6 Best Shocks For Nissan Xterra Reviews

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To buy shocks, you need to know what they do and why you need them.

You need shock absorbers for your Nissan Xterra to control the spring operation of the vehicle on a road when passing through a bumpy path.

They are meant to reduce vibration and provide a smoother run. Lucky for you, the list below will point out some of the best shocks for Nissan Xterra.

The market is filled with shock absorbers for the vehicle.

You just need to know which one fits your preference the best you can do that by reading through a detailed description of each shock which is what this list consists of.

Let us dive right in!

6 Top Rated Nissan Xterra Replacement Shocks Comparisons

Bilstein 24-187121 Rear Shock

Bilstein 24-187121 Rear Shock

KYB 345075 Excel-G Gas Shock

KYB 345075 Excel-G Gas Shock

Monroe 37276 OESpectrum Shock Absorber

Monroe 37276 OESpectrum Shock Absorber

Bilstein 24-187169 5100 Series Rear Shock

Bilstein 24-187169 5100 Series Rear Shock

Rancho RS9000XL Shock Absorber

Rancho RS9000XL Shock Absorber

AM Autoparts Front & Rear Shock Absorbers Struts Kit

AM Autoparts Front & Rear Shock Absorbers Struts Kit


1. Bilstein 24-187121 Rear Shock

Bilstein 24-187121 Rear Shock

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11/10/2023 07:58 pm GMT

The Bilstein 24-187121 Rear Shock does not come in a pair, but alone, the one side shock can provide just as much control power as two sides shocks do.

This shock is pressured with gas to provide the maximum amount of durability and strength to the driver while on the road driving. These are made in a mono-tube shape.

These shock absorbers play the key role a shock should perform, so no matter what path you drive on, your car will be perfectly balanced on the road with these shocks, giving you a smooth and comfortable ride.

When you’re driving on more bumpy/rocky paths or roads, the oil when in too much motion, starts to foam up. Hence the loud noise starts to increase these shocks to prevent that.

Moreover, these shock absorbers keep in check the flow of the oil, and no matter if you drive on-road or off-road, the valving controls the shocks completely, in such a heavy situation, the velocity of the car along with the temperature starts to rise to give you hence a more controlled version of the Nissan Xterra.

The damping technique used by this shock rear is also very promising. The out glasses are thrown out of the vehicle while all the sounds are controlled by the damping process.

This way, your can can stay put on the road or through any challenging paths. These dampers are very durable can will last you a good amount of time.

These are compatible with all Nissan Xterra models from 2005-2006.

They are shaped like a tube yellow and blue, both the interior and exterior are durable and smooth. They weigh around 5 pounds.

These shock absorbers are the best in the market for the Nissan Xterra right now with their affordable price and easy installation process.

This shock absorber does not come in a pair, but as a single piece, the pricing is close to a pair, so getting a single piece instead of two factors does come up quite often.
  • Enhances the performance of your car instantly
  • Giving you more control over the vehicle
  • Smooth ride
  • Come in a single piece for the price of a pair

A great first pick and I would highly recommend it to everyone looking for a shock absorber for the Nissan Xterra.

This one truly is a great investment, and you will notice a difference first try.

2. KYB 345075 Excel-G Gas Shock

KYB 345075 Excel-G Gas Shock
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11/09/2023 06:28 am GMT

This KYB 345075 Excel-G Gas Shock is another great pick for all you risky roaders out there.

These are sealed to perfection and will last you a long time. The oil will stay flowing, and the shocks will run perfectly with your Nissan Xterra.

The design of this product is sleeker, comes in full black color with a shorter extend than other shocks, but that does not cause any problem during installation; hence worth every penny you pay.

The KYB gas shocks are excellent in control. They keep the vehicle steady while giving the driver a full pace drive with no restriction.

A great feature of this one is that it does not add any new characteristics to the Nissan Xterra but instead enhances the cars actual working, so you can say it’s close to the original one.

Going right back to how much the seal is packed to perfection, this seal is made with a Teflon coated piston band which is what keeps the leakage in control.

The two bolts attached are also sealed and mounted perfectly was no rattling takes place and the shock stay put for a longer time, so when you are off-road, the wheels will stay in control.

Along with all these amazing features, this shock absorber is super high quality and affordable. It comes in a single piece but is worth every penny you may.

