5 Best Lift Kits For Chevy Silverado Reviews

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Many people think that a lift kit is a downgrade for a truck. They think that it affects performance and the driving experience negatively.

Well, the truth is the complete opposite of that. A lift kit brings many benefits to the table; one can see the traffic around you from a better angle.

The Silverado is a truck that has hundreds of options for lift kits, which all claim to be the best.

I have taken up the liberty of compiling a list of the best lift kits for Chevy Silverado, which are guaranteed to be the ones that will satisfy you in the long run.

5 Top Rated Chevy Silverado Lift Kits Comparisons

MotoFab Lifts Front And Rear Lift Kit

MotoFab Lifts Front And Rear Lift Kit

Rough Country 28330 2.5’’ Leveling Kit

Rough Country 28330 2.5’’ Leveling Kit

Dynofit 3

Dynofit 3" Front Leveling Kits


KSP 3" Front Leveling Kit

ADPOW Compatible Leveling Kit

ADPOW Compatible Leveling Kit


1. MotoFab Lifts Front And Rear Lift Kit

MotoFab Lifts Front And Rear Lift Kit

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11/10/2023 12:28 pm GMT

Coming up in first place is a kit with more than a thousand positive reviews. Yes, you heard that right, one thousand reviews.

The brand that manufactured this stunning lift kit goes by the name of MotoFab. It is the kit to get if you want maximum raise with utmost durability.

This lift kit guarantees a 3-inch lift from the front and a 2-inch lift from the rear. You will be riding your truck on a whole new level.

You will be able to see the traffic more clearly, alongside the fact that the additional raise protects the undercarriage from damage in off-roading environments.

You also get top-of-the-line durability. The whole kit is made from billet aluminum. The material used is top-notch. The company even managed to color the product in black.

It not only looks cool, but it also matches the color scheme of the rest of the suspension system. The brand even offers a lifetime warranty with this one.

This means that you are getting assured that it will be replaced without any additional cost if any fault arises during the kit’s usage.

By using this lift kit, your CV axles and ball joints will be stressed fully. This has a serious effect on the front-end components.
  • Easy to install
  • Made out of aluminum
  • Does not require coil disassembly
  • Will put stress on the CV axles and the ball joints

Nothing is perfect, and this is proof of that. Although most people had no complaints about this lift kit, some observant ones did warn others about its issues.

It earned the top spot because of its durability and impressive raising capabilities.

2. Rough Country 28330 2.5’’ Leveling Kit

Rough Country 28330 2.5’’ Leveling Kit
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11/09/2023 10:08 am GMT

Taking up the second spot is a leveling kit from a brand that I hold high regard for.

The Rough Country 28330 2.5″ Leveling Kit is a beast when it comes to manufacturing suspension systems.

I have reviewed their shocks before, and they always impressed me. This product from them did the same thing too, and I will tell you why they earned second place in this article.

This one does not only give you a better raise, but it also provides you with excellent quality shocks.

The combination will provide you with unmatched ground clearance and a much more stable stance.

You get a 2.5-inch lift alongside better shock absorption. If you are willing to go the length and buy this set, it is surely an excellent purchase.

You also get a torsion bar which allows you to adjust the level of lift from the front with a one-inch range. The bolt-on design makes sure installation is a breeze.

You can install everything within three hours. If there are any faults or issues which originated from the factory, you can claim the warranty.

Yes, you read that correctly! The kit comes with a lifetime warranty, with the shocks having a three-year one.

Users had no complaints about the kit itself but the shocks in the package providing non-existent dampening capabilities.
  • Bolt-on installation
  • One-inch adjustable torsion bar
  • Lifetime warranty of the kit
  • Three-year warranty for the shocks
  • Poor quality shocks

This is where the company disappointed me. They created an excellent product whose functionality was limited by the shocks they paired them with.

They would have been better off selling the kit alone.

3. Dynofit 3″ Front Leveling Kits

Dynofit 3" Front Leveling Kits
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11/09/2023 08:18 am GMT

If you own a 2007 to 2019 Silverado that needs a front lift to level it with the truck’s rear, then the Dynofit 3″ Front Leveling Kit is one of the excellent options for the job.

It has around 600 positive reviews, which means that people love it. It also impressed me, which made it come in the top spot on this article.

The first thing the company advertises is their kit’s ease of installation. They also clarify any confusion which people may face. The whole kit takes less than two hours to install.

The thickness of the product is lesser than 3-inches, but it will give you a full 3-inch raise. They have clarified this, so you don’t judge the product just by its measurements.

Made out of solid billet aluminum, which is aircraft grade, the spacers, and the bolts are not only extremely durable, they are completely corrosion resistant.

This is possible due to the black anodized surface, which matches the color of the suspension. This way, you can make sure that the kit does not look the odd one out when installing.

Buyers had a common problem in which the size of the bolts was not correct.

Most of them were smaller than they needed to be, making the install a bit harder. This was because they had to buy the bolts separately.

  • Easy to install
  • Made out of solid billet aluminum
  • Massive 3-inch raise
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Wrong sized bolts

I honestly don’t know how manufacturers include completely wrong bolts with a product. It seriously affects the rating.

The same was the case here. If they would have focused on getting everything right, then the kit would have even gotten the number one spot on the article.

