7 Best Sounding Mufflers For V8 Truck Reviews

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An engine, when working under load, is not quiet. With the combustion and the emissions, the sound output tends to get pretty loud.

Well, that is where a muffler comes in. Its sole purpose is to control the noise produced by the vehicle to stay below the legal limit.

The same is the case with any V8 engine. It is a noisy combination of mechanical parts.

So, if you are looking for the best sounding muffler for V8 truck, you need to make sure that the product you choose will be worth it.

This article will focus on the top seven of them, which will help you achieve an overall better sound volume from your engine.

So, without any further ado, let’s get straight into it!

7 Top Rated V8 Truck Sounding Mufflers Comparisons

Flowmaster 953047 Super 40 Series Muffler

Flowmaster 953047 Super 40 Series Muffler

Walker Exhaust Pro-Fit 17911 Exhaust Muffler

Walker Exhaust Pro-Fit 17911 Exhaust Muffler

Borla 40349 Metallic Muffler

Borla 40349 Metallic Muffler

Flowmaster 8425152 Super 10 Muffler 409S

Flowmaster 8425152 Super 10 Muffler 409S

Thrush Turbo 17715 Exhaust Muffler

Thrush Turbo 17715 Exhaust Muffler

Cherry Bomb 7427 Extreme Muffler

Cherry Bomb 7427 Extreme Muffler

MagnaFlow 4in Round Center Performance Muffler

MagnaFlow 4in Round Center Performance Muffler


1. Flowmaster 953047 Super 40 Series Muffler

Flowmaster 953047 Super 40 Series Muffler

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11/10/2023 03:58 pm GMT

I have checked out a large number of mufflers in the past, and let me tell you, the competition is pretty tough in the space.

Companies that I would not have expected to win would come out on top.

But there is one thing that has not changed, and that is Flow master. Every single one of this brand’s products never seizes to impress me.

Well, things are no different with this Flowmaster 953047 Super 40 Series Muffler. After you look at what it has to offer, you will feel compelled to buy it.

Unlike the stock muffler on all vehicles, which has been designed to keep the vehicle quieter, Flowmaster has created a product that will ensure that all of that performance is accompanied by an aggressive sound note.

This means that your truck will be louder than ever, thanks to the amazing design done by the people behind the company.

Although the sound will be increased, it must be noted that it will remain pleasant.

Although this muffler has been designed for trucks with a V8 engine under the hood, it is particularly good for those that produce impressive horsepower numbers.

The company has implemented its Delta Flow technology, which reduces the drone and buzz produced by the exhaust.

In a way, it is also reducing your ride quality, which is a huge plus. Before you ask, yes, this 40 series muffler is completely legal to use in all states of the USA.

The sound output will be over the limit, which means that you should not get into issues with the authorities.

Well, users had two complaints related to this muffler.

Some complained about too much drone in the cabin, while others faced the issue of the muffler going quiet after a few months of usage.

The company should look into these matters and fix them immediately.

  • Better and improved sound
  • Delta Flow technology
  • Legal in all states of the USA
  • Reduced drone in the cabin
  • Quality control issues

The fact that this problem was reported by a very small number of users leads me to conclude that this brand has a quality control issue.

Other than that, it is an amazing product, which was loved by the majority of the buyers.

2. Walker Exhaust Pro-Fit 17911 Exhaust Muffler

Walker Exhaust Pro-Fit 17911 Exhaust Muffler

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11/10/2023 06:04 pm GMT

Looking for something that supports a vast array of vehicles?

Well, this Walker Exhaust Pro-Fit 17911 Exhaust Muffler is perfect for you then.

Normally, the top three spots on my articles are won by big brands, but this time, the manufacturer Walker topped most of them.

This is a huge feat, and after you check out what this muffler can do, you will love it.

Moreover, this muffler is universal is already good news. Although it does not have fancy looks like other products from this list, it does the job alright.

Before you ask, I have verified with user ratings that this muffler works great with V8 engines.

The company has opted for an aluminized steel construction. This means that it is not only durable but can resist corrosion.

Even after years of usage, you will see no significant damage to it.

That is not all! The manufacturer has also used spot-welded bushings and spun locked heads, which allow for overall better durability and longer life.

Performance is one arena that many of you may be concerned about. I have some good news for you there too!

The company opted for a tube and partition style design in this muffler, which means that it will have extremely reliable performance. As for the sound, it will be pretty quiet.

As it is not designed to go loud, there may be a large percentage of you who would prefer this.

The quiet sound and better durability will greatly be appreciated by you if you choose to buy this amazing muffler.

Buyers complained about the muffler malfunctioning after short usage. It looks like the durability is not as good as was claimed.

