5 Best Shocks For Ford F250 Super Duty

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The Ford F-250 is a super truck in all senses of the word.

Equipped with three engines with the ability to tow 37000 pounds and haul more than 7800 pounds of payload, it comes as no surprise that it needs some heavy-duty shock absorbers.

Whether you’re looking to replace your current shock absorbers or install additional shocks to your truck, I’ve created a list of some of the best shocks for F250 super duty.

If you’re not worried about splurging on your truck, then you can’t do better than the Fox 2.0 performance shock absorbers.

However, for a more budget-friendly option, I would recommend the Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shocks for your F250.

5 Top Rated F-250 Super Duty Replacement Shocks Comparisons

Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shocks

Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shocks

Rancho RS9000XL Adjustable Shocks

Rancho RS9000XL Adjustable Shocks

Rancho RS5000 Shocks

Rancho RS5000 Shocks

Monroe 911196 Shock Absorber

Monroe 911196 Shock Absorber

Fox 2.0 Performance Shock Absorbers

Fox 2.0 Performance Shock Absorbers


1. Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shocks

Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shocks
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11/10/2023 07:38 am GMT

The Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shocks made it into the first place in another list of mine where I hunted for the top shock absorbers out there for any vehicle.

So, naturally, these series made it into the first position over here too. They are recommended for all vehicles that operate on 4WD wheel drives.

One of the main things you can observe in this shock is the monotube style.

With the aid of this 46-mm monotube, you can drive your vehicle with full confidence that it will provide a smooth and reliable efficiency, no matter what the driving environment.

The single tube body also facilitates the rapid transfer of heat between the shock body and the liquid.

Not enough heat dissipation is a major factor in shocks failing very quickly, regardless of how they are used.

Bilstein also uses a digressive valve that reduces the shock fade and greatly improves the vehicle’s performance when it goes off-roading or even crosses a pothole.

This results in a reliable, consistent, and smooth ride every single time.

The shocks adjust to any road condition instantaneously, so whether you are driving from home to work, on a highway, or just casually off-roading, you will get an unparalleled experience from your vehicle like never before.

These are manufactured in the US and Germany, so whatever unit you buy, you will get the excellent manufacturing materials that are durable and rust and corrosion-free.

The set comes with 4 shocks and all the nuts and mounting materials required that make it possible for them to be installed in the home without any mechanic.

They are easy to install and are long-lasting. They can even be used for more than 100000 miles, but this depends on how they are used.

There have been heating issues with some units, which lead to early failure. So, they are not recommended for very aggressive off-roading.
  • Excellent performance
  • Full separation between gas and fluid
  • Adaptive resistance
  • Increased comfort
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Heating issues
  • Some units have less lifetime

The Bilstein dampeners have the best performance and are superior in terms of durability and drive smoothness.

They are not made for long intervals of off-roading because of overheating, but otherwise, they make your car drive like it is brand new.

2. Rancho RS9000XL Adjustable Shocks

Rancho RS9000XL Adjustable Shocks
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11/09/2023 09:38 am GMT

Rancho is a bit of an unknown brand when it comes to shock absorbers. But they manufacture excellent quality stuff that provides top of the line performance and stability.

The Rancho RS9000XL Adjustable Shocks is one of those shocks that can be used in any environment, whether plain or complex.

They have been built for extremely rough terrains. They have adjustable damping that can change up to 9 positions.

So, you can choose from firm rides to soft rides; it completely depends on you. They also have a greater capacity for storing oil, which means it provides little to no shock fade.

They use a 2.75-inch diameter wide twin-tube design with extremely low resistance and friction, which enables instant adaptation to change road conditions.

Another impressive thing about these shocks is that they come with a 3-month free ride offer that guarantees a full refund if you don’t like the product.

So, you can test them before finalizing your purchase, and if they suit you, then you can keep them.

They also come with a limited lifetime warranty, which is valid until the buyer sells the car in which the shocks were installed.

So, as long as you keep the vehicle, you are free from any manufacturing defects as they can be replaced free of cost.

The only drawback to these shocks is that the knob for adjusting the damping level is difficult to read, leading to some inconvenience when adjusting it.
  • Low resistance
  • Adjustable dampening levels
  • It can be used for off-roading
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 90-day free trial
  • The adjustment knob is difficult to read

All in all, the Rancho shocks have excellent performance, and even though they use a twin-tube design, they almost match the performance of monotube shocks.

