6 Best Lift Kits For Jeep Wrangler Reviews

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So, you have finally decided to raise your Jeep Wrangler using a lift kit. Well, congratulations are in order as this is one of the best decisions you will make for your vehicle, period.

But you need someone, or, in this case, something to guide you to steer away from all the wrong products.

Well, this guide does exactly that. It consists of six of the best lift kits for Jeep Wrangler, which will more than satisfy your needs.

Each product has been chosen based on its reviews, brand name and overall customer satisfaction to ensure you receive items that are nothing short of impressive.

So, let’s get straight into it!

6 Top Rated Jeep Wrangler Lift Kits Comparisons

MotoFab Lifts Full Lift Kit

MotoFab Lifts Full Lift Kit

TrueTwo Coil Spacer Suspension Lift Kit

TrueTwo Coil Spacer Suspension Lift Kit

Rough Country 2.5’’ Lift Kit

Rough Country 2.5’’ Lift Kit

TeraFlex 1251000 Lift Kit

TeraFlex 1251000 Lift Kit

Skyjacker 4’’ Lift Pallet Kit

Skyjacker 4’’ Lift Pallet Kit

TeraFlex 1155200 Leveling Kit

TeraFlex 1155200 Leveling Kit


1. MotoFab Lifts Full Lift Kit

MotoFab Lifts Full Lift Kit
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11/09/2023 09:08 am GMT

Coming in first place is the full lift kit by MotoFab Lifts. This brand has been reviewed by me before, and let me tell you; they are excellent at what they do.

They make stunning lift kits that not only impress buyers but reviewers such as me too. I think around 300 positive reviews are more than enough to make sure this is a great product.

If you have a 2007 to 2018 models of the Jeep Wrangler, then you will certainly be more than happy with this one.

It provides not only a 3-inch lift for the rear but a 3-inch lift for the front too. You will see the world around your vehicle from a completely new perspective.

Since the lift amount is a lot, the kit comes with shock extenders, too, as the stock shocks are not compatible.

So, it comes with everything you need to install it from your garage, without the need to go to a mechanic or even a hardware store. The kit itself is made out of solid steel.

It is extremely durable, and the black finish on it makes the color identical to the rest of the suspension system and reduces the chance of rust and corrosion.

The instructions of the kit are very poorly written. Many buyers faced the issue due to vague directions, which makes the installation trickier and more complicated.
  • Bolt-on installation
  • Solid steel build
  • Included shock extenders
  • Reliable brand
  • Poorly written instructions

No matter what product there is, people rarely read the instructions. I would advise you to go to YouTube and follow a step-by-step tutorial.

But it would have helped if the brand had focused as much on the guide as they did on the lift kit.

2. TrueTwo Coil Spacer Suspension Lift Kit

TrueTwo Coil Spacer Suspension Lift Kit

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TrueTwo is a brand that I was oblivious of until I was researching kits for the Jeep Wrangler. I know that they will always come to mind whenever I talk about lift kits in the future.

Instead of steel, this TrueTwo Coil Spacer Suspension Lift Kit is made up of lifetime grade polyurethane. It is just as durable as steel but is more corrosion and rust-resistant than it.

This makes this second kit go toe to toe with the MotoFab one in terms of durability. This lift kit gives you a 2.5-inch lift from the front and the rear.

It is lesser than the previous one and it is not a bad thing. Each person has his own choice. They may feel more comfortable with a 2.5-inch lift rather than a 3-inch one.

It still has more than enough difference for you to look at the traffic around you from a whole new angle.

The lift is without the stock isolators. If you install them, then the raise you will get will be greater than 2.5 inches.

Although polyurethane is an excellent alternative to steel, some buyers do not agree with that statement.

Some received deformed kits which were useless and would not even fit their respective vehicles.

Some also stated that their Jeep Wranglers rode rough after installing the kit.

  • Made from polyurethane
  • Better corrosion and rust resistance
  • 2.5-inch raise without the isolators
  • Deformed kits
  • Rough ride

The occasions were rare when buyers faced issues with this product, but it still did happen.

Deformed kits render them completely useless. But most buyers had a positive experience with this one from TrueTwo.

3. Rough Country 2.5’’ Lift Kit

Rough Country 2.5’’ Lift Kit
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11/09/2023 02:49 pm GMT

What can I say?

