6 Best Replacement Shocks For Chevy S10 Reviews

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Being a vehicle enthusiast, I know exactly how painful can it be when you have to choose new shocks for your vehicle.

All products claim to be the best on the market, which makes the decision even harder. Searching the internet provides you with conflicting answers.

Well, you got lucky if you clicked on this link! This article is a compilation of the best shocks for the Chevy S10 on the market.

You can assess all of them and decide which one will suit you or check out my recommendation at the end of this article.

So, without any further ado, let’s get straight into it!

6 Top Rated Chevy S10 Shocks Comparisons

Bilstein 24-018197 Rear Shock Absorbers

Bilstein 24-018197 Rear Shock Absorbers

Monroe Load Adjusting Shock Absorber

Monroe Load Adjusting Shock Absorber

ACDelco Specialty 519-21 Shock Absorbers

ACDelco Specialty 519-21 Shock Absorbers

Competition Engineering C2600 Shocks

Competition Engineering C2600 Shocks

KYB 565047 MonoMax Gas Shock

KYB 565047 MonoMax Gas Shock

DTA 40017 Full Set Of Shocks

DTA 40017 Full Set Of Shocks


1. Bilstein 24-018197 Rear Shock Absorbers

Bilstein 24-018197 Rear Shock Absorbers
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11/09/2023 11:03 am GMT

Arriving in the first place, and taking a huge lead, is a product by Bilstein.

If you have come across previous shock absorber articles, it is common for Bilstein to take the top spot in most of them.

It is a highly regarded and very regarded name in the automobile community.

This Bilstein 24-018197 Rear Shock Absorbers has been designed for people who like to off-road very frequently.

If you are one of those, you may already know how subpar the factory shocks are.

If you choose to install this one, you don’t need to worry anymore. This gas-pressure shock has features that will impress you.

This shock has a monotube design, which is a lot better than all other designs out there.

The thing that impressed me the most was the fact that these shocks use digressive valving. Many of you may be unaware of this, but this is done by creating a concave piston.

This significantly reduces friction and allows the shock to respond better to sudden changes in the terrain, making sure you have a ride that is as smooth as possible.

Are you worried that the shock won’t perform up to the mark?

Well, the manufacturer claims that its products have been tested to the extremes.

From safety to braking, all driving scenarios have been tested to ensure that the shock will not fail on you unexpectedly.

The feature set does not end there. The company made sure to keep the shock under OEM specifications.

This can be seen because you don’t even have to change the springs when getting the replacement.

As expected from the number one product on this list and Bilstein, this shock does not have any drawbacks.

All users were content with the performance of the product they received.

  • Implements an upside-down monotube design
  • Meets OEM specifications
  • Extensively tested
  • Use of digressive valving to reduce friction
  • It does not require an OE spring replacement
  • None

Let me save you some time and recommend that you can go ahead and buy this Bilstein shock right now.

Stunning performance backed with dozens of ratings states that the company has made a perfect product.

2. Monroe Load Adjusting Shock Absorber

Monroe Load Adjusting Shock Absorber
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11/09/2023 01:08 pm GMT

Coming in second place is another remarkable product from the brand Monroe.

If you are one of those people who choose a product based on its ratings rather than its feature set, then I think an excess of 130 ratings will be perfect for you.

The Monroe 58523 Load Adjusting Shock Absorber brings some impressive features to the table, which is why it has earned such a high spot on this article.

As the previous shock was designed for off-roaders, it is perfect for those who use their S10 for towing and hauling purposes.

If you read this article and use your truck for a similar purpose, you know how much sag is caused if the weight starts to get heavy.

Well, the coil spring on this shock, which has been calibrated very heavily, will be able to handle up to 1200 pounds of weight before sagging.

This shock uses nitrogen and stores it at very high pressure; the tire-to-road contact is always maintained.

This also improves the overall stability and the handling of the vehicle, which many of you will appreciate.

The shock contains an all-weather fluid, which can handle extreme temperatures easily.

It has also been designed to reduce friction by a massive margin. The company also added a fluid seal that is self-lubricated.

This means that you will not have to worry about it getting cracked or broken after some years of usage, as is the case with most seals.

Unfortunately, two customers did not have a positive experience. One of them received water-damaged shocks while the other ones were leaking on arrival.

Now, new shocks don’t leak, which means that the second ones were also previously used.