Only one installation can change the game for your Nissan Xterra. It weighs 5.48 pounds and is manufactured in Japan.

Another amazing factor is that a warranty can be issued easily by reaching out to the buyer. The oils used can be locked in place with this multiple-level seal.

No actual con, just a few tips here and there, the first one being it’s a bit heavier, so if you don’t have the arm muscle to install it, you might need some help.
  • Has an excellent seal
  • It will last longer
  • Warranty can be issued
  • Heavier than other shocks

The design used for the manufacturing is OEM style, the features and specs are compatible enough to work in any Nissan Xterra model truck, or car would highly recommend it.

3. Monroe 37276 OESpectrum Shock Absorber

Monroe 37276 OESpectrum Shock Absorber
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11/09/2023 08:38 am GMT

If you’re looking for a safer option with high-security factors, the Monroe 37276 OESpectrum Shock Absorber fit the category perfectly.

These are charged with gas to give your car a more efficient boost with a high level of the safety factor.

If you are tired of bumpy roads and wobbly rides, then these shock absorbers will help your Nissan Xterra a lot, reducing the friction to a minimum, providing the driver a stiffer and stern hand on the wheel.

The tuning of this product is pre-done to already tackle the bumpiness of the road and stay in control during rough drives even.

The valving is an automatic system in this shocks that is tuned to perfection even during installation you can see these facts for surety.

This one also has an excellent seal which helps the shock absorbers last a long time without leakage.

The floor band piston coating is what keeps the shock strong and durable, proving the buyer a very stern hand on the wheels.

Moreover, the shocks are manufactured in china and weigh in at 4 pounds with a dimension of 23.2x4x2.8 inches.

Along with this, the shock is also super inexpensive and has great specs and quality for such a low price, worth the investment indeed.

These are also called the noise-canceling shocks of how great they are. The silent proof shocks provide an amazing fit and experience to the driver.

They are also compatible with all Nissan Xterra models from 2005 and onwards.

These shocks are fully charged with a gas called nitrogen gas which helps provide a grip on the wheel and ensures a smooth and clean ride.

You will feel comfortable and at ease with this product installed. They come in a single piece as well but provide the same quality as a pair would.

Warranty isn’t promised. The length of the piston is ideally too lengthy compared to the other shocks.
  • Inexpensive
  • Charged with gas
  • Provides safety
  • Warranty is not promised

If you’re looking for a guaranteed safer option at an affordable price, these shock absorbers are worth every penny you pay.

I would highly recommend these comfortable and compatible shocks for the Nissan Xterra.

4. Bilstein 24-187169 5100 Series Rear Shock

Bilstein 24-187169 5100 Series Rear Shock
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11/09/2023 10:28 am GMT

Another great shock absorber worth the mention is the Bilstein 24-187169 5100 Series Rear Shock for the Nissan Xterra.

These shock absorbers give you the feel of difference and enhanced features on the first drive giving you an unbelievable experience while riding.

The features of these are very much based on oiling, the working performance of the shocks is based on the gas pressure.

It works in such a way that the piston is what controls the working, the shocks are fitted in such a way that the piston is oiled continuously, and is pressured with gas from time to time, this way on the road while driving your car runs smoothly without any hesitation.

The driver can feel the difference in just the first drive after installation. This product after installation adjust super well.

Talking about installation, the process is very simple and easy. The top and bottom bolts are easy to screw on, and you can get the auto shop version done with your own two hands.

This way you can save money and time. The specs of this one are outstanding. It weighs 4.6 pounds and has a design modem of 46mm.

The shock has a great finishing work with zinc plated exterior. This mono-tube design fits the Nissan Xterra perfectly and keeps the pace nice and stern for the driver.

Another amazing feature of this shock absorber is that it has a lifetime warranty which is really what catches the eye and makes it super popular in the market.

With that, the price is also super affordable. You get your money’s worth. Every penny spent is a good investment.

The shock absorber comes in a single piece and not a pair, but the working is the same, which is also a great and flawless feature.

When going on a rocky path or just off-road riding, the shocks are mounted in such a way that no matter how tightly you try to grip them in place, they don’t hold well on rough patches.

Hence the mounting is very loose. This seems to be having a noisy sound as well.