This list is being dominated by brands that are extremely popular among Jeep owners. Rough Country is the second company on this article which I have reviewed before.

But they don’t only make lift kits. They also manufacture shocks, and they are pretty good at that.

The brand advertises this Rough Country 2.5″ Lift Kit as the ultimate combination of style, performance and protection. I can vouch for this statement with full confidence.

The increased raise provides the undercarriage with excellent protection while off-roading.

You will also notice no degradation in performance, which is a common misconception in the world of lift kits.

This kit has a bolt-on installation. You don’t need to mess with the strut assembly, which is not only time consuming but is a difficult task.

You can install the whole kit by yourself without ever needing to involve a mechanic. But what set this product is truly apart is that the brand provides a lifetime warranty with it.

This is an offering that is most probably one of the main reasons the kit racked up more than 300 positive reviews.

The warranty assures buyers that if any fault occurs, they are eligible for a free cost replacement that may have originated from the factory.

The most common issue that buyers had was that they did not receive all the parts.

Some received only the sway bar, while others received everything other than that. It becomes a major inconvenience to contact the manufacturer to get the new parts.

  • Bolt-on installation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Spring retention design
  • Excellent for off-roading
  • Missing parts

Although most people did receive the kit as a whole, some did not. It is not something major but may frustrate you as you have to wait for more to get your Jeep raised.

4. TeraFlex 1251000 Lift Kit

TeraFlex 1251000 Lift Kit
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11/09/2023 12:58 pm GMT

If you are one of those that treat their Jeep Wrangler like a baby and will stop at nothing to get it the best of everything, then you will not find anything more worth your while than this 1251000 lift kit by TeraFlex.

This one contains a full lift kit and brand-new shocks to go with that new raise. You will not only be seeing the traffic from a new angle but will get excellent shock absorption too.

If you are getting a lift kit for the sole purpose of upgrading your tires, then why should you not upgrade the shocks in the process too?

I think you should do that. This product allows you to upgrade to a maximum of 35’’ tires. This is not possible with the stock settings.

Buyers noticed a noticeably better driving experience after installing this product. The brand also sells a variant that has shock extenders instead of full shock absorbers.

That is for people who don’t want to spend so much to get this product. It is very kind of the brand to think of their customers’ needs.

To my surprise, this one does not have any disadvantage or drawback. It is rare for such products to exist, and yet this one by TeraFlex does exactly that.

Only one user out of more than 50 stated that his product was experiencing rusting.

  • It comes with shock absorbers
  • Supports up to 35-inch tires
  • Variant with shock extenders
  • May experience rusting

The only plausible explanation is that the customer received a kit that was not coated properly. Otherwise, it is an excellent kit which will surely keep you satisfied for a long time.

5. Skyjacker 4’’ Lift Pallet Kit

Skyjacker 4’’ Lift Pallet Kit
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11/10/2023 09:13 am GMT

I think I can safely say that most of the brands on this article are ones whose products I have reviewed before.

Skyjacker also adds to that list, with its mind-blowing lift kit that provides a whopping 4’’ lift.

As you must have suspected, a lift of 4 inches is not possible with the stock suspension settings or even with a shock extender, which is commonly the solution to kits that raise around 3.5 inches.

This Skyjacker 4″ Lift Pallet Kit requires new and compatible shocks, which are present in this set.

The company guarantees that every single component for a full suspension system upgrade is included in the box. They will help breathe new life into your vehicle.

As it is compatible with the 1997 to 2002 models of the Jeep Wrangler, I think it is well past due time to upgrade the vehicle’s internals to get it back to its original driving experience.

Buyers had some serious issues with this one. Some buyers received incomplete parts, and some received the box in a completely beat up manner.

This is serious because the components could be damaged due to the lack of attention paid while shipping the product.

One buyer even had to pay to ship for a missing part which he should have gotten in the first place.

This is poor management from the manufacturer, which is paid for by its customers.

  • It comes with new shocks
  • Everything you need in the box
  • Stock driving experience
  • Poor packaging
  • Missing items

This lift kit does have its problems and benefits. It is an excellent product, which may be incompletely sent to you if you get unlucky.

Other than that, the 4-inch lift will surely be an unforgettable experience.

6. TeraFlex 1155200 Leveling Kit

TeraFlex 1155200 Leveling Kit
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11/10/2023 10:54 am GMT

Finally, coming in at sixth place is a product that is different from the rest but has similar functionality. This final product is a leveling kit instead of a lift kit.