They are very reasonably priced and whoever buys them will have more than a satisfactory experience.

3. Rancho RS5000 Shocks

Rancho RS5000 Shocks
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11/09/2023 11:23 am GMT

Taking third place is another set of excellent shocks by Rancho. They have dominated two consecutive positions on this very narrowed down list, which is very impressive for me.

The Rancho RS5000 Shocks provides excellent performance, just like the other ones listed above. They give a very decent cushion when driving off-road.

They are the most popular out of all the shocks designed by Rancho. They have been tuned for each vehicle, so you get the excellent performance out of it.

The shocks have a 10-stage velocity sensitive valving that adjusts automatically when road conditions change, providing you with a consistently smooth and bump-free ride.

The cylinder wall has been polished to perfection, so it has almost zero friction, enabling rapid changing and adapting with varying road conditions.

They also have a foam cell construction that manages the oil levels in the piston for optimal performance. If needed, the oil can fill the shock.

There is also advanced heat dissipation that prevents the shocks from leaking.

Leaking due to heat dissipation is a major factor that plagues conventional shocks, even though they are built for off-roading.

Manufacturers tend to overlook the heat factor because the shocks are not tested enough.

Rancho tests their shocks to the absolute limit, so they solve every problem and provide you with unmatched performance.

They have a double-wall construction that provides better off-road safety from small stones, dust, etc.

So, even if the outer tube is damaged, all the components safely housed in the inner tube remain fully intact and functional.

These shock absorbers have no drawback, so you can purchase them tension free!
  • Excellent performance
  • Extremely durable
  • Good heat dissipation
  • Adjusted for each vehicle
  • None

These Rancho shocks provide great performance, stability, and endurance.

They are also backed with a lifetime warranty, which is easy to claim. They are best for off-roading or normal usage.

4. Monroe 911196 Shock Absorber

Monroe 911196 Shock Absorber
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11/09/2023 01:33 pm GMT

Monroe is another world-renowned and regarded brand that provides quality suspension systems.

They have excellent stability and use Acceleration Sensitive Damping (ASD), which adjusts automatically and instantly when various road conditions are encountered.

The Monroe 911196 Shock Absorber has fully displaced valves tuned for each vehicle, so they provide nothing short of the best performance possible for your car.

This results in a consistent ride that just cannot be matched by stock vehicle shocks.

They also use all-weather fluid so that they function adequately in any condition, whether cold or warm.

The fluon banded piston also improves durability by providing a complete seal between the piston and the tube.

This improves performance by a lot. The gas used is nitrogen that maintains contact of the tire with the road for greater handling.

The self-lubricating fluid also reduces friction that gives an instant reaction to varying road conditions.

The only drawback of these shocks is that they raise the truck’s height, which may take some time to get used to.
  • Fully displaced valves
  • All-weather fluid
  • Nitrogen gas for better handling
  • Less friction
  • Raises the vehicle’s height

The Monroes have excellent performance and are very reasonably priced.

They also come with a limited lifetime warranty to buy them tension free and get them replaced free of cost if any manufacturing fault arises.

5. Fox 2.0 Performance Shock Absorbers

Fox 2.0 Performance Shock Absorbers
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11/10/2023 01:18 am GMT

Coming in at the last place on this list are dampeners by Fox. They are advertised as the key to transforming your F250 Super Duty into a performance beast.

They have excellent damping control and one of the excellent off-road handling of all the shocks listed above.

The Fox 2.0 Performance Shock Absorbers uses an aluminum body that increases heat dissipation vastly, which increases its lifetime.

They use Fox’s Internal Floating Piston (IFP) design, which reduces the risk of air bubbles entering the oil.

This greatly improves the performance of the shocks, which provide greater control and lesser vibrations.

Fox decided to implement a monotube design with version 2.0 of the already popular performance shocks.

The design allows for the shock to perform adequately in all driving conditions off-road or on the road. The nitrogen gas and the oil are completely separated.

Whether you take your vehicle for any off-roading adventure or light driving, the shocks will provide you with a vibration-free drive with unparalleled handling, which will make your vehicle feel like it is completely new.

