List Of The BMW M3 Performance Upgrades Of All Time

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Many BMWs are built to be excellent machines that are nearly impossible to rival or fault in the luxury or sports car market.

From their aesthetics to their performance, most BMWs live up to the hype and often generate a lot of buzz from car enthusiasts and BMW loyalists alike.

The one thing that could make these cars better is a performance upgrade.

Even though most of the cars are built excellently, any real car enthusiast can attest to the fact that a performance upgrade makes the driving experience so much better.

What’s more, you’ll have the opportunity to properly deal with wear and tear that might’ve posed a danger to you.

There are several hundred BMW M3 performance upgrades that you could go for. I’ve curated some of the best of them below for you.

1. Suspension Upgrades

Learn what upgrades you need to make your BMW M3 perform better

Suspension or handling cannot be ignored when discussing BMW M3 upgrades.

The best thing you can do is set negative camber on the fronts.

You might be thinking, what benefit will I receive? It will increase the stability and provide better cornering.

However, the maximum drop you should provide is 27mm – 30mm in M3. Deviating from these measurements can cause trouble for your BMW.

How Can You Do It?

You can get help from H&R. The tools work best with all of BMW’s models. Especially when it comes to M3, the kit is perfect. Moreover, you can also take aid from the Vogtland kit.

The kit might be pricey, but it’s worth the investment. Once you have chosen Vogtland, you won’t switch to any other brand.

2. Brake Upgrade

Although the BMW M3 is a perfectly built car, you will want to upgrade its brakes after some time to help you manage corners and improve car handling.

The BMW M3 is not a lightweight car. Hence, the disk choice is critical. It’s best to go for wider and bigger disks as they can better handle the weight of the M3.

That said, the brake pad selection also requires a lot of thought.

Any negligence, in this case, can easily decrease the performance instead of increasing it. Cheap pads can wear out quickly.

Best Braking Pads

The most suitable brake pads for BMW M3 will be the ones that provide high friction.

Anything short of that and you might have stiff pads that make it impossible for you to perform well on the road.

Other than this, the street pads will allow too much friction on the race track. Your braking system might rupture when you suddenly apply brakes at high speed.

Moreover, the braking won’t be smooth. Your M3 can get a sudden shock, and it can lead to severe accidents as well.

3. BMW M3 Charge Pipe Kit

Charge pipes provide a path for air through the intercooler and can be a good option to boost your BMW M3’s performance.

What’s more, they can increase your M3’s horsepower.


Granted, there are different charge pipe kits you can go for.

But, for this performance upgrade, you can count on Mishimoto’s Charge Pipe Kit. It is perfectly compatible with the BMW M3.

This kit offers aluminum-constructed charge pipes. The aluminum TIG-welded charge pipes are the best pipes available for any car.

Hence, they can last longer than pipes made from other materials.

Aluminum-based charged pipes provide extra durability. This translates to a longer operational lifespan and savings in the long term.

The product is specially designed for optimal airflow. The basic function of the charge pipes is to provide a hurdle-free or problem-free space for air.

Mishimoto’s charge pipes ensure that your car’s airflow is smooth with no restrictions.

Connection With Intercooler

As the charge pipes are directly connected with the intercooler, you must ensure that the connection is secure. Mishimoto’s charge pipes guarantee a strong seal.

The charge pipe kit includes matte black silicone couplers. These couplers are specially designed for BMW M3.

Hence, you’ll benefit from having a perfect connection between the intercooler and charge pipes. The better the connection, the better the airflow.

These couplers in Mishimoto’s kit provide an OEM-style connection.

This means you’re still operating your car within the manufacturer’s specifications while also benefiting from a performance-boosting part.


The weight of the charge pipes also matters. Using unnecessarily heavy parts in your M3 will decrease performance.

Hence, you must always go with parts that perfectly balance size and weight.

Mishimoto’s charge pipes do not weigh more than 5.59 pounds. It is the best possible weight that can exist for the charge pipes.

Lighter charge pipes might easily go off. Such pipes are not durable, and can negatively affect airflow.

Mishimoto ensures you get the right and compatible weighted charge pipes for your BMW M3.

4. Camshafts

Camshafts can also be a good option if you are looking for BMW M3 performance upgrades. However, this is not a DIY operation.

Setting camshafts in your M3 yourself can be risky. You could damage a lot of parts. Always have a professional do it for you unless you know precisely what you are doing.

Furthermore, it’s advisable to let a professional pick out the best camshaft for your car.

Otherwise, unless you’re knowledgeable, you may pick out a part that offers substandard performance or one that damages your car.

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Final Thoughts

Upgrading a car can be therapeutic for people who love their rides. If you own a BMW M3, you should consider some of the performance upgrades mentioned here.

These upgrades will not only increase your car’s performance but also improve the overall aesthetics.

The charge pipes can have a visibly positive effect on your car’s airflow, which can, in turn, boost your engine.

Next are your brake pads which can increase the smoothness of your brakes. Your car will resist shocks, especially with sudden braking.

However, the final performance is based on the parts you choose to upgrade your car.

If you pick out substandard parts, there’s a chance you’ll get worse performance or might even damage your car.

Therefore, unless you know what you’re doing, always consult a professional before getting your BMW M3 upgraded.