  • Supports up to 1200 pounds
  • Nitrogen-charged design
  • All-weather fluid for all seasons
  • Improved stability and control
  • May receive used products

Although these look like isolated incidents, the company should look into it and tighten up its shipping procedures to ensure that no user ever has to face the same frustration again.

3. ACDelco Specialty 519-21 Shock Absorbers

ACDelco Specialty 519-21 Shock Absorbers
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11/10/2023 09:28 am GMT

Looking for a brand that has its hands in many pies?

ACDelco meets those requirements. The company makes amazing batteries and suspension components, and their shock line-up is also quite impressive.

The ACDelco Specialty 519-21 Shock Absorbers has taken a respectable third spot, and it packs in a lot of features.

The company states that this shock is part of its Gold line-up. Unlike the Bilstein shock, this one uses a twin-tube design.

Now, it is not bad by any means, but the monotube is better in most regards.

Like the Monroe shocks, ACDelco has used high-pressure nitrogen to improve vehicles’ stability and overall control.

The shocks also implement the company’s very own road-response valving technology, which helps the shock adjust automatically to varying road conditions.

This ensures that comfort and control are retained. The company knows what problems users face, and that is why they have covered the pistons in a chrome layer.

This eliminates the chance of corrosion which will not only compromise the shock but also increase friction.

That’s not all! To increase the service life of the shock, the company has used seamless mandrel tubing.

This significantly reduces component wear which, as a result, increases the lifespan of the shock.

Just like the Bilstein shocks, the company has put its products in real-world applications to make sure it does not lack in any regard.

So, you don’t have to worry about the shock not performing up to par. Plus, it has been designed for a vehicle-specific fit, so you should not run into any compatibility issues.

Users did complain that the quality of the shock did not feel premium.

One user even went ahead and said that he could compress the shock by hand, which is something very interesting.

Regardless, the company should definitely look into these complaints.

  • Road-response valving technology
  • Chrome-finished piston to reduce friction
  • Nitrogen-charged design to improve road contact
  • Tested in real-world applications
  • Build not premium

Although the build quality may not be up to par, the company has never sacrificed on performance.

After checking out many of their products and the ratings this shock received, I can assure you that you will be satisfied.

4. Competition Engineering C2600 Shocks

Competition Engineering C2600 Shocks
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11/10/2023 11:14 am GMT

Taking a break from the most known brands on the market, I thought it would be a good thing to look for products from brands that are pretty much under the radar.

Soon enough, this C2600 Shocks popped up from the brand Competition Engineering. It genuinely impressed me and also told you that the major brands are not all there is.

This shock is compatible with a vast array of vehicles, including all models of the Chevy S-10, from 1984 to 2004.

But, unlike shocks that have been designed for racing. Yes, that’s right, there are still people out there who use their S-10 in races.

Well, you are going to need all the control you can get, which is possible with this shock. This shock has a 3-way adjustable drag.

This allows the racer to get the shock to change according to the track’s terrain. The manufacturer really has a different way of thinking.

They have designed this shock so that, when the race begins, the front of the truck can rise rapidly, allowing the rear tires to get better traction.

The height of the front will come down slowly and will not unload the rear tires!

How cool is that?

The compression ratio of the shock can be changed easily.

You just have to twist and click the shock to apply the appropriate settings. The shock also uses shock valving, which helps the driver have more control over the truck.

Apart from the product having low ratings, one user complained that the shocks come down very fast, which is actually harmful to the vehicle and can also cause loss instability.

This is a quite serious issue that Competition Engineering must look into in order to fix it.

  • Designed for all models of the S-10
  • Adjustable design
  • Allows for better traction at the start of a race
  • Implements shock valving for improved stability
  • Fewer ratings
  • They come down very fast

The company must make the appropriate tweaks so that the shock comes down slower. This poses a safety risk for the driver.

But, if you do the race with the S-10, then I can assure you that there is no better shock than this one for you.

5. KYB 565047 MonoMax Gas Shock

KYB 565047 MonoMax Gas Shock

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11/10/2023 01:04 pm GMT

Coming in fifth place is another brand I am quite familiar with, KYB.

I have checked out several of the manufacturer’s shocks, and they know what they are doing. Don’t believe me?

You can check out the features of this KYB 565047 MonoMax Gas Shock and assess it for yourself. The manufacturer claims that this shock is up to 40% better than the stock ones.

That is very impressive, and I can assure you that you will feel the difference.

The damping performance of the shock absorbers is outstanding as compared to the stock ones, which perform in a poor manner.