This is something that can be fixed easily by the manufacturer, but it needs to make sure that there are no design flaws in its muffler.

  • Universal fitment
  • Low sound
  • Extremely durable
  • Tube and partition style
  • May cause issues prematurely

Although Walker is a brand that is unfamiliar to me, it has managed to impress me a lot. The product it has designed is pretty solid and was loved by the majority of the buyers.

3. Borla 40349 Metallic Muffler

Borla 40349 Metallic Muffler

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11/10/2023 08:03 pm GMT

Gracing us with its presence, in third place, is one of the best muffler companies around, and that is Borla.

I have had the opportunity to check out this company’s products before, and just like Flowmaster, it has never failed to disappoint.

This Borla 40349 Metallic Muffler is an example of the manufacturer’s amazing engineering.

This muffler is a part of the manufacturer’s ProXS line-up. This, here, yet again, has a universal design, which means that it is perfect for many vehicles.

Whether you have a V8 or a V6, you will not have to worry about compatibility issues at all. The muffler utilizes a single inlet and a dual outlet design.

It has excellent performance, and the fact that it has a dual outlet means that there will be more efficient sound control. It is rare to see a muffler that has a reversible design.

Well, Borla is one of those rare companies that make sure that you are getting cutting-edge features. This design allows the muffler to be installed in any direction.

This gives you a lot of flexibility while installing, which is great news for those people who modify their trucks a lot. Let’s talk durability.

The manufacturer has opted for a stainless-steel design. Unlike iron, this muffler is not prone to rust.

Its inner working will not be compromised, no matter what you do. This muffler has been fully welded.

There will be no leaks, which are commonly found in other products on the market.

The manufacturer also offers a million-mile warranty, which is a truly incredible addition to an already amazing package.

Buyers complained about too much drone in the inside of the cabin of their trucks, despite it working correctly and dampening the sound of the engine.

This is pretty strange, and it may lead to Borla going back to the drawing board to make sure that the design does not have any major flaws.

  • Universally compatible
  • Reversible design
  • Million-mile warranty
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Too much inside the drone

As Borla is a highly respected manufacturer, I don’t believe that they missed something when making this muffler.

This leads to the possibility that the units shipped may be faulty, which would cause this droning issue.

4. Flowmaster 8425152 Super 10 Muffler 409S

Flowmaster 8425152 Super 10 Muffler 409S
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11/09/2023 06:33 am GMT

Well, what do you know?

Taking up the fourth spot is another product from the company Flowmaster.

If you had any doubts about the brand’s performance, they should be alleviated now with it scoring another place on this highly curated article.

It is a pretty good product and definitely deserves a place on this list.

Just like the first Flowmaster product, this Flowmaster 8425152 Super 10 Muffler 409S has been designed to go loud.

Staying under the legal limits, of course, the performance of your V8 truck will finally be matched with an aggressive sound note that many love.

It must be noted that this muffler is intended for highway use only, perhaps due to the fact that it goes too loud.

As there is a good chance that this muffler was designed under the same roof, it shares many of the technologies and the features of the 40 series muffler.

One example of this is the Delta Flow technology, which allows for excellent performance. Durability is another thing inherited from the 40 series muffler.

The manufacturer has opted for a stainless-steel construction, which means that it will not rust or scratch up.

It will look as good as new, even after years of usage. There is one thing that I thought should be made clear with this 8425152 muffler.

It has a universal fitment type. This means that it will be compatible with your truck, but additional modifications, such as cutting, may be required to get a proper fit.

There were two major complaints reported by the buyers. Some of them received a completely wrong product, which can be blamed on the company’s shipping department.

Other users complained about the welding falling apart after short usage. This is something that the brand should look into and make the appropriate fixes.

  • Designed to go loud
  • Delta Flow technology
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Universal fit
  • Poor quality welding
  • May receive the wrong product

Apart from this very small number of people who complained about these issues, the majority of the 300 people, who left feedback, were more than content with what they received.

This muffler should definitely go on your consideration list, just because it is extremely good.

5. Thrush Turbo 17715 Exhaust Muffler

Thrush Turbo 17715 Exhaust Muffler
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11/09/2023 08:43 am GMT

Taking up the fifth spot on this article is another excellent product.

Coming very close to the 10 Series Flowmaster muffler, this Thrush Turbo 17715 Exhaust Muffler definitely works great.

This can be backed by the 800 content buyers who bought it. This muffler is the first one on this list that has implemented a tri-fold design.

This not only means that it is efficient at what it does. Don’t worry! The sound output of this muffler will be perfect for you.

It will not be too loud if you are concerned about that, but loud enough that you are going to love your daily rides.

The muffler uses a 100% aluminized coating on the shell. You may be wondering why this is so important.