The two major drawbacks to these shocks are that they are much more expensive than other shocks and it only comes with a one-year warranty, which is very less, and compared to other manufacturers; it seems nothing.

Considering the price tag that Fox charges for these shocks the warranty could be a lot better.

  • Top of the line performance
  • Monotube design
  • Solid aluminum build
  • Perfect for off-roading
  • Quite expensive
  • One year warranty

The Fox shocks provide unparalleled performance, and if you are willing to spend this much on shocks, you will not get better performance and durability elsewhere.

But they do come with only a one-year warranty, which is considerably less than the lifetime warranties provided by other manufacturers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When Is A Shock Replacement Necessary?

If your car or truck vibrates when moving on straight roads or it jumps too much when pushed on the bonnet, then the shocks need replacement.

Another practical test is to cross a speed breaker with medium speed. If the vehicle bounces more than usual, then they need a replacement.

Most of the time, bumpy rides are caused by poor shocks or ones that have been used extensively and are close to reaching the end of the lifetime.

If the vehicle bumps a lot when going through small potholes, then a replacement should be considered.

1. Braking Issues

A car cannot function properly when its parts start failing. So, if the shocks on your vehicle fail, then the car relies on the breaks, which become tough to use.

So, for example, if the normal braking distance is 10 meters, it may increase up to 20 or even 30 meters because the vehicle is completely reliant on the brakes.

You must get your shocks checked if the brakes start to harden up.

2. Visual Damage On The Shocks And Tires

Another way to identify shocks gone bad is to inspect them visually.

Normally, shocks are placed in easy to see locations so you can spot them easily. If there is any leaking fluid, then the shocks need replacing.

It must be noted that leaking fluid is not always the case of shocks failing on a vehicle. If there is no leak, then do not assume that the dampeners are fine.

It is better to get them checked with professional mechanics that can easily identify the problem, whether it is shock-related or not.

Q2. Which Shocks Are Best For Me?

There are a variety of shocks available in the market. They range from monotube design to twin tube shocks that provide superior performance.

The other types of shocks are gas-filled ones and reservoir ones. Out of all these, the monotube design provides the best smoothness, and the twin-tube design has the highest durability.

So, if your car does light off-roading, then monotube shocks are perfect for you. If your vehicle is used for aggressive outdoor work, then definitely the twin-tube shocks should be used.

Q3. How Much Should I Spend When Buying Shocks?

A shock absorber is one component that cannot be compensated on. A superior shock can cost you from $300- $600.

But that should not concern you as they last much longer than pre-fitted stock shocks, neither durable nor even covered in the warranty.

So, spending more on shocks gets you what you pay for.

Q4. Is There A Noticeable Performance Difference After Changing Shocks?

Most definitely! Proper shocks completely revamp the smoothness of a vehicle.

They provide a much more stable and smooth drive and improve the fuel consumption and off-roading capabilities because they are built to withstand such use.

Stock pre-fitted shocks perform decently only in simple driving conditions such as cities and highways.

It is always recommended to get third party shock absorbers for vehicles whenever there is even a dip in performance or when there is rough usage planned for the car.

Every single shock set listed changes how your car drives, given that the previous shocks have worn out.

It is always advised to change the shocks when a car does not drive well, as they may be the underlying cause of the issue, and fixing that may make your car usable again.

Q5. How Long Do Shocks Last On My Ford F250?

There is no exact mileage at which you should change your shocks.

Depending on how the truck is used, the terrain it is driven on, and the load it carries, the lifespan of shocks will vary from user to user.

However, there is a general consensus that should be replaced anywhere between 50k and 100k miles, or in the event of any leaks or damage, they should be immediately changed.


Learning about what shock absorbers are the most popular for your Ford F250

Well, then, this is the end of the line for this article.

All of the shocks listed above perform outstandingly, and for their respective price tag, nothing can beat them in performance.

If money is no issue, I would recommend Fox 2.0 Performance Shock Absorbers as the best shocks for F250 Super Duty because it normally creates shocks for sports cars.

So, they brought that knowledge and experience to more affordable options. So, they work efficiently and smoothly.

If you are looking to spend a little less than of course, the Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shocks is good to go. They too perform satisfactorily and cost much less than the Fox shocks.