4. KSP 3″ Front Leveling Kit

KSP 3" Front Leveling Kit
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11/09/2023 11:04 pm GMT

If you did not like the previous leveling kit, then there is a guarantee that you will love this.

This KSP 3″ Front Leveling Kit is also compatible with the 2007 to 2019 variants of the Chevy Silverado.

The company stresses the safety, security, and durability of its product. They assure potential buyers that nothing can defeat the strength of aircraft-grade aluminum billet.

The bolts have a 12.9 rating. Why they have mentioned this all is for you to know that these kits will not fail on you, period.

Combine the durability with the raise you choose; you can lift your truck to your liking. Yes, that right. You can choose from three options while buying 2, 2.5, and even 3-inch models.

Moreover, the aggressive look and the ground clearance will not only make your truck look more dashing, but it will also give you many advantages, such as better protection of the undercarriage.

Some buyers reported that the raise was too much, and it put direct pressure on the struts. This may decrease the lifetime of the suspension system.
  • Extremely durable
  • Can choose from three lift options to buy
  • 30-day refund
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Direct pressure on struts
  • Low life of suspension system

The fact that this one puts a lot of pressure on the struts makes it a poor choice for the long run. No doubt it is an excellent product. More than 300 reviews agree with my assessment.

5. ADPOW Compatible Leveling Kit

ADPOW Compatible Leveling Kit
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Finally, being awarded the last place is the lift kit by the brand ADPOW. Now, I must confess that I have never heard of this brand before.

But when I checked out their offerings and how they translated to real life, it was clear that their lift kit deserved a spot.

This product will allow you to raise your truck by 3 inches from the front and 2 inches from the rear. You will gain considerable lift alongside better protection for your undercarriage.

This is an immensely important thing for truck owners who like to go off-roading. Well, if you do like to off-road, then this lift kit will meet your needs.

Installation is as easy as it gets. This kit has a 100% bolt-on installation. What this means is that you don’t need to mess with the coil system and disassemble it.

It can be installed for a maximum of two hours and from the comfort of your own home. Yes, you read that correctly!

You don’t need a mechanic because you don’t need complicated tools for the job. If you are an average vehicle enthusiast, then these tools must surely be present in your garage.

One buyer reported that the welding done on the kit is of poor quality. Although it does not affect the durability, it does not look clean.
  • Bolt-on installation
  • It can be installed in under 2 hours
  • Made from aircraft-grade aluminum
  • 2-year warranty
  • Poor finishing

This ADPOW lift kit is a decent product. But it does not do anything different than the competition.

It also has poor welding, making the finishing not look like it has been done in a factory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Should I Level My Silverado Or Lift It?

Now, this is a question you must know the answer to, as it is the thing that confuses most people. A leveling kit eliminates the nosedive and aligns the front of your truck with the rear.

They are then set at the same height. A lift kit, on the other hand, raises the height for the front and the rear.

Both have their benefits, and I would recommend that you research which one is suitable for you.

I have listed lift kits and leveling kits in the article, so when you decide, you can buy one that seems suitable to you. No matter what you choose, I urge you to but from the list above.

Q2. Can I Fit 35-Inch Tires On My Chevy Silverado?

If you install a leveling kit, you can max out with a 33-inch tire. But with a lift kit, you are then able to install a 35-inch tire.

This must be kept in mind by people who are buying a kit for the sole purpose of upgrading their tires.

You need at least a 2.5-inch lift to install a 25-inch tire. If the lift is 2-inches, then you can only install a maximum of 33-inch tires. 2.5-inch is the minimum lift needed for proper clearance.

You might need a maximum of 3.5-inch lift to install such tires.

Q3. Will A Lift Kit Damage My Silverado?

If you buy from reputable manufacturers such as the ones I listed above, then you don’t have to worry about your truck getting damaged in any way.

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about other kits. They may put too much pressure on the struts, which may get damaged when under duress.

But, if the brand is good and backed by a solid number of reviews, it is safe to buy one.

Q4. For How Much Amount Of Lift Do I Need New Shocks?

Apart from the Rough Country one, which comes with shocks, none of the other kits require new shocks or extenders to be installed.

But it is recommended to install new ones if your truck has been used for more than 50000 miles.

The reason for that is shocks tend to wear out after similar mileage, and putting them under more pressure by getting a new lift kit will degrade your driving experience.

Q5. Will A New Lift Kit Void My Warranty?

If you do not get your newly purchased lift kit installed from an authorized GM dealer, then, yes, your warranty will become void.

I understand that they are much more expensive than third-party mechanics, but if you think it is worth it to void your warranty, then you can go right ahead and get the new kit installed from a local dealer or even by yourself.

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What is the reliable brand of suspension lift kit for Chevy Silverado? Let's discover

Now, I know that you might be saying that the market is riddled with many products that claim that they are the ones to take down.

Let me tell you that more than half of them say nothing but lies!

I researched all of them, and they do not live up to their claims.

You can check out their reviews which will be saying the same thing. I narrowed down some of the best lift kits for Chevy Silverado, which will meet your needs easily.

If I have to choose one as my go-to recommendation, I would recommend the MotoFab Lifts Front And Rear Lift Kit.

It has the highest number of positive reviews and is an overall beast when lifting kits.