Well, aluminum is completely corrosion resistant. If you drive in terrains that have a high level of condensation, then this choice of material will be perfect for you.

Aluminum is also pretty durable, which allows the muffler to take a beating without failing.

The company has also used spun lock heads, which means that they will not break apart, no matter what you do.

The muffler also has a reversible design. I have only seen this once before in this article, and honestly, it should be implemented by all major muffler manufacturers.

You can install this muffler in any orientation you like, and you will be getting excellent performance with no compromises.

The manufacturer also promises improved engine performance, but that is something I don’t believe in due to the fact that mufflers have no hand in controlling the engine.

Buyers complained about receiving a product that had an incorrect fit.

Although the manufacturer’s website clearly states that it is compatible with said trucks, the product turns out to be not.

Some buyers also expressed their frustration because their mufflers gave up after a few months of usage.

  • 100% aluminized coating
  • Loud and throaty sound
  • Reversible design
  • Extremely durable
  • Wrong compatibility information on the website
  • May fail prematurely

Thrush should focus more on maintaining its website and also making sure that faulty products never reach the hands of consumers.

They have made an amazing product, and it will be loved by you as long as you receive a unit that works without any issues.

6. Cherry Bomb 7427 Extreme Muffler

Cherry Bomb 7427 Extreme Muffler
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11/09/2023 10:34 am GMT

Looking for a product that performs good and does not have that boring black color?

Well, take a look at this Cherry Bomb 7427 Extreme Muffler. Surprisingly, the name of the brand matches with what it colors its muffler with. That is pretty cool.

Let’s see what it has to offer and if it is any good.

This muffler has excellent performance. Although it is an unknown brand, the company has made a solid product that was appreciated by many people.

The company has intentionally kept the size of the body short because of the fact that it does not need extra space.

So, you should not get worried about incompatibility or the muffler not performing up to par. The small size has been made possible, thanks to the use of a custom flow design.

I don’t know what Cherry Bomb has done, but they really set themselves apart from the competition. The sound of the muffler is something that many people want to know about.

This muffler will make the tone of the engine much more aggressive when compared to the original ones.

Your V8 engine’s performance will be paired with a sound that is a perfect match for it, which will make your evening rides more enjoyable. The muffler has a fully welded construction.

There is not even a single inch that is prone to leaking, even after extensive usage.

This means that you will be getting a no-compromise product, which will work flawlessly for the years to come.

Well, the company promised a loud and aggressive tone, but unfortunately, it failed to deliver for some people.

A handful of buyers expressed their discontent because of the fact that the muffler was not producing any sound at all.

This is something the company must look into and solve immediately.

  • Small size
  • Custom flow design
  • Fully welded construction
  • Less sound in some units

Apart from the two people, out of a total of 400 buyers, most were more than pleased with what they got. It is certainly a great product and should be considered by you.

7. MagnaFlow 4in Round Center Performance Muffler

MagnaFlow 4in Round Center Performance Muffler
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11/09/2023 12:43 pm GMT

Finally arriving in the seventh and final place is the MagnaFlow 4in Round Center Performance Muffler.

This brand is another excellent company that has made it to my list several times.

Although it has earned the last spot on this article, it is definitely not the least. You will be pleasantly surprised by what this muffler can do. The muffler has a beautiful satin finish.

It looks good and is perhaps one of the best looking mufflers on the market and on this list. This muffler, just like most of them in this article, is universally compatible with vehicles.

It has an excellent resonance which allows it to have that throaty sound for which people love the company.

As this muffler has a universal fit, there may be a need to make some additional modifications to make it work with the exhaust system of your V8 engine.

Regardless, after everything is done, you are going to love that signature MagnaFlow sound. The muffler is made up of stainless steel.

It has a solid build and is completely corrosion resistant. That is not all. The manufacturer opted for a CNC construction, which means that its manufacturing is extremely precise.

Being the last product on this list, you would not have expected these features from this muffler. Well, there is one more thing that will genuinely impress you.

The manufacturer also offers a limited lifetime construction warranty. This is another fantastic addition to the muffler.

As long as you own the vehicle that has this muffler, the warranty will remain valid.

Buyers had two major complaints with this muffler, due to which it has earned the last spot on this article.

The welding on some of the units is extremely poor, which leads to users leaving negative feedback.

That is not all! One user complained about receiving a completely different product.

  • Universal fit
  • Stainless steel build
  • Limited lifetime construction warranty
  • Loud sound
  • Poor welding
  • May receive a wrong unit

Apart from these issues, most of the buyers were more than happy with what they received. MagnaFlow is a good company and makes solid products.

What To Look For When Buying A Sounding Muffler For Your V8 Truck

You’re in the market for a new sounding muffler for your V8 truck and want to make sure you pick the right one.