You know a manufacturer means business when it makes its shocks monotube.

Yes, that’s right! The company has implemented a monotube design, which allows for better and quicker adjustments to varying road conditions.

If you buy it, then you can have the peace of mind that you have the best thing on the market.

In order to ensure longevity, the company has coated the piston ring in zinc, which makes it extra durable.

No matter the environment or the temperature, you can rest assured that the seal will not crack and leak.

As the majority of the S-10 users, who get new shocks, get them for off-roading, the company has added a rubber boot that will keep the shock from getting in contact with dirt and dust.

If they contaminate the shock, then the inner workings will be compromised, which will inevitably lead to shock failure.

One user complained that the rubber boot, which has been designed to reduce dust contact, makes the installation harder.

As it obstructs the view of the installation, completing the procedure becomes trickier. It is not removable too, which is something that might frustrate you.

  • It has a monotube design
  • Up to 40% better than the original shocks
  • Zinc coated piston ring for durability
  • Rubber boot to prevent dust contact
  • Tricky installation due to the rubber boot

It’s not often you learn that a feature hinders something in a product. Well, that is the case with this shock absorber.

It was only reported by one user, so I don’t think other buyers had the same opinion. Regardless, KYB has made an excellent shock, which will satisfy you for the years to come.

6. DTA 40017 Full Set Of Shocks

DTA 40017 Full Set Of Shocks

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
11/10/2023 03:03 pm GMT

Finally, arriving in the sixth and the final place in this set of shocks from the brand Drive Tech America.

You should only go for this DTA 40017 Full Of Shocks set if you really want to risk it with an unknown brand.

Now, the product does have some ratings, most of which are positive. Let’s see what it has to offer!

The brand claims that this shock absorber has been designed to be corrosion resistant. They have not mentioned how this is done, but they guarantee a long service life.

What they do tell you is that the piston seal has been bonded with Teflon. This increases the durability drastically and also reduces friction.

The Teflon bonded design also keeps the temperature low, which is helpful in making the valvingfirmer. The steel rod has been micro-polished, which reduced friction considerably.

This means that the shock will be able to adjust to varying road conditions quickly. Many manufacturers use spot welding on their products.

This does not increase durability but increases the chance of failure. But DTA has set itself apart from these brands by performing all-around welding.

You will not have to worry about there being any durability issues or leakage. Another great thing about this shock is that it uses an OEM quality piston.

This is actually great. What this means is that the company has built a product that meets Chevrolet’s specifications. So, it will perform exceptionally.

One user complained that two of the shocks received were wrong.

Perhaps they send all for the rear, which is something that can be blamed on the manufacturer’s shipping department.

This should definitely be looked into and solved as soon as possible.

  • Micro-polished steel rod for better performance
  • All-around welding for exceptional durability
  • OEM quality piston used
  • Teflon bonded piston seal
  • Wrong shocks sent

Apart from this one user, others were satisfied with the product they received. DTA has made a solid product, and it should definitely be on your consideration list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does The Chevy S10 Have Shocks Or Struts?

The S10 uses a shock and strut assembly. Although both have a relatively similar role, there are some differences. A shock is designed to keep the vehicle stable.

The struts, on the other hand, are designed to handle the impacts. Both of these work in tandem to give you a smooth and comfortable ride.

Q2. Which Type Of Shock Absorber Should I Get For The Chevy S10?

There are many different sorts of shock designs out there. The most reliable and the most used in the monotube design. But it can get expensive.

If you are on a budget, then you should not settle for anything other than a twin-tube shock. Twin tubes have further classifications.

You should only get the gas-charged ones as they have been widely tested and are great performers.

Q3. How Much Time Will It Take Me To Install The Shocks On The S10?

Just like any other truck, the installation procedure is fairly straightforward.

You can install new ones within two or a maximum of three hours. If you have the required tools, then there is no need to involve a mechanic.


Finding out who makes the most popular aftermarket shocks for Chevy S10

Choosing the best shocks for Chevy S10 is not an easy task.

You have to make sure that the product you choose is not only durable but meets your driving requirements.

Well, with brands like Bilstein, Monroe, and ACDelco on this list, I can assure you that you will not be able to find better quality shocks elsewhere.

They are great performers and bring many unique features to the table. Personally, I would recommend that you get the Bilstein 24-018197 Rear Shock Absorbers for your truck.

They really are in a league of their own, which is reflected when you read the shock’s pros and cons.