  • Weighs super light
  • It can be installed single-handedly
  • Has great specs
  • Is not suitable for off-road experiences

Moreover, if you’re looking for a more casual everyday use shock for your Nissan Xterra, these come at an affordable price with great features would highly recommend them.

5. Rancho RS9000XL Shock Absorber

Rancho RS9000XL Shock Absorber
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11/09/2023 12:38 pm GMT

Now, if you’re looking for a stiffer and heavy-duty shock absorber, then the Rancho RS9000XL Shock Absorber will do the job for you.

These shock absorbers are super popular in the market for people who love off-road riding, and adventuring often comes hand in hand with these.

The Nissan Xterra adjusts well with these adjustable shock absorbers.

These shocks provide a grip and firmness to the driver while riding, which is the first thing a person looks for in a shock while buying it for off-road riding.

These shocks when fitted, instantly enhance the way the car drives the wheels are not too stiff but the driver has a stiff grip which is how these work.

In case of any sloppy or bumpy road, this brand is super adjustable.

The oiling stays in grip and seal and no leakage even driving on a wobbly path which is much an advantage and a great investment.

If you want a longer-lasting shock absorber for on-road riding as well, these will come in handy. The main feature is to provide a grip with excellent performance.

These are also charged with nitrogen gas, which provides a change in driving and reduces the oiling leakage flow to the minimum, so if you’re an adventure lover, then this brand is perfect for your dangerous road driving.

These are super liable and durable they are fitted with a nitrogen carburized rod made of the piston to reduce or cease the level of friction and wobbling.

These self-lubricating shocks are perfect as they are pre-oiled for the first go.

Furthermore, the exterior is coated with a metallic liquid form and burned to form a solid coating this way. The shocks can last in hot temperature weather.

The shock weighs 8 pounds in total, which is a lot heavier than most common shocks in the market, but despite that, it’s worth every penny, and the investment the shocks also come in a single piece and not a pair, but you honestly will not notice a difference.

The pricing is a bit higher. It also weighs a lot heavier than other shocks.

The knobs on most of the shocks get rusty real quick, and removing them is a hassle. The inner is painted, which causes the rust to seal itself completely.

  • It can last at any temperature
  • Super adjustable shock absorbers
  • Provides extreme firmness
  • Expensive
  • Weighs a lot heavier than other shocks
  • Rusts easily

A great pick if you’re looking for a more firm shock. These can work well off-road and on-road.

If you’re willing to spend a little extra, then this product is perfect for what you would recommend.

6. AM Autoparts Front & Rear Shock Absorbers Struts Kit

AM Autoparts Front & Rear Shock Absorbers Struts Kit
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11/10/2023 08:58 am GMT

These come in a whole kit which is the first difference they have from the rest of the stocks mentioned.

Another unique feature about these AM Autoparts Front & Rear Shock Absorbers are that you can enjoy a smooth ride at an affordable price.

And they come in a pair of two which all these qualities the working and specs of the Front & Rear Shock Absorbers Struts for Nissan Xterra are outstanding.

If you’re looking to replace all your shocks, then this kit is perfect for you. They provide you with a clean drive with no wobbling.

They are charged with has, which is the first modern take on these shocks for the Nissan Xterra.

The fit is extraordinary. You won’t need to take the vehicle down to the auto shop to get these installed.

The kit is advanced enough to include all parts needed for you to enjoy a good experience, easy to install shocks is what every driver craves both time and money.

These pair of shocks come in at the rate of perfectly replacing the original shocks with full guarantee of proving a better riding experience.

The design of these shocks is very classy, coming in a kit of glossy hardware. The shocks are just like normal shocks with a more appealing exterior.

Their weight is also less than an average shock which gives them a more enhanced feature.

These shock absorbers also come with a 10-year warranty and an affordable price, two factors that not a single soul can overlook while buying a shock absorber hence why they are so popular in the market right now.

The suggestion of using them for on-road causal use as they can’t handle the bumpiness of the off-roads very well, so if you are someone looking for a more stiff and durable shock, this one fails that category.

It has a very bouncy effect.

  • Comes in a kit of 4
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Does not handle the patchy road very well
  • Not durable

Another causal mention for all the on-road drivers is a quick and inexpensive pick.

The Nissan Xterra will be lifted while these are in use. High recommend it to all classes and everyday on-road users.