I’ve put together some tips to help you get the best sound and performance from your sounding muffler.

Choose A Style

First, there are three main styles of sounding mufflers: chambered, turbo, and straight through. I’ll explain these below:

  • Chambered Mufflers: Chambered mufflers have a fantastic growl and can reduce exhaust sound significantly.
  • Turbo Mufflers: Turbo mufflers allow for even greater noise reduction potential but at the cost of performance, as the S-shaped tube design is restrictive.
  • Straight Through Mufflers: Straight-through mufflers allow maximum flow (and horsepower). They have little to no restrictions. So, they are not only loud but also very effective in improving performance.

Consider The Material

One of the main things to look for when buying a sounding muffler is the material it’s made out of.

Aluminized steel and stainless-steel mufflers dominate the market, and both are durable and have been designed to withstand high pressure.

Aluminized steel is cheaper, while stainless steel is more durable, has a longer life span, and has excellent corrosion resistance.

Ensure Fitting

Fitting is an essential factor when we talk about a sounding muffler.

First of all, not all mufflers are universal. Some will fit all V8 engines, but others must be tailored to specific models.

Moreover, some V8 engines have single exhausts, while others have double exhausts.

The number of inlets and outlets also varies from engine to engine and may require modification for universal mufflers to fit properly.

On the other hand, direct-fit ones do not require modification and tend to be more expensive than universal ones.

Check The Laws

Make sure to check if the sounding muffler you are buying is legal or not. The law varies from state to state, but generally speaking, the maximum decibel level allowed is around 90dB.

Remember that this number is an average—a state can set the number lower or higher. You should check the state laws just to be sure.

You can call the state helpline or, better check the website. The information is not always clearly written on such websites, so search properly.

Don’t rely on other websites and resources, as they may be stating incorrect information. That is a risk you don’t want to take.

Should Not Produce Excess Vibrations

It’s important to ensure that your sounding muffler won’t produce too much exhaust drone in the cabin.

Some products in the market produce too much exhaust drone in the cabin, so check user ratings and reviews to confirm that the product you’re considering isn’t one of them.

Double Check Build Quality

If you want to purchase a muffler that can withstand the power of a V8 engine, then you need to double-check its build quality.

There are numerous mufflers on the market that have poor welding, which may lead to loss of pressure and loss of performance too.

If you don’t want to risk it by purchasing the muffler first, check buyer ratings to confirm if there is a build or quality control issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Can I Make My Truck Sound Deeper And Louder?

One of the cheapest and the most effective ways to do so is by using a muffler. This article has several of them, which will be perfect for the job.

That is not all. There are performance kits out there too, which have a custom tip and other parts that will do the job for you.

These kits are not universal, and you have to make sure that they are good enough for your truck.

Q2. Does A Muffler Increase Sound?

Of course, it does. A muffler can do one of two things, make the vehicle quiet or make it loud. As people generally prefer louder tones because the quietening is achieved by the stock one.

This article has majorly incorporated products from top brands that will help you achieve exactly that.

Yes, all of them do comply with USA laws, so there should not be any issues with the authorities.

Q3. Why Is My Muffler So Loud When I Accelerate?

There is very little chance that the muffler could be at fault here.

Instead, you should focus on the exhaust system, as it has been reported that loose components inside it can cause the muffler to become extremely loud when traveling.

This could be the exhaust bracket or the connectors. You need to inspect it properly and then reach any conclusion. You need to replace the required parts as soon as possible.

Q4. How Much Does It Cost To Fix Muffler Noise?

As stated in the previous answer, a muffler noise is normally due to a fault in the exhaust system.

As an exhaust system is considerably expensive than a muffler, the replacement parts will be expensive too.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $300 in order to get the muffler noise fixed. A muffler replacement could also be on the table if the one installed is causing issues.

Q5. How Do I Fix A Bad Muffler?

If you ask for my advice, if you have found out that the muffler of your vehicle is going bad and you want to fix it, you should settle on a replacement instead.

It is not worth it to fix a muffler because of the fact that opening it will not only compromise its durability, but there is a high chance that the mechanic may not be able to fix your muffler for you.


What truck exhausts sound the best for the V8 engine? You can find my top list to choose one

If you are confused about buying the best sounding muffler for V8 truck, then I can assure you that the seven products, which have been chosen for this article, are the ones that have topped the market.

From big names like Borla and Flowmaster to new brands, such as Thrust, everything has been covered.

If you ask me, I will give the crown to the Flowmaster 953047 Super 40 Series Muffler.

It checks all of the boxes of an excellent product and will provide you with a pleasant experience.

The loud sound is something that most of you will prefer, and there is no better muffler than this Flowmaster one for the job.