.7L V6 problems that had bothered users more than the other ones. These issues are easily fixable.

I hope that the included FAQs may have helped you in clarifying some of your confusion. If you are still unsure, then I would suggest reading buyer ratings related to the engine.

If you do choose to buy it, then I can guarantee you that the engine will surely exceed your expectations.