What To Look For When Buying Shocks For Your Nissan Xterra

Shocks are an integral part of your Nissan Xterra suspension system.

They provide support for your tires and help maintain traction on uneven terrain.

Aftermarket shocks can make a great deal of difference.

But you should know for what to be on the lookout. This guide will help with that!

Choose The Right Type

There are many shock absorber options available on the market:

  • Gas shocks
  • Heavy duty shocks
  • Automatic level control shocks
  • Air shocks

Gas shocks provide a sportier ride, while heavy-duty ones have been designed for rougher usage. Like these two, other shock absorbers have been designed for specific usage.

Before buying a shock absorber for your Nissan Xterra, you should know what type you need.

All of this depends on your usage, so you should do proper research rather than going for a popular shock on the market.

Should Work When Off-Roading

You should be looking for a shock that works well when off-roading.

The shocks should handle the bumps and potholes you might encounter while driving along dirt roads or rough terrain.

If they cannot do that, then there is no point in getting them. It would be better to get used to the stock shock absorbers instead.

Should Have A Long Lifespan

You do not want to replace your shock absorbers every couple of years because they wear out too quickly.

A good shock should last for at least 50,000 to 100,000 miles. Nissan Xterras used for off-roading will have their shocks last for a shorter period.

You should check owner ratings to confirm if the shocks have enough lifespan or not.

If there are repeated complaints about the lifespan, you should look for more reliable and durable ones.

Buy From A Reliable Manufacturer

You must buy from a reliable manufacturer. If you don’t, getting warranty claims on the shocks will be difficult.

This means that if something goes wrong with them, you will have to deal with it yourself instead of getting help from the manufacturer.

Although they are not too expensive, no one likes wasting their money. Brands like Bilstein have great customer support and are ready to help their customers.

Check The Weight Before Installing

If the shock is too heavy, you will need a professional to install it.

You should check the weight of your shock before ordering one so that you know whether or not it can be installed by yourself.

If they are light enough, you should not have any issues with installation, and you can complete the process yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Installing Shocks Hard In Nissan Xterra?

Not really, usually shocks that come in a kit already have every hardware tool required to install the shocks in the Nissan Xterra.

In case you buy the sturdy one-piece shocks, the installation process, even so, isn’t hard.

Some old shocks installed on your car may have gotten rusty and old; hence the bolts get stuck in such cash you need a professional to help to remove the rusty bolts and install the new shocks.

Q2. Do I Have To Compress Shocks For Installation In Nissan Xterra?

The actual answer is no!

You do not need to compress the shocks for installation in the Nissan Xterra but, if you wish to, you can buy holding the shock in place for a couple of seconds vertically then stroke the shock a few times to compress it in place, not required but for the satisfaction, it can be done.

Q3. What Happens If My Nissan Xterra Shocks Are Bad?

This can be very dangerous if your shocks go bad on the road while driving.

This can stop the car completely as you won’t have a grip on the wheels anymore, hence why you should regularly check your shocks for any sign of fault.

When your Nissan Xterra shocks are bad, you will lose control over your wheels, and hence it might result in an injury.

Q4. Can I Still Drive A Nissan Xterra With Bad Shocks?

No, you cannot drive the Nissan Xterra with bad shocks. Bad shocks tend to run your driving experience completely.

Imagine not having control over your wheels while driving. This is what having bad shocks does, so it’s better to be safe than late.

Q5. How Much Does It Cost To Replace Shocks On My Nissan Xterra?

The cost of replacing your shocks depends on several factors: what kind of shocks you have, where you live, and the type of shop you go to.

However, on average, the cost will be around $200-$300.

This may include the installation cost, but it depends on whether you are getting the installation done by the person you are buying from or a separate mechanic.


What brand of replacement shocks does Nissan Xterra use? Learn from my comparisons guide

Moreover, all the products listed below are of the same category with unique features, so you can pick your favorite and go with it.

Shocks are super important to be regularly checked in case of any leakage, which can result in a hefty situation not worth the worry.

The list above has some of the best shocks for the Nissan Xterra, but of course, they aren’t limited to a single vehicle. Many are compatible with trucks and other cars.

My recommendation to everyone would be the Bilstein 24-187121 Rear Shock for Nissan Xterra, with great specs, long-lasting features, and an even amazing modification.