If you want to know the difference, I have listed a buying guide further down, which answers the more common questions people ask while upgrading.

This TeraFlex 1155200 Leveling Kit gives you a 2-inch raise from the front and a one-inch raise from the rear.

Now, you must be wondering that why are these two lift values not the same?

The aim of installing a leveling kit is to level the front of the vehicle with the rear.

Some people are looking for such products as they don’t want additional lift just for better traffic angles, but they want better stability and less downshifting.

Another thing that makes this one unique is that it is compatible with all Jeep Wrangler models introduced after 2007.

That is more than thirteen years of support, which means it is available for a vast array of Wrangler owners. It also works with the stock shock absorbers.

You don’t have to spend extra money to find compatible shocks. You don’t even need shock extenders for this kit to work. All you need is a few hours of your time and patience.

There is a reason this TeraFlex leveling kit was awarded the last place here.

The reason is that buyers had their products breaking and failing only after a few months of usage. This is extremely frustrating as it should not be the case with new kits.

  • Easy to install
  • Less downshifting
  • Supports all models after 2007
  • Not durable at all

It is no surprise that the brand did not mention the durability of their product at all.

And that is the same thing which caused problems for people. Most buyers were happy with it, but unexpected breaking is unacceptable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are Lift Kits Bad For Jeeps?

I honestly would have a long argument with anyone who thinks that.

Unless you buy from unknown brands, there is close to a 0% chance that the kit you receive will cause any problems for your Wrangler.

Another thing is that no matter which kit you use, the damage or degradation is temporary. You could just remove the kit to get back to your stock performance.

You can take products from brands such as MotoFab, ReadyLift, and even Rough Country. I understand if you don’t want to take me at my word.

You can research any one of the kits above, and although people did experience problems, none had performance-related issues.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for brands outside of this list. They may advertise their products falsely, which leads to inconvenience for buyers.

Q2. Will A Lift Kit Void My Jeep Warranty?

Now, this is a question for which many people want a clear answer.

The answer depends on the type of lift kit you want to install on your Jeep. You can contact the dealer to make sure if your upgrade may void the warranty.

Most kits will not cause any issues, but ones that give you excessive lift, such as 3.5-inches or more, maybe the ones to jeopardize it.

It is recommended by Jeep to get a lift done from an authorized dealer. This eliminates the risk of you voiding your vehicle’s warranty.

Q3. The Final Product Was A Leveling Kit, Not A Lift Kit. Can You Elaborate?

This is perhaps the most important question in this whole guide. You must know whether a lift kit or a leveling kit is right for you.

What is the difference between both?

A lift kit is aimed at increasing the whole height of the vehicle. It keeps the relative difference between the rear and the front the same.

The advantages of a lift kit are better stability, protection for the undercarriage while off-roading and unlocking the ability to install larger sized tires.

The amount of lift you want is virtually unrestricted, whether it be one inch or four inches.

Now, what does a leveling kit do?

Like the last product by TeraFlex, you may have noticed that the lift amount was not the same for the front and the rear.

The reason for that is, this one is aimed towards leveling the front of the truck with the rear. It eliminates the issue of nosediving, which is pretty common in such vehicles.

The kit will give you a raise, but it is common within the one or two-inch range. Although it is not huge, it is still enough for most Wrangler owners to experience a new driving angle.

Q4. Can I Install A Jeep Lift Kit Myself?

Whether it is a Jeep or not, installing a lift kit takes a lot of time and effort. You have to follow many steps, which are sometimes too many.

Another problem people face is that the instructions are poorly written. This makes the installation process many times harder.

If you have little to no experience in this sector, I would advise you to spend some money and get the kit installed by an experienced mechanic.

They know what they are doing as they have done it many times before. It also reduces the chance of getting something wrong.


How should you choose a lift kit for your Jeep Wrangler? Read my review

If I wanted to, I would have easily listed more products on this article stating the best lift kits for Jeep Wrangler.

But, as I have said before in one of my articles, I focus more on quality than quantity.

Talking about quality, I always choose a recommendation that would serve you best.

This time I have more than one. MotoFab Lifts and TrueTwo, both made excellent kits that hold an equal position in my eyes.

They were pleased you and will keep you satisfied for years to come. I hope the mentioned pros and cons may have helped you choose which kit will be best for you.